viral cash app reviewBy signing up for Viral Cash App, you can supposedly get a slice of a $70 billion online industry without much work.

Sounds great right?

But is Viral Cash App legit and a great way to make money online or is it a scam?

Let me reveal right away that the app is talking about some real ways to make money online, but this Viral Cash App review will also reveal a lot of inconsistent claims and warning signs you need to be aware of, before you join.

Viral Cash App at a Glance
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Viral Cash App claims it can help you automatically make money online by using content created by other people. Some of the methods the app use are real ways to make money online, but there are a lot of inconsistent claims, and you should not rely an an app to do all the work for you, if you want a sustainable income online.

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What is Viral Cash App and how does it work?

I first heard about Viral Cash App in a newsletter from Jamie Lewis, who is the inventor of IM with Jamie, which is a program I have previously reviewed and definitely do not recommend. So this made me cautious right away.

I then found out that the owner of Viral Cash App is Matthew Neer, who is also the owner of Speed Wealth System, which is another system I have no trust in.

But I still decided to look into Viral Cash App, and give Matthew the benefit of the doubt. So I looked into what the app is offering:

Automatic generation of content:
The Viral Cash App will supposedly help you set up a site with the best viral content that exist online.

It will supposedly not take much work from your side, as the app will do most of the work for you. There are just 5 steps you have to do to get started.

steps to get started

There are supposedly only 5 steps you need to do to get started with Viral Cash App.

Already here I noticed some inconsistencies in the presentation video of Viral Cash App. In the beginning of the video you are told that if you are looking for quick money or a one click wonder, this program is not for you.

In the same video you are told that you can get everything set up in just a few minutes. So this is a bit confusing and almost seems like the app is not clear about what it offers.

Unlimited traffic:
Once you have the sites created with great content, the app will plug you into networks that will generate traffic automatically.

This sounds amazing, as traffic is what any online marketer is looking for. With enough traffic to your site, the earning potential is unlimited. But traffic is never created automatically.

There is always some work involved in getting quality traffic to your site. I have worked for many top online marketing agencies, and none of them have ever found an completely automated way to get quality traffic.

You can get traffic very easily, if you do not care about the quality, but without quality it does not really matter anyway.

The Viral Cash App aims to get you viral traffic, which without a doubt can really explode traffic and income – the problem is just that you can not just order viral traffic. And there is no exact formula on what goes viral and what does not.

So even though unlimited and free traffic sounds great, it is something that takes work, and it is VERY unlikely an app can just take care of this for you.

Monetization of your traffic:
Once you have a site and traffic to it, Viral Cash App will help you earn money on this traffic.

In the presentation video of Viral Cash App you are told that this will be done through display advertising.

display advertising

The way to make money is through display advertising.

Display advertising is definitely a real thing. But it is again a little more complicated than just something an app can do, if it needs to be done properly.

It is definitely something everyone can learn to use, but it is not something I would trust an app to take care of.

Also, when the video talks about how to monetize, there are again some inconsistencies. It is like Matthew mixes different concepts like display advertising and affiliate marketing together.

It is definitely possible to mix the two methods, but it again just does not seem clear what the Viral Cash App is actually offering, and in my opinion it seems even the owner does not have a clear idea about this according to how he explains it in the presentation video.

Can you really make money online like this?

To sum it up; Viral Cash App is offering to help you build a site, get traffic for that site, and then monetize that traffic.

But is this even a real way to make money online?

The process itself is definitely very real, and the overall idea is similar to the method I use to make money online.

However, there are some big differences, and several reasons I do not think Viral Cash App is a sustainable way to make an online income, but I will go more into this below.

But once you have a site with quality traffic, there are many ways you can monetize that traffic. So it is definitely possible to make money like this online.

Will Viral Cash App make you money?

As explained, the overall process of making money online Viral Cash App explains definitely works. But I do not think the Viral Cash App is a way to make this work.

So this is where I will tell you the reasons I do not think it is a program to go for, as the headline of this review promises.

6 reasons to avoid Viral Cash App:

Reason 1 – It takes effort to make money online:
It is definitely possible to make money online, and it also possible to make really good money and learn this no matter your previous experience.

But any program that promise to do all the work for you, is a program I will recommend staying away from. It takes time and effort, and it is not realistic to just have a system do all the work for you, and then just be able to sit back and watch the money flow.

Also, think about it – why would someone try to sell you a program that 100% automatically generates income and make you rich? I think that either they would keep it for themselves and would not be bothered to spend time making a program for it, or they would give it away as charity to help other people, which is definitely not the case for Viral Cash App, as I will explain in the pricing section later.

Reason 2 – The tricks in the video:
In the beginning of the presentation video several clips from news media are played.

news example

The news clips in the video are NOT about Viral Cash App.

This shows stories in the news about how people have become rich by working online. Beware that these news stories are NOT about Viral Cash App. They are about the online possibilities in general.

Nowhere is Viral Cash App actually mentioned in these clips, but they could look like they are about this, since they are placed in the presentation video of it.

So just beware that the news clips are not proving Viral Cash App works, but only proves that it is possible to make money online.

Reason 3 – Do not rely on other people’s content:
The whole idea about Viral Cash App is that it will use content created by other people to make you money.

This is in my opinion not a sustainable way to make money online, and you will hear the same from any serious online marketer – Just taking content from other people is NOT a long-term strategy. This is also why for example also do not recommending a program like UtubeCash, which claims you can make money just by taking videos created by others.

Both Google, YouTube and other search engines look for quality and unique content. And the whole idea that you can just become rich online by taking someone else work is a trap. Thinking like this will very likely end up costing you a lot of money and time to look for a quick fix, instead of actually just doing the work, which anyone can learn.

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Reason 4 – Proofs are not really proofs:
In the video you are shown a screen shot of Matthews earnings on the network ClickBank. These are definitely realistic earnings. But that he shows his earning does not really prove anything about Viral Cash App.

It just shows that he has made money by selling products to people (and I know he does, as I have received many of his newsletters), but it does not show any results of the Viral Cash App.

Also, he says that you can create sites and then sell them and show an example of Flippa, which is a site where people sell websites.

flippa example

You can supposedly sell your sites for thousands of dollars.

Flippa is a real website, and people can sell websites for a lot of money here, once they have created a good website.

But it does not really make sense how this should be connected to Viral Cash App. You are first of all not really owning the sites, as you do not have a domain or hosting. You are running everything through the app.

Secondly, the sites that he shows are being sold are not created with an app that has just taken content from other people. These are sites that people have worked hard on creating.

So this also does not really prove anything about Viral Cash App, and to me it is just a trick to give you the impression that you can easily make hundreds of thousands by selling websites. You can make a lot of money doing this, but it is not just done automatically by an app.

Reason 5 – The qualification requirements:
You are told there are 3 requirements for you to be able to join Viral Cash App. I especially find requirement 1 a bit strange.

Apparently this app is only for you, if you have medium computer skills. If you have advanced computer skills, this is not for you.

If the system really was this great, why would I then not be able to generate money with it, just because I have advanced computer skills?

Or is it because people with advanced skills maybe will see through it and are more likely not to be willing to invest more into the system? Definitely something to think about before joining.

Reason 6 – Not transparent pricing:
Another reason I do not recommend Viral Cash App is the pricing – the pricing is not transparent, and in my opinion it is very important that programs and companies are transparent about their prices.

If they are not transparent about something as important as this, what else might they not be transparent about? But let me go more into the whole pricing below.

Viral Cash App pricing

At first, you can see that the price of joining Viral Cash App will be $47. Once you fill out your email on the website, you will be taken to a checkout screen.

clickbank check out

It looks like the price is $47 at first.

However, you will be able to get it cheaper, if you try to leave the page. First you get a discount, so it will only cost you $24.95, but if you try to leave again, you can sometimes even get another discount and get access for only $9.99.

This shows that they really want you to join, and it does not sound like a lot. Especially not when you are told that you can get this initial joining fee back, if you are not happy with the results after 60 days. But there is a catch.

By looking at Viral Cash App’s affiliate program, where they pay people a commission to promote the program, it is possible to see the true price of the program.

viral cash app pricing

The Viral Cash App affiliate info reveals the true price.

This shows that there will be several upsells after you join, and even if you get the cheapest initial joining fee, it will end up costing you more than $450 to get access to the members’ area.

And the guarantee is only for the initial joining fee, so not really that great an offer anyways in my opinion.

Final thoughts

It is pretty clear by now that Viral Cash App is not a system I recommend. But let’s sum up the pros and cons to give you a clear overview why this is.


  • The overall process is a real way to make money online



  • Not realistic that an app will take care of everything for you
  • Not transparent about the pricing
  • Has a lot of inconsistent claims
  • Proof used in the video are not really proofs.

I could actually find several more warning signs about Viral Cash App, but I had to stop at some point:-) The overall process that Viral Cash App is build on is definitely a way to make money online, but having an app do all the work for you is VERY unlikely, and when taking all the other inconsistent claims into consideration, it just has too many warning signs in my opinion.

If you want to learn a sustainable and proper way to make money online and the process I am using myself, you can check out my FREE guide to get started with making money online.


If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Viral Cash App yourself, feel free to leave a comment below. Would be great to hear from you.

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