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Cash for Patriots Review (Red Flags Alert!)

I recently came across a program called Cash for Patriots that claims it can help you collect checks for up to $6,567 from the US Government. The narrator of this program is Zach Scheidt who also claims you can simply put your name on a list, and you will start...

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Is AVS Video Editor Really Free and Safe? (In-Depth Review)

AVS Video Editor is said to be a free easy-to-use video software. But is AVS Video Editor really free and is it even safe to use? I decided to test it out to see what it really offers if it is even worth using. In this AVS Video Editor review, I will give you all the...

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Is Grammarly Safe and Worth It? (In-Depth Review)

If you write anything online, it is very likely you have seen ads for Grammarly popping up once in a while. But is Grammarly safe and worth it or is it just a hyped tool? After having seen numerous of the ads myself, I decided to give the tool a try and see what it is...

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