im with jamie reviewCan you really make millions on autopilot with affiliate marketing as IM with Jamie says he can teach you?

Let me reveal right away that you definitely can learn to make a lot of money online with affiliate marketing.

However, in this IM with Jamie review I will show you why I do not think this is the program that will teach you how to achieve this, and I will also explain why some websites are still promoting it as the best option.

The program has a lot of warning signs, and there are some things Jamie is not honest about, before you join. I will show you these warning signs in this review, and then you will know what you are getting into, before you decide to invest or not.

IM with Jamie at a Glance
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Jamie Lewis from IM with Jamie claims he is the guy to teach you how to become a successful online within just a few weeks. He does however make a lot of exaggerated (and unrealistic) claims, there is a lot of things he does not disclose, and there are many warning signs you should stay away from this program in my opinion.

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What is IM with Jamie?

IM with Jamie (short for Internet Marketing) is a program that promises to teach you the secrets of becoming a very successful online marketer in no time.

Let me admit that Jamie Lewis, who is the guy behind this program and many others, is a very convincing guy, and I could for sure learn some sales techniques from him. He seems to be a master of sales and of promoting himself, and if you have seen his presentation video, you will know how convincing he is.

But is IM with Jamie a scam or a legit program worth joining? Let’s look into what he says you will get.

Access to online classes:
The main thing you will get access to when buying IM with Jamie is online classes and webinars.

Nothing wrong with this, and it can be a great way to learn affiliate marketing, and how I have learned it myself. Jamie will teach you about varies topics, and you can then just copy him and learn to make thousands of dollars very quickly.

Jamie claims that this is unlike any other classes you have ever seen. He directly says that if you join any other classes, or if you start reading about affiliate marketing instead, you will just be wasting your time.

This is one of the many reasons I myself have decided not to invest in the program. I hate exaggerated claims, and the whole presentation video with Jamie is exaggerated in my opinion and for me the extreme focus on how easy it is to make money, and how he is the only one who can teach you, is a big red flag. I will go more into these warnings signs I have spotted later.

For now, let’s just says that what you will get access to is online classes that are supposed to teach you to become rich online very quickly. For full disclosure, I will reveal that I have not taken the paid classes myself, as I simply saw too many warning signs for me to join.

I have however gotten access to a trial webinar, when I was on the website and wanted to leave. This was NOT impressive.

im with jamie webinar

The trial webinar I tried with Jamie Lewis was NOT impressive.

It seems like Jamie does know some things about online marketing, and I am sure this program has made him a lot of money, as he is great at selling it. But the trial webinar I saw was all over the place and once again mostly him talking about how great he is, and not really sharing any special knowledge (at least that was how it was until I gave up on it, as I did not want to waste any more time) – for me this confirmed that he is great at sales and promoting himself, but he is definitely not a person I want to learn legit internet marketing from, and it is definitely not a program I will recommend other hopeful people to join.

I can however not say you will not learn anything from joining and taking the paid classes. It might be great for you. BUT I want to make you aware of what might happen after you join, and that it will very likely end up being a lot more expensive than you expect and not as easy as he claims.

Learn the secret to earn thousands within weeks:
Jamie says he is basically the only one who can really teach you how to make real money with affiliate marketing.

Again, I must say he is really convincing, but luckily I have worked with online marketing for many years, so I know this is not true, and I see the tricks he is using to push you into making a quick buying decision.

So let me set one thing straight – Yes, you can learn to make a very good income with online marketing. But there is no quick fix and super secret that will make you rich on autopilot like Jamie claims.

Can you make money on autopilot as an affiliate?

As I just mentioned above, when it comes to creating an online business, you can not just join a system and then start making money on autopilot. There is a process and techniques you can learn to make money online, but it takes work and time like it does to create any other kind of business or income.

Once you have everything set up and have created a good foundation, you will have an income, even when you are on holiday, or when you have a day of, as the internet never sleeps. But it is a myth about online income that you can just sign up for a system and then become rich without ever doing any work.

It will continuously take work and an effort, but then it can definitely also be worth it. But if you are going for the programs that promise to make you rich very quickly, and then you can just set back and never work again, then you will probably instead end up joining one of the programs that will scam you and end up costing you a lot of money instead of making you any.

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Can Jamie teach you to become rich?

Is Jamie the person to teach you to become rich online, and can you actually make money with IM with Jamie?

I would say that it looks like Jamie does know some things about internet marketing, and he also has YouTube videos where he shares tips that can teach you a bit. However, these YouTube videos is not where I would waste any more of my time.

Also, he is very right when he in the presentation video explains about the cost of starting an online business compared to starting a regular business. The risk and cost of starting an online business are a lot lower – I am however not sure the risk is low, when it comes to joining IM with Jamie.

What I in general doubt is any program that promise to make you a full-time income within a few weeks and claims you do not have to do any real work to become successful online. This is just not the reality. Furthermore, there are several things Jamie does not tell you about how the programs works – especially when it comes to the cost of the program, but I will go more into this later.

In my opinion there is however a way you can likely make good money with IM with Jamie. That is by joining his affiliate program and earning commissions by promoting it. For example, if I recommend you to join the program and used an affiliate link in this review, I would get a commission, if you joined.

IM with Jamie gives very good commission as an affiliate, and that is also why you will find many reviews online that just superficially explains how great it is to get you to join, but without really giving you any information about what you can expect. Even though it pays great commissions, I am not promoting it here, as I only use affiliate links for programs and services I truly recommend, and I do not want to compromise this to earn a good commission.

But let me show you how much money affiliates can make with IM with Jamie:

im with jamie affiliate program

Many people promote IM with Jamie, because they can earn good commissions.

As you can see, you can make up to $339 per sale, if you promote IM with Jamie. I am not showing you this to encourage you to promote it, as I definitely do not encourage that. I am showing it to make you aware that many reviews will promote it because it can earn them a lot of money. So if you see a very positive review of IM with Jamie, be critical and look how in-depth it is, and if it provides any real information or proof, or if it is just a sales pitch to get a commission.

Also, by knowing the commission of people promoting the program, you will better understand the real price of joining IM with Jamie, as we will get to next.

IM with Jamie (real) prices

At first it seems very cheap to join IM with Jamie. It will only cost you $27.

im with jamie income price

The initial price of joining IM with Jamie is $27 – but it becomes a lot more expensive.

Notice in small that it says this will give you access to 8 sessions. That means that you will not get full access for this price. And no where on the site it is mentioned what it will cost you to access the full material.

Jamie makes sure to tell you how cheap it is, and he even mentions that it takes no money to get started making money online.

That is however not the whole truth. $27 is definitely cheap, BUT it can end up being a lot more expensive. You can actually get to join with a free 7-day trial. After being on the website for a while, you will get a pop-up with this offer. You do however still have to put in your credit card details, and I am for sure not going to give this to a program I trust this little.

It is a system that is using a lot of upsells, which means that you will get access to a bit, but then you have to keep upgrading. You can see from the affiliate commissions above that if affiliates can earn up to $339 per sale, the membership will end up being a lot more expensive than just $27.

So be aware that if you join, it can end up costing you hundreds of dollars, and personally, I hate programs that lure you in with a cheap price only to push you to keep upgrading again and again. When a program is not honest from the beginning about the price, it is a program I will stay away from, because what else will it not be honest about?

Extra warning signs you need to be aware of

As I have already shown, I think IM with Jamie has a lot of red flags, and for this reason it is a program I will not be joining and I will not recommend anyone else to join neither.

There is however a few more warning signs you should take into consideration before deciding to join or not.

It is all about quick money:
I have already mentioned why I do not trust programs that promise to make you rich very quickly on autopilot – that is just not how internet marketing works.

In the IM with Jamie presentation video it is all about how quickly you will make money. He mentions that within the first month you can make $200 per day, after that $500 per day, and then it is just to lean back and the money will flow in.

Also, his video remind me of something from MTV Cribs, when he shows around his house and shows his great cars.

im with jamie cars

Jamie Lewis spends a lot of time showing how much money he makes.

I am not saying he has not made this money online – he very likely has. I just think this extreme focus on how easy it is creates false expectations. You can make good money online, but you will not become rich overnight, and it will not happen without any work.

Creating a false sense of urgency:
One thing Jamie is amazing at is to create a sense of urgency to push you to sign up to the program right away.

He for example says he is very selective in who he accepts in the program, but you have been lucky since you have found his site. Honestly, you have not been lucky. Anybody can promote the program and anybody can join – it is just a way to make you feel special and feel like you should sign up right away, before the chance disappears.

Also, there is a count down box that says the offer will expire soon:

offer expiration

The offer count down is meant to push you into signing up quickly.

Do not worry about this. If you want to join, the box will still be there next week to count down. It is again just a trick to get you to sign up right away before you start thinking about it.

Final thoughts

Overall, I think Jamie knows some things about internet marketing, and he is for sure very good at selling and at making himself look very special. However, I am definitely not convinced, but let’s sum up the pros and cons to give you a better overview, before deciding for yourself.


  • There are actual classes to attend
  • Offers free trial (but with credit card)
  • Jamie seems to have some knowledge about internet marketing


  • Exaggerated claims
  • Dishonest info about prices
  • Using pushy sales techniques
  • Extreme focus on how quickly you will become rich
  • Many hidden upsells
  • Webinar not very informative (the free trials I tried anyways)

IM with Jamie is for sure not a program I am going to recommend. The video is too hyped and there is too much dishonesty about the prices and income potential. You can end up spending a lot of money, but you should definitely not expect to be able to make thousands of dollars on autopilot already your first month.

If you want to make money by learning internet and affiliate marketing, there is only one program I truly recommend. It is called Wealthy Affiliate and is the program where I have learned to make money online myself. It has no hidden cost, it will teach you the whole process step-by-step, and it is honest about the fact that it will take effort on your behalf to make it happen. But it definitely can happen, and give you all the freedom an online income gives, if you are willing to make an effort.

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If you have any comments, any questions, or have any experiences with IM with Jamie yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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