autopilot profits review headerIf you are looking to make money online, it is likely you have heard of Ewen Chia.

He has created many online programs – including the Autopilot Profits system. However, many of his products are not telling you the full truth before joining.

In this Autopilot Profits review, I will reveal why this is also the case for this system, and why it in my opinion is just another poor Ewen Chia product.

But do not just take my word for it – let me show you the details and the warning signs, so you can decide for yourself, if it is this kind of system you are looking for or not.

If you are tired of systems with exaggerated claims, you can instead jump straight to info about the process I am using to make a living online.

Autopilot Profits at a Glance
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Autopilot Profits is another Ewen Chia system that promises you to become rich online in no time and with no effort. As with all his other systems, this is not the full truth. There is a lot you are not told before joining, and it can end up costing you a lot of time and money, if you do not know the details before you buy. Definitely NOT a system I recommend!

What is Autopilot Profits and what does it offer?

There are many online money making systems that claim to teach you to become rich online with no effort. Autopilot Profits is one of these systems.

A common thing for systems that make this kind of claims is that they often do not tell you what you will get, but only what you will not get. In one of the sales pages for Autopilot Profits it for example says that only buyers get to find out what the system is about.

what autopilot profits is

You are not really told what Autopilots Profits is about before you join.

This is a very strange marketing strategy, and in my opinion a serious warning sign. If a system has something really valuable to offer, would they then not tell you, before you have to pay, to convince you it is worth it?

Anyways, luckily I can instead tell you more about what Autopilot Profits offers, so you know the details about what you get into, before you take out your credit card.

How can you make money on Autopilot Profits?

So what Autopilot Profits will teach you is how to make money through affiliate marketing. This is a legit and real way to make money online, and I am making money through affiliate marketing myself, so I know for a fact it works.

However, there are many approaches to affiliate marketing.

Ewen Chia’s approach is to sell products like Autopilot Profits, and similar products he has created like for example Copy Paste Income, which I have previously reviewed.

All his products promise to make you a lot of money with no effort like the Autopilot Profits system also promises.

autopilot income claim

You can supposedly make money without doing anything.

This is however not quite the case. Even though you are told you can get everything set up in 5 minutes and start making money the same day, you should not expect this.

As a member of Autopilot Profits, you will get access to several short training videos, and some reading material, so there is something you can learn.

But the key promise of the system is that it will work as an ATM more or less immediately.

No system will be able to do this for you automatically. This is one of the big warning signs about the Autopilot Profits and about Ewen Chia’s products in general.

You can definitely make money online, but it does not happen just by clicking a few buttons. It takes effort like it does to create any other kind of business.

Ewen Chia is a real guy, and this is very positive compared to some scams that hide the identity of the owner. And he has also had success as an affiliate marketer. The problem is just that his success comes from being really good at selling crap products in my honest opinion.

I have not yet seen any of his programs that will truly give you the info you need to create a sustainable income online. He makes a living from promising people like you and me they can be come rich online by just clicking a few buttons.

But he is the one that will make money the most money, as I will show you in the pricing section.

Is Autopilots Profits a scam?

I have created a video, where I will show you the warning signs of Autopilot Profits, and goes into details about it being a scam or not. You can also read all more details below the video.

You will get access to some training through Autopilot Profits, and you will also get access to systems that can help you build a website and traffic to that website, if you want to.

BUT it will not just happen automatically. And in general I do not believe Ewen Chia’s training are worth following.

He is not focused on teaching you quality and sustainable methods. He is using methods like automatic link building, scrapping content from other websites, and more. All these techniques does NOT work anymore and some of them are also highly unethical in my opinion. They did work when Ewen first started online marketing, but not anymore.

But he now has a name and is very good at selling the idea to other people. But you should not expect Autopilot Profits to be a set-it-and-forget-it system, where you can become rich on autopilot. You should in general not expect much from it in my opinion.

So it is a scam? Well, Ewen is a real guy, and he offers you some training. If the training is then poor and the methods outdated is a whole other discussion. Whether it is a scam or not, I will let you decide after reading the rest of the info in this review.

No matter what, it is definitely a system I do not recommend spending your time and money on, and I will make it even more clear now why that is.

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Why you should NOT join

I have already mentioned several reasons why you in my opinion should be careful about joining Autopilot Profits. I just want to expand on the warning signs, so if you decide to join, at least you know what you are getting into.

So the main reasons are:

Reason 1- Feeds unhealthy mentality

I have already mentioned that the key sales argument for Autopilot Profits is that it can make you rich online without any effort.

online empire claim

You are told you can just turn on the system and start making money automatically.

This is not only dishonest, as no machine will do all the work for you to become successful online. It also feeds an unhealthy mentality and a mentality that will you make you fail online and think online marketing does not work.

If you go for the systems that claim you can become rich without doing anything, you will likely keep joining one system after another just to keep end up losing a lot more money than you expected and without ever learning any real skills.

If you instead realize that there is no magic system that will do all the work for you, and instead learn a proper way to build an online business, you will learn sustainable skills that can take your income in any direction you want to.

Systems that promise you can click a few buttons and then sit back and become rich in general have ulterior motives, and you should be very careful about joining these.

Reason 2 – Unrealistic earning claims

You can definitely make money online and through affiliate marketing, and you can also make really good money.

So in that sense the claims on Autopilot Profits by Ewen Chia are not exaggerated. But you are told you can more or less decide for yourself how much money you will make.

make unlimited money online claim

Autopilot Profits claims you can more or less decide how much money you want to make yourself.

According to Ewen Chia the Autopilot Profits system works like an ATM, and you can just keep getting cash, and you are told this will start happening the same day you join.

Yes, you can make good money online, but it is not a get-rich-quick thing. The only guys that makes fast money like this on these kinds of systems, are the guys convincing you and others to invest in it.

So if you want to make money online, it is definitely possible to learn no matter your previous experience, but do not expect to become rich overnight.

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Reason 3 – Use outdated techniques

Ewen Chia has been around for quite a few years. However, the techniques that worked 15 years ago are not the same that works today. Google and other search engines have become to smart for it to be easy to just cheat them with auto-generated content and fake links.

And quality traffic is not something you can just magically get for free. You are however for example told that if you invest in Autopilot Profits, you will learn how to get unlimited traffic.

mysterious traffic source quote

You are promised access to a mysterious traffic source – sounds dodgy!

As you can see on the quote above, you supposedly do not have to do anything to get traffic – you can just turn it on like a faucet with a “mysterious” source.

Anybody that has worked just a little with online marketing knows this is simply not true. You can just not just magically get tons of traffic. You can get quick traffic, if you are willing to pay for ads, or you can work with a long term SEO approach to get organic traffic, use social media etc.

But it all will either take time or money – and in some cases both. You can buy cheap traffic, but often this will not be relevant traffic, and then it is just a waste of money.

So the whole claim about showing you a mysterious traffic source, should make you worried. Either it will be something you have to pay a lot for, or it will likely be irrelevant traffic.

Reason 4 – Pushy sales techniques

Ewen Chia is a master of pushy sales techniques. This is not in itself a warning sign, as many big brands use similar methods.

But there is one thing in common of most of the get-rich-quick offers – they often claim there are only a few spots left, and you are very lucky to get this opportunity, before all the spots are taken.

limited spots

You are pushed into making a fast decision about buying.

Autopilot Profits also uses these claims, as you can see above.

You are told that there are only very few spots left. This is NOT true. If you come back tomorrow or in a week, there will still be spots. The only thing that will lead to no more spots, is if the program is closed down.

It is just a trick to get you to sign up quickly before you start thinking too much about it. But luckily you are doing a bit of research before joining, since you are reading this Autopilot Profits review, and this is a very wise decision, not to fall for pushy sales techniques like this.

Reason 5 – Not honest about pricing

A big warning sign for me is always when a system is not honest about the costs.

Autopilot Profits is definitely not transparent about what it will cost you to get access to the program – many people would not even consider joining it, if they knew the truth before joining.

There is a lot more to say about the pricing structure of Autopilot Profits, so I will go into details about this below.

The true price revealed

As you can see, there are many things you need to be aware of before joining Autopilot Profits. One of the important things to know about is the true price for getting access.

You are told it just costs $37 as a one-time fee to join. If you try to leave the page, you will even be offered a $10 discount.

autopilot profits price

It looks like the price is only $37 – it can however end up costing you A LOT more.

This could lead you to believe this is the full cost of joining – but it is not the full cost.

Autopilot Profits has several upsells, which means you will be pushed into further investment, after you join, and you need to buy these further steps to get more information and to get full access to the system.

You are not told anything about this before joining, and in my opinion this is dishonest. It is not just a little extra you can end up paying.

I looked at the affiliate program for Autopilot Profits to see what they pay out as commissions to people promoting the program.

autopilot profits affiliate commissions

The Autopilot Profits Affiliate Commissions reveal the true price.

Here you can get an overview of all the upsells there will be to get full access. Some of them are very expensive, and it starts with small costs and builds up, as you have invested more time and money and are then also likely to invest more.

In total it can end up costing you $795 to get full access – this is A LOT higher than the $37 you initial are told is a one-time fee.

As you can see from the affiliate info, people promoting Autopilot Profits can make $477 in commissions to promote it to you. This is the reason you will find some 5-star reviews just trying to sell the program to you. They do not really care about telling you the truth, so you know what you are getting into. They just want to sell, so they can get commissions.

So be very careful about believing these 5-star reviews of Autopilot Profits.

Final thoughts

I am not a big fan of Autopilot Profits, or of any of Ewen Chia’s products for that matter. But let’s sum up the pros and cons of Autopilot Profits, so you get a better overview and judge for yourself.


  • It offers some training on affiliate marketing
  • It offers a money-back guarantee (for your initial investment)


  • The income claims are exaggerated
  • Dishonest info about price
  • Feeds get-rich-quick mentality
  • Uses outdated techniques
  • Claims the system will do all the work for you

Overall, the only really positive thing I can see about Autopilot Profits is that you can get your initial investment back, as it offers a money-back guarantee. However, as you can see, it can end up costing you a lot more than the initial investment. Autopilot Profits also does offer some training, but in my opinion not something that will teach you any real skills.

In general you are sold the idea you can just buy access and then start making thousands of dollars on autopilot from day one. This is simply unrealistic. In addition to this you are not told the full price, and it can end up being very expensive joining. Overall, definitely not a program I recommend.

If you want to learn internet marketing and learn real skills to make a sustainable income online, where you are focused on quality and not quick sales of poor products, then this is possible no matter your previous experiences.

It took me a long time to find out how it is possible to make money online, where you can actually provide valuable info and help others at the same time, but I know from experience it is possible. If you want to know more about the process and steps I use to make money like this online, just click the link below to read more about how you can get started and how you can even get started for FREE.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Autopilot Profits yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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