is walter greens free money system a scamHave you stumbled upon a video about Walter Green and his money-making system and are considering joining?

It sounds like a very nice way to make money, right? But is Walter Green’s free money system a scam or a real way to make money?

This was a question I asked myself when I first saw the video about this system because it almost sounded too good to be true – and I am very glad I asked myself that question and did some more research before joining.

In this review of Walter Green’s free money system, I will show you some warning signs you have to be aware of – then at least you will know what to expect if you decide to join.

The Free Money System at a Glance
  • Training
  • Support
  • Tools
  • Income potential


Walter Green’s free money system makes a lot of unrealistic claims.

It is also not really free, as you have to invest a minimum of $200 to get started – money that there is a great chance you will never see again.

Definitely not a program I recommend you to join, as there are many warning signs and deal-breakers, in my opinion.

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What is Walter Green’s Free Money System?

Walter Green’s free money system is actually one of the first programs I came across when I started looking into making money online.

I came across a video that presented the program and watched it all, and I must admit, I was curious.

However, I am skeptical when it comes to online money making systems, as I already then knew that there are many scams out there. So I decided to do some more research – and I am very glad I did.

I still see the video with Walter Green pop up regularly online, so you might have encountered it in some pop-up ad as well.

So if you are in the same situation and have come across the video with the free money system, then I really encourage you to read all of this review, as I believe it can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

What does the system do?

t is a bit difficult to find out exactly how the free money system works. There are however some hints in the video, and Walter Green mentions shortly what it is about as well.

It is basically a trading robot that is supposed to be 100% automatic. What it does is however not really trading – it is investing in binary options. It means that it will predict whether a certain currency goes up or down in value.

According to Walter Green, he got access to a secret loophole that makes the system bulletproof, and it is guaranteed to make you money.

That is basically all you can find out about the system – you are just told that if you are one of the few lucky members, you will have a dream team member take care of everything, and then you do not have to worry about anything.

You will start making money on autopilot and will become a millionaire in 3 months.

This, of course, sounds amazing to most people. But as always, if somebody promises you that you can become rich in a very short period with no effort or risk at all, you should be a bit suspicious.

And in addition to this, if they promise that their system is bulletproof, you should also be suspicious as success online will always depend on the effort and will vary from person to person.

So there are plenty of things to make you stop and think already there – but let’s look more into who Walter Green is and what kind of help you can get from his so-called dream team.

Who is Walter Green?

Supposedly Walter Green (aka the Green Machine) used to be an attorney but lost his job, and him and his wife also almost lost their house. Until one day his cousin told him about a loophole he had found in the trading company he was a partner of.

walter green image

Walter Green also calls himself “The Green Machine”.

He learned to use the system in 5 minutes, and in just 3 months, he was a millionaire, and he now never has to worry about money again.

A very good question is then why he would give this so-called secret system to other people? According to himself, it is just because he has a big heart and wants to help other people.

Once you look at the other signs in the video, this does, however, seem unlikely, and in my opinion, he does not have a big heart, but on the contrary, a cold heart, since he is trying to sell the idea about his “free” money system to you.

If you get access to the system, you will however not necessarily be working with him, but he has a team of very successful traders, and one of these will help you to become a millionaire for free.

Does the dream team really exist?

There are a few strange things about the presentation of the dream team that will help you become a millionaire.

First of all, he mentions several times that he has only ever taught 152 people how to use the system. Secondly, he will only allow 7 new members – it seems very strange that you have a whole team trained to help out, if the amount of members is so small.

Also, this video has been circulating for years and there still seems to be 7 spots available:-)

Furthermore, I am not convinced that the team members that are presented in the video are actual team members. I even doubt that they even know their pictures are used in the video.

The reason for this is that I used an image recognition tool to check some pictures of the team members, and found the pictures several other place online.

dream team member on google

The dream team members show up several other places online.

The above example shows that the team member that is called Harris in the video seems to be an actor by the name of Anthony Green. The picture used in the video is the picture that is used on several websites, where he is presented as an actor in certain plays.

I can of course not say for sure that he does not know his picture is being used, and that he does not have a second job as a trader with a different name.

I can however say that something seems strange, and it makes me doubt the real identity and skills of the so-called dream team.

Warning signs you need to know

I have already hinted at certain warning signs about the free money system, but let’s go over some more warning signs you definitely need to be aware of, before you decide to join or not.

Warning sign #1 – Promise you to become rich without any effort:

Any system that promises you to become rich very quickly without any effort should raise a red flag.

I have been working with online marketing for several years now, and systems or programs that make these kinds of claims are something to be careful about.

Even though many of us would wish it would be true – it would be great if we did not have to worry about money ever again and just sit back and see the money going into our account. It is however just not realistic to achieve like this.

You can definitely make good money by building an online business, but programs that promises you that it can be done without any effort and very quickly usually have ulterior motives.

Warning sign #2 – Promise a 100% automated and secure trading tool:

I must admit that I do not know much about trading, but I do know that it is very unlikely that you can develop a tool that is as precise as the free money system claims to be.

Again, the idea about making money on autopilot and without having to have any skills or making an effort might seem appealing. However, it is just not realistic.

Tools can be great as a help but there will always be effort involved on your part as well if you want to build a long-term and sustainable income.

Warning sign #3 – You will learn the secret loophole:

When a tool or system promises you it can teach you a secret that can make you millions right away, you should be careful.

There are of course training and systems that are not so well-known that can help you earn. But when they are presented as something super secret and something that only a few people will get access to, it is usually a trick to get you to feel lucky and special and join without thinking first.

Also, think about what Walter Green is saying in the video. He claims the system was developed by Israelis and somebody hacked it and sold the secret to his cousin’s company. Now his cousin and his boss are using the system even though it is not allowed.

Let’s say that the system actually works – from the information he gives about it, it seems very unlikely that it will not get you into trouble, as it seems highly illegal to get access to a code/program like this – if it is even a true story, which I highly doubt.

origin of the free money system

The story about the origin of the system seems a bit unlikely.

Even if the system really did work, I would definitely be careful before getting involved in a system like that.

Warning sign #4 – Only 7 spots available:

You are told there are only 7 spots available for the Free Money System. This is clearly a way to create a sense of urgency to get you to sign up quickly.

As mentioned, I saw this video several years ago for the first time, and I have recently seen it again.

There are still spots available, so do not worry too much about the spots disappearing – even if they are, it will probably be better for you anyway:-)

Warning sign #5 – Inconsistent claims in the video:

I have noticed some inconsistencies in the video that presents the free money system.

Walter Green mentions several times that he has only ever taught 152 people about the system. Later he says that hundreds of people have gone through the program. An inconsistency like this is definitely a warning sign and implies that something is not right.

Also, his cousin only taught him the system, if he promised only to share it with people he trusts 100%. Now he is sharing it with complete strangers. Why would he do this? According to himself because he has a big heart, but it still makes me doubt that the whole story about his cousin.

Another strange claim is that the system is so easy to use that it only took him 5 minutes to learn. At the same time Walter says that you have to work with one of his team members that are trained, and can make sure you will make money.

If it is so easy, why do you then need to work with one of his staff members?

These are just some of the many inconsistencies that should make you think twice before investing.

Warning sign #6 – Claims about owing 10 mansions:

Walter Green is telling you how rich he has become by using the free money system. One of the proofs he is showing is pictures of his 10 mansions throughout the world.

I decided to check some of these houses out, and most of them seem to be either for sale, or posted on Pinterest or other social media as a part of lists of some of the most beautiful houses in the world.

walter greens houses on google

The images of Walter Green’s houses show up many other places online.

It seems that the houses are just images found of beautiful houses online, and there is definitely no evidence that the houses are actually owned by Walter Green.

Using fake proof of success like this is definitely a big deal-breaker, in my opinion.

Warning sign #7 – The video will disappear soon:

Walter Green claims the system you can get access to has pissed off several brokerage companies, as they are losing millions because of it.

Therefore, the video will not be available for long. Again, this does not sound very likely, but it is a great way to create a sense of urgency. At the same time, it also makes him look like a modern Robin Hood that is not afraid of the financial elite and will help you get the upper hand.

The video has so far been online for several years, and the claims in the video are not at all supported. It seems more like another trick to get you to feel lucky about seeing the video and signing up as fast as possible.

Price to join the Free Money System

You will supposedly get access to the free money system for free. Also, a member of the dream team will take care of your account for free.

You do however have to invest a minimum of $200 to fund your account, but you are advised to invest more, as it will make you rich quicker.

$200 is of course not a lot if you can make the kind of money Walter Green promises you. But we are talking about binary options, which are more or less the same as a lottery, so there is a great chance that will not be the case.

You cannot really find a system that will be able to predict the outcome of a lottery.

So it is very likely that one of the staff members will try to get you to invest more, and also very likely that you will have to invest more to have a chance of making money.

They seem to get paid by getting commissions from the trading account you have to sign up for – so actually they will make more money if you lose money and have to invest more.

I am not saying you cannot make money with binary options, but it is risky, and you should definitely be careful about investing money in a system that guarantees, you can become rich within 3 months.

So even though the price might not be too high, if you are willing to gamble, I would still recommend you to bet your money on something else.

Final verdict

I think it is pretty clear by now that Walter Green’s free money system is not a way I recommend you to spend your money.

But let’s sum up the pros and cons to make it more clear why so you can get a better overview before deciding for yourself:


  • Binary options is an actual way to make money



  • Promises you can become rich without any effort
  • The story about the origin of the system seems unlikely
  • You are pushed to sign up without thinking
  • Inconsistent claims in the video
  • Unrealistic guarantees

Basically, I cannot find any pros about the Free Money System.

If you want to make money online and get the freedom that comes with this, it is definitely possible. But do not expect it will happen without an effort. My best advice is for you to find a legit training program that can teach you how to build a legit online business.

It will take time and effort, but it can definitely be worth it. And a lot more likely you will succeed by putting work into it than by chasing get-rich-quick systems like the free money system, that in most cases will end up costing you a lot of money


If you have any questions, or if you have any experiences with the free money system yourself, feel free to leave a comment below.

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