is easy insta profits a scam review headerEasy Insta Profits promises an easy way to make thousands of dollars online by using Instagram.

But is Easy Insta Profits a scam or a legit system to make this happen?

It has both positive and negative sides, but most importantly there are a lot of things you are not told and some misleading claims.

This Easy Insta Profits review will give you all the details, so you know what you really get and what to expect before joining.

Easy Insta Profits at a Glance
  • Training
  • Tools
  • Value for money
  • Income potential


Easy Insta Profits does give you access to some training, and it teaches a real way to make money online. BUT the sales page is full of BS and exaggerated claims. It is all about hype and not much about reality, and it is therefore NOT a system I recommend.

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What is Easy Insta Profits and what does it offer?

If you do not know much about internet marketing, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what Easy Insta Profits offers.

All you are told is that it is a system that will help you make easy money on Instagram. You will learn this by following the step-by-step instructions you get, and then you can supposedly start earning within a few hours.

From the live demo in the sales (which is not really a live demo, but more about this later), it is however possible to see that the method used is what is called affiliate marketing.

You for example see a screenshot of the affiliate network called Clickbank, which is a platform, where you can find all kinds of products you can promote. By promoting them, you will earn commissions, if people buy through the links you are promoting.

So what Easy Insta Profits will teach you is to set up Instagram and find good affiliate programs and products you can promote and then earn commissions this way.

Easy Insta Profits offers training about this, and if you join, you will get access to several training videos.

However, before getting this training there are a lot of things you need to know, as Easy Insta Profits is not at all transparent about what you really get and about the claims it makes.

So let’s first look into if this is even a viable way to make money online, and then we will get to some big warning signs you need to consider before investing in this program.

Can you make money like this?

In the sales video of Easy Insta Profits, you are told a lot about how big Instagram is and how big the potential for earning here is.

It is very true that Instagram is very big and has a big potential. You can see the Instagram statistics here to confirm these numbers for yourself.

It is also true that affiliate marketing is a real way to make money online. I am working with this myself, and it is a great way to earn commissions, and you can do it with products within more or less any niche.

It has a huge potential, and it is possible to make really good money through affiliate marketing.

But I however strongly doubt Easy Insta Profits will be the right place to learn this. There are many warning signs, when it comes to this system, and I will go over these now.

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Easy Insta Profits warning signs

As you can see, Easy Insta Profits offers training in affiliate marketing and how to use Instagram. This is definitely a viable way to make money online.

But before getting this system, you need to know more about the claims it makes, and the big warning signs that this system will not deliver what is promises. The main warning signs in my opinion are:

Warning sign#1 – Use of news clips

In the beginning of the sales video of Easy Insta Profits you see several clips from news media.

easy insta profits news clip

You see several clips for news media – this does NOT mean Easy Insta Profits has been featured here.

These are real clips talking about the potential of Instagram and of making money here. BUT they are not talking about Easy Insta Profits.

Of course the video also does not claim the media clips are about their system, but by placing them in the beginning of the video, it might give you the impression that this system has been in the news media.

It has NOT. It is just a sales trick. Personally I hate cheap sales tricks like this and this way of creating hype. I do not think it is transparent, and in my opinion it gives a big reason to be suspicious, when a program uses sales tricks like this.

Warning sign #2 – Easy money claim

Easy Insta Profits will give you some training, but it claims that by following the system, you can start earning right away.

earn right away with easy insta profit claim

Always be careful when a system claims you can start earning a lot of money right away.

You are not only told that you will be able to start earning right away. You are also told that it basically will take no effort and you only have to spend 15-20 minutes per day, and then your account will soon explode.

time on easy insta profits claim

It is a big warning sign, when a system claims you can earn a lot without any effort.

Yes, Easy Insta Profits will give you some training, BUT it this does not mean that you will start earning right away and start earning the amounts you are told.

This is just not realistic. No system will take care of everything for you, and you will not be able to become rich online by just tapping your phone 15 minutes per day.

It is a big warning sign when a program claims it is this easy to make money online, and it should make you very suspicious.

It is possible to learn to make money online, and it is possible to eventually make really good money. But it will not happen overnight, and it will not happen without effort – that is just not the reality of internet marketing, even though many programs try to convince you of this to make money themselves.

In fact, Easy Insta Profits reveals it will not be this easy itself, as I will show you next.

Warning sign #3 – The disclaimer

If you look closely at the bottom of the Easy Insta Profits’ website, you will see that there is a disclaimer. Make sure to read this.

From watching the sales video, you might get the impression that you are guaranteed to make easy money with this system. That is not the case.

easy insta profits disclaimer

The disclaimer reveals no earnings are guaranteed.

As you can see on the image above, the disclaimer for example says that Easy Insta Profits makes absolutely no guarantee of income by using the methods they teach.

This is important to know. The video says that it is so easy anyone can do it, and it makes it look like you can start making thousands of dollars within days no matter who you are.

But at the same time the disclaimer says that it is absolutely not sure this will happen. Also, the disclaimer says that you should only see the information on the sales page as entertainment.

easy insta profits disclaimer 2

The disclaimer also reveals you should only see the sales page as entertainment.

So what the disclaimer basically says is that the sales page is just entertainment, and you should not expect to see the kind of results you are showed.

Quite important to know right?

Warning sign #4 – Fake testimonials

So what about the amazing testimonials you see in the video from users that say they have made a lot of money?

Well, unfortunately it looks like this should be seen only for entertainment purposes as well.

It is unfortunately common that systems that promise easy money online buy testimonials. By researching a bit, I also found out this seems to be the case for Easy Insta Profits.

easy insta profits false testimonial example

As you can see on the image above, one of the guys telling about his amazing results in the sales video is selling this kind of testimonials.

You have to ask yourself why a program buys testimonials – if it was truly as amazing as it claims, would it then not be easy to get testimonials, they do not have to pay for?

Warning sign #5 – The owner is not real

You are told the owner and developer of Easy Insta Profits is Mike Richards. You are then told the story about how he used to make a lot of money in internet marketing before everything crashed.

He was struggling to pay his bills and had to move home to his parents. Then he finally figured out how to make thousands of dollars online and now has all the financial freedom he wants, and he wants to share this system with you.

Nice story – but Mike Richards is not real. As I have already showed, Easy Insta Profits says that everything on the page should only be seen for entertainment purposes.

In addition to this, the disclaimer reveals that Mike Richards is just a pen name and not a real person.

easy insta profits spokesperson

Mike Richards is not a real person.

It is in my opinion always a big warning sign, when you do not know who the owner is. Why would the person not stand behind his own product, if it was really a great product?

Warning sign #6 – The hidden costs.

It looks like Easy Insta Profits is pretty cheap. You are told you only have to pay a one-time fee of $37.

easy insta profits no hidden fees claim

You are told there are no hidden fees – not exactly true.

You are even told that there are no hidden fees. This is however not exactly true.

I took a look at the promotional material for Easy Insta Profits, where you can see, how much they are paying people in commissions to promote the system.

easy insta profits pricing

The Easy Insta Profits promotional info reveals the true price.

Here you can see it is possible to earn more than $350 per sale in commissions.

This is what people that promote it can earn in commissions. This means that the price you could end up paying will of course be a lot higher than this.

So the system can end up being very expensive. So if you decide to get it, you have to be prepared to end up investing several hundred dollars to get full access to the system.

Warning sign #7 – The downsell

After you join Easy Insta Profits, there will be several upsells, as you can see above. Before you join, there however also is a downsale.

If you try to leave the page, you will get a pop-up giving you a discount and giving you access for $17.

Easy Insta Profits leave bonus

Can you spot the error on the Easy Insta Profits pop-up?

This is a classical trick to get you to stay. But what is funny about it, when you look at the pop-up above, is that they have not been careful enough to change it from where it has been used before:-)

It says “I want Tube Profit Sniper for the limited discount” – I have actually previously made a review of TubeProfit Sniper, and have revealed all the warning signs this program has.

It could seem it might be the same people behind the two programs, since they are using the same pop-up. So maybe this can give us an idea about who is behind this program, since they are not revealing it themselves.

Downsells like this are always a warning sign, as they are mostly used by programs that will have a lot of extra costs after you join. So they do not mind giving you a huge joining discount, as they know they will make this back.

In this case, it is just an even bigger warning sign, because the pop-up also reveals that the program seems to be connected to Tube Profit Sniper.

Warning sign #8 – “Live” demo and streaming

The sales video of Easy Insta Profits looks like it is a live streaming.

It is NOT live. You can see this recording at any time. This is just a trick to create the sense of urgency, so you think you are getting in at the exact right time and are more likely to get the program.

So do not let this trick stress you out. The recording will not go away right away – unless they of course decide to close the program, but then you are in my opinion just lucky to have saved your money anyways:-)

Also, another “live” trick used is to show you a live demonstration.

This does not prove anything. It just shows a guy logging into his Clickbank account. The earnings on that Clickbank account are probably real, but it does not prove that they have been made with Easy Insta Profits.

Again these are just sales tricks, and ways to make it seem like it is an easy way to make money. But remember that Easy Insta Profits itself says that you should only see all this info as entertainment.

Final thoughts

It is pretty clear that I think Easy Insta Profits has a lot of warning signs. But let’s finish this review by summing up the pros and cons, so you can get a better overview before making up your own mind.


  • Gives access to real training
  • Teaches valid way to make money online


  • Exaggerated income claims
  • Claims everything is done for you
  • False testimonials
  • No info about the owner
  • Expensive upsells after you join

Easy Insta Profits is not a scam since you get access to some real training. BUT this does not mean it is worth joining.

In my opinion the training you get there will not teach you the best way to make money through affiliate marketing. How can you trust a system to teach you anything, when it uses so many tricks to convince you to join?

If it really was such a great system, would it then not be enough to just show you real proof, real testimonials, and be transparent about the price?

In my opinion Easy Insta Profits is using too much hype and too little realism, and it is therefore NOT a system I recommend joining.

If you want to learn to make money online, this is however definitely possible.

You can check out my free guide, if you want to see the exact process I am using. It will not make you rich overnight, and it will take effort, but it will also teach you real skills and how to create a realistic income online.


If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Easy Insta Profits yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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