video marketing insider review headerIf you are doing any kind of marketing, you are likely aware video is becoming a more and more important part of getting attention.

There are several ways to learn how to use video the best possible way – one platform is Video marketing Insider (also called VMI).

But is VMI worth it or just a waste of time and money?

I wanted to learn video marketing better myself and decided to find out what this platform really offers and I have been a member for quite a while now and have tested many of the tools and the training inside.

In this Video Marketing Insider review, I will give you an inside look so you can see all the details about what to expect and easily find out if it is the right option for you or not.

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Video Marketing Insider (VMI) is a legit video marketing course but it also includes resources in addition to the in-depth training. You can find 100+ hours of training, software, HD stock videos, DFY keyword research, case studies, and more.

Furthermore, Adam Payne (the owner) is an honest guy that genuinely cares about helping his members succeed so you can expect great support and the platform is continuously developed.

If you are serious about wanting to master video marketing to grow your business, VMI is definitely a platform I recommend and I am still an active and happy member of it myself as it gives great value for money compared to most other internet marketing courses.

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What is Video Marketing Insider?

Video marketing is without a doubt here to stay and if you do any kind of online marketing either for yourself or for clients, having knowledge about how to use videos is extremely useful.

However, it can be overwhelming for many (it definitely was for me at first) and many are also afraid of appearing on camera.

Video Marketing Insider is a platform created to help you overcome this and learn to master video marketing without tech overwhelm or appearing on camera if you do not want to.

So basically it is a platform with training and tools meant to show you how you can grow your business with video.

I first heard about it when I saw a video by Adam Payne (the owner and creator of VMI) in a Facebook group I am a member of. I immediately became curious as he has an extremely honest and direct approach without any BS.

After following Adam for a while, I found out he is a really honest guy and do a lot to help people and never recommend stuff that does not deserve to be recommended.

This is, unfortunately, qualities that can be hard to find from online marketers today but Adam is definitely one of the honest guys that actually care about his members.

This is the reason I decided to join his platform Video Marketing Insider when I wanted to learn more about video marketing.

I have now been a member for a while and below I will explain what you can expect as a member, what training you get access to, what tools you get, and more, so you easily see if it is the right option for you or not.

VMI training

Video Marketing Insider has training for many purposes. It is not just for YouTube as some people think when they hear about video courses.

It has training for many different purposes. Below you can see an overview of the courses inside VMI.

video marketing insider course library

There is A LOT of training inside Video Marketing Insider.

Each of these categories has several full courses inside them.

The courses are, obviously, taught via video and Adam is good at creating easy to understand tutorials and explains everything step-by-step.

There really is a lot of content and a lot of topics.

For example, if you just choose the video SEO category. Inside this, you can find 4 additional sub-courses as of making this review.

vmi seo courses

The current courses inside the video SEO category.

Each of these sub-topics then has a full course with many videos that explain the topic in details and show actionable ways to move forward.

It can be quite overwhelming with all this info at first. One thing that makes it easier to keep track of your training is that you can mark courses as complete as you move forward.

As you can see in the image above, it shows how many percentages of each course I have completed. That makes it easy to remember where you are in your training.

Another thing Adam has created to avoid overwhelm is road maps.

video marketing insider road maps

The road maps help you keep focus and not get overwhelmed.

These road maps make it easy to see what training is best for you to focus on depending on your needs and goals.

At the time of making this review, you can, for example, find road maps for building a good YouTube channel, affiliate marketing, videos for local businesses, video for social media, YouTube ads, and more.

Each of these road maps shows you what training you need to focus on and in which order to get the results you want.

They are very useful, in my experience, and a great place to start not to get overwhelmed.

Another thing to know about the training inside Video Marketing Insider is that there is continuously created new training and the existing training is regularly updated.

This is an aspect I really appreciate and it shows the dedication of Adam Payne to try to create the best platform for video marketing.

I am not sure exactly how many hours of training there is inside VMI but it must be 100+ hours so there is enough to go through and a lot to learn whether you are a complete beginner or have quite a lot of video experience.

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Tools included in your membership

In addition to the training, Video Marketing Insider also includes several tools you can use for video marketing.

These tools are exclusively created for VMI so you can only find them in here.

All the software is web-based so they will work on both Mac and PC.

vmi software examples

You get access to several tools/software as well.

The image above does not show all the tools and there are tools for different purposes. So you might not need all of them depending on what your goals with video are.

But many of them are very useful and I have had great benefits from some of them since I became a member. Each tool has videos that explain exactly how to use them and for what purposes.

I am not going to go into the details of every single tool here but just wanted to make you aware that VMI is not only a training platform but also gives you access to some great video tools/software.

There are also some additional tools just for lifetime members but more about the membership types later.

Additional resources inside VMI

One thing I really like about Video Marketing Insider is that it tries to give you everything you need to master video marketing in one place.

Therefore, you can also find additional resources as a member. Below I will go over the ones I find the most useful.

As with the training and tools, it is important to mention that it is continuously updated and expanded so when you read this, there might be more resources than mentioned below.

Resource 1 – HD stock videos

When you work with video, having access to some great stock videos can be very useful. But they can honestly be quite expensive to get access to if you, for example, buy them through Shutterstock or similar platforms.

As a member of Video Marketing Insider, you get access to hundreds of stock videos included in your membership.

vmi stock videos

You get access to hundreds of HD stock videos.

The image above just shows a few of the categories/niches you can get stock videos in.

You can just download them, edit and use them as you want to.

If you are in a niche you cannot find stock videos for, you can contact the VMI support and they will then be added if possible.

This is a very nice extra resource, in my opinion, and can save you a lot of time and money to get access to these videos here.

Resource 2 – Short & sweet lessons

The name of this resource is almost self-explanatory.

It is simply a collection of short video tutorials for quick wins.

Resource 3 – Case studies

Case studies can, in my opinion, be a really great way to learn from other peoples’ successes and mistakes.

Inside VMI, you will find quite a few case studies that give real examples of things to do and things not to do.

case studies inside vmi

There are some great case studies.

I have personally learned quite a lot from watching some of these case studies and there are regularly new ones uploaded. So if you decide to join, it is definitely a section worth checking out.

In most cases, I would advise going through a lot of the training first to get a foundation if you are a beginner and then use the case studies for further inspiration.

Resource 4 – List of best tools

If you have done any kind of marketing before, you will likely know there is a ton of tools you can get to help you. Some are really good and others are really poor or just overpriced for what you get.

It can honestly be a jungle to figure out what tools to invest in.

The resource list inside Video Marketing Insider can be quite useful for this. It is a list of tools Adam recommend and use himself.

Each of the tools has a video that shows what the tool does and will help you determine if it is the right tool for you or not.

Personally, there are many of the tools I do not use and you definitely do not need to get any of the tools to be able to master video marketing. But some of them can help you.

What I like about this section inside VMI is that you actually get a small video that explains what the tools does which is a great help.

And I also know Adam never recommends poor products so the tools there are good tools. But again, this does not mean you need any of them. But it can be great for inspiration and save you a lot of time doing research.

Resource 5 – DFY keyword research

If you want to rank videos, whether it is on Google or YouTube, doing keyword research is a necessary place to start.

It can take quite a lot of time – especially when you first get started. And you can also end up spending quite a lot of money on tools that can do this.

Included in your Video Marketing Insider is DFY keyword research which can be a great time-saver.

vmi dfy keyword examples

The DFY keyword lists can save you a lot of time and money.

The image above just shows some of the niches you can get keyword lists for. Each topic has hundreds of keywords and it can be a great way to get good ideas for videos to create.

New niches are regularly uploaded, and if you are in a niche that is not included, you can write the VMI support and they will in most cases create a list for you.

I have asked for this myself, and it has been a great help. So definitely another great resource that can save you both time and money.

Resource 6 – Interviews with experts

This is a fairly new resource inside VMI as of writing this review. But it is a very nice addition, in my opinion.

It is a section where you can find interviews Adam has done with very successful marketers.

This can be a great inspiration and a way to learn some tips and tricks from very successful people.

Resource 7 – Live Q & A sessions

Adam regularly has live Q & A sessions where you can ask about anything video related.

These sessions are usually great to participate in, in my opinion.

Personally, it rarely fits me to participate live because of the time difference, but luckily the sessions are recorded so you can get access to them afterward.

You can also send in questions in advance and thereby have your questions answered even if you cannot participate live.

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Video Marketing Insider price

As you can see above, you get access to quite a lot as a member of Video Marketing Insider.

But it is, of course, also important to know the price.

You have two options when you join. You can either become a yearly member or a lifetime member.

video marketing insider pricing

You can get a yearly or lifetime membership.

The reason you cannot get a monthly membership is that you need to commit to succeed with video or any type of online marketing for that matter.

Adam spends a lot of time on each person joining, so I cannot blame him that he only wants to work with serious people.

Personally, I joined when a monthly membership was still available but still got a yearly membership as it is a great way to give yourself time to succeed as well.

And $500 for a year with everything that is included is really great value for money, in my experience. Personally, I have before paid more for courses that were just a few hours of superficial training without access to any tools, any details, or any support.

So I know from personal experience that to get access to everything you get access to with VMI is a really good value for money if you are serious about wanting to master video and use it to grow your business.

You can also choose to get a lifetime membership for $1,500 – this is then a one-time payment. In addition to all the things, a yearly membership includes, you also get access to quite a few extra tools as well as a Skype call with Adam.

If you want the lifetime membership, but do not have the money right away, you can also do split payments of 4 x $397.

One thing to note is that there are NO hidden fees or upsells after you join. So the price you see is what you pay for everything explained above.

Before deciding is it is the right option for you or not, there is one more thing to consider which is whether you get support or not.

Can you get support?

When it comes to learning any skill, being able to get support is very important. No matter how quick a learner you are, there are almost always some questions you will have.

Getting proper support can often be an issue on learning platforms, in my experience. Especially when it comes to internet marketing courses.

However, Video Marketing Insider excels when it comes to support. I have personally been in contact with Adam many times and he provides support himself and is very helpful.

If you need any help, you can send a support ticket and you will usually receive a quick answer. The fastest way to get support (depending on the issue) is, however, to use the VMI Facebook group.

video marketing insider facebook group

The VMI facebook group is a very fast way to get help.

Adam is very active in the group himself. Often you will get help within minutes (depending on the time of the day).

It is a closed group only for VMI members and the members there are, in general, very helpful. So if you need help and ask there, you will usually get help from several other members as well.

So in that sense, you have a community to get help from as well. Getting fast and useful support like this is very valuable and something I personally appreciate a lot about VMI.

Who is VMI for / not for?

I think it is clear to see from this VMI review that I think it is a great platform. But I also know we all have different goals and needs so it is not necessarily for everyone.

So I just want to make it clear here when it might be for you or not for you.

VMI IS for you:

  • if you are serious about wanting to learn video marketing
  • if you are an affiliate marketer that wants to use video to make sales
  • if you are a local business owner that wants to grow your business by using video
  • if you want to use video to drive traffic to an e-commerce store
  • if you want to learn the ins and outs of video marketing to use for clients
  • if you are willing to make an effort to learn and take action

VMI is NOT for you:

  • if you are looking for fast and easy money:
    it takes work and Adam is very honest about this which is something I really appreciate. So if you are looking for a way to become rich quick, this is not the platform for you.
  • if you are looking to become a YouTube star with millions of followers:
    VMI teaches you how to master video marketing which also includes a lot of focus on YouTube. So you can definitely learn how to make a successful YouTube channel and make good money that way. But there is a difference between being a YouTube marketer (which VMI teaches) or the approach where it is more about acting and getting millions of followers. If it is the latter you want to do, VMI is likely not the right course for you.

As with any online platform, it is important to know what to expect before joining and go into it with the right expectations. So I hope the above made it clear if VMI might be the right option for you or not.

Final verdict – worth it or not?

VMI is without a doubt a legit video marketing platform.

But this does not mean it is the right option for all. So let’s finish this review by summing up the pros and cons so you can get a better overview before deciding to join or not.


  • The owner is a legit and honest guy
  • A lot of high-quality training that constantly evolves
  • Some really useful tools/software included
  • Amazing support
  • Great extra resources that can save you a lot of time and money


  • Can be overwhelming

Honestly, after having been a member of Video Marketing Insider for a while now and gone through a lot of the training and using a lot of the software, I cannot see many cons about the platform.

The only thing is that it can be quite overwhelming when you first join – especially if you are brand new. But the road maps help to keep you on track and to focus.

If you are serious about wanting to master video marketing whether it is for an e-commerce store, a local business, an affiliate business, or if you work with clients and want to use videos for this, VMI is the best video marketing course I have seen and tested.

Adam Payne is very dedicated in constantly improving the platform and in giving support and the quality you get is very high.

In addition to this, the value for money is really good considering the 100+ hours of training you get, software, stock videos, DFY keyword research, fast support, and more.

I am personally very happy I joined VMI and have learned a lot so far and it is definitely an option I clearly recommend.

And if you have visited my website before, you will know I only recommend platforms if they are truly legit and offer good value.

How to join VMI?

If you want to join Video Marketing Insider, you can as mentioned, join either as a yearly member or as a lifetime member.

Just click the button below for the membership you wish, and you will be able to read more about your chosen membership and join.


If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Video Marketing Insider yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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