is alexamaster net a scam review claims to be a great and easy way to promote your online business and a place to earn.

But is a scam or really a great opportunity?

I run an online business and I am always interested in looking into new ways of earning online and ways to promote my business. So I was naturally curious and decided to give it a try.

Let me just reveal right away that it is legit BUT there are some important things you need to consider as it might not be as great as it first sounds depending on your goals when joining it.

This review will show you my experiences with the site and give you an inside look so you know exactly what to expect. at a Glance
  • Training
  • Tools
  • Value for money
  • Income potential


Overall, can be a way to get fast and cheap traffic, likes, etc. if you run an online business. And it can also be a way to earn a bit extra if you are looking for ways to make money online.

But as a full-time online marketer, I must say I am not impressed with what it has to offer. If you want traffic to your website, YouTube channel, and more, there just are better ways with more long-term potential.

And if you want to earn, Alexamaster is also just an ineffective use of time, in my opinion. I would clearly suggest learning something like affiliate marketing instead to build a real income.

But it is legit, so if you know exactly what you go into and what to expect, it might be a good solution for you depending on your goals.

What is and what does it offer?

Alexamaster has existed since 2013 and the company is based in Canada.

At first, it can be a bit overwhelming and it can be difficult to get a good overview of what it offers as there are quite a lot of different options there.

But overall, you can join for two purposes – either to promote your website/blog/online business or to earn by doing small online tasks.

The two options are closely connected as the way you earn is by interacting with some of the advertisers’ tasks.

But let’s go more into details about how you can use it to advertise and how you can earn so you can get a good overview no matter the reason you are considering joining.

Option 1 – Advertise your online business

If you have a website, a Facebook page, or a YouTube channel, you can use Alexamaster to advertise and get cheap traffic (more about the prices later).

alexamaster traffic options

You can get cheap traffic, likes, and views on

If you want to get traffic to your website, you can choose which countries you want traffic from. For all the traffic options you have to choose a bid – meaning how many points you are willing to pay for a visit, like, or view.

The higher the bid, the more visibility you will get. So it kind of works like an auction.

Just be aware that there are some restrictions on the type of sites you can promote on

alexamaster net restrictions

There are certain types of services you cannot promote.

You can, for example, not promote anything that has adults-only images, illegal drugs, hateful content, and similar.

Also, you cannot promote any other traffic exchange sites – I am assuming that is because those sites are direct competitors to Alexamaster and they, therefore, do not want it on their platform.

So if you want to advertise anything like this, is not for you.

Be aware that they have moderators that test this 24/7 so they will find out if you post content like this.

Overall, there are plenty of ways to advertise on this platform. However, when it comes to traffic, the quality is the most important so we will look into this aspect a little later in this review.

Let’s first look into the other aspect of Alexamaster – how you can earn.

Option 2 – Earn by doing small tasks

You can also use to earn. You can use your earnings to advertise or you can choose to cash out through PayPal once you have reached $1.

There are quite a few ways to earn. Most of them are connected to the advertisers. So when someone advertises something, you can earn by taking a certain action.

For example, if someone wants visits to their website and advertise this on, you can earn by then visiting their website.

And there are quite a few different ways to earn.

alexamaster earning methods examples

Some of the earning methods on Alexamaster.

The image above just shows some examples. A lot of the earning methods are related to promoting Alexamaster online.

For example, you can earn by writing blog content on the Alexamaster website or promote it elsewhere and get people to join through your link.

They also have a section where you can sell services so it also works as a freelance platform like Fiverr.

However, I must say that if you want to sell your services as a freelancer, it is a lot better to join platforms that are specialized in this particular aspect.

Overall, there are quite a few different ways to earn but before getting too exited make sure to read the rest of this review so you are fully aware of what to expect in terms of earnings before starting to invest your time.

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Is it a good way to get traffic?

As mentioned earlier, you can definitely easily get traffic from Alexamaster if you have a website, Facebook page, or a YouTube channel.

But when it comes to creating a long-term sustainable income online, the quality of the traffic is what really matters.

This is where I think you need to consider things seriously before investing too much in traffic from

Let me give you a few examples of this.

When you order traffic to your website, you, for example, have to choose between auto visits and real visits.

visit types on alexamaster

Be aware of the traffic quality.

The auto visits are where members can earn just by having a screen automatically visiting your site but they will not be clicking and looking at your site yourself.

I have worked with online marketing for years and let me just make it clear that anyone claiming that auto traffic like this will have a positive impact on your rankings and your website does not know what they are talking about.

In the past, it could help and be a way to manipulate the search results but now visits like this will not have any positive effect and might even have a negative effect.

The reason for this is that it is clear you are trying to manipulate by using visits like this and the search engines are now smart enough to spot this and will potentially punish you instead.

A better option is instead to take the time to learn to really optimize your content for the search engines.

In addition to this, you will not get anything out of the visits in terms of conversions as people are not visiting your site.

Even if choose the real visits, you have to be aware that people will get paid to visit which means they will usually just quickly visit and then move on to the next site.

When it comes to getting Facebook likes, it is kind of the same story, in my opinion.

Alexamaster clearly states that they do not sell or exchange Facebook likes but just advertise it to their community.

alexamaster facebook like terms

Alexamaster says you cannot buy likes.

However, I would argue that this is debatable.

Because you do pay to advertise your Facebook page and get likes and people will then get paid to like your Facebook page.

Sure, when your page is advertised, Alexamaster mentions that people can follow the page if they like to, but it is still kind of bought likes, in my opinion.

alexamaster facebook task

People get paid to like your page.

This can be a fast way to boost your authority a bit as your page will look more credible when it has some likes.

But it is not a long-term strategy that will give good results as the people following you through this will rarely actually be interested in your topic.

So if you only get followers like this, it can really end up messing up your data that you, for example, can use to create lookalike audiences and more if you at some point decide to learn serious paid traffic on Facebook.

Overall, the traffic methods on Alexamaster can be fast, but in my opinion and experience, they are not a long term solution.

And anyone that claims differently is not really up-to-date about how online traffic works today and is likely trying to promote Alexamaster to earn commissions if you become a member.

So just have this in mind when reading other reviews online.

Is it a good way to earn?

Let me make it clear that you can actually earn on Alexamaster and there is plenty of payment proof out there that shows they actually do pay.

And you can get your earnings out through PayPal already when you have earned $1 so it is a nice low payout threshold.

However, this does not necessarily mean it is a good way to spend your time.

First of all, the earnings you get for, for example, visiting websites or liking Facebook pages, etc are very low.

Earlier I showed an example where you could get 250 points to like a Facebook page. And this was the highest reward I could find for this particular task.

It is quite difficult to figure out what 250 points are worth which is what you really need to know. But Alexamaster does not really have any clear info about this.

By looking at different earning examples, the pricing for points on the website, etc, I can see that in some cases you need 5,000 points to have $1. In other cases, 2,500 points equal $1.

No matter what, this shows that you need a lot of activity to just earn $1.

In addition to this, many of the earning methods are where you have to promote itself in some way.

For example, by inviting other people to join the platform.

alexamaster net referral info

To earn from friends, they first need to invite 100 friends.

As you can see in the image above, you will not as such earn commissions when your referrals earn. But you will earn 200 points every time they invite a new friend.

But the catch is that to be an active referral so you will earn, they need to have invited more than 100 people.

This is a lot and it would NOT be possible for many of your friends to invite this may others to join. And even if they do, the reward of just 200 points for it is kind of a joke, in my opinion.

But people are promoting all over the web to try to get these referral earnings. Honestly, if you want to earn by referring people, you should instead learn proper affiliate marketing and learn to make real commissions.

That would be a way better use of time, in my opinion.

In general, the earning methods on are not impressive, in my opinion.

Yes, you can earn and get your earnings out in cash, but it is not a long-term solution and not a way to make a real income if that is what you are looking for. costs

Before making your final decision, you also need to know what it costs to join Alexamaster.

You can join for free and you can also start earning for free, so that is great.

If you want some extra advantages, you can also upgrade to a VIP membership.

free features vs paid on alexamaster

The differences between the free and VIP membership.

Most of the features are only relevant if you want to use to advertise. But you will also get a few more earning options if you upgrade.

There are many different types of VIP packages. To just get access to the VIP features you can pay for an upgrade for between 3-45 days. The price will be from $3-$30.

In addition to this, you have to buy points if you want to advertise on the platform.

Here you can buy many different packages. The cheapest package starts at $4 and you can get packages all the way up to $8200.

Overall, the prices for traffic are definitely cheap on Alexamaster. But as mentioned earlier, when it comes to traffic, the quality is the most important.

Getting thousands of visits, views, or likes does not matter if you do not get anything out of the traffic.

So if you decide to give a try, I would strongly encourage you to start small. Test with a small amount of traffic or views and make sure you have set up a way to monitor the exact quality of the traffic and what you get out of it.

Final verdict is a legit platform and can at first seem very appealing whether you want to earn or get cheap traffic.

However, it also has some big disadvantages you seriously need to consider, in my opinion.

So let’s finish by summing up the pros and cons so you can get a better overview before making your final decision.


  • Free to join
  • Offers cheap traffic
  • It is actually a way to earn


  • Confusing point system
  • Risk of low-quality traffic
  • Low rewards for the earning options
  • Ineffective way to spend time

Overall, can be a way to get fast and cheap traffic, likes, etc. if you run an online business. And it can also be a way to earn a bit extra.

But as a full-time online marketer, I must say I am not impressed with what it has to offer. If you want traffic to your website, YouTube channel, and more, there just are better ways with more long-term potential.

For example, to learn proper SEO to get organic traffic to your website, to learn proper video marketing if you have a YouTube channel and want to grow your income like this, or you can learn proper paid traffic on Facebook if that is your preferred media.

All of these methods will not be fast as Alexamaster but they will be real ways of creating a long-term business.

And if you want to earn, Alexamaster is also just an ineffective use of time, in my opinion. I would clearly suggest learning something like affiliate marketing instead to build a real income.

No matter what you choose, I hope this review has given you a good overview of what to expect so you go into it with the right expectations.


If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Alexamaster yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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