urgency suites pro review headerUrgency Suites Pro claims it has created a method that can increase your earnings by $42,558 in just 30 seconds.

But is Urgency Suites Pro a scam, or is it really this effective?

It definitely has some potential, BUT it also comes with quite a few dangers and warning signs, you are not told about.

There are also a lot of fake reviews of the program out there that do not tell you the details, because they have an ulterior motive.

In this Urgency Suites Pro you will get all the details, so you can see both the potential, and the dangers you need to know and consider, before deciding if this is for you or not.

Urgency Suites Pro at a Glance
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Urgency Suites Pro can potentially help you get more sales, as it uses a real marketing technique. BUT the way it uses it in my opinion comes with high risks.

In addition to this there are a lot of things you are not told – for example just how expensive the program can end up getting. I strongly disagree with the methods used, and think it gives low value for money, as it can become very expensive with all the upsells it has. It is therefore NOT a product I recommend.

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What is Urgency Suites Pro and what does it offer?

Urgency Suites Pro is a method and software that can help you increase sales whether you have a website or an email list.

Contrary to many other online systems that claim to help you do the same, Urgency Suites Pro actually explains what it is about, so you will know before you get it – or at least you will know parts of the truth.

So the idea is that when you for example work with affiliate marketing or have anything else to sell online for that matter, you can increase you sales significantly, if you add what is called urgency or scarcity to your campaigns.

By using this technique, you will let your visitors know, it is an offer they have to act on quickly. If they do not act right away, they risk missing out.

It can for example be to use some kind of count down bar like this:

Offer Expires in:








Usually the counter would then show something close to the time the person visits. Above I have just put a random time just to show an example.

Urgency Suites Pro is a software meant to make it easy for you to add this kind of urgency to your site and campaigns.

To be able to use it, you however already need traffic to your website or to have an existing email list. It is not a software that can help you build an online income from scratch.

What I like about the product is that it is an actual product contrary to some online systems that just sell you an idea. You will get a software, you can use to integrate urgency, and you will also get access to some video training.

However, before rushing off to get it, let’s first go a bit more into the potential and dangers of urgency marketing in general, and then I will explain the untold truth about Urgency Suites Pro that you need to know before joining.

Does urgency increase sales?

Urgency marketing, which is also sometimes referred to as scarcity marketing, is an actual marketing technique.

It is build on the principle of the human fear of missing out (called FoMo). Because of this principle, many of us are more willing to act quickly or participate in certain things, because we are afraid we will miss out, if we do not do it.

This is for example also one of the reasons social media has become so popular, because we can constantly stay connected and keep up-to-date. This has great aspects, but it is also has some downsides and is one of the reasons some people are obsessed with constantly being on social media and have an additction to it.

In marketing an understanding of this psychological principle is used to trigger this fear of missing out, when it comes to making sales. And there is no doubt that adding urgency to a campaign, where people can see they have to act quickly not to miss out, can increase sales.

Just think about yourself – of course we are more willing to buy something quickly, if we can save a lot of money and get a good deal compared to if we wait.

So Urgency Suites Pro is correct about this being effective, BUT there are many approaches to urgency marketing.

Research for example shows that scarcity/urgency claims are only effective, if they are considered valuable. If the claims are considered purely sales techniques and not true claims, people will often spot it, and it can have the opposite effect.

In addition to this, if you use false urgency claims, the same research shows that it can have a long-term negative effect on your reputation.

Building trust and a good reputation means people will keep trusting you – if you use false urgency, you instead risk over time being seen as being a fake, and people will stop buying from you.

This is an important aspect Urgency Suites Pro does NOT take into consideration. They do exactly what research (and common sense) says can hurt your overall reputation.

Personally, I dislike these very pushy sales methods Urgency Suites Pro can be used to create, and I am not interested in using them, as I think they focus too much on sales and too little on providing actual value for people.

This is not the only reason you in my opinion should think twice before getting Urgency Suites Pro. Let me go over some more warning signs to consider, so you will know what you are getting into before investing.

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The dangers of Urgency Suites Pro!

There are many things you are not told about Urgency Suites Pro, and some of the things can be dangerous for your online income in the long run.

So let’s go over what in my opinion are warning signs you need to know and consider about this system before getting it.

Warning sign #1 – The owners

The owners Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong are real people that are actually making money online, so that is great.

BUT the reason I still put it here as a warning is because there are also certain things about this and the claims they make you need to know.

They for example both how create several other online systems that are supposed to make you fast money online. I have for example previously made a review of Copy Paste Paydays by Brendan.

This is a product I do not recommend, as it makes a lot of unrealistic claims. You should always be careful about programs that promise fast and easy money online, and this is mostly what the owners have created before.

So in my opinion this is a reason to be cautious.

In addition to this, they make some claims in the sales video that reveals they are just selling and not telling you the full truth.

You are told that because of Urgency Suites Pro, they could finally start living their life. And then you see a lot of pictures of them hanging out in Thailand, etc.

urgency suites pro owner in pool

The owners can apparently really live the life because of Urgency Suites Pro.

This reveals you cannot really trust their claims. Because as I mentioned, I have for example previously reviewed a product by Brendan, where he claims that it is that system that gave him the freedom to travel and really live life.

So it does not really make sense, and is in my opinion a sales trick to create the sense you are missing out when you cannot just hang out in Thailand – and you can get it, if you get this program.

Clever use of sales techniques, but when spotted it instead ruins the overall reputation of the owners – at least it does for me, and I would therefore personally be very careful about getting any program these guys are behind.

Warning sign #2 – Overly positive reviews

If you have looked for Urgency Suites Pro reviews online, you have maybe seen that there are quite a lot of very positive reviews.

positive urgency suites pro reviews example

Be careful blindly believing the positive Urgency Suites Pro reviews – they often have an ulterior motive.

Maybe this could have you think it is an amazing product. BUT you need to look deeper into these reviews.

Most of them are overly positive, and only more or less repeat what is already being said on the sales page of Urgency Suites Pro.

The reason for this is that they get commissions, if they get you to buy Urgency Suites Pro. This does of course not mean none of the positive reviews can be true, but it means you need to look closely.

The reviews that are only meant to sell to earn a commission are usually mostly repeating the same arguments as the sales page does, and you will not be able to see any real proof, they have actually had success with it.

And they will for sure not tell you about the dangers of using false urgency, which I think is a huge risk.

Warning sign #3 – The users of urgency

On the sales page you can see there are several logos of big companies that are using urgency.

companies that use urgency

It almost looks like the sales page says these big companies are using the software – that is however not the case when you look closely.

Maybe you think these companies are using Urgency Suites Pro. If you look closely, this is however not what it says.

It only says they are using urgency. This is actually true, as these companies are using urgency in their marketing. But they are not using Urgency Suites Pro.

They are of course only using true urgency claims, and I am pretty sure big brands like this would not risk using false urgency claims and hurt their brand.

Booking.com is for example using urgency.

booking com urgency example

Booking.com is using urgency marketing – just not Urgency Suites Pro.

They show you which hotel is in high demand, and how many times a hotel has been booked within the last 24 hours. This creates urgency and makes you book faster. But it is not the same way as what Urgency Suites Pro can help you with.

So be aware that just because the logos are displayed on the website, it does not mean they are actually using this particular software.

Warning sign #4 – Risk of using fake urgency

I already previously in this review showed why it is risky to use fake urgencies – meaning using claims that are not really true to push your visitors to buy.

I however want to put it here as well, as this is a very big risk in my opinion, and something that can stop you from creating a long-term sustainable income, where you earn good money, but also help people.

Pushy claims and false urgencies might help you get some extra sales. But it can destroy your reputation.

In addition to this it is in my opinion also unethical. Just think about how you feel when someone pushes you into something with false claims? Let’s take a look at one of the urgency techniques Urgency Suites Pro uses to sell to you as an example.

false urgency claim

The sales page is using false urgency itself – this has a big risk.

It is obviously not true that there only is 1 spot left. Don’t you feel it is a bit condescending, and feel manipulated?

Do you really want to make money by potentially deceiving people and using tricks like this? Or do you want to help people and create trust, and help both your visitors and yourself at the same time?

This is a very important thing to think about before getting Urgency Suites Pro.

Warning sign #5 – Price is not transparent

It looks like Urgency Suites Pro is very cheap. You supposedly only have to pay $26.95 to get access to the software.

You are even told that one of the reasons you should get Urgency Suites Pro is, because it is so much cheaper than other programs that can be used to create urgency.

This is however NOT the full price. I have looked into the promotional info of Urgency Suites Pro, which shows how much people that promote it can earn. This gives you an idea of the many upsells after you join.

urgency suites pro pricing

There are many upsells after you join.

Here you can see how many upsells there are, and just how expensive it can become.

When it says DS after the product, it means it is a downsell. This means that if you are saying no to the initial price, they will potentially give you a discount for that upgrade to get you to buy.

There is a total of 5 upsells/upgrades after you join. The total of these can end up being $925 in addition to the initial joining fee.

This is very expensive and a lot more than what you are told before joining.

Especially because one of the sales arguments is that it is cheaper than other programs and a lot easier to use. It will definitely not be cheap, as you can see. And also it is actually quite easy to create counters, buttons etc.

The counter I added as an example earlier I for example did through the WordPress theme Divi, and it took me less than 1 minute. And many other website programs, plugins, and email programs can also be used for this.

It is not very difficult, and you can get a lot for that kind of money other places.

Warning sign #6 – The terms you agree to

There are many things in relation to Urgency Suites Pro that is not very transparent.

I found another thing in the disclaimer that is also important to know before signing up. The disclaimer can be found through a small link in the footer of the Urgency Suites Pro website.

urgency pro newsletter disclaimer

Be aware that you sign up for several newsletters automatically.

When you buy Urgency Suites Pro you will apparently sign up for the newsletters of all the vendors mentioned on the website.

I do not know, if this just refers to the two owners, or if you will start receiving newsletter from other vendors as well. It is not clear what they mean by vendor.

Of course, you can always unsubscribe for the newsletters, but I think it is a bit sneaky to have you sign up for several newsletters and put this info on a separate page. Also, it would be nice to know exactly which vendors they refer to.

Warning sign #7 – Risk of violating affiliate terms

Another interesting thing I found in the disclaimer is that they do not guarantee that this method will live up to the terms of Google, YouTube, Facebook, or Amazon.

urgency pro adverse effect disclaimer

Urgency Suites Pro does not guarantee the software is compliant with the terms of Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Amazon.

I know that in a disclaimer you have to make sure you do not guarantee anything. But if you work with internet marketing, it is very important you do not violate the terms of the companies the disclaimer mentions.

If you do, it will be very hard for you to run an online business.

This is just something to be aware of – if you decide to get Urgency Suite Pro, make sure you only use it within what is allowed according to the terms of the platforms you work with.

Final verdict – legit or scam?

Urgency Suite Pro has some potential in my opinion, but also has a lot of dangers and risks. So let’s sum up the pros and cons, so you can get a better overview.


  • Urgency marketing does work
  • You get a real product


  • False urgency claims are risky
  • Many other programs can do the same
  • Hidden costs
  • Uses very pushy sales methods
  • False urgency marketing can be unethical

Urgency Suite Pro is a real product, and it can potentially help you get more sales. BUT there are some risk you need to consider before joining.

You need to decide, if you really want to make money by using false urgency and push people into buying, or if you want to build long-term trust and a relationship with your visitors.

Also, you need to decide, if you want to support a program that clearly uses very pushy sales techniques to sell to you, and if you are willing to invest what it can end up costing after the upsells.

If you do not have a problem with these risks and do not mind supporting these methods, then it might work well for you. Personally, I do not agree with these methods, and it will be a program I will stay away from.

If you want to see the approach I use to make money online instead, you can check out my free guide here.


Do you have any comments, questions, or do you have any experiences with Urgency Suite Pro yourself? Then I would love to here from you in a comment below.

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