is free ad cash system a scamCan you really learn to make more than $3,000 per day easily just by flipping ads online?

Free Ad Cash System claims to have developed a system that can help you do this.

But is Free Ad Cash System a scam or a legit and fast way to make money online?

There are definitely some things you need to know about the “system”, before you join. In this Free Ad Cash System review you will learn all the tricks the system is using, and why you have to be very careful about signing up.

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The review system I am using does unfortunately not allow me to give less than 1 star – if I could, I would give Free Ad Cash System an even lower rating. It is full of warning signs, and it uses unethical methods to convince you to sign up. This review will show you all the signs, so you can see and judge for yourself.

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What is Free Ad Cash System and what does it offer?

First of all it is important to know that the Free Ad Cash System goes under a couple of different names. It started as Free Ad Cash System, but is now often instead promoted under the name Quantum Ad Code. Quantum Ad has the exact same design and claims as Free Ad Cash System, and it is the same guys behind them.

The name has just changed for some promotions to keep being able to get people to join despite of poor reviews of the Free Ad Cash System. But whether you are looking for information about the Quantum Ad Code or the Free Ad Cash System, this review will give you all the deatils you need to know, as the two systems are the same, just sold under different names.

Free Ad Cash System is a system that was supposedly developed by a group of online advertisers in Silicon valley back in 2013.

These advertisers were at some point hacked, and then the strategy got out, and now a few lucky people know about it. Free Ad Cash System is one of the few that are willing to share this strategy with you, and the owner claims that it will only be available for a short time, as the big advertising agencies do not want the system to get out.

This is the official story Free Ad Cash System tells on their website – but enough BS. The whole story about how a secret system like this has been developed and got out is a bit silly. Especially because I have done a review of a system called The Free Money System, and the story here is more or less identical.

The Free Money System was supposedly developed by a group of traders until they got hacked, and the secret and bullet proof money making system got out to a few lucky people.

So the whole background story is the first big warning sign, and any time I see a claim that somebody discovered the secret to become rich online, I become very skeptical, as I have seen so many “systems” that claims this just to lure money from people that just want to have a good income online.

But anyways – let’s look at bit more at what the Free Ad Cash System supposedly offers, before I go more into further warning signs you need to be aware of.

Buy and sell ads online:
It might be a little difficult to find out exactly what Free Ad Cash System offers. The only thing you are told is that it is a system to buy and sell ads online.

In the presentation video you get to see a “demo”.

free ad cash system platform

The Free Ad Cash System demo does not really show anything.

The demo does not really show anything and does not prove anything. It is just a screen shot of the system, like you can see above.

You are told that you just deposit funds, and then you can browse through the catalog and start buying and selling ads for big brands like Nike, Lacoste, etc.

First of all, the demo is not a demo. It does not show what the system actually does, but just shows an image. Secondly, the idea that you with just a few clicks can buy and sell ads for some of the biggest brands is unrealistic. I have worked for several online marketing agencies, and I know how hard it is for them to get big brands like this as clients, and how strict they are with their ads, so it is very unlikely to get access to big brands like this just by signing up for a secret “system”.

So overall I do not believe the whole system and business model the Free Ad Cash System is offering is valid. But even if it was, there are several other warning signs you need to know, before deciding if it is a system you want to trust.

Let us first go over who is behind the system, as this is a part of finding out if you trust the system or not.

Who is behind Free Ad Cash System?

Supposedly the guy behind Free Ad Cash System is Simon “the flipper” Green. You actually never see his face. You just hear his voice and hear his background story.

Again this is very similar to the Free Money System I mentioned above. The guy behind the Free Money System is called Walter Green – the guy behind Free Ad Cash System is called Simon Green.

Walter was a successful lawyer but suddenly got fired and lost everything until his brother-in-law called him and needed some legal advice. In return, he agreed to share the secret money system with Walter.

Simon was as successful adviser, but lost his job and was about to lose his house. One day his brother-in-law needed some financial advice. In return for the advice he agreed to share the secret system with Simon, and since then Simon has made a lot of money every day.

Overall, there are no signs of who Simon actually is, and you never see his face, and there is no proof he is an actual person. When you put this together with his story being so close to another so-called “secret system”, there is something that does not add up.

But it is not just the system and the background of the owner I doubt about this system. There are many more warning signs.

Why you should NOT join!

In addition to the warning signs I have already mentioned you need to be aware of, there are several other aspects you need to consider before joining Free Ad Cash System.

Become rich without effort:
One of the biggest warning signs you can find, when it comes to systems claiming to help you make money online is, when it claims it can make you rich without any effort.

Free Ad Cash System claims exactly this.

income claim

Free Ad Cash System claims you can easily become rich online.

Simon claims you can easily learn to make up to $25,000 per week. He even mentions that he is only working 45 minutes per day to make this kind of money, and you will be able to start making this money online in no time.

There are many systems online that make this kind of claims, because so many of us want financial freedom, and want it fast. Let me first make it clear that it definitely is possible to make really good money online, but it is a big trap to go for the programs that claim it will happen without effort and overnight.

To become successful online you need to be willing to make an effort and put in time. If you are willing to do this, you can learn to make money online no matter your previous experience. But if you go for the programs that promise you will become rich on autopilot, you will very likely end up wasting a lot of time and money on joining scams.

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Claims you become part of an elite group:
Free Ad Cash System claims you will become a part of an elite group and that there are only a few available spots in the program.

only 2 spots left

The limited spots is just a trick to get you to sign up fast.

However, do not let this stress you out and push you to make a decision. I have checked the website through several months, and there are always just a few spots available.

It is just a trick to get you to sign up without thinking. But do not worry – the spots will not disappear right away. And if they do, you will not miss much anyway:-)

Lies about other methods:
One thing is that Free Ad Cash System is trying to sell you a system that is very unlikely to work. Another thing is that it lies about the opportunities other methods to make their system look appealing.

The video for example says that it is a waste of time to do affiliate marketing, binary options, and forex.

wasting time on affiliate marketing claim

The claims made about other methods are not true.

Personally, I do not know much about Forex. I know it is possible to make money on it, but it takes some skills and is risky. I agree that binary options is not a good option, and many people have lost a lot of money on them.

However, I know a lot about affiliate marketing, and it is definitely not a waste of time. It can make you really good money online, if you learn to do affiliate marketing the right way, and it makes it possible for you to make money online by working with your passion.

It is true that many people end up not making money on affiliate marketing, but this is because they do not understand the process fully or are not patient enough. I have personally had great success with affiliate marketing, and I know many other people that have learned to make good money online through this, even though they had no previous experience.

So statements like this makes it clear to me that the Free Ad Cash System is not being honest and just trying to make their own “system” look better.

Use of fake testimonials:
In the video you will see several video testimonials of supposed users of the Free Ad Cash System. These testimonials are a great way to show it is a legit program. The problem is just that the testimonials are fake.

How do I know this?

I know it is possible to order video testimonials online, so I did some research about the people giving testimonials in the Free Ad Cash System video. Let me show you an example.

free ad cash testimonial 1

One of the supposed users of Free Ad Cash system.


testimonial on fiverr

The same guy is selling video testimonials on fiverr.

As you can see, the guy telling about his great results with Free Ad Cash System sells video testimonials on the platform fiverr.

It could of course be a coincidence, so let me show you another example.

free ad cash testimonial 2

Another supposed user of the system.


testimonials on other sites

This guy is in many other testimonial videos – for example as a British doctor.

The first image above shows a testimonial from the Free Ad Cash System. The second image shows examples of other testimonial videos I found the same guy in. As you can see, he is for example a British doctor in a video, and is in many other testimonial videos. These are just some of the examples I found.

When a program is using ordered testimonials, it is a very bad sign. If it was really a great system, would it then not be possible to get testimonials, they do not have to pay for?

Personally, I have no idea how people can agree to make video testimonials for any product for a little cash without having ever tried the product. It is unethical in my opinion, and a shame that anybody sells out like this.

But also very unethical that a program uses testimonials like this to make it look like real people have had great results with it.

What does it cost to join Free Ad Cash System?

If you are still considering joining the Free Ad Cash System, let us take a look at the cost for joining.

It is mentioned several times that the system is free to access. But be aware that you need to deposit money to be able to start using the system.

start deposit

The system might be free, but you have to deposit money to get started.

So to get started you need to deposit a minimum of $250. You are also told that this is the minimum, and the more money you deposit, the better chances you have to succeed.

This does not really make since. Because if the system really is so great, you should not need to deposit more. You would have made thousands of dollars within a day you could reinvest. So why would they encourage you to invest more?

In general, I would definitely not recommend investing $250 to join a program that has this many warning signs.

Final thoughts + alternative

There is no doubt that I think Free Ad Cash System is not worth joining. But let’s’s sum up the pros and cons, so you can get a better overview of why this is.


  • None



  • No real info about the owner
  • Story of the origin of the system is unlikely
  • Claims you can become rich overnight without effort
  • Use fake testimonials
  • Use pushy sales methods

I honestly can not find any positive aspects of the Free Ad Cash System. There are so many warning signs, the claims are exaggerated, and the testimonials are fake.

So before joining, ask yourself if you are really willing to invest money into a program that uses these methods, and do you think you can trust them to deliver what they promise?

If you want to learn to make money online, it is definitely possible. I know that for a fact since I have learned it myself. I have tested many programs, and the only platform I truly recommend is the online learning platform Wealthy Affiliate, where you will learn how to build an online income step-by-step no matter your previous experience, and you can test 100% for free. You can click the link above to read more about this platform and what it offers.


If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Free Ad Cash System, feel free to leave a comment below.

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