is kashtree a scam review headerAre you actively searching online and trying out different websites that pay you quick money for easy tasks?

Then you’ve maybe heard about KashTree? This website claims to be the “#1 Influencer Network” and claims it is an easy way to make money online.

But is KashTree a scam or really a legit website that pays good money?

Well, let me just reveal right away that there definitely are some big red flags you seriously need to consider before joining.

This KashTree review will give you an inside look so you can see exactly what it offers and learn all the details before investing any time.

KashTree at a Glance
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  • Income potential


As first, KashTree seems like a fast way to make money online as you quickly see money going into your KashTree account.

BUT there is no proof you will actually be able to get your earnings out as all the payout proof they have is faked. And the testimonials on the site are fake as well.

Overall, the platform is just full of big red flags and it is, therefore, NOT a platform I can recommend.

If you are looking for a way to make money online while you are at home or anywhere around the world, there are many legitimate options out there for you.

But KashTree is NOT one of them!

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What is KashTree and what does it offer?

KashTree is a money-making website that claims to pay you for simply signing up, referring people, and doing some small tasks.

They claim to have been founded in 2015, but upon checking the domain registry, it was only recently created last August 11, 2019.

kashtree registration date

The website is registered a lot later than they claim.

This website is only a few months old at the time of writing this review and claims to already have paid more than 300,000 members around $44million – such a hard fact to believe right away.

Imagine growing your website to 300,000 in just a short period of time and generating that much revenue to pay users.

I’m making money online myself so I know what I’m talking about when I say that claming to have this many members in this short a time is a serious red flag.

But, in theory, it could be done so let’s not jump to any conclusions.

Let’s instead take a deeper look at what you get and how you can earn.

They say you earn $50 as a sign-up bonus, $25 for referrals, another $50 for creating a YouTube video of you promoting KashTree, and of course, somewhere around $30 per task done on their task wall.

It is very easy to get started and as soon as you have signed up, you will see $50 in your account.

kashtree joining bonus

You will see $50 in your KashTree account right after joining.

This will likely make you excited because when have you last made $50 just for 1 minute of work?

But before getting too excited make sure to read the rest of this article as not everything is what it seems like at first.

If you wish to earn more on KashTree you will have to do more than just simply signing up.

The referral program of KashTree allows you to earn more per user that will sign-up to KashTree using your own personal referral link.

So the more people who sign-up under your link the more referral earnings you’ll get. Seems simple, right?

KashTree uses this feature to encourage you to promote their link as much as possible to bring in more users to join.

You can see how aggressive they are at promoting the product because the reward is very promising.

$25 per referral – that’s big and if you manage to bring in at least 10 people to the platform, that’s $250 right away. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Another way you can earn on KashTree is by creating a YouTube video promoting their platform.

This can be an effective way to attract users to sign-up because most of us are looking for proof or testimonials of actual users who have actually earned on their platform, right?

YouTube, as we all know, is one of the biggest social media platforms and having video testimonials or recommendations will certainly make a big impact on those who are showing their interest.

Upon creating or submitting your YouTube video to KashTree, they will pay you an additional $50 on top of your sign-up and referral bonus, this will really grow your account rapidly and what will make it more exciting for you is, you see the amount on your dashboard thinking you are really earning and this money already belongs to you.

It may seem to appear that way but later I will go into why you should not expect too much and some red flags when it comes to the payouts.

You can also do certain tasks to earn more. Most of these tasks are contests you have to sign up for, surveys, or similar that will require you to enter your email address and other personal information.

You will then get rewarded somewhere around $30-$50 dollars depending on the tasks or the company that posted their ad or survey on KashTree.

kashtree task wall

You can supposedly get paid $30-$50 for simple tasks.

$30-$50 dollars for simply signing up for a contest might sound very promising, but if you know anything about making money online it will instead be suspicious which I will explain more about below.

Can you make money like this online?

So the big question is then if you can actually make money by referring people to a platform online and doing small online tasks?

In theory, you definitely can.

I am myself making a full-time income through affiliate marketing which means you refer people to services or products you recommend.

This is a 100% legit and real way to make money in general.

Also, doing tasks like signing up for contests or taking surveys is a real way to make money online and there are many platforms that offer this.

Finally, learning video marketing is definitely also a real way to make money through YouTube as KashTree also claims you can.

However, even though the earning methods offered on KashTree, in theory, are a real way to earn, you should NOT expect to be able to really earn this way on KashTree, in my opinion.

When taking a deeper look at the platform there are some big red flags that indicate you have to be very careful before investing time.

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KashTree red flags revealed

Before getting too excited about the seemingly easy ways of making money on KashTree, you have to be aware of the red flags that indicate you can very well end up wasting your time.

But do not just take my word for it. Let me show you what I mean so you can see and judge for yourself.

Red flag #1 – Fake testimonials

A great way to check if a platform is legit is by looking at testimonials from real users.

When it comes to there are plenty of testimonials on their website – the problem is just that they are fake.

kashtree fake testimonial

The testimonials on KashTree are fake.

Above you can see an example of one of their testimonials. The exact same picture is used on RainMoney and on many other platforms as well with different names.

Testimonials on KashTree are just stock photos to make it appear they are legitimate users who earned by using KashTree.

This is why they encourage and “pay” users to do YouTube videos to promote the product to make it more convincing for new users to join.

But did these video testimonials actually get paid? I have not seen any proof of this and the so-called payment proof is what we will look at next.

Red flag #2 – Fake payout proof

The testimonials are not all that is faked on KashTree. There is a lot of payment proof on the website but there are some big issues with these so-called proof.

First of all, there is an issue with the dates of most of the payout proof.

kashtree date of payment proof

The dates of the payment proofs are from before the platform launched.

Earlier we established that KashTree was not launched until August 2019 but the payment proof is from September 2018.

It can, of course, be argued that the platform just launched a new platform there and the payout proof therefore still could be real.

I strongly doubt that but let me prove it further to you.

Not only is the date strange – they have also blocked out the name of the platform the payout is coming from.

When you cannot see where the payout is coming from, it is not really proving anything, is it?

In addition to this, the exact same payment proof is used on many different platforms that offer the same as KashTree.

kashtree fake payout proof examples

The payout proof is re-used on many sites.

Above you can see just a few examples of where I found the exact same image used. It has been used on RainMoney,, and on many similar platforms as well.

This clearly shows you cannot trust the payout proof at all.

And when a platform uses fake proofs like this there are good reasons to doubt you will ever get paid.

If they really did pay, why would they then not just use real payout proof?

According to the sites itself, it has paid out more than $44 million so it should not be a problem to find real payout proof, right?

Red flag #3 – Exaggerated earning claims

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to earn by referring people to platforms, signing up for contests, and more.

But the earning claims for this on KashTree are just exaggerated.

You will NOT get $25 just for referring a new user to a website that is completely free to join.

Also, KashTree claims you will get $2 just to get people to click your link.

kashtree click earnings

Earning $2 just for getting people to click your link is NOT realistic.

Anyone that knows just a little about generating traffic will know that you will not get $2 just for getting someone to click a link.

It is just simply NOT realistic and not sustainable.

In addition to this, you are told you can get up to $40 just to take a survey, sign up for free contests, or download an app.

kashtree survey earnings

Another exaggerated earnings claim.

This is, again, a really exaggerated earning claim.

There are many legit sites where you can earn by doing tasks like this but you will NOT earn this much per task. If you are lucky you might earn a couple of bucks per task on the legit sites.

Promising high rewards is, of course, a great way to get people to use the platform.

But we have already established that the payout proof is fake so the promise of high rewards is really worthless, in my opinion.

Red flag #4 – No info about owners

The last red flag I want to point is that you cannot find any information about who is behind this website.

As I have already shown you, there are several websites out there that offer more or less the same, use the same payout “proof”, and use the same testimonials.

None of them reveal who is actually behind the site and on KashTree you cannot find any information whatsoever about the owners.

If you are not able to confirm who is actually behind a platform that claims to help you make money, it is definitely a big red flag to seriously consider before joining.

Final verdict

I think it is clear from this review that I am NOT recommending KashTree as an earning method.

But let’s finish by summing up the pros and cons so you can get a better overview before making your own decision about joining or not.


  • Free to join



  • Exaggerated earning claims
  • Lies about founding date
  • Fake testimonials
  • Fake payout proof
  • No info about owners

The only positive thing I can say about KashTree is that, at least, it is free to join.

But it being free does not really matter if you end up wasting time, which you will, in my experience. If you want to make some extra money online, KashTree is not for you.

Overall, I certainly think there is no way for this type of website to be paying 300k users over $44m for a period of 2-3months (website life). Sorry to disappoint you but you can’t make money on KashTree.

The fact that they are using fake testimonials and fake payout proof show this clearly, in my opinion.

If you are looking for a way to make money online while you are at home or anywhere around the world, there are many legitimate options out there for you. You just have to know where and how to find them.

But KashTree is NOT one of them!

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If you have any questions, comments, or have any experience with yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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