copy paste paydays reviewCan you turn $4.95 into $14,526.64 just by copying and pasting?

Copy Paste Paydays claims their system can help you with this, but is this really true, or is Copy Paste Paydays a scam?

Let me reveal right away that it is not as such a scam in my opinion, but it is also not honest about what you are going to get, and there is a catch.

In this Copy Paste Paydays review you will get all the details, so you are fully aware of what you are getting into before joining.


Copy Paste Paydays at a Glance
  • Training
  • Tools
  • Value for money
  • Income potential


Copy Paste Paydays claims it can quickly make you successful online just by copying and pasting. Even though the ways to make money they teach are real ways to earn, there is a lot you are not told. In general you should not expect a system to be able to do all the work for you. On top of this, the fee for joining can be very expensive, which you will not know until after you join.

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What is Copy Paste Paydays and what does it offer?

Copy Paste Paydays is a system developed by Brendan Mace and Dalton Scott. These are actually real people, which is nice to see compared to certain other online systems, where you have no idea who the owner is, and some programs are even using actors to pose as the owner in the presentation videos.

So it is a good sign that the owners are not trying to hide thier identity, but this does not alone make the system worth joining. So let’s look at what you will get with Copy Paste Paydays.

Done-for-you system:
The idea about Copy Paste Paydays is that it is a system, where you basically do not really have to do any work yourself, and you do not need any skills to be able to start making money online.

By joining you will get access to video training, but you are told that all you really need to do is to copy and paste.

The owners are already successful online, and they will share their campaigns with you, and you can then just copy it and start making money – that is what you are told before joining anyways.

Email campaigns:
A big part of Copy Paste Paydays’ way to make money is to use email campaigns. They find well converting offers, send out emails, and you will then earn commissions, when people buy through the links in the email.

The overall process of this is a real way to make money, as you can earn commissions through affiliate marketing like this. And email marketing is still a very effective way to promote offers.

Getting help to write email campaigns can definitely be great, so good that this is included. But the disadvantage of the approach Copy Paste Paydays is using it that the emails are pre-written, so you have no way to select the products you want to promote yourself, so you might end up promoting crappy offers and get-rich-quick schemes.

Also, to really get good conversions with email marketing, you do not only need a good offer and a good email. You also need a good email list. This is not so easy to create, and you need to be aware that this is not something that can just be copied and pasted.

You can buy access, but this can be risky, and it will also cost you extra money. So you need to calculate this in to your budget.

Facebook posts:
A way that Copy Paste Paydays explains is a great way to get relevant traffic to you offer is to use Facebook post, and you can copy the posts they develop. This is however not as easy, as they make it sound.

Facebook can be a great way to get relevant traffic to offers, but Copy Paste Paydays for example recommends posting you affiliate links in groups – This is not necessarily a good idea. Many groups will ban you for this, and I know many people that have been banned for this kind of promotion.

In general many social media networks do not allow you to post affiliate links directly on them, so it takes a different setup to make it work. Facebook can be a great way to create traffic and get sales, but it is NOT as easy, as you are told on the sales page of Copy Paste Paydays.

Can you copy and paste your way to money?

The overall idea of Copy Paste Paydays is that you basically can copy-paste their campaigns. Every week they will find new offers you can promote, create new campaigns (including emails and Facebook posts), and then all you have to do is to copy this.

copy system claim

You supposedly just need to copy to make money online.

It sounds great and easy right? But is it really possible to just copy a system like this?

I am sorry to disappoint you, but there no system that will take care of everything for you, so you can just copy a bit and click a few buttons and then become successful online.

It is a claim that is very often used to sell make money online systems, but it is unfortunately just a trick to get you to sign up. Once you have joined, you will always see there is some kind of catch, and that it will not be as easy, as you were promised.

It is definitely possible to make really good money online, and the earning examples Copy Paste Paydays shows on their sales page are not unrealistic – but it is unrealitic that it will happen overnight and without having to do anyhing yourself.

To a certain degree I agree with what Brendan and Dalton are saying about the best way to become successful is by copying what someone successful is already doing. But not is the sense that it is possible to copy everything directly and not having to do any work yourself – that is not a good long-term strategy, and will not teach you have to build a sustainable income online on you terms.

What is great is to follow a system and steps that are proven to work and learn from people that have success, but to become successful online, you have to be willing to put in some work yourself. The idea of just doing a bit copying and pasting and then expect to become rich is a lazy attitude that will ensure online failure in the long run.

But if you are willing to make an effort and learn from people with success, it is definitely possible to learn to create an online income no matter you previous experience.

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Copy Paste Paydays Pricing (know the real price)

Seemingly it is very cheap to join Copy Paste Paydays, as you can join for a trial for only $4.95 – there is however a lot you are not told, and the true price can end up being a lot higher.

copy paste paydays price

The price is seemingly very low – but it is not the full price.

First of all – do not stress about about the counter that tells you the price will increase soon. It is just a trick to get you to sign up. You can just refresh the website, and then the counter will be reset:-)

Secondly, be aware that after you trial, there will be a monthly fee of $19.95. This is not a lot, if it is a quality platform, BUT there is a catch, as I already mentioned in the beginning of this review.

This is not the price for full access. After you join, there will be several upsells, meaning you have to pay extra to get access to the full training and the system. I know this from looking at the affiliate information of the program, where they reveal what you will get, if you promote Copy Paste Paydays.

copy paste paydays upsell overview

There are several upsells after you join.

The image above shows that to even get access to the done-for-you money pages, there is another cost of $37. If you then want coaching it costs another $1,997, or if you decide to only go for the digital coaching the price will be $197.

Upsells like this are often used by systems like this to get you in with a cheap price, and then there will be a lot of upsells, and as you can see, it can end up costing A LOT of money to join. On top of this you potentially have to expect to spend money on email lists and ads.

Personally, I think promotion methods like this are dishonest, and it is a method that I do not support at all. If a company is not honest about something as simple as its pricing, I will not trust what else it has to say. To me it is always a big warning sign when programs have hidden costs like this.

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Is it worth joining or not?

Copy Paste Paydays can end up being a lot more expensive than it first look like. But if it provides really good value, it might be worth it, right?

The thing is that the two owners definitely have some knowledge about internet marketing and making money online. But you will not really learn much, and you will not learn how to actually build a long-term sustainable income.

You will just learn some copying and pasting, which might give you some results, but there are also a lot of things it will not work for, and it is very limiting.

In general, the whole idea that you can make thousands of dollars online within just a few days is one of the big lies of internet marketing, and you should never trust a program that promises you can easily make thousands of dollars within a few days.

Also, since all the material has been premade, you are tied to promote the offers Copy Paste Paydays selects. That means you might end up having to promote offers that are really not worth it and get people to buy it, just so you can make a commission yourself.

I know some people do not care about what they promote, and if other people lose money, as long as they make money themselves, but this is not a route I recommend. Of course because it is just unethical, and it is not fair towards the people that end up buying the offers. And then it is also not a good way to build trust, which you need to build a long-term business.

So overall you can get some knowledge from joining Copy Paste Paydays, but in my opinion it will not give you the tools and knowledge to build an independent and long-term income online. And you should in general not expect any system to do all the work for you and expect to become rich overnight online.

Furthermore, there are many of the promotional methods Copy Paste Paydays uses I do not agree with, and it can become very expensive to join. Therefore, it is not a system I recommend joining.

Final thoughts

As already mentioned, Copy Paste Paydays is not a platform I recommend. But let’s sum up the pros and cons, so you can get a better overview, and see if it might be for you.


  • The methods can make money online
  • There is some training
  • The owners are real people


  • A lot of hidden costs
  • Claims the system will take care of everything
  • Will not teach you skills to build a sustainable independent income online
  • Claims you will start making money overnight
  • You can not decide the offers you want to promote

Overall, I think the costs of Copy Paste Paydays is way too expensive for what you get, and they are not honest about what you really get before joining – so you have to ask yourself, if you will trust a system that is not honest about these things to teach you how to make money online?

If you do trust it, then you can join, and now you will know what the true costs will be and what to be aware of. You are also welcome to instead check out the approach I use to make a legit income online below. This is an approach where you will learn the skills to build a sustainable income online, it has no hidden costs, it has great support, and you can even get started for free.

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If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Copy Paste Paydays yourself, you would like to share, feel free to leave a comment below. Would be great to hear from you.

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