is 30 minute money methods a scamWould’nt it be great if you could become rich by just working 30 minutes per day online?

This is what 30 Minute Money Methods claims you can.

But can this really be true, or is 30 Minute Money Methods a scam, where you will end up losing your money instead?

If you want to know what you can expect from this program before joining, this 30 Minute Money Methods review will tell you all the details about what the program really offers, what you can expect, and the red flags you need to know before investing any money in this program.

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30 Minute Money Methods has a lot of warning signs. It for example makes a lot of exaggerated claims, and it is not honest about the true cost of joining. Definitely not a program I recommend.

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What is 30 Minute Money Methods?

30 Minute Money Methods is a program you can join to supposedly learn how to easily make $50,000 per month online by just working 30 minutes per day.

The owner Shelley West claims that she has discovered four secret websites where you can do this, and she will share the methods with you, if you join.

The problem is just that you are not told anything about what the methods are. You could of course argue that she will not tell this, as it is a secret. But I would argue that if somebody cannot tell you anything about what you will get, before you have to take out your credit card, it is not a good sign.

For me it is not good enough to just be told that you have to pay to get access to the “secret”, and then she will teach you how to become rich online. If it really is an amazing method, you should at least be told a little about what to expect and what you need to do.

You are just told that it is methods that anybody can do, and you will start making money right away and make your money back in just five minutes after joining.

make your money back fast

30 Minute Money Methods claims you will make your money back five minutes after joining.

The website and presentation video of 30 Minute Money Methods spends more time telling you what not to expect than what you will actually get.

It is actually a very clever presentation video. It talks about some popular ways to make money online like taking paid surveys and making a blog. I know from experience that both of these are legit ways of making money online and it is not true what is said in the video.

It is true that you should not take paid surveys to make a full-time income, but it is not true that most of them do not pay in cash. There are many sites that pay in cash and not only enter you into a prize draw as Shelly claims.

Furthermore, she failed creating an income on a blog and uses this to say it is not a valid method. I have also failed with blogging in the past, because I did not know the right process. However, when I learned how to do affiliate marketing the right way, I started making money on my websites and blogs. So it is not true this is not a valid way to make money online – it is in fact an excellent way to make money online, if you just learn to do it the right way.

So 30 Minute Money Methods is mostly just trying to convince you that Shelley has found the ultimate secret to make money online and nothing else works. But as I will show you throughout this review, you should be very skeptical about these claims.

Who is the owner of 30 Minute Money Methods?

A good way to find out if a program is legit or a scam is to look at the owner or who is behind the program.

The inventor of 30 Minute Money Methods is supposedly Shelly West. A very generic name and that is all you get. You can not see any other information about her and cannot see any picture of her or any real proof that she is an actual real person.

owner of 30 minute money methods

Shelly West has supposedly found the secret to make easy money online.

You are however told about her background. If you have looked into making money online before, you might feel it is more or less the same story, you have heard by other programs that claims to make you rich fast.

She had a hard life, she was broke, she was struggling, her husband left her, she could not pay her bills, and her life was in general a mess. This is of course sad, but when you like me have reviewed many online money making programs, you also learn to spot the tricks.

The stories are more or less always the same about the owner having a very tough life, as many of us can relate to this. And then one day the person suddenly finds THE SECRET nobody else knows about and became rich online overnight and now wants to share this secret with others to help them (of course if you pay for it).

The story is very sad, and it makes you emotional when you hear it, but do not get carried away by emotions in this case. There is absolute no proof this is actually true and Shelly is a real person. I also do not have proof she is not, but by putting everything together and by having a lot of experience in working online, I know there are good reasons to be careful about joining programs like this.

So before deciding to join or not, keep reading and then at least you know what warnings signs to look out for and can make a decision based on more knowledge and not just on hope and emotions.

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Can 30 minutes daily online really make you rich?

Let me first make it clear – it is definitely possible to make really good money by working online.

So you should not give up on this, as it can give a huge amount of freedom to work like this, and if you learn to do it the right way and legitimately, it has huge potentials.

However, if you want to make money online, because you think it is super easy, and you can become rich without any work, I am sorry to disappoint you. This is one of the myths about making money online.

There are of course rare cases where somebody might get lucky and become rich online without any work and very fast. But it is kind of like the lottery – it might happen, but you should probably not plan your life around it.

Like any other kind of business, it takes time and effort to make money online and start an online business. You should not expect to become rich by just working 30 minutes per day.

only work 30 minutes per day online

Do not expect to be able to become rich by just working 30 minutes per day.

And you should also not expect to make $2000 already your first day, as Shelly claims she did, when she found the secret websites. This is simply just not realistic in most cases, and if you are chasing opportunities like this, you will probably end up losing a lot of money on programs that promise you can become rich overnight, but they are the ones making money on your dreams without giving you any real opportunities.

Even the disclaimer on 30 Minute Money Methods’ website says that it takes work to make money online:

30 minute money methods disclaimer

The 30 Minute Money Methods’ disclaimer reveals there is no guarantee for making money with the program.

So as you can see, even though it might at first sound like 30 Minute Money Methods guarantees you can make this kind of money, they do actually not, if you read the disclaimer (which can be found in a very small link at the bottom of the website).

What does it cost to join 30 Minute Money Methods?

So even though Shelly in the video says 30 Minute Money Methods does not have a start up cost to start making money, this is not entirely true.

Towards the ending of the video, you are told there is a small starting fee, and you can see it by joining. This cost is $37. In a comment on the website, Shelly also makes it clear that there are no hidden costs after this:

no hidden costs

Shelly claims there is no hidden costs after you join.

So this means you could get access to the system for only $37, which is a very good price, if you can make the money it claims. However, Shelly is not honest about the costs, so you can then wonder what other claims are not true.

I know this because 30 Minute Money Methods has an affiliate program, where website owners can get a commission to promote the program, and since I have a website, I could potentially do this (however I am not, as I am only promoting programs I truly recommend).

When you look at how this affiliate program is presented, you can