is profit with alex a scamCan Profit with Alex really help you become rich from selling Amazon products in less than 5 minutes and with just 14 clicks?

This is what the program claims, but can this really be true or is Profit with Alex a scam?

In this review, I will go into the details about this claim as well as other claims the program makes. I will also show you some inside information, I have been able to find – this is information you need to know before joining.

After reading this review, you will know what to expect, if you decide to join.


Profit with Alex at a Glance
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Profit with Alex claims that you can get access to a software that can help you make money on autopilot as an Amazon Affiliate. The part about the possibility to make money on Amazon is true, but most of the other claims are unrealistic.

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What is Profit with Alex and what does the program offer?

The only information you can really find about Profit with Alex is in the presentation video, you have maybe been lead to through an ad or pop-up somewhere on the internet. It is a 25-minute presentation video of the program and what you can expect from it.

The main service the program offers is a free software that can help you create a website in less than 5 minutes. That website will more or less automatically be set up for you to earn huge commissions by selling products on Amazon.

This all sounds very nice and appealing to most people. I do however want to comment on a few of these claims, as it is important for you to understand, if this is really realistic, before you decide to join or not:

Can you build a website automatically?:
The big reason to get the free software Profit with Alex is offering is that he claims, it can help you build a website more or less automatically. He even shows a demo of this is the presentation video. He says that it only takes 5 minutes and take you 14 clicks with your mouse.

First of all, the demo he shows in his video does not actually prove anything in my opinion. He just shows some steps and then some results, but not that it actually happens. I am not saying it is not true – I am just saying that I did not see any evidence in the video.

Secondly, it is true that today you can find software and automatic processes that can help you set up websites pretty fast. But I have worked with websites and online marketing for many years, and I have never seen or heard of anything that can build this much.

Of course Alex also explains that this is exceptional, but you do not need to know much about websites to know that this is a little too exceptional. Having a website that is completely set up with Amazon products, affiliate links, design, product descriptions, and a technical setup that works perfectly to run a business in just 5 minutes sounds too good to be true. So do not expect that it is this easy to build a website – anyone can learn to build a website, but it takes a little more time to set it up, if you want something that works in the long run.

Can you really make money by selling products on Amazon?:
Alex explains that the way you make money is by having products from Amazon on your website, and then you will get a commission, when people click the links and end up buying on Amazon.

This is a legit way to make money online. If you have a website, you can sign up for Amazon Associates. Once you have signed up, you can earn commissions on any product by promoting them on your site. So that part of it is true and very legit. And many people make very good money from this.

Amazon is not the only program that offers this kind of programs. Many services, products and brands do this today – it is called affiliate marketing, and it is definitely a good way to make money online in a legit way.

Is it that easy to get traffic to your site?:
Now you know that it is possible to make money by promoting Amazon products on your website. There is however one important thing you need to make this happen – that is to get traffic to your website.

In the presentation of Profit with Alex, he shows a few things you need to set up to prepare your website for traffic.

keyword selection

Profit with Alex claims that it is super easy to get mass traffic to your website.

The things he shows are very superficial. Furthermore, Alex claims that he just spend 20 minutes a day doing a bit of work to get mass traffic. This is because his software gives you a shortcut to huge amounts of traffic.

I have worked for several big online marketing agencies and worked with ranking websites for a long time myself as well. I wish it was this easy to get huge amounts of traffic. It takes time and effort to build up organic traffic – according to the example Alex shows in his video, he gets around 5000 visitors a day after only having had the website for a week.

This can be done, but only if you pay a lot of money to buy ads, or you just buy cheap and poor traffic. You can definitely not get this kind of organic traffic within a week – it is a ridiculous claim, and anybody that has ever worked with ranking websites will tell you this.

To be fair, Alex does not claim that the traffic he gets is organic – but he does also not mention that he has bought it. I want to make sure to point this out, so you know that to get this kind of quality traffic, you have to be willing to spend a lot of money on ads or be patient and build up organic traffic by ranking in the search engines.

Can you make $4000 within your first week?:
It looks very impressive when Alex goes into his account after having only had the website for a week, and then shows he has made around $4000 – that would be amazing. And he only worked 20 minutes a day building new websites.

This is a very strange claim – building new websites all the time will not help you get more traffic. As already mentioned, it takes time before a website gets traffic. Something is off in his claims. I know a lot of people that has had a lot of success as an Amazon Associate, and all of them will tell you that it takes a lot longer to get this kind of success, and it takes a lot more effort than just 20 minutes a day. And the strategy should never be to just keep building new websites.

Below I have made a small video, where I show you how Profit with Alex’s website looks like and shows you some of the exaggerated claims he is making:

Who is Alex?

Now you know some of the claims Alex is making about his software, but who is this Alex?

That is a good question. In the video, there is a part where he says something about his wife and two kids and shows a picture of them together.

This is a great way to build trust, but as I am suspicious when it comes to online money making programs, I decided to run the image through an image recognition tool on Google. This is a way to see if a certain image is used somewhere else on the internet. And the picture of Alex and his family was.

alex with wife and kids

The picture of Alex and his family is a stock photo used on many other websites as well.

These are just a few of the examples, and the picture is used on many more sites. It is clearly a stock photo that is used by many real estate agents and housing websites. So either Alex and his family are also models, or it is not really Alex and his family. I will let you be the judge of that.

I can however conclude that there is no real information about who this Alex is. That is one of the warning signs that tells me to be careful about a certain program. Profit with Alex has many more warning signs in my opinion, and I would like to show some of them to you, so you know what to be aware of yourself.

Warning signs you need to know

I have already mentioned several times that there are certain claims in the presentation video of Profit with Alex that should raise a red flag. Below I will go over some more red flags and warning signs, you need to know, before you decide to join or not.

News section in the beginning of the video is a trick:
The presentation video of Profit with Alex starts with several small segments from big news media. They are clips where the hosts of these programs talk about a new way to make money online, how you can work legit from home, how you can make thousands a month working from home etc. There are also segments that show people saying that they are tired of being scammed, and one man says, he has never seen a work from home opportunity that actually did work – until now.

After that, the presentation of Profit with Alex starts.

This is a very clever trick. You automatically assume that since these clips are shown in this video, they must be about this program. This is however not the case. Theses media clips are taking out of context to create credibility. Not one single time do you hear the media mention the actual name of the opportunity they are talking about. If they had actually been talking about Profit with Alex, you can be sure that he would have included this in the video.

So be aware that these clips from the big news media are probably not talking about Profit with Alex, but the video is just edited in a way that could make you believe that they are talking about him and his program.

Earn easy money on autopilot:
The whole presentation video makes it sound like you can very easily start making money on autopilot. You should be careful about any program that promise you that you can make a lot of money without any skills or effort.

earn money on autopilot

Alex claims you can make money more or less on autopilot.

As I already mentioned above, you can definitely make a lot of money as an Amazon Affiliate, but it does not just happen with a few clicks on a button. Of course there are a few people that manage to become rich online in a very short time, but the reality for most of us is that, like with any other kind of business, it takes work and time to build up a good income. It can definitely be worth the effort, but do not plan on it to happen within a week, and with just 20 minutes work a day.

Proofs are not really proofs:
Alex shows several “proofs” in the video. For example a clock that is supposed to prove how long it takes to make the website or how fast he makes money. In my opinion this is not really a proof. He just shows a clock and then shows it again later. This can very easily be manipulated.

He also shows his bank account details. Again you cannot see for sure that it is actually his bank account. And even if it is, you cannot see where the money come from. Further, he shows a picture of him and his family, and as I have already revealed, this is just a stock photo.

I cannot say for sure that it is not his bank account, but in my opinion there are none of the so-called proofs he shows that are real proofs – the way he uses them just makes me more suspicious.

Learn the big secret:
When a program promise to teach me a big secret that exploits a glitch in a system, I become suspicious. According to Alex, his software exploits a glitch, and this is the reason you can make this much money fast.

He does however never really tell you what the glitch he exploits is. From what he tells in the video, it is websites that are Amazon Affiliate sites. This is fine and definitely legal. But it is not a way to exploit a glitch. And it is not really new and unseen as he also describes his methods.

It is of course unseen that you can make this kind of money within a week, but it is also highly unlikely. So the whole “big secret” thing seems to be to just be a marketing trick.

Limited spaces:
You are told that there are limited spaces in your country. There is even a counter below the video that shows how few places that are left. However, the program has been around since 2017 and there are still available spaces:-)

It is a way to push you to make a decision right now. That is a very normal marketing trick, but this video takes it a step further. You are told many times how urgent it is, that you cannot wait around, that other people regret wasting their chance, that you need to take action now etc. You are really pushed. When a program is trying this hard, you should be careful. There might be a reason they do not want you to go out and do more research or think about it before joining.

Price of the Profit with Alex software

Throughout the video you are told that it is a free software that Profit with Alex is offering. Not until the end of the video you are suddenly told that there however is a small fee for the hosting service offered by ClickCart, where your websites will be hosted.

So it will not be free to join, even though it is presented like this most of the video.

profit with alex price

In small print you can see there is a joining fee.

As you can maybe see on the image above, the fee for joining will be $37 and is written in small print. This would of course not be much, if you could really make this kind of money. But I have found signs that it could very well end up costing you a lot more.

Profit with Alex itself also has an affiliate program, where you can get paid to promote the program. I found this and looked into the description of it:

profit with alex affiliate program

Profit with Alex’s affiliate program reveals that there will be many upsells after you join.

As I have shown with the arrow above, the description says that the program has a lot of upsells. It says that because of the upsells, you can earn up to around $700 per customer as an affiliate. This is a lot of money in commission, so you can clearly figure out that the $37 will just be the beginning – you will definitely be pushed to buy more once you have joined.

I think it is fair to charge for a good program (which I doubt Profit with Alex is), but I think it is dishonest when they are trying to just lure you in, and then after this have all kinds of upsells that you will probably be told, you have to buy to really make money. So be aware that even though the entry price might only be $37, you can end up spending a lot more, if you join.

Final thoughts

As you have probably figured out by now, I am not a big fan of Profit with Alex. But let’s us sum up the pros and cons to give you a better overview.


  • Amazon Associates is a real way to make money



  • Unrealistic to earn $4000 in your first week
  • Not likely you can make a living online by working less than 20 minutes a day
  • The methods described are superficial and not enough to get website traffic
  • There seems to be a lot of hidden upsells
  • You cannot build a full funtioning website automatically in 5 minutes as the program promises

As you can see, Profit with Alex is making a lot of unrealistic claims in my opinion. The only good thing I can say about it is that making money as an Amazon Affiliate is a real opportunity – just not as easily as the program claims. So in my opinion, you should not expect much from joining, and you should instead look around for better training programs that can teach you a better approach.

If you want to know more about making money on Amazon or with affiliate marketing in general, I would instead advice you to check out Wealthy Affiliate which is my favorite learning platform for this, and a platform where I have learned so much about making money online myself.


If you have any questions, or if you have any experiences with Profit with Alex yourself, just leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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