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Mikael online zero to heroOnline marketing is a passion of mine, and I have been involved in it for many years. My name is Mikael, and I am the guy behind OnlineZerotoHero.com.

Through this website, I will share my experiences with you, and help you learn about online marketing, building a business online, and making money online. But let me first tell a bit more about who I am, and why I have started this website.

A little background info

I have been interested in online marketing and websites for many years. It actually started all the way back in 2004 when I built my first website – it was a website for a martial arts club I was a member of at that time.

Since then I have been involved in online marketing on and off. I also went to university to study communication and during my years there, I became more and more focused on the online part of communication.

After university, I had a full-time job working with online communication for several years. Now I work mostly with my own websites and projects, but I am also a freelancer and work for different online marketing agencies and teach courses in online marketing in topics like SEO, Google Analytics, content and WordPress once in a while.

I have however not been involved in online marketing constantly, and for many years I was not aware of how to use my skills and interests in the best way. Luckily I then found a way to upgrade my skills and get a new perspective of things.

My upgrading story

As mentioned, I have not constantly been working with online marketing since I started. I had a long break where I did not spend much time online, as I spend most of my time through several years in India studying yoga (which I still spend a lot of time studying and practicing).

In 2016, I wanted to get back to working with online marketing, but I needed an upgrade, and I also wanted to learn more about how to be able to monetize websites and many other topics.

I did a lot of research, tested a lot of services, and ended up joining a learning platform and online community that I read a lot about.

It ended up giving me really great results and has been a great place for me to get upgraded and to learn new skills, and I am continuously an active member there, and it is a platform I can highly recommend to learn more about building an online business and starting to make money online.

After a lot of testing (and a lot of failures), I have now managed to build a full-time online income myself. I know just how great this is, so on this website, I will be sharing my experiences about this with you, and help you achieve the same if this is what you wish.

My mission with this website

At the beginning of 2018, I wanted to start sharing my experiences, and I love writing about online marketing and testing new things.

I was already sharing when I was teaching classes about online marketing, and love doing this, but I also wanted to be able to share more permanently and have a platform where I could do this.

So what better way than to start this website and share my experiences and my continuous experiments so other people can learn from it as well. That is why I started Online Zero to Hero.

How I do my reviews!

On this website, you will find a lot of reviews about internet marketing tools and training programs.

All these are based on my experiences with internet marketing in general and on my specific tests.

I use a lot of tools and training myself, and then share my honest experiences with these products and services, so you can get an inside look and easily find out is it is the right option for you or not before you pay yourself.

I also do a lot of reviews of make-money-online programs and affiliate marketing programs as this is what I work a lot with myself.

You will find both warnings and recommendations. The truth is that it is not easy to find good training programs online and there are a lot of really poor training and also outright scams, and you can end up losing thousands of dollars by joining the wrong programs.

I have myself wasted time and money on several of these programs that promise a lot but never delivers. A part of my mission is, therefore, to educate others about how to find the good opportunities and spot the risky opportunities before wasting their money.

What you can get out of OnlineZerotoHero.com

As mentioned, my goal is to share all my experience within online marketing, my experiences with making money online, and share continuously as I learn new things myself as well.

My goal is, first of all, to help you get started if you have none or little knowledge of online marketing and of making money online, but even if you have a lot of knowledge, I am sure you will still find a lot of useful tips here.

I chose the name OnlineZerotoHero because you can go from zero knowledge about online marketing to whatever level of knowledge you want. And if you are interested in learning to make money on websites and having an online income, what I share here can also help you to go from zero income to understanding how to run your own successful online business, depending on your effort and wishes of course.

I want to help you to for example learn how to make money online even if you have no experience, how to promote an existing business online, to build and promote a website from scratch, to help you improve an existing website so you get more customers, to build an online business for yourself from scratch, and much more.

If you are interested in learning about any of these topics, have a look around my site. It is a work in progress, so I will continuously write new articles and develop the site, so check back often.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, or if you want to offer your own opinion, feel free to leave a comment anywhere on my website below one of my articles. I will be more than happy to help you out and to hear your feedback and opinions.

All the best,
mikael @ onlinezerotohero.com


  1. Patrick W. Hebenstreit

    Thank you fro the Pixabay review. I am a cautious person, but you can never be too sure these days.

    • Mikael

      You are welcome.

      • Oliver Brown

        Hello mike, huge fan, me and my friends found u on a website 3 years ago and we have turned you into a meme for years, pet me know if you want me to show you some 👍

        • Mikael

          lol – sure.

          • Oliver Brown

            Ok! check your email!

          • Mikael

            I did not get anything.

          • Oliver Brown

            Hello mike! can you send me a validated email for me to send you the google slides, thanks.

          • Mikael

            You can see my email here on this about page.

  2. Paul Melkonian

    Well, I just launched my blog, and just re-launched my hatha yoga practice, so this might be the right place for me to ‘hang around.’

    FYI, what brought me here is your PIXLR review, which I found in the ‘People Also Ask’ after searching ‘PIXLR.” A friend recommended PIXLR to me for producing memes, and I was glad to see it is good for optimizing images for my site.
    Thanks for the information, I am sure I will benefit greatly from your experience!

    • Mikael

      Great to hear Paul. And thanks for telling about how you found my site – that is always interesting and useful to know.

    • Frederick James

      My name is Frederick james need help signing into the program

      • Mikael

        What program do you need help with Frederick?

  3. Don Faast

    Hey Michael!

    I almost bought Ewen Chias latest deal until I read your thoughts on it– and you saved me the disappoint and $400!!
    I have been around the IM world for years, but never made it work.
    Now I am very serious about doing Affiliate Marketing, and you said it took you a year to reach $1000. per month.
    It that typical?
    Im not expecting millions instantly, but can an average dedicated marketer reach $2000 per month in 16 months?
    Thats how long I have—16 months.
    I know we are all different, but if I give it everything Ive got, do you think I could go faster?
    Do you do a 1 hour phone consult? And what cost?

    • Mikael

      Hi Don,

      Glad I helped you to find out what you could really expect through my review. Unfortunately, 90% of the make money online opportunities are just not worth it so it is difficult to find the good options.

      About the time it takes to make money it is very difficult to say anything precise about as it is very different from person to person. I know many people that have also reached $1000 per month in around a year. But I also know several that have done it a lot faster and many where it has taken a lot longer.

      Personally, I did not work that dedicated on my online business the first year as I had a lot of other things going on and was moving to a different country and more.

      A lot of it comes down to the dedication you have (the time you put into learning and taking action) and then also the niche you choose. And then finding the right training that will actually teach you methods that work and not just give you superficial info to make money themselves.

      It sounds like you have a good and realistic approach though. I cannot promise that you can reach $2000 in 16 months but I can tell it definitely is possible but it is really different from person to person. However, what I can tell you is that it takes a lot longer to reach your first $1000 per month than it does to then scale that to for example $5000 per month. Once you got the momentum, things happen a lot faster.

      I could do a Skype consultation but it would cost around $150 per hour. However, I can also offer something else. My top recommended way to make money online is through a platform called Wealthy Affiliate because that is the platform that has given me the training, tools, and support to be able to create a full-time income online myself.

      If you join through my invitation link we will automatically be connected and that means you will have access to me to ask questions via messages in there. You can get your first 10 lessons for free so you can see what it offers before paying. If you then get the yearly membership, I can offer you 20 minutes free Skype consultation included in that (but only for the yearly membership).

      You can read more about Wealthy Affiliate and find my invitation link here: https://onlinezerotohero.com/is-wealthy-affiliate-legit-or-a-scam-review

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


  4. Joe Mckenzie

    Hi Mikael,
    I just joined WA and would like for you
    to guide me thru some of the steps. I am
    in NYC, USA.

    Thank you
    Joe McKenzie

    • Mikael

      sure Joe. Just contact me inside WA and then I will be happy to help.

  5. Hubert

    Hi Mikael.
    I just came back today from 2 hours kiyosaki seminars. I have also paid for this 3 days seminar. But i have exacly same feelings about it as you do. So i dig deeper and check it for some opinions. Now im sure i want to cancel my purchase. How exacly you did it ? have you sended the cancelation form by mail ? or email?Was it registered mail if so because how can i be sure that my letter will not dissaper?

    best regards

    • Mikael

      Hi Hubert.

      Good you decided to do some more research.

      I contacted the company behind the rich dad seminars via email because via regular mail you cannot be sure it will get to them before the period where you can cancel.

      I actually also called them to be sure they got it. In addition to this, the seminar was still taking place a few more days in the city I live in, so after talking to someone over the phone, I went to another of the seminars before it started and got a refund right there at the spot.

      Hope you will easily get your money back and feel free to keep me updated about how it goes.



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