is same day ecom profits a scam review headerCan you really make money in less than two hours with Same Day eCom Profits, as it promises?

Or is Same Day eCom Profits a scam to stay away from?

I have many years of online experience, and in this Same Day eCom Profits review I am going to take a closer look at the claims this program makes.

Let me reveal right away that there are many things you are NOT told on the sales page – you need to be aware of these aspects before investing any money. This article will reveal the things the other reviews are not telling you!

Same Day eCom Profits at a Glance
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There are a lot of things Same Day eCom Profits does not reveal before you join. The methods can in theory make you money, but it will definitely not be as easy, cheap, and fast as the sales page promises. This review reveals all the details, so you will know the truth before joining.

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What is Same Day eCom Profits?

Same Day eCom Profits is a system developed by Jani G. Jani G is actually a real person. It is not like for example a system like the Ecom Formula, where you have no idea who the owner of the program is.

That the owner behind is a real person is a good start, but it is however not a sign of quality on its own. So let’s look into what Same Day eCom Profits supposedly will teach you.

Sell without owning a product:
If you have no experience in working online, it might not be very clear what Same Day eCom Profits will teach you. What the system is about is dropshipping.

It is a method, where you do not own a product yourself, but you are just a middleman connecting the buyer and the seller online, and then you earn a commission.

Let me reveal right away that dropshipping is indeed a legit and real way to make money online. Personally, I prefer making money through affiliate marketing, but I know many people that are earning good money with dropshipping as well, so it definitely is a real way to make money.

However, I have my doubts that the Same Day eCom Profits system will be the right way to learn this, but I will go more into this later.

The 3 steps you will learn:
According to Jani G, you will start making money in less than 2 hours by following his 3 simple steps.

The first step is to find a weird product. It can be only kind of product. He for example mentions a special necklace as an example.

Step 2 is then to build a sales page around this product. He mentions that it will be an ugly page – I guess that this is to emphasize that you do not need any design skills to make this work.

ugly sales page example

Example of one of the sales pages.

After you have the sales page set up, step 3 is to get traffic to the sales page, and when people then buy, you will earn commissions.

All in all this sound very simple and nice. And in theory this could definitely work, but can Same Day eCom Profits really live up to its promises about how easy it is? That is what I will go into next.

Can you make money online in less than two hours?

Same Day eCom Profits makes it look like you can set everything up to make a very good income online in less than two hours.

The steps can in theory work. If you have a sales page with traffic, it is definitely possible to make good commissions.

However, it is not as simple and easy as Same Day eCom Profits will have you believe.

I have worked for several online marketing agencies, and the biggest task is always to get traffic to sales pages for clients. It is definitely possible to make this happen quickly, but not without a big budget for ads.

I know Jani G claims he has a secret method to get free traffic, but I hear so many claims about secret traffic methods from similar programs all the time.

The fact is that it is not about just getting traffic to your site – it is about getting quality traffic to your site. If not, it does not matter, as you will not make any sales. And quality traffic does not come from some kind of quick-fix secret method.

So in theory the steps could work, but be aware that there is a catch, and it will not be as easy, simple and cheap, as you are told on the sales page. I will go into more about this in the section with the red flags below.

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Warning about the 5-star Same Day eCom Profits reviews!

I have already hinted at some things you need to be aware of – and there are a lot more, which I will get to soon.

But you have maybe seen several very positive reviews of Same Day eCom Profits online, as there are many of them.

positive same day ecom profits reviews

Do not necessarily believe the many 4+5-star reviews online.

This could lead you to believe that I am just a confused man not knowing what I am talking about.

However, I have worked with online marketing for many years, and know many of the tricks. And there is a very specific reason you will find many positive Same Day eCom Profits reviews.

The reason is that Same Day eCom Profits is paying website owners to promote the system. And they are paying pretty well.

If I for example convinced you that it is an amazing system to buy, and you end up getting it, I could potentially end up earning more than $100 per sale depending on how many extra upgrades you end up buying (yes – Same Day eCom Profits has several more expensive upgrades).

Unfortunately this means that many people are willing to push a program just to earn commissions and not care about telling you the details, so you can make a decision based on knowing the full details, opportunities, potential risks, etc.

To me it is important to do honest affiliate marketing, which means I only recommend programs I truly recommend. And even for the systems and services I recommend, I make sure to share as many both positive and negative details as possible.

This is however not the case for all reviews, and this is why you cannot always trust a positive review online, and this is also why you will find a lot of Same Day eCom Profits reviews that are not telling you all the details, but mostly just the simple steps and try to convince you, it is as easy as the sales page claims.

Red flags to be aware of

Before deciding whether you should invest in Same Day eCom Profits or not, there are some red flags you need to be aware of and take into consideration, so you know what you are getting into.

I have made a video where I will show you the biggest warning signs. You can also read all the details below the video, if you prefer this:

Red flag #1 – Get-rich-quick mentality

One of the biggest warning signs for me about any online system is, when it sells the idea that you can become rich fast online and without any effort, and Same Day eCom Profits claims this.

quick money claim

Same Day eCom Profits claims you can start earning within 2 hours.

It is definitely possible to make good money online, and it is also possible to learn no matter your previous experience.

But it is utopia to believe that it can happen by just paying a few bucks, do a few clicks, and then the money will start rolling in.

The mentality of chasing this will in most cases make you fail online. If you instead are willing to make an effort, and willing to invest time into building an online income, it is definitely possible.

But you should in general be very careful about any program that claims they will do it all for you for just a few dollars. Just think about it – why would they do this?

If the system really was this great, why would they try to push the program to you to sell it and make money? Could they not just use the system themselves to make money without any effort instead of spending time and money on creating fancy sales pages and pitches?

Just something to consider not just before joining Same Day eCom Profits but any program that promise you can become rich online instantly and without any effort.

Red flag #2 – Secret free traffic method

I have already talked a bit about the claim of a secret free traffic method earlier. You need quality traffic and not just any kind of free traffic, and I am sorry to burst any bubbles, but there are no secret free traffic method that will bring in thousands of quality visitors instantly.

Also, be aware that Same Day eCom Profits is not only talking about free traffic. If you listen carefully Jani G will a couple of times mention that you can also use his low cost traffic method that is not Facebook ads.

So there will also be an investment for ads. This can be fine, but you just need to be aware.

Also, it is not difficult to find low cost traffic. You can for example use a platform like MaxVisits, or one of the thousands of other platforms like this. It is however again not about the amount of traffic but about the quality. And many of these low cost traffic platforms will just send you poor bot traffic.

So be aware that getting free quality traffic is not as easy as Same Day eCom Profits makes it sound. I have been working for several big marketing agencies, and this is always the biggest challenge. It takes time, effort or money to get quality traffic, and it is very unlikely you will ever find any quick fix for this.

Red flag #3 – Hidden costs

At first it looks like you only have to pay $14.95 to join Same Day eCom Profits and get access to the system. This is very cheap, and there is not much of a risk in investing this.

But this is not the full price.

There are several upgrade / upsells after you join.

same day ecom profits price

Same Day eCom Profits can end up costing a lot more than you are first told.

As you can see, you have to pay extra to get ready-made campaigns and live coaching. In total, it can end up costing you more than $200. On top of this there will also potentially be costs for ads.

This is of course still a small investment, if the system can really make you the kind of money it claims. But for me it is always a big warning sign when a program is not transparent about the true cost of joining – what else have they not told you?

No matter what, this is definitely something you need to take into consideration and look at together with the rest of the information in this review, so you know what you are getting into, and what the potential costs can be.

Red flag #4 – Dropshipping has risks

You are not told that there are some risks in dropshipping. This does not mean it can not be a good business model, because it definitely can. It just means it is something you need to know and take into consideration.

When you are dropshipping, you are the middleman that connects the buyer and seller. You never have the product yourself. But you are still the seller, which means if a person that buys has any complaints or wants a refund, you can potentially be responsible for this.

This is not necessarily a problem, and many people never have problems with this, but it is still something you are not told and something you need to be aware of.

Final thoughts

Same Day eCom Profits is not a system I am a big fan of. But let’s sum up the pros and cons, so you can get a quick overview and decide for yourself whether it is worth joining or not.


  • Dropshipping is a real way to make money onlineø
  • Jani G is a real person


  • Cultures unhealthy get-rich-quick mentality
  • Has several upsells
  • Claims you can become rich online without effort
  • Claims to know the secret for fast free traffic

Overall, it is possible to make money with dropshipping and the steps Same Day eCom Profits teaches, so in that way the system is not a scam.

In my opinion it is however not worth investing in. There are many things you are not told, and there are many exaggerated claims that cultures an unhealthy approach to creating an online income.

Furthermore, you are not told the full price before joining, and I personally hate when programs get you in with a low price only to keep offering more expensive upgrades. For these reasons it is not a program I recommend.

If you want to learn to make money online, it is definitely possible no matter your previous experience and skills. As long as you are willing to make an effort and aware that it will not happen overnight. If this sounds like something for you, you can click the button below to read about my top recommended way to make money online.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Same Day eCom Profits yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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