is internet jetset a scamInternet Jetset is a program created by John Crestani, who claims to be able to teach you how to become successful online.

But is Internet Jetset a scam, or is John a legit guy with good intentions that can teach you how to make money online?

This Internet Jetset review will show you a balanced view and show both the possibilities and the traps. You will especially be shown the BS that the free webinar is full off, so at least you can take this into consideration before joining.

At the same time, you will however also be shown the potential of the program, as this review is not meant to bash Internet Jetset, but simply show a balanced view you cannot find in other reviews.

Internet Jetset at a Glance
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Internet Jetset has a free webinar that will show you what it is all about. Before watching the webinar it is however important to be aware of the methods and tricks used in the webinar – it can help you decided whether to join or not with open eyes. This review will show you a balanced view of Internet Jetset, as it has both positives and negatives.

What is Internet Jetset?

Internet Jetset is a program created by John Crestani. The website of the program is called imjetset, which is short for internet marketing jetset. John has also created the Super Affiliate System – actually the imjetset website and webinar are meant to recruit you for the Super Affiliate System, and in the material you will also see it is mostly called this.

So whether you hear about Internet Jetset or Super Affiliate System, this is the same – just to clear up any possible misunderstandings about this.

Who is John Crestani?
John Crestani is an online entrepreneur. I first heard about him and his program through an email I received from Matthew Neer, who has created Speed Wealth System, which is a system I definitely do not recommend. This made me extra careful, as I do not trust that program and already had received many emails from Matthew about get-rich-quick schemes, I would never go near.

However, John’s program seemed a bit different, so I decided to look further into this. He has made a lot of money online, and he has been featured in many magazines and articles, including Forbes.

forbes article about john crestani

There has been an article about John Crestani in Forbes.

What is a good sign is that John Crestani is actually a real person – this might seem like a strange thing to say, but I have seen many scams online where the supposed owner and inventor is just an actor or a stock photo, and you never really know who is behind.

Knowing that there is a real person behind is a good sign. And John has definitely been successful and made a lot of money online. This does however not mean he can necessarily teach others. So what is it he will actually teach you?

What will the program teach you?
Internet Jetset will teach you about affiliate marketing, and how you can use this to earn big commissions online from promoting products, you do not even have to own.

It is definitely possible to make good money with affiliate marketing, but there are many programs that promise to teach you this without ever delivering.

A big part of Internet Jetset is that you can watch a free webinar to be told about this process, and John will show you have he does.

I was skeptical, but decided to give the webinar a go. Before you go give it a go, I recommend you to read the details about the webinar below, as there is a lot of things you need to be aware of before watching it.

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Is the free webinar worth watching?

So what is the free Internet Jetset webinar about?

I know how things like this works, so I did not have high expectations. I knew that there would probably only be very little useful information and mostly a lot of selling going on. I was also right about this:-)

There is not anything wrong with this, as nobody of course can give away all their secrets for free, as we all have to make a living. So I do not have any problems with this. However, on the website it says the free training will reveal everything.

training reveals everything

You are told the free training will reveal everything – not exactly true.

It definitely does not reveal everything, which is of course fair, but I just do not like false claims. After having watched the webinar I felt like I could have spent those 2 hours in a better way (yes, the webinar ends up being almost 2 hours).

Let me first say that it does have a little interesting info, and a few tips. But I was in general not impressed. Especially because the webinar was full of BS in my opinion. I do not mind people selling, but when I feel it becomes too pushy or too many sneaky tricks are used, it is to me a bad sign.

So before you watch the webinar or decide to join Internet Jetset, you should be aware of this BS and the tricks used. Then you will better be able to judge, if it is a program you want to follow or not.

The webinar is not live:
The webinar is actually very clever and no doubt John has a lot of knowledge about how you can sell online. Personally, there are many of the methods I do not like, as I hate when people are not being transparent.

One of the aspects is that the webinar looks like it is live. When you go to the website to sign up for the free webinar/training, you can choose the next available time for the live webinar. You will always be lucky that the next live webinar is just about to start, and you can get in:-)

sign up for free training

There is always a live webinar just about to start:-)

This goes not matter when you try to sign up for it, so you can probably figure out it is not live. However, John really tries to make it look like it is live all the way through the webinar. He talks like it is live, he tries to get people to write in chat by for example getting you to write “money” in the chat to reveal more tricks and get you engaged, and at the end it even looks like people are signing up live.

None of this is live – so do not get carried away. It is tricks to get you engaged and make you feel like you a part of something special to get you to sign up for further training after the course.

As I said, it is very cleverly made and very impressive, but I also feel it is condescending to talk to people like this, and make them participate in chat etc, that is not even live.

The live demo does not show much:
During the webinar, John shows a live demo that proves how he makes money. Actually he shows very little. He does not show anything about how he sets it up – he just shows that here is an ad, now I turn it on, and now see how much money I have made.

I am not saying that he cannot make money like this – I am just saying that the particular demo does not show anything, and find it superficial to include it, when it shows nothing at all. However, I am aware that many people do not think critically about it and just accepts it is that easy to make money online, so clever to include it. But just beware to be critical. The demo does not prove anything, and even if it did, it does not prove the same can happen to you. Getting paid ads to work is not as easy as it may seem.

Tries to push you into signing up fast:
The whole point of having a free training or webinar like this is of course to get you to sign up for something after the webinar. As mentioned earlier, I was aware selling would take place. But John is very pushy and uses a lot of trick you need to be aware of.

At the end where you can sign up for further training, there keeps being small sounds and a pop up saying that somebody just signed up.

sign up example

You keep getting small pop-ups with info about other people signing up.

Again, remember that this is not live, but it is made to look like it is live and these sounds and pop-ups are meant to make you feel like you are missing out, and that maybe you are thinking too much, as you can see other people are signing up.

To put extra pressure on you, John at some point mentions that the next 5 people that sign up will get a free phone call from him. Again, it is not live so just a trick to get you to sign up fast.

At the very end of the webinar John even says that soon you will receive a phone call or voice message from him. Suddenly he is now saying that you might just receive a voice message. This shows how automated everything is, as this is of course a more efficient way to make money for them.

But just so you are aware that you should not let yourself be pushed into signing up just because he gives this “special” offer with a phone call. If you really feel like you are missing out on it, you can always just register for the next webinar and sign up right after he says it in that:-)

Claims it is available for a limited time:
This trick is closely related to the trick above. You are told that the free training and the offer is only available for the next few days. You can see this right below the joining button for the webinar that the training is only available for a few days.

You are also told several times during the webinar that you can only sign up within a limited time. At first, it shows that you only have 45 minutes to sign up.

limited time offer

At first you are told you only have 45 minutes to sign up.

If you still have not signed up, you will start receiving emails the following days to tell you have 3 days to sign up, and you will continuously receive emails that remind you of this.

This is all fine and a part of getting people to sign up. I just do not feel it is an honest way to push people so much. So do not feel like you have to decide right away. Even if the time runs out, and you decide you want to join, you can always just sign up for the webinar again – remember it is not live, so you can take it any time and also keep getting the offer.

Big issue with his Facebook strategy:
John Crestani says that he has an amazing way to create targeted Facebook ads that are sure to convert to sales and help you make money.

John crestanis facebook strategy

The secret Facebook strategy sounds a bit risky.

He will help you get list of buyers of certain products/services, and you can use these to create lookalike audiences and target people very specifically.

This does sound very effective – there is just one big issue with his secret strategy. It is not necessarily legal. After a new data protection law has been rolled out in Europe, data of customer are more protected all over the world and not just in Europe. So by getting lists and data about people without they have given consent can potentially mean both you and the person you are getting the data from can get into legal trouble.

I am no lawyer, so I do not know, if John has figured out a way to do this without breaking the law, but it is something you should be very careful about. And it concerns me a lot if this is his big secret to help you become successful online, as he makes it sound like. So make sure to checl up on the legalities of this, if you decide to join the training program.

The affiliate programs he promotes are not all legit:
At some point John talks about how he will help you get access to some of the top affiliate programs. In that connection a screen shot comes up. One of the logos here are for MOBE (My Online Business Education).

affiliate networks to sign up for

Logo of some of the affiliate programs John recommends – not all are legit.

This is a program that in July 2018 was shut down by the Federal Trade Commission in the US, as it was seen as a scam, where thousands of people had lost A LOT of money.

example of scam affiliate program

One of the networks John features in his webinar has been shut down, because the FTC thinks it is a scam.

I know that it was a program, where you could earn high commissions, but it concerns me, if John has been involved with them and promoted them. It was known in the industry that many people lost money there, and always sad to see when somebody is willing to promote something that can end up losing other people a lot of money just to make a profit themselves.

I do not know what John’s connection with MOBE has been, but he has their logo in his webinar, which to me is not a good sign.

Ad credits is not really a bonus:
During the Internet Jetset webinar you are told that you will get a special bonus, if you join. John will help you get ad credits worth $895, so you can get started with campaigns for free.


You do not really need any help to get free ad credits.

He makes it sound like it is because he has special connections with many of the big ad networks, and can get you these credits. It is clever, and if you have never done paid ads online before, this sounds amazing.

You can definitely get free credits for many ad networks, but you do not actually need John’s or anybody else help for this. Many ad networks offer this to new customers. To mention just a few; Adwords gives around $100 to new customers, Bing gives around $130, LinkedIn gives $50, sometimes Facebook gives $30, etc.

This is not something you need special connections to get. You can get it whether you end up paying for Internet Jetset or not.

What happens after the webinar?

As you have probably already realized, the free Internet Jetset webinar is meant to sell you John’s training program Super Affiliate System.

After having watched the webinar, I decided it was not for me. Mostly because I cannot support many of the methods used in the webinar, and I think it is not transparent enough. Therefore, it is not a system I want to invest in.

From doing research I have seen mixed reviews of the training program itself. Some say it is terrible, because they are trying to promote something else, and some people are saying it is amazing, because they get paid commissions to promote it. And then there are some people in between.

The reasons I wanted to write this review after watching the webinar was that I think there are a lot of tricks used that no other review mentions. No matter if you end up joining or not, I think it is important to know as many details as possible, so you can make an informed decision.

I am not writing this review to bash John. He has obviously had success, and compared to many other people promoting similar training programs, he seems like a good guy. He uses too many trick for my taste, and I do not think he is transparent enough, but that does not mean you cannot learn anything from him.

But before you join, you also need to consider the price, to see if it is for you.

Internet Jetset pricing

Towards the end of the webinar John talks a lot about how valuable the info you are getting is. You are told that it is worth more than $37,000. Then you are told some discounts you will get, and finally the price end up being the special price of $997 for a limited time.

internet jetset pricing

The price for joining is $997 + costs for ads.

The whole thing about first telling how much it is worth and then giving several discounts is of course a way to make you feel like you are getting really good value for money. I am not saying it is not worth $997 – that is up to you to decide. Personally, I think it is expensive. Especially as the webinar does not really show much of what you are really getting and is mostly just a very well-planned sales pitch.

One thing I do however appreciate about the Internet Jetset system and the pricing John gives is that he is honest about this. Many programs use a small fee to get you to join, and then there are several upgrades, and you end up having to spend thousands of dollars, before you get full access.

From what I have heard from others, this was also how it used to be with Super Affiliate System, but it seems John has changed his strategy with the Internet Jetset approach and are just honest about this price now. I think it is expensive, but I really appreciate him being honest about the price, som people know what to expect to get access.

In addition to access the further training, remember to also calculate into your budget that you need to spend money on ads.

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Final thoughts

The Internet Jetset system has both positives and negatives. John Crestani has without a doubt has a lot of success himself.

I do however think there is way too much BS and too many tricks in the free training/webinar. If this is a taste of what the real training is about, it is not a good sign in my opinion. However, John might be the man to teach you how to make money online. If you like his approach and his credentials, it might be worth giving it a try. But now at least you are aware of the tricks used, and then you can take a decision with open eyes.

If you do not feel like the Internet Jetset system is for you, you can instead check out my top recommended way to make money online.


If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Internet Jetset or the Super Affiliate System yourself, feel free to leave a comment below.

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