is smart money methods a scam review headerSmart Money Methods is supposedly a new smart way to make fast money online with minimal effort.

But is Smart Money Methods a scam, or does it really work?

Let me reveal right away that there are a lot of inconsistencies in the claims of this program, and a lot of warnings signs you need to take into consideration before joining.

This Smart Money Methods review will show you all the warning signs and share my experiences about what you should really expect from trying to make money with a system like this.

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Smart Money Methods makes a lot of inconsistent claims. You are also not told anything about how you will actually make money, there are no actual proof the system works, and it can end up being a lot more expensive to join than you are told. It is therefore a system I do not recommend.

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What is Smart Money Methods?

Smart Money Methods is a system supposedly developed by Mark Foster.

He had a hard time, had to move back in with his parents and was struggling to survive and working more than 100 hours per week.

He looked into several ways to make money online, but they did not work out for him. Then one day he supposedly finally found a system that worked, and he could make fast money online. After a while, he found another system, and he then created the Smart Money Methods system that will show you how you can make money from day one online.

This is a nice story and all – but the problem is just that there is no proof whatsoever that it is actually true.

You do not get any real information about Mark and you do not see any pictures of him. You are just told a story without any backup proof.

When Mark talks about him moving back in with his parents, he does, however, show a photo.

I did some research and this is clearly a stock photo used on a lot of other articles online.

mark and parents similar images on google

The image of Mark and his parents is clearly a stock photo.

I know Mark does not actually claim that it is him on the image, but he shows it in connection with him talking about moving in with his parents, and that is a little strange to just use a random image for this.

So you actually have no idea who Mark is, and if he is even a real person or just a fictional character used to promote this system.

It is always a big warning sign when you cannot find any real information about who the owner of a certain system is, so in my opinion, this is the first big warning sign you have to consider before joining Smart Money Methods.

But it could in theory still be a great system, even though it is a bit suspicious how the owner and his story is presented. So let’s look into what the system will offer you.

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How does Smart Money Methods work?

So how does the Smart Money Methods system work?

This is a very good question since you are not really told what it is about. In a way, it reminds me a lot of the 30 Minute Money Methods I have previously reviewed, as that is also a system that just promises you several methods to make money online, but without telling how.

Systems like this that claim to make you fast money online often have one thing in common – you are never really told how you will make the money. You are instead what it is not about. That is also the case for Smart Money Methods, and you are mostly just told it is something brand new.

never seen method claim

You are told you will get access to brand new methods – but you are not told what you will be doing.

Think about it – is it not a little suspicious that all you are told is that it is brand new, but you are not told how you will actually make money?

If it was really a great system, would he not at least give you a little idea about what you will be doing? All you are told is that it is not online surveys, it is not blogging, and that it is new methods you have never seen before.

In addition to the suspicious fact that you are not told what you will be doing, the claim about it being brand new methods does not make much sense.

According to Mark’s own story, he found these methods by searching online. If he has been able to find the methods online, how can he then claim it is brand new methods you have not heard of before?

In my opinion, it seems more like sales tricks to make you buy his system.

So the fact that you are not told anything about what you will be doing, and that he claims it is new methods, and at the same time claims he found the methods online, are other warning signs you, in my opinion, have to consider before joining.

There are however many more things you need to be aware of – one of them is the lack of proof the system works.

Are there any earning proofs?

It is always good to see proof a system works and hear about other peoples’ experiences with it before joining it.

That is also why many systems include testimonials in their videos. Often I actually see systems with similar claims to Smart Money Methods using actors to do video reviews to make the system look more believable. Luckily Smart Money Methods are not using methods like this. Mark is, however, trying to tell some stories about members and their success.

smart money methods testimonial

You are told several stories about members making money – there is just no proof to back up the claims.

The problem about the stories Mark tells is just that once again there is no real proof. He is just mentioning a name and how much the person has made. He is also telling a story about a woman named Sara and how she was struggling to make money until she used his system.

To me it just seems like random names and stories, since there is no proof they are real.

But I decided to do some further research and see if I could then find some positive experiences from members online. I found a few very positive Smart Money Methods reviews on Google.

positive smart money methods reviews

There are some positive Smart Money Methods reviews online – they get paid to promote the program.

These reviews again do however not show any real proof. They are basically just repeating the sales pitch of Smart Money Methods. They are not giving any information about how you will actually be making money online, and they are just repeating superficial information.

The reason for this is that Smart Money Methods is being promoted through affiliate marketing, which means they pay people for promoting the program. Unfortunately, that means some people are willing to just repeat the sales pitch in order to convince their readers to buy it to make a commission themselves.

From the research I have done, I have not seen any real proof that people have made money on the system.

That I have not been able to find any positive stories does of course not show that Smart Money Methods does not work. But in my opinion, it is suspicious when the sales video itself is just telling superficial success stories without any proof.

If the system really was as great as it claims, would it then not be possible to come up with some more evidence?

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Warning signs to be aware of!

I have already shown several things that you, in my opinion, have to consider before joining Smart Money Methods. There are however several more warning signs you should be aware of.

I have created a video that will go over some of the biggest red flags. You can also read even more details below the video:

Below I will go over the red flags I spotted when I researched Smart Money Methods, so you can get a full overview before deciding to join or not.

Warning sign 1 – Inconsistencies about income:

You are told it will cost you $37 to get access to Smart Money Methods, and you can make this investment back within days.

make the investment back claim

Smart Money Methods are making a lot of inconsistent claims.

At the same time, you are several times throughout the video told how people make hundreds of dollars on their first day and thousands of dollars within their first week.

If the system would make this much money, why does he then mention you can make the investment back within days. If the system really works, would it then not be possible to make back within minutes?

It is just one of the many inconsistencies in the claims of Smart Money Methods. There is not one alone that will clarify if the system is for you or not, but when you put all these things together, it should give you a good idea about what the system really offers.

Warning sign 2 – The price:

It seems very cheap to only have to pay $37 to get access to a system that can make you rich very fast. You are even told that there are no hidden costs at all.

no hidden fees claim

You are told there are no hidden fees – not exactly true.

This is simply not true – it, of course, depends on how you define hidden costs, but in my opinion, it is hidden fees when you are told there is a one-time fee, and then find out there are several expensive upsells after you join.

I looked into the information about what Smart Money Methods pays people to promote the system, and this shows the true cost of joining the system.

smart money methods upsell overview

Info from Smart Money Methods’ affiliate program reveals the true cost.

This shows that with the two further sales after you join, it can end up costing you $411 to get access to the system. That is a lot more than you are told at first.

Of course still not a lot, if it could really make you the money it claims. But in my opinion, it is a good reason to be suspicious, when a program hides its true costs. What else is it not telling the truth about?

Warning sign 3 – False info about other earning methods:

Mark tells about how he in the past tried to make money by taking online surveys and by blogging. He mentions he failed to make money like this, and are telling how terrible these ways of making money online are. He for example even claims that most surveys he completed did not pay, and that blogging does not work.

surveys did not pay statement

You are given false info about other earning methods.

I have spent several years looking into making money online in different ways, and there are several things in Mark’s statements that are simply not true and just a way to make his own system look better.

First of all – yes it is true that paid surveys will not make you rich or a full-time income. But it is simply not true that most of them do not pay. I have personally taken thousands of surveys, and know there are many legit sites. It is not the way to go to create a full-time income for sure, but to say that most of them do not pay is simply not true.

His claim about blogging not working is also not true. It is true that many people fail and there are many reasons people fail with blogging and affiliate marketing. That many people fail does however not mean it does not work. I am making money by blogging myself, so I know it is definitely a real way to make money online.

Let’s assume Mark is a real person – if this is the case, he mentions he started taking surveys and gave up after a month or so. Then he started looking into blogging and according to himself looked seriously into it for a couple of days. He then continued writing but got no results and then gave up.

This does not proof blogging does not work – it just shows Mark does not know how to do it correctly. He mentions at the time he gave up, he had lived with his parents for 6 months. If you deduct the time Mark spend on doing surveys, you can figure out that he has maximum spend around 4 months blogging.

If you have no experience and do not follow the right steps, you will for sure not have success with blogging after 4 months. It takes time to get a successful blog, and it is not a get-rich-quick thing as Mark apparently thought – so no wonder he failed with it.

Again, this is to me just another weird claim from Smart Money Methods to try to make his own system look good, but the claims are in my experience however not true at all.

Warning 4 – Fast money claim:

The whole idea of Smart Money Methods is that you are able to make money on your first day – even a lot of money.

make money today claim

You are told you will start making money today. Be careful believing any system that claims this.

Whenever you see a system that claims you can make fast money online and make really good money without any effort, you should be very suspicious.

It is definitely possible to make good money online, but it will take effort and time. There is no system that will just automatically make you thousands of dollars on autopilot from day one without you spending any time on it.

That is just not the reality of internet marketing, even though there are many programs that will have you believe this to sell you their product and expensive upsells after you join.

If you need fast money, making money online is in my opinion not the way to go. If you are desperate, you will likely end up falling for the programs that claim you can become rich overnight, but in most cases, you will instead end up losing a lot of money overnight.

Therefore, you should always see it is a BIG warning sign when a program claims to make you rich fast online and claims it can happen without much effort.

Warning 5 – No proof of anything:

I have already mentioned several examples of the proof you get to show Smart Money Methods works, in my opinion, is not really proving anything.

Let me give you another example of this. Mark mentions he was able to buy his dream home and shows a picture of a house. I did an image search for this house and it came up with a lot of results on Google.

marks home on google

Mark’s house shows up on a lot of pages on Google.

The image above just shows a few of the pages that use the exact same image. There are many pages of results on Google.

In theory, it could, of course, be because Mark has put his house up for sale or something like this.

But it seems strange that once again the images used to prove something in the sales video of Smart Money Methods is used on a lot of other sites.

When you put all these warning signs together, it is in my opinion clear that you have good reasons to be suspicious about joining Smart Money Methods.

Warning sign 6 – Uses scarcity tricks:

You are from the very beginning of the sales video of Smart Money Methods told that there only are limited spaces available.

limited spots sign

You are told there are limited spots – it is just a trick to get you to sign up.

This is repeated again at the end of the video. But do not let this pressure you into taking a decision. It is just a trick to get you to sign up without thinking.

This kind of scarcity tricks is unfortunately used by many companies today, as they want to make a quick sale. So a trick like this alone does not prove anything. Many otherwise legit companies, unfortunately, use these tricks.

But it is just one of the many tricks used to get you to sign up for something that will end up costing you a lot more than you are told, and you do not even know what you are paying for.

So do not worry about the video being removed as you are told it will be. It will still be there tomorrow, and if it for some reason should be removed, it will in my opinion just save you from wasting time and money:-)

Final verdict – scam or legit?

I do actually not wish to announce Smart Money Methods as legit or a scam. In this review, I just wish to present my findings about the program and share my experiences with how it works to make money online, and then you can use this info to make the decision that is right for you.

So let’s finish this review with summing up the pros and cons to give you a better overview.


  • None



  • Not transparent pricing
  • You are not told how you will earn
  • Stock images used to show proof
  • No real proof
  • Claims you can become rich fast online

I honestly cannot find any positive things to say about Smart Money Methods after having looked into it. It has too many inconsistent claims, you are not told how you will earn, and there is no proof whatsoever that it actually works. In my opinion, it is, therefore, a system to be careful about joining – especially because it can end up being a lot more expensive than you are told.

It is, however, possible to learn how to make money online no matter your experience and background. You should just in general stay away from the programs that promise a system will do all the work for you and that it will happen overnight. If you are willing to make an effort and spend some time learning how to do it, you can check out my free guide about how I make money online.

This is the method and process I am using myself, and I, therefore, know it works. It will not happen overnight, but if you follow the steps, it can help you to eventually create a legit online income.


If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Smart Money Methods yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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