best chocolate affiliate programs headerIf you have a blog or website about chocolate, you might want to earn by using affiliate marketing.

To get the best chances of earning, you need to find the right programs to join for this.

In this article, you will find a list of 11 top chocolate affiliate programs – they are, of course, all free to join.

You will also get some niche insights and ideas about potential content that can bring in traffic so you can earn after joining the affiliate programs.

So let’s get started!

Is chocolate a good niche?

Just by using pure logic it is clear to see that there is a lot of interest in chocolate. But when it comes to running an online business, it is also a good idea to combine data with our gut feeling to get the best results.

And you also need to know how big the interest is online since you will be making money through promoting chocolate online.

So let’s look at a few numbers to see how good a niche chocolate is.

If we just start by looking at the overall worldwide consumption of chocolate, according to Statista, the consumption has increased every year from 2012 until 2019.

So this shows it definitely has a big market.

But let’s also look at how big the interest is for searching online for chocolate as that gives you a better indication of your potential as an affiliate.

For this, I have used Google trends as this can show a lot about how big the interest is online. I started with just a search for the general term “Chocolate” and the worldwide interest.

chocolate interest on google trends

The online interest for chocolate according to Google Trends.

Here you can see there is a pretty decent interest year-round with a few peeks during the year over the past 12 months. It is important to notice that this is the general worldwide interest.

But since you will be promoting chocolate online you can do it worldwide. However, if you want more knowledge about the interest in specific countries or regions, you can also use Google Trends for this.

chocolate interest by region on google trends

The interest by country.

If you look at the top 5 countries, you can see that some countries have a very high interest. This is data that could be used to maybe promote towards countries that have not been your target market so far.

To get some more info I also tried to look for the term “organic chocolate” to see how big the interest of this is worldwide.

organic chocolate interest on google trends

Organic chocolate is also a popular topic online.

It actually shows that this in periods has even more interest which is something very interesting for you as an affiliate.

Something else that is very good to know about this is when you look at the top countries for this search term.

organic chocolate-interest by region on google trends

The countries that search the most for organic chocolate online.

The interest for organic chocolate is huge in the big English-speaking countries. But after that, you can see that there is not much interest in many other countries according to the stats of Google.

That will, of course, be affected by the language, but if your website is in English, this is very useful knowledge to have and take into your planning.

So overall, you can see there is a big interest and potential for the chocolate niche online.

But let’s also look at bit at the competition and some potential content ideas before we get to the list of the best affiliate programs to join.

Niche competition insights

Popular niches will, of course, also have competition.

But competition is not necessarily a bad thing. If you focus on creating great content and providing value to your visitors as an affiliate, you have a chance in most niches if you choose the right angle.

No matter whether you focus on paid traffic or on getting traffic from the search engines, you need to have helpful and valuable content.

Personally, I work a lot with getting organic traffic as the traffic you get here is some of the best. And if you do the right research and work hard, you can definitely rank in the chocolate niche as well.

So let’s just go over a few ideas about what kind of content you could potentially go for and how the competition is for this.

For this, I have used the keyword research tool Jaaxy. First, I just did a search for the general term chocolate even though I knew that would be too competitive.

chocolate jaaxy search

Some ideas for potential content about chocolate.

The avg shows the average monthly searches, the QSR is the competition and should preferably be below 100, and the KQI is a quality index and should preferably be great.

When it comes to the general term “chocolate” it is obviously not a good term to go for.

But the great thing about having a good keyword tool is that it will also give you a lot of related suggestions.

The above image just shows some of the suggestions and already here you can see some potential good keywords and it is then possible to search specifically for this and find even more ideas and better keywords.

A term like “how to stop eating chocolate” could actually be an interesting KW and it has some good stats. Of course, as a chocolate affiliate, you do not really want people to stop eating chocolate:-)

But as a part of the branding and providing high-quality content for your users, this could be a good and relevant topic.

And on the list of the affiliate programs below, you will also find several healthy chocolates you could then recommend so people could still keep eating it but go for healthy options.

Another idea from the research above could be “chocolate cupcake frosting” – you could also do some more research about this and make some really great content that would also recommend some of the products you are promoting.

So these are just a few ideas I got from just spending a few minutes doing research.

I just did one more quick search for “organic chocolate online” to see what came up.

organic chocolate search on jaaxy

Some ideas if you want to promote organic chocolate.

Here are also some good ideas to look further into.

And again, these are just a few of the suggestions that came up.

With a keyword tool like Jaaxy or similar, you will quickly get a lot of good ideas for valuable content you can create and at the same time have a chance to rank for in the search engines.

So overall the chocolate niche definitely has a lot of potentials.

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11 Awesome chocolate affiliate programs

Now that we have looked into the potential of being a chocolate affiliate, the next step is to find the right affiliate programs to join.

The best programs for you, of course, depends on your specific angle and audience. But I have created a list of 11 awesome options below and you can find options no matter your specific approach.

It is not in a prioritized order as that depends on your specific needs but it gives you a quick overview of some great options so you can get started quickly.

Sacred Chocolate Affiliate program

sacred chocolate logoProducts:
Sacred Chocolate is a very interesting affiliate program I found during my research for this article. It sells organic raw chocolate and most of the chocolate is also vegan.

In addition to this, they emphasize on creating healthy chocolate and that it is ethically traded. They sell all kinds of chocolate, gift boxes, chocolate beans, butter, paste, and it also sells books.

4% from affiliates you sign up – so feel free to use my affiliate link below:-)
1% in the third tier

How to join:
You can join on the Sacred Chocolate website where you can find their affiliate section in the top menu.

Amberlyn Chocolate

amberlyn chocolate logoProducts:
Amberlyn Chocolate is specialized in sugar-free chocolate, so if you want to give your followers a healthier option, this could be it.

It also sells gluten-free chocolate, Belgian chocolate, low carb chocolate, and more, so it has plenty of products you can earn commissions by promoting.

50% for the first order of a customer, 10% for the next orders

How to join:
You can join directly on the Amberlyn affiliate website.

chocolate org logoProducts: features handmade, artisan chocolates and gift baskets from independent chocolate shops across the USA. Their goal is to make unique chocolate’s available to gift buyers and chocolate lovers.

This means you can find some great specialized chocolate you cannot just buy in every shop. As an affiliate, this can be a very interesting program to join and promote for these reasons.

9 months

How to join:
You have to join the affiliate program through the network ShareASale.

The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club

gcm logoProducts:
The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club is not the usual webshop but instead, a club people sign up for to get monthly chocolate.

The chocolate is small-batch chocolates made from pure, premium ingredients and they are hand-crafted. As an affiliate, you would earn by promoting their monthly membership and throughout the year there are also several other promotional offers for affiliates.

Up to $12 per membership
90 days cookie time

How to join:
You can join directly on the GCM website.

Godiva Chocolates Affiliate Programme

godiva logoProducts:
Godiva is a well-know brand of Belgian chocolate. This particular affiliate program is, however, only looking for people who are promoting in the UK.

As an affiliate, you get to promote their high-quality chocolate. Just be aware that they do not always accept affiliates and can be a bit strict on who they accept. Also, they do not allow PPC advertising.

10% default commission
3% voucher code commission
45 day cookie time

How to join:
You can read more about how to join on the Godiva affiliate site.

My M&M’s affiliate program

my m and ms logoProducts:
My M&M’s makes it possible to buy personalized M&M’s through a wide selection of gift ideas. It can, for example, be personalized M&M’s for a wedding with pictures and names, business gifts, chocolate for Mother’s Day, and more.

This could be a pretty cool product to promote. At the moment of writing this article, it is available in the UK, US, and France.

30 day cookie time

How to join:
You can join the My M&M’s affiliate program on this Viglink page.

Design It Yourself Gift Baskets

diy gift baskets logoProducts:
Gift baskets are more or less always a good gift idea and you can promote this and earn commissions that way with the Design It Yourself affiliate program.

It offers all kinds of gift baskets including a big selection of chocolate gift baskets.

30 days cookie time

How to join:
Design It Yourself is one of the affiliate programs you can join through the ShareASale network.

Wildly Organic

wildly organic logoProducts:
Wildly Organic is a company that focuses on producing organic high-quality and healthy food. They sell a wide range of products.

They do actually not as such sell chocolate. But they sell certified organic cacao powders, nibs, butter and more. Depending on your niche this could be very relevant for people interested in chocolate.

Starts at 10%. Can be increased up to 20%
30 days cookie time

How to join:
You can read more about how to join the Wildy Organic affiliate program on their website.

OCTO Chocolate

octo chocolate logoProducts:
OCTO Chocolate is an award-winning chocolate company specializing in the production of hand-made Organic, Dairy-free, Vegan-friendly chocolate.

They sell a wide variety of products. This is an affiliate program if you have the UK as your market.


How to join:
You can join through the OCTO affiliate site here.

Gift Baskets Overseas

gift baskets overseas logoProducts:
This is an interesting affiliate program no matter what country your audience is in and you can promote it to more or less the whole world if you want to.

They sell all kinds of gift baskets which includes a big selection of chocolate gift baskets. They ship to more than 150 countries which gives it a big potential as an affiliate.

10% baseline commission (12%-15% for top performers)
90 days cookie time

How to join:
You can join the Gift Baskets Overseas affiliate program through the ShareASale network.

Natural Collection

natural collection logoProducts:
Natural Collection is a webshop that does not really specialize in chocolate but sells all kinds of products. But it does have a good selection of chocolate also, you can earn commissions by promoting as an affiliate.

If you go to their groceries section, you can find chocolate bars, raw chocolate, chocolate gifts, and more you can promote.

30 days cookie time

How to join:
You can see how to join the Natural Collection affiliate program on their website.

Final thoughts

As you can see, chocolate as an affiliate niche can be great. Not only are people searching quite a lot for this online, but there also are a lot of great affiliate programs you can join.

The list above gives you access to some top programs and you can find relevant programs almost no matter what your specific target audience is.

I hope this article and list has helped you get some ideas and can help you become a successful chocolate affiliate.


If you have any comments, questions, or know of an affiliate program you think belongs on the list, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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