most flexible wordpress themes headerThere are thousands of WordPress themes, and it can be very hard to find out which one to use.

Every theme has different functions and options – some have a lot and others have very limited features.

In this article you will find 4 of the most flexible WordPress themes, as it can make your life a lot easier to choose a highly customizable theme when getting a new one.

There are however some things you need to consider before deciding which theme to go for. This article will also go over these considerations, so you are sure to get the right theme and do not have to change again quickly and potentially end up wasting a lot of time.

How a flexible WordPress theme can help you!

It can be very overwhelming to look for a new WordPress theme. I know from experience that you can end up spending hours (or even days) to find the right theme.

I regularly teach WordPress courses, and one of the things people end up spending the most time on is to look for the right theme for them. I therefore always recommend them to go for the most customizable themes for several reasons.

Below you can see these reasons, before we get to my top recommendations for this purpose.

Get exactly what you want (without coding):
The most obvious reason to get a very flexible WordPress theme is that it makes it possible for you to create the exact feel and look you want for you website.

To completely customize your theme, it is often necessary to do a bit of coding. But if you choose a multi-purpose theme which a lot of flexibility, this is not necessary. Then you will be able to create extremely beautiful and functional websites without any coding – which is one of the big advantages of WordPress.

Save time:
I have seen very often that people choose a theme and spend a lot of time to make the website ready. Then suddenly they realize that the theme does not offer certain features, they would really like. And then they have to change theme, which always takes some time.

This was one of the reasons I initial choose the theme I am using for my websites. I was tired of limitations and of trying to find a theme that could do what I wanted it to. Therefore, I ended up getting a very flexible theme (you can see which one on the list below), as this could save me a lot of time.

I no longer have to worry, if I can do certain things with my theme. I know that it can be customized into doing more or less anything, and I therefore save time trying to find a theme with the features I want.

Make websites for any occasion:
Having a flexible theme is great, as it can be used to create any kind of website and for any purpose. This is especially great if you are regularly making new websites either for yourself or for others.

Getting to know a WordPress theme always takes some time, and if you every time, you have to make a new website have to get to know a new theme, it will be a lot of extra time you have to spend.

By getting a highly customizable and multi-purpose theme, you can become an expert of using just one theme, and then use this for more or less any kind of website or webshop. This makes it a lot more effective to make websites.

I for example sometimes create websites for other people, and here it has saved me a lot of time to become very familiar with a flexible theme. I can use it for any occasion, and do not have to spend time finding the right theme and getting to know it every time.

Prepare your website for the future:
When you first start a website you might not know exactly how it will develop and what kind of features you might need in the future. To choose a theme that just fulfills your current needs might be a limitation in the future.

You might in 6 months suddenly need new features that you did not think of before. This regularly happens to me:-)

In this case it is very handy to have a flexible theme that is often updated. So even though you might think some of the themes with the most features have too much for your needs, then it can be a way to secure your website for the future. You never know what you might end up needing as your website and business develop.

If the theme has more features than you need in the beginning, this is not a problem. You can just use the ones you need and leave the rest. But if you suddenly need features your theme does not offer, it can on the other hand be an issue, as you ultimately might have to change theme to get it or hire someone who can do some coding for you.

What to consider before getting a theme!

thought bubbles with considerations before buying a themeAs you can see, having a flexible and customizable theme has many advantages. Before getting to the list of the best themes for this, there are however some things you need to consider to make sure you get the theme that fits you the best.

How many sites you can use it on:
Some themes give you a license to for example only use the theme on one website. Others give you license to use it on as many as you want to.

Before getting a theme, make sure to consider how many websites you might need to use it on, and make sure that is possible with the license you get.

This is especially important, if you are planning to make several websites, and if you are planning to make websites for clients. Some licenses allow you to install a theme only on your own sites, while others allow you to install it on client’s websites as well. So just make sure you get a license that fits your needs.

Your needs and time:
Before getting a theme you need to consider what you are going to use it for. As already mentioned, needs can develop over time, when it comes to a website, so it can be difficult to know from the beginning.

That is why I recommend getting a flexible theme no matter what. But if you know that you just need a very simple website with a few pages and are not planning on updating, and you just want to have it more as a business card, then a more simple theme might be a better solution for you.

Flexible themes have more options, but this also means it often takes a little time to get to know how to use them the best way. So if you just want to create one website with a couple of pages and never really plan to update or develop it, then it might save you time and money to just get a very basic theme.

But if you are planning to regularly update your website or create new websites, it can save you a lot of time in the long run to take the time to become very familiar with a highly flexible theme.

The budget for a theme of course needs to be considered as well. There are themes in many price ranges and there are of course also free WP themes. The free themes however often have a lot of limitations, and if you are serious about building a good website, it is definitely worth getting a premium/paid theme.

Not only do the premium themes often offer good support, they are also updated more regularly, have better security, and most of the times have a lot more features and make it easier to create a professional looking website.

But of course you need to consider your budget. Some themes offer a one-time payment, so you know exactly what your costs will be, and others have a monthly subscription that over time can end up being quite expensive. So look at what payment and subscription offers the themes are offering and find the one that fits your budget and needs the best.

Getting support for a theme can be a great time-saver and help you deal with potential issues very quickly.

Most paid themes offer some kind of support, but how good it is and what kind of support they offer differs from theme to theme.

Having access to good and quick support is in my opinion very important, and is one of the reasons it is great to get a paid theme instead of a free theme. But before getting a theme, look at what kind of support they offer. This tells a lot of about the value for money your are getting.

Refund policy:
When you get a new theme, it can be difficult to know exactly what it offers, before you try it. You can read about it and have a good idea, but you only really find out how it fits you, once you try it yourself.

Therefore, it is good to look at the refund policy of the themes before buying a theme. Some themes offer a money back guarantee with no questions asked, if you within a certain period find out the theme is not for you.

Having a guarantee like this is a nice security to have, so can get to test the theme and its options without any risk.

4 amazingly flexible WP themes

Now that you know what to consider before deciding which WordPress theme to get, let’s now go over some of the best and most customizable themes.

#1 – Divi Theme

divi theme logoLicense: Allows you to install theme on unlimited websites (including clients’ websites)
Support: Excellent, fast, and unlimited support
Price: $89 per year or lifetime license for $249
Money back guarantee: 30-day with no questions asked
Access to additional themes: You get access to 88 other themes as well
Access to other tools: Bloom email plugin + Monarch social media plugin

The Divi theme for Elegant Themes is my absolute favorite theme, and the theme I am myself using for the most of my websites.

It is highly customizable and you can create more or less any kind of website or webshop with this theme without doing any coding. It is therefore a theme that is used by a lot of websites and developers all over the world.

It is not only flexible, but it also has many features you can integrate into your website. It for example has a lot of premade templates, easy creation of buttons, pricing tables, sliders, customizable design for each section, visual builder so you can build directly in the front end, incorporated split testing tool, and much, much more.

Divi is constantly updated and developed with new features, so you are sure you will get all the features you need. I receive emails every week with new features and improvements, so it is definitely a theme that will help you keep your website up to the newest standards.

The support for Divi is fantastic, and they have a live chat that quickly responds. They are even often willing to help with customized css codes and more.

The price for Divi gives really good value for money. Once you have paid, you can use the theme for as many websites as you want to – you can even use it for clients’ websites as well. In addition to Divi, you also get access to 88 other themes developed by Elegant themes, when you get a license for Divi.

You also get access to the email marketing plugin Bloom and the social media plugin Monarch.

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#2 – Extra Theme

extra theme logoLicense: Allows you to install theme on unlimited websites (including clients’ websites)
Support: Excellent, fast, and unlimited support
Price: $89 per year or lifetime license for $249
Money back guarantee: 30-day with no questions asked
Access to additional themes: You get access to 88 other themes as well
Access to other tools: Bloom email plugin + Monarch social media plugin

As you can see on the quick overview of the Extra theme above, it has some similarities with Divi. The reason for this is that it is made by the same developers. This also means that if you buy either Divi or Extra, you will get access to both of these themes with the same license.

Many of the features are the same, but Extra is a magazine style theme, and if you are looking to create a magazine style website or blog, this is probably the most flexible theme you can find.

In addition to having many of the great features Divi also has and the same excellent support, it also has several functions that are especially great for this type of websites. It for example has its own inbuilt review and rating system, where both you and users can rate and review both articles and products. It also has a great project portfolio feature and is prepared for WooCommerce.

Overall a highly customizable theme, and if you are looking to create a magazine style website, this is definitely a theme you should check out.

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#3 – Thrive Themes

thrive themes logoLicense: Private license (25 of your own websites) or Agency License (50 of your clients’ websites)
Support: Unlimited support
Price: $30 per month (private) or $69 per month (agencies)
Money back guarantee: 30-day
Access to additional themes: No (but has many premade templates)
Access to other tools: Landing page tool, lead generation tool, clever widgets, quiz builder

Thrive Themes is another very popular and highly customizable WordPress theme. Is has a drag and drop function that makes it easy to create exactly the look you want, and it has many premade templates that makes it easy to get started with building your website.

Thrive Themes has several plugins included in the membership, and it is especially know for making it easy to build great landing pages, and having a great lead generation plugin that makes it easy to create opt-in forms and do split testing.

This is definitely a theme with a lot of opportunities, but it is also not for a tight budget. You pay a monthly membership fee, and you cannot get a lifetime membership. If you buy for a year, you can get a discount and get it for $19 per month for a private license and $49 per month for agencies. This means a yearly cost of minimum $228 (private) or $588 (agencies), and you have to keep paying this as long as you use the theme.

So Thrive Theme definitely gives a lot of possibilities and can help create great websites, but you just need to consider the overall long-term cost and your budget before getting it.

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#4 – Nirvana Theme

nirvana theme logoLicense: Free
Support: $25-$89 per year
Price: Free
Money back guarantee: N/A
Access to additional themes: N/A
Access to other tools: N/A

Nirvana WordPress theme is a bit of an outsider on this list. It does not have nearly as many opportunities as the other themes on this list. The reason it is still here, is that it is probably the most flexible of the free WordPress themes.

As it is free, it of course still have some limitations, but if you at the moment do not have the budget to get a premium theme, but still want a little more flexibility than what most free themes offer, then this might be a solution.

Nirvana for example has more than 200 settings, it is possible to adjust the fonts, it has 8 premade page templates, 12 widget areas, and a presentation page with a slider. You do however not get any support unless you pay for it. You can buy support for a year for $25, but to get better support and more options to customize, you have to pay $49 or $89 per year.

For a free theme it is quite customizable, and it is fairly easy to use. However, you have to pay to get more options and support. So if you have the budget, I would recommend getting one of the more flexible premium themes on top of this list instead, as this can save you a lot of time and make it easier to convert visits on your website into sales. So in the long run that might be a better solution. But if you at the moment are not ready to get a premium theme, then Nirvana can be a good solution.

==>Click to read more on Nirvana theme’s website<==

Final thoughts

Getting a flexible WordPress theme does not only make it possible to create exactly the website you want – it can also saves you time in the long run, and it is a way to make sure you can keep developing your website as your business develops.

There are many great WordPress themes, but the ones on the list above are some of the most flexible that at the same time give the most features and great support.

In the long run it is definitely worth considering investing in a premium theme. The features and possibilities this give can help improve the overall performance of your website, and the investment will quickly be covered by the increased sales and leads this can give, and it sets your website up for long term success. No matter what, getting a flexible theme should be a priority when you get a theme, as it can make your life a lot easier.


If you have any comments, questions, or have experiences with a flexible theme that is not on the list, or have experiences with one of the themes on the list, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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