is rainmoney a scam review headerWith all the money-making schemes popping left and right online, it is hard to keep track of which programs offer real incentives and success.

If you’re looking for a way to make money online you have maybe but heard about RainMoney as it can seem like an easy way to get started.

But is RainMoney a scam or is it really a great way to earn?

A lot of people have been asking this question – and for good reasons! Because let me just reveal right away that it definitely has some red flags you seriously need to consider before joining.

This review will give you an inside look and show you exactly what to expect so you can judge and see for yourself if it will really be worth the effort. at a Glance
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If I could give less than 1 star I honestly would when it comes RainMoney.

The only slightly positive thing I can say about is that at least it is free to join. But that does NOT make it worth it.

Everything on their website is unverifiable and the payment model is very implausible.

It offers a lot of incentives and over-the-top earnings to convince gullible people to join the platform. It starts by giving instant $25 for anyone who wishes to join, which can be very alluring especially for those who are struggling to find financial freedom.

However, there are just simply too many big red flags and it is, therefore, NOT a platform I can recommend in any way – in fact, I would recommend you stay away from it and find other ways instead if you want to make money online.

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What is RainMoney and what does it offer?

RainMoney is a platform that supposedly offers you several ways to earn for free.

If you first look at the website, you’ll see that the sign-up bonus is a whopping $25 and later $10 for each successful referral for anyone signing up using your referral link.

And you can supposedly earn $30 per easy task you complete as a member.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, in my experience, if it sounds too good to be true, it is in most cases is when it comes to making money online.

But let’s give RainMoney the benefit of a doubt and dig deeper.

Let’s start by looking into is you can even make money like this online.

Can you really make money like this online?

There are several ways you can earn on

The main way is by inviting others to the platform through their referral program.

It definitely is possible to make money online by recommending products and services to people online through what is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a 100% legit way to make money online and there are thousands of products and services you can earn by promoting.

However, honestly, you will rarely get $10 just to get someone to sign up for a free platform as RainMoney claims.

It is possible at times, but what becomes even more suspicious is that they claim you will even get $2 just when people click your referral link.

rainmoney click earnings claim

You supposedly get $2 just for getting people to click a link.

As someone working full-time with internet marketing, I can tell you that this is very unrealistic for a link like this.

It would simply not be sustainable and very few referral programs will pay you just for a click – and definitely not $2 when it is for a platform that is free to join.

When looking at the other earning methods, it definitely is possible to earn by signing up for free contests, etc. that RainMoney claims to pay you for.

The problem here is that claims to pay you $30 per completed task.

Again, this is just not a realistic payout for tasks like this.

So overall the earning methods offers are in theory a way you can earn online – but I strongly doubt it will really be possible on RainMoney.

To show you why I am so skeptical, let me show you some big red flags I spotted when testing the site so you can take these into consideration before joining.

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RainMoney red flags revealed

Honestly, is full of red flags, in my opinion.

Let me show you some of the biggest ones you definitely need to consider.

Red flag #1 – False dates

One way to determine if a money-making platform is legit or not is to check the registration of the domain. Now, as they have claimed on their website, RainMoney was founded in 2013.

But a quick domain search would prove otherwise.

As you can see here, the website was just created recently. It says on the stamp August 15, 2019. That is way different from what they have claimed on their website.

rainmoney registration date

Their website was registered a lot later than they claim.

That is proof that RainMoney is lying about the date of their registration. But we won’t stop at that. Let’s check other information that would prove it further.

Red flag #2 – Generic content

They created their site on a later date. So what? Maybe they have been operating for a while now and just took their business online recently. A lot of businesses do that.

Fair point. But when you put it together with other red flags, it becomes more clear.

So let’s take a look at some of the most obvious things people tend to overlook when visiting a website.

On the front page of the website, RainMoney claims they are the #1 Influencer Network that helps leverage your social media presence into cash.

What is rainmoney statement claims to be the #1 influencer network.

That’s a bit overcompensating and a bold statement, in my opinion.

Especially when you look at what a few other sites that seem very similar also claim.

I have, for example, previously reviewed Viral Bucks and revealed why this is a platform to be careful about. And it basically claims the same as RainMoney.

viral bucks similarity to rainmoney

Viral Bucks claims the exact same as RainMoney.

And yet another site that claims the same is Paid4Clout.

paid4clout similarity to rainmoney

Yet, another site that claims the same.

Most of these types of sites use the same words to describe their operation. Same words, same system.

It seems these websites belong to the same network that aims to collect information from gullible users, in my opinion.

If that’s not enough, then let’s check out their FAQ section and maybe we’ll find something in there.

According to RainMoney’s FAQs under “How Does This Work”:

“We strive to provide straight transparency to our members. Money generated from ad-spend revenue and sponsorship products is used to pay our members. By inviting friends, you are building traffic to our site and increasing ad revenue. You are also increasing exposure to our sponsors’ products, ultimately, increasing sponsor relations across our network.”

These words can also be found on other similar money-making platform websites.

viral bucks faq compared to rainmoney

The same description is used on several other websites.

It seems very suspicious that there are many websites with the exact same descriptions, right?

Red flag #3 – Copied payment proof

Almost all money-making systems online would display some sort of proof they are legit. Otherwise, it would be difficult to convince people to sign-up for it.

So, what they would do is to provide some screenshots of people receiving cash from the app and just advertise it as if it is a legit payout.

But the “proof” RainMoney is using is instead proving why you have to be very careful, in my opinion.

Take a look at a similar referral platform that uses the same payout proof.

rainmoney payment proof

The payment proof actually proves nothing.

The image was taken from another money-making platform, KashTree.

If you check out their payment proof side-by-side, you would know that it is a complete BS.

They have blurred out the name but the images used are still the same. They’re not fooling anyone here.

If they blur out the name of the platform the payment is received from, it is no proof at all.

And when several sites used the exact same images as “proof” it instead becomes proof that you cannot trust the payment proof and therefore cannot verify anyone has ever been paid.

Red flag #4 – No owner information

Still, let’s try to find something that would prove they’re legit. Let’s check the owners and maybe they can shed some light on the platform’s legitimacy.

While I was checking at the website’s “About” section, here’s what I’ve got.

rainmoney team

You do not know who is behind the website.

The website shows three names on the support section but it doesn’t have anything to go further.

These are just a bunch of doodles with no contact information and no links to social profiles. Not even LinkedIn information. Anyone can put a doodle and just pretend that they exist.

It seems like the owner doesn’t want to be identified nor associated with the website.

If you check the terms page of the website, you will see that the area where they operate is in the US. But on section 17 of their Terms page, they stated that they are located in Melbourne, Australia. Sounds fishy, doesn’t it?

Right off the bat, this website is unverifiable with no direct access to whoever’s running the platform.

Red Flag #5 – Unsustainable payment model

You might think, “who cares about all of that if it makes you money”.

Well, let’s check out how they make money and how plausible it is for their members to get over $12K as they claim some do.

If you check the testimonials by their members, you would see they are bagging serious cash.

rainmoney testimonials

Their members are supposedly making a lot – but it is not realistic.

Cristina supposedly earns $12K, Victor makes $20K, and Jayson K is killing it by earning $35K. That’s a lot of money.

But maybe you’re not as good as these guys. As an average user who can just do the minimum, how much would you earn?

So, let’s break it down to pieces and see how you can earn using their platform.

  • Signing up will get you an instant $25. Sounds easy, right?
  • Working on a YouTube video will get you $50
  • Get their link on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook would add another $30.
  • And lastly, refer someone and get $10.

In total, we’ll get to $115. That’s just for the average lazy member who could only do menial tasks.

As they have stated, they have over 155, 000 members. Let’s assume that all members are too lazy to work and not count all those members who are doing well on their own. $115 X 155,000 members = $17,825,000.

RainMoney wants us to believe that they have over $17,825,000 lying around to be paid to members of their platform. That sounds very impossible but let’s not jump to conclusions. So, how can they pay all of their members?

According to its website, RainMoney collects money from sponsored products and ad revenue. A quick Google search would let you know that the average ad revenue would give you $20-$25 per 1000 sessions on a good day. That would be about 2 cents per session. To earn a dollar, you’ll have to get at least 50 sessions.

So, let’s take $17,825,000 multiplied by 50 sessions and that would give us 891,250,000 sessions. For an average website to get 1 million sessions, it would take at least 1000 months.

As they have mentioned, RainMoney has been around since 2013 and we know that their website was created just recently.

It honestly seems impossible for them to have raised $17 million from that type of business model even if they had existed for 6 years.

Red Flag #6 – Fake testimonials

If that doesn’t convince you, then let’s take a look at the people behind the testimonials.

Take Cristina Richards as an example. It says there that Cristina is making $12K, which we all know is pretty unlikely to happen.

But let’s check out who this Cristina is and maybe she can tell us herself. If you take the picture and Google it, Cristina would pop-up on several sites.

rainmoney testimonial google search

The testimonials are not real.

For all we know, Cristina must be very famous online, but why would she go for RainMoney if she’s doing well on her own.

In general, when you find an image on this many different websites and for so many different purposes, it is usually because it is a stock photo.

And when a company uses stock photos as testimonials, it just proves you have to be very careful about trusting them, in my opinion.

Final verdict

As you can see from this review, there is really not much positive to say about RainMoney, in my opinion.

But let’s still finish by summing up the pros and cons so you can get a better overview before making your final decision.


  • Free to join



  • Unrealistic earning claims
  • False information about the founding date
  • Fake testimonials
  • Unsustainable payment model
  • Unknown company and owner

The only slightly positive thing I can say about is that at least it is free to join. But that does NOT make it worth it.

Everything on their website is unverifiable and the payment model is very implausible.

RainMoney offers a lot of incentives and over-the-top earnings to convince gullible people to join the platform. It starts by giving instant $25 for anyone who wishes to join, which can be very alluring especially for those who are struggling to find financial freedom.

However, there are just simply too many big red flags and it is, therefore, NOT a platform I can recommend in any way – in fact, I would recommend you stay away from it.

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