covert video press review headerVideo is big business online, and you can, therefore, see many offers about how to start making money with video marketing.

One of these offers is the Covert Video Press 3.0.

But is Covert Video Press a scam or a real way to make money online?

According to the many 5-star Covert Video Press reviews, it looks like it is a great option. There are however good reasons to be careful about blindly believing these reviews.

There are many things they do not tell you – in this article, I will show you both the good and the bad aspects you cannot find in other reviews. This will make it possible for you to decide whether to buy it or not based on knowing all the details.

Covert Video Press at a Glance
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Covert Video Press is a Wordpress theme and system that claims to make it super easy for you to make money by building a video website, without ever having to create any videos yourself.

There are a lot of claims that do not make sense, and it cultures an attitude that will make it difficult to become successful online in the long run, in my opinion.

Definitely make sure you know all the details and red flags before you decide to join so you know what you can really expect.

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What is Covert Video Press?

Covert Video Press 3.0 is a WordPress video theme.

It makes it possible to easily create a website, where you can import video from YouTube or upload your own videos.

The idea behind the theme is that videos are a great way to earn money online. You have probably heard about how much money some big YouTube stars are making.

By building your own video site, Covert Video Press claims you can get a cut of this. You can build a website fast and easily, and by using their free traffic methods, you will be able to get a lot of traffic, rank high in Google and earn a lot of money this way.

So what you will get is a WordPress theme that you can use to set up your own video site that looks a bit like YouTube, as they use the same colors.

covert video press demo site

A demo site for Covert Video Press

You are told that the same colors are being used to make it look familiar for people and thereby create trust.

The claimed clever thing about Covert Video Press is that you do not have to create any videos yourself. You can just piggy back on the success and work of others.

This all sounds good so far right?

However, there are a lot of things you need to consider and know before deciding to try to build an online business like this.

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Below I have created a video where I will explain what you have to be careful about in regards to Covert Video Press, in my opinion. You can also read all the details below the video:

Can you make money like this?

Before getting to more details about the good and the bad sides of Covert Video Press, I just want to go into details about the possibility of making money online like this.

You are told on the sales page of Covert Video Press that YouTube is the second largest search engine and are told how hot the use of online videos is right now. They tell you that you should definitely include videos in your marketing.

I think more or less any online marketer will agree with this. The use of video is becoming more and more popular, and more and more people prefer getting content through video. I myself also have a YouTube channel, where I sometimes post reviews and online business tips.

And I am sure you have heard about people making a lot of money on YouTube. So no doubt learning video marketing can be a great skill.

And making money by having video content is definitely possible. Once you have the traffic, there are several ways you can monetize this. It can be through ads, sponsorships, selling your own products, etc.

Covert Video Press is therefore right when it says you should definitely consider getting in on the whole video wave. I do, however, not necessarily support and believe the approach they use, as I will explain later. First I want to also recognize the good sides of Covert Video Press.

The good aspect of CVP

When I make reviews, I always do my best to try to give a balanced view and give both the positive and negative sides.

There are many of the programs and services I review I absolutely do not believe in and do not recommend, as they are often promising too much and there are a lot of things you are not told.

I do my best to give you information based on my experience within the online business world, and then you can make your decision based on this.

I will in the next part of this review give some red flags about Covert Video Press, I think you definitely need to consider. But I also have to acknowledge that there seem to be some valid claims in what they are saying. The things I like about Covert Video Press are:

Feature 1 – The owner is real:

This might sound a bit silly if you do not have a lot of experience within the online marketing world. But it is actually a big plus when the owner behind a product is real. Many programs do not have any info about the owner, and sometimes a fictitious owner is even used.

Covert Video Press is developed by Mark Garrett from IM Wealth Builders, and he is actually a real guy and an online marketer.

So I appreciate that you actually know who is behind the program. This does not mean it will be worth investing in, but it is nice to see he is standing behind his product.

Feature 2 – Does not make crazy get-rich-quick claims:

If you have looked into making money online before, you will have seen a lot of crazy claims. Often you are promised that you will start making thousands of dollars within just a few days.

This is just NOT how it works online, and making a good sustainable income online takes time and effort.

It is good to see that Covert Video Press is not making crazy claims about you being able to become rich overnight.

It does, however, make several other claims, I strongly disagree with, as I will show you later.

Feature 3 – It gives real facts about video marketing:

Covert Video Press is making some good points about the importance and potential of video content.

It is definitely a great way to get traffic, it is a very popular way for people to look for content, and it is also possible to make good money on video content.

So the model of making money on YouTube videos is definitely a legit way to make money.

Feature 4 – It is a real product:

You are getting access to a real WordPress theme. It is not some kind of imaginary product, as you sometimes see. It is a real theme you get access to, and you even get video tutorials about how to use it.

covert video press wordpress theme

You get a real WordPress theme you can customize.

Getting a good WordPress theme is important for having a successful online business, and if you are looking to make a video website, this might be a theme for you.

Personally, I prefer using flexible WordPress themes, as they can be used for any kind of website and content, so you can take your business in any direction you want to.

But if you just want to create a website with video content, Covert Video Press might be for you. Before getting it, there are however some things you need to be aware of and consider.

Red flags revealed!

As you can see, there are some good sides of Covert Video Press. There are, however, also a lot of warning signs and things you are not told, in my opinion.

You need to consider these before joining, and this is something many other reviews will not tell you about.

Warning sign #1 – Overly positive reviews:

Let’s start by addressing the many positive reviews of Covert Video Press you can find online.

positive covert video press reviews examples

There are many positive Covert Video Press reviews – be careful believing all they say.

This might have you believe that it only has positive sides, as most of them more or less only repeat what the sales page of Covert Video Press says and try to convince you to buy the product.

If you take a closer look at them, you will, however, see that most of them just have superficial information and are giving a sales pitch.

The reason for this is that Covert Video Press is using affiliate marketing, and has an affiliate program. This means that they pay a commission to people who are promoting the product, every time they sell a product.

This is in itself not a problem, and can definitely be a legit way to make money online. The problem is just that there are also many people that are willing to try to push any product just to make a commission, and they will therefore not give you all the details.

I am not saying none of these positive reviews are true. I am just saying you have to be careful about believing all they say and be aware that they will not tell you all the things you need to consider.

So if you see an overly positive review, see if they actually give any real proof, or if they are just repeating the sales page in different words. If they are just repeating what the sales page is saying, it is likely just because they want to make a sale without giving you the necessary details.

Warning sign #2 – Claims there are problems with YouTube

You are told there are some problems with trying to make money directly on YouTube and by creating your own videos.

youtube problems

Covert Video Press claims there are some problems with YouTube.

It is, of course, true that there is a lot of competition on YouTube, and it will therefore not be easy to make a living their.

You are also told it will take a lot of time and effort to make your own videos, and this is presented as a disadvantage.

However, let’s be realistic. There is nothing wrong with it taking time and effort to get results. That goes for more or less anything in life that will give you value.

Why have we become so afraid of having to make an effort and only want to go for the online systems that promise we can earn money without making any effort?

Also, you are told you will only make a few pennies from YouTube, and this is if you are lucky. It might be true that you will only make a few pennies per view, and only once you qualify for YouTube’s partner program.

But this can eventually make you a lot of money. As already mentioned earlier, some people are making thousands of dollars every month.

In addition to this, you do not need to use the YouTube partnership program to make money on video content. There are many other ways to monetize it, once you have traffic and viewers.

Overall, the problems with YouTube Covert Video Press mentions are in my opinion exaggerated and are a sales trick to make their own system look better.

Warning sign #3 – Cultures lazy attitude:

This is closely related to the point above.

You are told that the system helps you just piggy back of other people’s work and that you do not really have to do much work yourself.

piggy back success

You are told you just have to piggy back on content created by others.

I definitely support the idea of working in a smart and effective way. But having the attitude of just looking for a way to piggy back on other people’s success is in my opinion and experience a very poor way to create a long term business.

There are definitely systems that can make your work more effective, and getting a good WP theme can definitely help.

However, you should NEVER rely on a system to do all the work for you, and in the online world, it is a big mistake to just try to use other people’s content and work to make money yourself.

If you want to make money online, it is definitely possible to learn, but it will take time and effort, and you should not trust a program to be able to do all the work for you.

For me, it is a big warning sign that Covert Video Press culture a lazy attitude, and this kind of attitude will make it very difficult to become successful online in the long run.

Warning sign #4 – The use of Fox News:

This warning sign is actually no longer something that you can find on the sales page of Covert Video Press. But I still want to include it as they used to have this and it tells a lot about the approach in general.

At the beginning of the sales video of Covert Video Press there used to be a presenter standing in front of a Fox News background.

fox news background

Fox News used to be featured in the sales video – this does however not mean it a clip from a news show.

This is in my opinion a dirty trick to add credibility to the video.

There is no proof the video is related to Fox News, and it is just a background used to make it look more legit.

This does not mean the program itself is not legit, but you should just not think that this is a video that has actually been shown in Fox News.

When programs use tricks like this, it makes me very suspicious, and these kinds of tricks are something you definitely need to be aware of.

As mentioned, they have removed this clip from the sales video, and that is something I appreciate. But that they even did use this at some point show me that there are reasons to be extra careful when looking into what they claim to offer.

Warning sign #5 – Claims of Google rankings and traffic:

If you have a website, one of the most important things is to get quality traffic to that website.

Without quality traffic, you will not be able to make any money on it.

Covert Video Press tells you the theme ranks very well in Google and that you will be able to suck in traffic from social media as well.

ranks in google claim

You are told the theme ranks well in Google – this does not make much sense.

If you look closer at the statement about ranking in Google above, it says that it ranks higher than any blog and WordPress theme they have ever used.

I do not know what kind of themes they have used before, so I cannot say, if this is true or not. But it does not mean it will rank higher than other WordPress themes.

Also, if you know anything about Search Engine Optimization, you will know that the theme is not really the main factor that decides whether you will rank or not.

It can play a part in terms of for example speed and user experience, but if you are good at SEO, whether you rank or not will not depend so much on the theme you are using.

So the claim about Covert Video Press ranking higher than other themes is a bit silly in my opinion.

The claim about you being able to start sucking in traffic from social media is also in my experience very exaggerated. It does seem like the system has some ways to integrate with social media, that can increase visibility.

But it is not as easy as it sounds. Just because your website will show a link on social media once in a while does not mean it will start sucking in traffic.

I have worked for several online marketing agencies that are experts at social media, and it is just not this simple. Like anything else, it takes work, time, effort, or a big budget to start sucking in traffic from social media right away.

So be aware that it is not as easy to get traffic as Covert Video Press claims.

Warning sign #6 – The price:

At first, it looks like the pricing of Covert Video Press is very straightforward. You are told the normal price is $97, but you get a discount and pay a one-time fee to get a WordPress theme and training for $47. Sometimes you might even see it for a lower price at $27 – that depends if they are in a promotional period.

This sounds fair and is not a high price to pay for a WordPress theme. As I already mentioned, I do however strongly doubt many of the claims this theme makes, and it is therefore not a theme I would invest in.

But you also need to know this is not the full price. After you join, there will be several upsells, which means you will have to pay extra to get access to the full system.

I know this from looking at the affiliate information of Covert Video Press, where the sales funnel is presented.

covert video press upsells

There are several upsells after you join.

Here you can see that in addition to the joining fee, there are 2 upsells. The total price of getting Covert Video Press can, therefore, end up being $181.

I dislike when a company is not transparent about the total cost until after you join, and I think this is something you need to take into consideration before buying access.

Final verdict

Covert Video Press has both some good and some bad sides in my opinion.

So let’s finish this review by summing up the pros and cons so you can get a better overview before deciding if it is for you or not.


  • You get an actual WP theme
  • The product has existed for years


  • It will NOT be as easy to make money as the sales page claim
  • You will NOT just automatically start getting traffic as they claim
  • You are told you have to do minimal work – this is NOT how internet marketing really works

OveralI, I do not think the good sides make up for the bad sides when it comes to Covert Video Press.

There are too many claims that do not make sense when you know how online marketing works, it cultures an unhealthy/lazy approach to building an online income that can hurt your chances in the long run, and it is not transparent about the pricing.

For these reasons, it is not a program and theme I recommend. If you are interested in making money online, it is, however, possible to learn to do step-by-step, if you are willing to make an effort.

You can read about the proven process I use to make money online if you want to know more.

It does take some work, but it will teach you the skills to make a sustainable income online, and you can take it in any direction you want to. So if you are serious about wanting to earn money online, I encourage you to check out the info through the link above.


If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Covert Video Press yourself you would like to share, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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