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Welcome to the tools and resource section of When building and growing a business online, it can be helpful and a lot more effective to have the right tools and resources.

Below, I have put together a list of tools and resources I strongly recommend for building and optimizing your online business. I have tested every recommendation on this page personally and I have only included resources that I truly know are valuable to you or your business. 

I will keep updating this list with new recommendations when I find new resources that are worth using, so check back often.

Before digging into these awesome resources I know and trust, an important disclosure:

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that I have experience with all of these companies, and I only recommend them because I know they are truly helpful and useful. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you and your business.

Courses that actually work

Learning new skills and keeping your skills updated is an important part of succeeding online. I keep learning all the time myself, and below I will show you my top recommended places to learn new online marketing skills and improve your existing skills.

You can find many courses online, but many do not really work – some are even outright scam. Below you can, therefore, find courses that actually work and that will give you very good value. There are options both if you are a complete beginner or more experienced.


Amazing Selling Machine

asm recommended amazon courseFor you if: you want access to a premium training course that can teach you all about selling on Amazon
More info: Read full Amazing Selling Machine review

Short summary:
Amazing Selling Machine (also called ASM) it a first class learning platform about building an Amazon FBA business. It is one of the most famous courses if this is how you want to build an online income and for good reasons.

It has highly professional step-by-step training that will take you through everything. Furthermore, it has several tools included on the platform that can help you grow your business and it has great support and a helpful community that can help you if you ever get stuck are unsure of anything.

If you are serious about wanting to create a business by selling on Amazon, this is definitely a course worth checking out. I have a full review you can access above to get an inside look of the platform and see exactly what it offers.

Wealthy Affiliate learning platform

wealthy affiliate learning platformFor you if: you are a beginner at making money online and want to learn from scratch step-by-step
More info: Read full Wealthy Affiliate review

Short summary:
Wealthy Affiliate is a learning platform, where you can learn everything you need to know about building an online business and income from scratch or learn about more or less any topic within internet marketing with focus on affiliate marketing.

It is an all-in-one platform as it includes a lot of tools and has great step-by-step courses that guide you if you are a complete beginner, and also have training for experienced people.

There is a community of people ready to help with any questions as well, it has some amazing tools included in the membership that will make your business a lot more effective, it is constantly updated and developed, and you can get access to trying it all for free, to see what it offers.

This is definitely a platform I recommend if you want to build an online income as it is the platform where I started and that has taught me to create a full-time income online. I am myself a still long-term member, and I will for sure see you in there if you join.

Marketplace SuperHeroes

mpsh recommended amazon courseFor you if: you are serious about wanting to build a business by selling on Amazon but need a cheaper altenative to ASM
More info: Read full Marketplace SuperHeroes review

Short summary:
Marketplace SuperHeroes is another great Amazon FBA course that has been created by two guys that have had a lot of online success themselves. The platform includes 12 modules with high-quality step-by-step training as well as additional training resources.

In addition to the training, the platform also offers great support and regular live videos and FAQ sessions in their very active Facebook group just for members. The owners are actively helping with answering questions and helping out every day which is a great benefit.

If you are serious about wanting to build a business by selling on Amazon but do not quite have the budget to join ASM, then Marketplace SuperHeroes is a great option where you can learn all the necessary steps for a cheaper price but without compromising on the quality.

Video Marketing Insider

video marketing insider recommended courseFor you if: you want to learn to build or grow a business online using video
More info: Read full Video Marketing Insider review

Short summary:
Video is a great way to grow your business online whether you work with affiliate marketing, have an e-commerce store, a local business, or anything else basically. There are many ways to succeed with video.

Video Marketing Insider is the best course I have come across if you want to master video marketing. It is a platform I am a member of myself and enjoy learning from as it is continually updated and has great support.

In addition to the great training which included 100+ hours about everything you need to know to succeed with video marketing, you also get access to several tools that can make your life easier and help you get better results. Definitely a platform I recommend if you are serious about wanting to use video online.

Paid Traffic Training by Maxwell Finn

paid traffic training recommended iconFor you if: you are serious about wanting to learn paid traffic from Facebook
More info: Read full Paid Traffic Training review

Short summary:
Paid Traffic Training is a course by Maxwell Finn who is a genuine guy with a great track record and he still works with paid traffic every day so what he teaches is up-to-date and realistic.

The training is high-quality and teaches both more simple techniques as well as a lot of really advanced strategies that can REALLY scale your business if you put in the required work.

In addition to the core training, you get bonus training but most importantly bi-weekly live classes where you can also get audits and direct feedback from Max and you get access to the private Paid Traffic Training community where you can get great support. 

Overall, this is an amazing course if you are serious about wanting to master paid traffic and it gives really great value for money compared to any similar courses I have seen. 

SEO Tools

SEO is an important skill to get organic traffic from the search engines to your website. Having the right tools will make it a lot easier to achieve good results.

Here are some of the tools I use myself and highly recommend.


SEO PowerSuite

seo powersuite recommendationFor you if: you work with SEO for several websites or for clients
More info: Read full SEO PowerSuite review

Short summary:
SEO PowerSuite is an all-in-one SEO tool. If you work seriously with SEO and organic traffic this tool can help with most tasks.

It has four tools in one and you can use them to check rankings, do keywords research, do competitive research, audit your website for technical SEO issues, create SEO reports, check backlinks, find ideas for link building, and more.

Compared to similar SEO tools, SEO PowerSuite gives very good value for money. The link below is an exclusive link to be able to get a free trial of the pro license which is usually not available on the company’s own website.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

jaaxy recommendationFor you if: you need an easy-to-use keyword research tools with great data and features for a decent price
More info: Read full Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool review

Short summary:
One thing that is very important to run or grow an online business if you want organic traffic is to be able to find the words and phrases people are searching for online and then rank for these. To do this you need to be sure to find a reliable tool.

I am myself using Jaaxy, which has helped me a lot and made me a lot more effective when it comes to finding keywords and ranking for them. It also has a number of other great functions as for example a rank tracker, several tools to help you generate content ideas, and a tool to get information about the competition for the keywords you want to rank for.

You can read a detailed review through the link above to get all the details about what the tool has to offer, so you can see if it is for you. I will also tell you how to get a free trial or get a really good discount if you should decide to get a membership.

WordPress themes and tools

I myself prefer having websites in WordPress as it is very user-friendly and makes it possible to make awesome websites without any coding skills.

To get exactly the website you need, it is important to have the right themes, plugins, tools, etc. Below you will find the WordPress tools and themes I have found to be the best and most effective.


Divi WordPress Theme

divi recommended wordpress themeFor you if: you are looking for a very flexible WordPress theme where you can make websites for more or less any topic
More info: Read full Divi Theme review

Short summary:
Divi is one of the most flexible and comprehensive WordPress themes. It is the theme I am using myself for this website, and I love the many functionalities it has, and that it is basically possible to create any website you want to with it.

You also get more than just the Divi theme, as your license will give you access to another 88 themes, several premium plugins, and constant updates.

Even though I think it is great, it is not a theme for everyone, so be sure to check out who the theme is for in my full review, before you decide to get it or not.

WP Review Pro plugin

wp review recommended pluginFor you if: you have a review website
More info: Read full WP Review Pro plugin review

Short summary:
WP Review Pro plugin is a really great plugin if you ever do reviews on your website. I use it for several review websites myself.

One thing it does is to make it possible for you to get star ratings displayed when your results are shown in the search results. Furthermore, its review function makes it easy to give people a good overview of the products/services you review.

It also includes comparison tables, pop-ups to get people to stay longer, CTA bars, and more. Overall, a really great but yet simple plugin that is quite easy to set up and use. And it can even be used in a free version even though the paid version is cheap and gives really good value for money.

Video marketing

You probably know that video is becoming more and more important in online marketing and it is a great way to promote online.

Below you can find the video marketing tools I recommend.


Movavi Video Editor

movavi recommended editorFor you if: you need a flexible video editor for a very good price
More info: Read full Movavi Video Editor review

Short summary:
Using video is becoming more and more important when you want to build an online business/income. To make great videos, it is good to have an easy-to-use video editor.

My preferred editor is Movavi, as it is intuitive to use, it has all the functionalities you need to make great videos, and it gives great value for money. It has a short learning curve, so even if you have never edited videos before, you will quickly be able to figure out to do it with this tool.

It has a free trial, so you can test the tool for free, but if you decide to get the paid version, you can get a 20% discount by joining through the link below.

Icecream Screen Recorder

icecream screen recorder toolFor you if: you need a basic screen recorder that us very easy to use
More info: Read full Icecream Screen Recorder review

Short summary:
This is a great little tool for making small screen recordings or screen shots. It is very simple to use, so it will not take you long to get the hang of it.

I love using this tool for instructional screen recordings. There is even a free version that let you record up to 5 minutes without any watermark on the recording.

And if you decide to get the paid version, it is a very cheap tool and it gives good value for money.

Images and content

A website or online promotion without images or content is not worth much. Having access to the right resources can make your promotions a lot more effective.

Here are the image and content platforms I find the most useful.



shutterstock recommendationFor you if: you need access to a huge database of high-quality stock images and videos
More info: Read full Shutterstock review

Short summary:
If you need high-quality images or videos, Shutterstock is probably the stock platform with the biggest selection and the selection of the highest quality.

No matter what kind of images or videos you are looking for, you can find it here, and it makes it easy to create great visuals for your promotions.

It is a premium and high-quality platform, but if you have the budget for it, it is definitely one of the best places to get royalty free images and videos.

StockUnlimited stock photos

stockunlimited recommendationFor you if: you need stock images but do not have the budget for Shutterstock
More info: Read full StockUnlimited review

Short summary:
If you do not have a big budget, it can be difficult to find affordable ways to get stock photos. There are free platforms, but it can take a lot of time to find good images there, and you cannot be sure you do not violate any copyrights.

StockUnlimited is a great and affordable platform to get unlimited access to stock photos, other visuals, and audio.

Compared to Shutterstock is does not have as big a selection and as high quality images, but it still has a lot and gives really great value for money, and you can choose between different membership options depending on your needs.


grammarly recommended toolFor you if: you ever write anything online
More info: Read full Grammarly review

Short summary:
Grammarly is a really great tool if you ever write anything online. It is an extension for your browser that makes you aware of any grammatical errors.

It also gives suggestions for better sentence structure and it has a plagiarism checker to make sure you do not publish duplicate content. Really a great to avoid a lot of writing errors.

It comes both in a paid and in a free version. If you ever write anything online, you should at least get the free version which also works very well and it is a must-have tool for anyone working with content, in my opinion.

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