is imjetset a scam review headerInternet Jetset (also knowns as IMJetset) is a program created by John Crestani, who claims to be able to teach you how to become successful online and start earning a lot of money.

But is Internet Jetset a scam, or is John a legit guy with good intentions that can teach you how to make money online?

This Internet Jetset review will show you a balanced view and show both the possibilities and the traps.

Honestly, the IMJetset training has both some BS and some great info. I will show you both, so you can take everything into consideration before joining.

This review is not meant to bash Internet Jetset or to oversell it, but simply show a balanced view you cannot find in other reviews so you can make an informed decision about what is best for you.

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Internet Jetset at a Glance
  • Training
  • Income potential
  • Value for money


Internet Jetset ( has a free training/webinar that will show you what it is all about and it will show you a real and legit way to make money online.

Before watching the webinar it is, however, important to be aware that this is an introduction to making money online and it will not show you a magical way to become rich fast online. You will need to put more work into it than just watching the free training – and John Crestani (the owner) is also very clear about this.

The free training has both some positive and negative sides, in my opinion. But if you go into it with the right expectations to get a few tips and ideas, it can be worth checking out if you are new to making money online as long as you are just aware of some of the hype I describe in the full review below.

Luckily it is free and can be a great way to see if John is the person you want to teach you more about making money online or not.

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What is Internet Jetset (aka IMJetset)?

Internet Jetset is a program created by John Crestani. The website of the program is called, which is short for internet marketing jetset.

John has also created the Super Affiliate System.

Sometimes there are some confusions between these two programs by John because they are closely linked (more about this later). And from what I have been able to find out, IMJetset used to be a paid training program, but now it is actually a free training webinar that John offers on the website.

So whether you hear about Internet Jetset or Super Affiliate System, this review will help you get insight into both – just to clear up any possible misunderstandings about this.

Who is John Crestani?

When it comes to any program that claims to teach you how to make money online, it is important to look at the track record of the owner and creator to see if he/she really has something to offer.

John Crestani is an actual online entrepreneur. I first heard about him and his program through an email I received from Matthew Neer, who has created Speed Wealth System, which is a system I definitely do not recommend.

This made me extra careful, as I do not trust that program and already had received many emails from Matthew about get-rich-quick schemes, I would never go near.

However, John’s program seemed a bit different, so I decided to look further into this. He has made a lot of money online, and he has been featured in many magazines and articles, including Forbes.

forbes article about john crestani

There has been an article about John Crestani in Forbes.

The article about John Crestani went viral when it was first published and helped create a name for him and not until after this he decided to start teaching others about how he makes money online.

What is a good sign is that John Crestani is actually a real person – this might seem like a strange thing to say, but I have seen many scams online where the supposed owner and inventor is just an actor or a stock photo, and you never really know who is behind.

Knowing that there is a real person behind is a good sign. And John has definitely been successful and made a lot of money online. This does however not mean he can necessarily teach others.

So let’s now look into what the IMJetset training will actually teach you.

What will you learn from the IMJetset training?

Internet Jetset will teach you about affiliate marketing, and how you can use this to earn big commissions online from promoting products, you do not even have to own.

Just to make it completely clear – is not as such a training platform. It is a website with a free webinar training you can join and get a taste of what John can teach you can get some tips to get started.

Whether it is then worth your time or not is what this review will help you figure out – and it pays to actually read the review as the webinar training is quite long (more than 2 hours) so you want to make sure it will be worth it before signing up.

Let me just make it clear it definitely is possible to make good money with affiliate marketing – in fact, I am making a full-time income through it myself. But there are many programs that promise to teach you this without ever delivering.

I was honestly skeptical but decided to give the free training a go.

So let me just shortly explain what you will learn in the free IMJetset training so you can see if it sounds like something for you.

I will obviously not explain everything he teaches as that would be too much and you might as well just join the training then. But I will shortly describe the main topics he will cover.

Training outcome #1 – Introduction to affiliate marketing

If you have never made money online, affiliate marketing is definitely worth looking into.

John Crestani will give you a good introduction to this and show you examples of how he uses it to make money online.

crestanis affiliate marketing definition

IMJetset will explain the basic of how affiliate marketing works.

If you already know what affiliate marketing is, this part of the training will however not teach you much new but if you are a complete beginner, it will introduce you to a real way to make money online.

Training outcome #2 – 3 steps you need to get started

John Crestani obviously has a lot of experience when it comes to making money online. In the IMJetset training, he will give you a short introduction to the only 3 steps you according to him need to succeed online.

imjetset 3 steps

John will explain the 3 steps you, according to him, need to get started.

It is important to know that when it comes to affiliate marketing, there are several different approaches to get results. So what John shows will not be the only way.

But it definitely is a real way and I know many people using the exact same steps to make money through affiliate marketing.

Just getting these three steps will, of course, not make you successful as there are several further steps you need to take to implement it all (more about this later.

But it is a good start and introduction if you are a beginner.

Training outcome #3 – 3 critical keys to success

In addition to the 3 steps to get started, the Internet Jetset training also shows you 3 critical keys to success.

I can, of course, not reveal them here as that would not be fair to John to just repeat his training here.

But I can say that he makes some good points. Personally, I think there are more than these 3 critical factors but it is again a good introduction if you are new to making money online.

Overall, you should be aware that the training is meant as an introduction if you have not made real money online before. But more about who this training is for later.

Training outcome #4 – 7 mistakes to avoid

When you start with affiliate marketing, there is quite a lot of mistake you need to avoid. They are not as such difficult to avoid but you just need to be aware.

Crestani reveals 7 mistakes you need to avoid if you want to follow his method. It is important to know that these mistakes are just if you follow John’s method.

He has made it work for him, and if you want to follow him and learn from him, these are important keys to understand.

Again, I cannot reveal all these secrets here in this review as that would not be fair to John as he has put a lot of effort to put the training together, but if you read the rest of this review, you will be able to find out if you overall think IMJetset is the right option for or not.

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What I do NOT like about the IMJetset training!

I already mentioned in the introduction of this review that I think there is both some BS and some positive aspects of the Internet Jetset training. I want to go over both so you can get a balanced view before deciding if it is for you or not.

Let’s start by going over the aspect that, in my opinion, are not so great followed by the things that are great.

I have watched the whole IMJetset training several times as it has been updated and I wanted this review to reflect this newest version.

I want to make it clear that the pros and cons are based on my opinion and my experiences as a full-time online marketer. I hope this experience can help you make the right decision for you.

Con #1 – The hype

John is without a doubt a successful online marketer and I respect him for that. But he also uses some tricks in his webinars that I do not like and would not use myself.

This is, of course, a matter of personal style, but I still want to point it out as some of it might give you the wrong impression unless you know how to spot the BS from the truth.

The training starts with John showing you A LOT of money.

john creastani showing money

You will see a lot of money and some hype during the free training.

I have no reason to believe that these are not actually his money so it seems like it is all real.

The only issue I have with this is that it might give you the impression that you can easily make this kind of money online and become focused on fast results instead of the work it takes, which can end up distracting you.

You definitely can make a lot of money online – eventually. But you should just not get seduced by the big pile of money and think that will happen to you overnight and I just wanted to make this very clear.

Con #2 – The webinar is not live

The webinar is actually very clever and no doubt John has a lot of knowledge about how you can sell online.

One of the aspects I, however, am not too crazy about is that the webinar looks like it is live. When you go to the website to sign up for the free webinar/training, you can choose the next available time for the live webinar.

You will always be lucky that the next live webinar is just about to start, and you can get in:-)

sign up for free training

There is always a live webinar just about to start:-)

This goes not matter when you try to sign up for it, so you can probably figure out it is not live. However, John really tries to make it look like it is live all the way through the webinar.

He talks like it is live, he tries to get people to write in chat by for example getting you to write “money” in the chat to reveal more tricks and get you engaged, and at the end, it even looks like people are signing up live.

None of this is live – so do not get carried away.

I just want to make it clear that this does not take anything away from the actual training. Personally, I do not mind pre-recorded webinars and training and that is most cases is the most convenient for all.

But I prefer when people are just being honest about it and do not try to make it look like it is live when it is not.

Again, this does not mean the training is not worth it but you just do not need to feel like you have to engage. Just focus on the training and the info and then it can be worth checking out.

Con #3 – One technique might be risky

During the training webinar, John Crestani says he has an amazing way to create targeted Facebook ads that are sure to convert to sales and help you make money.

imjetset fb strategy

Make sure to check the legalities in your country before using one of the FB strategies you will see.

He will help you get a list of buyers of certain products/services, and you can use these to create lookalike audiences and target people very specifically.

This does sound very effective and I am sure he has some good connection that can help you with this.

There is just one thing I want to point out to you, you have to be aware of depending on where you live.

After a new data protection law has been rolled out in Europe, data of customers is more protected all over the world and not just in Europe. So by getting lists and data about people without they have given consent can potentially mean both you and the person you are getting the data from can get into trouble.

I am no lawyer, so I do not know if John has figured out a way to do this without breaking the law, but it is something you should be very careful about.

This is also only relevant for certain countries (mostly the EU countries) but I just wanted to mentioned it here in case you decide to use this strategy so you make sure to check up on the legalities of this in your country.

Con #4 – You are tied to promote certain programs

If you decide you want to work further with John and learn more from him after the free training, there are 3 conditions you need to live up to.

conditions for super affiliate system

The conditions if you want to learn more from John.

One of them is a potential issue, in my opinion.

You have to promote one of the affiliate programs John recommends. This means you cannot freely choose what you want to promote as an affiliate marketer.

Whether this is an issue or not depends on your goals. In one sense, I do understand that he wants some control as a lot of people are using online marketing skills to scam others and it is understandable he does not want to support this and I appreciate that.

However, it can also limit you.

One of the programs you have to promote if you want to work more with John Crestani is his own Super Affiliate System.

I most say you can make really good money by promoting this system as you get high commissions for it. And in one sense it also motivates John even more to help you succeed as he will be making more money when you are making money.

So it can have its benefits but at the same time, you just have to be aware that you can not freely choose affiliate programs at first so you know what you are saying yes to.

What I DO like about the IMJetset training!

I have now gone over a few things I do not really like about Internet Jetset. But it definitely also has some great aspect and I also want to go over these.

Pro #1 – John is a real guy with real results

One of the most important aspects of any online training programs, in my opinion, is the owner and is he/she is a genuine person that can help you make money ethically.

Unfortunately, the majority of people promoting make money online products do not care about the quality or the consequences for you as long as they make money.

In some cases, the platforms do not even reveal how the owner is.

That is not the case with John Crestani. He might use some hype tricks but whether you like this or not depends on your personal style. But he is a real guy and he is the one doing the training himself and knows how to get honest online results.

I showed earlier how he has been featured in Forbes and by watching the training you can also get a sense of whether his style fits you or not.

Anyway, the resume of John is definitely a plus when it comes to IM Jetset.

Pro #2 – He shows you real results

Throughout the training, John will show you the results of some of his students. I did not see anything suspicious about these claims based on my experience as an online marketer and they all seem real.

He also shows how he starts a campaign at the beginning of the webinar and the results at the end.

imjetset results example

John will show you some of his real results.

These results seem real and you can see how he makes money himself and how he makes around $900 while the webinar training takes place.

The only thing you need to be aware of is that this is just meant as an example to show you the potential. He does not show you exactly how to set it up. When you just look at it, it might look like you can just click a few buttons and then make this kind of money.

That is not the case – there goes a lot into setting it up before but in the training, it is to show you the potential if you learn to use John’s method. So do not think it will just be that easy to start making money but the results you see are John’s real results as far as I can tell which is great.

Pro #3 – Honest about what it takes to succeed

When you look for ways to make money online, you will seem claims about fast money all the time. That is, however, not have internet marketing works.

Any programs that claim you can become rich very quickly is a program to stay away from, in my opinion.

I really like John is very clear about this several times throughout the training.

not get rich easy claim imjetset

Internet Jetset makes it clear it is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.

If you want to make money online, it is important to go into it with the right attitude and know it takes work and effort and as you can see in the image above, John is very clear about this.

He even says very honestly that the reason many people fail when it comes to affiliate marketing is that they are not willing to do any work and expect to become rich without effort.

I really like he makes this so clear so you know what to expect.

Pro #4 – Only wants you to promote ethically

I mentioned earlier that to work further with John, you need to live up to certain demands and only promote ethical programs.

This is something he has added since I watched the training over a year ago (as of doing this updated review). At that time I saw some questionable programs mentioned during the webinar.

So I was very happy to see he has changed this and makes it very clear that you should not use the skills to promote unethically.

What happens after the free webinar training?

As you have maybe already realized, the free Internet Jetset webinar training is meant to tell you more about John’s training program Super Affiliate System and give you a taste of what you can learn if you join that.

The Super Affiliate System is John’s flagship and he has updated it several times and as far as I know, it has more than 50+ hours of training.

The free IMJetset training can, of course, not give you everything, but it can be a good way to get a sense of who John is and if you want him to teach you more about affiliate marketing.

If you decided this is for you after watching the free training, then the Super Affiliate System might be for you.

super affiliate system 6 weeks overview

If you want more training from John, you can join his Super Affiliate System.

It is a 6-week training course where you go through the topics you can see in the image above.

In addition to the course, you will also get access to some bonuses John announces during the webinar – for example, some premade affiliate campaigns for popular niches, access to the Internet Jetset Facebook group, an extra login, and more.

So there is plenty of material and a lot to learn if you decided you want to work with John.

But before you join, you also need to consider the price, to see if it is for you.

Internet Jetset pricing

Towards the end of the webinar, John talks a lot about how valuable the info you are getting is.

You are told that it is worth more than $37,000. Then you are told some discounts you will get, and finally, the price ends up being the special price of $997 for a limited time.

internet jetset pricing

The price for further training is $997.

The whole thing about first telling how much it is worth and then giving several discounts is, of course, a way to make you feel like you are getting really good value for money.

In one sense $997 is, however, not a big price to pay for the amount of training and John does know what he is doing. But it might also be too much as a beginner depending on your budget. You can then check out Wealthy Affiliate instead that has a lower price but also great affiliate training.

One thing I do appreciate about the Internet Jetset system and the pricing John gives is that he is honest about this. Many programs use a small fee to get you to join, and then there are several upgrades, and you end up having to spend thousands of dollars before you get full access.

From what I have heard from others, this was also how it used to be with Super Affiliate System, but it seems John has changed his strategy with the Internet Jetset approach and are just honest about this price now.

I really appreciate him being honest about the price, so you know what to expect to get access.

In addition to this, remember to also calculate into your budget that you need to spend money on ads. He is also very honest about this and says you need $250 for facebooks ads to get started.


John will show you how to get some free ad credits.

As you can see above, he will, however, show you how to get free ad credits for certain networks.

There is nothing really special about getting these ad credits as everyone can do it, but if you are new you might not know how to get it and then John will show you more about this.

Also, be aware that John gives a money-back guarantee – so if you follow all the paid training and do not get results, you will get your money for the course fee back.

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Is Internet Jetset worth it?

So the big question is now if the Internet Jetset free training is even worth taking and if it is worth investing in the Super Affiliate System?

That honestly depends a lot on your previous experience and goals.

When it comes to the free IMJetset webinar, I would say that if you have some experience and have made some money online, it will likely just be too basic for you. Then it makes more sense to just go directly to sign up for the Super Affiliate System which will be the more advanced training.

However, even if you have some experience, the free training can be a great way to see if you like John’s way of communicating. If you decide to get the Super Affiliate System you will be learning from him, so it is important you feel comfortable with his learning methods.

If you are a complete beginner, the IMJetset training can be a good way to get an introduction to a real way to make money online.

You just need to be aware of the hype mentioned earlier and then it can be a great way to learn the basic and use this to decide whether affiliate marketing is for you or not no matter if you decide to get John’s further training or learn it somewhere else.

Final verdict – legit or scam?

The Internet Jetset system has both positives and negatives, in my opinion. John Crestani has without a doubt had a lot of success himself.

And IMjetset is definitely legit as you get access to some free basic training through the webinar – but this does not mean it necessarily is the right option for you.

To help you make you your final decision, let’s finish this review by summing up the pros and cons to give you a better overview.


  • John is successful online himself
  • You will be shown a real way to make money online
  • Good introduction to affiliate marketing
  • John is honest about what it takes to succeed
  • He uses real results as examples


  • There is quite a bit of hype during the webinar
  • The sales pitch can be a bit pushy
  • You can only promote the products John recommends

Overall, the IMJetset webinar training can be worth signing up for if you are new to making money online.

You just need to be aware of the hype mentioned in this review, and then it can be a great way to get started.

John definitely is successful online and if you decide you want to work further with him, his Super Affiliate System is a legit training platform as well.

I hope this review has helped you find out exactly what to expect and if you have any doubts, luckily the IMJetset training is completely free so you can always sign up and check it out for yourself.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Internet Jetset or the Super Affiliate System yourself, feel free to leave a comment below.

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