wp auto content reviewIf you have a website, you might know that content is an important part of it.

Wouldn’t it be great with a program that could just automatically create new content for you several times a day and help you gain traffic and income?

That is what WP Auto Content claims to help you with – However, before running off to buy it, let me in this WP Auto Content review show you why it might not be as great a solution as it claims.

Actually it will very possibly hurt your website instead and thereby hurt your chances of success or income online.

But let me show you what I mean, and then you can judge for yourself, if it is worth investing in or not.

WP Auto Content at a Glance
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The idea behind WP Auto Content is good – more content brings more traffic to your website, and you can earn more.

However, the methods used can potentially end up hurting your website instead of helping you make money. This review will show you 12 aspects you need to know and consider before joining.

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What is WP Auto Content and what does it offer?

If you have a website, you probably already know that the only way you can start making money on it is when it gets traffic.

Ranking in Google and other search engines is the best long-term way to get free traffic, and if you know anything about how to rank in Google and other search engines, you probably know creating new content is an important aspect.

WP Auto Content understands this and claims to help you with creating new and fresh content, which many website owners struggle with – it even claims to help you do this several times every day.

The program is created by Ankur Shukla, who has created many other online products and trainings as well – personally, I would not get any of his products after having looked into what WP Auto Content has to offer, but you can judge for yourself after reading this review. Maybe it has exactly what you are looking for.

In theory, what WP Auto Content offers about creating new content for your site is great – however, as I will show you later, the methods used and the claims made by this system might end up hurting your website more than it will help it.

But let’s first look at what WP Auto Content says it offers.

Feature 1 – Automatic content system:

WP Auto Content offers you a plugin for WordPress websites that can help you create new content easily.

Once you have the plugin installed, you can create new campaigns, where you choose a topic/keyword for each campaign.

create wp auto content campaign

You can create up to 25 campaigns with the basic version of WP Auto Content, but each campaign can have an unlimited amount of posts and articles.

So far it sounds good, right? But let’s keep going to take a deeper look at what this means, and if it is really a good idea.

Feature 2 – Easily create new spun content:

Once you have created a campaign, you can select what your content sources should be.

select content sources

You can import and spin content from many different sources.

You can select from a lot of different sources like YouTube, blogs, websites, Facebook, Wikipedia, and more.

The idea is that the program will then spin the content, which means it will change it slightly, so it is not considered duplicate content by Google (which can lead to poor rankings).

This way you will be able to create several pieces of new content every day, which would otherwise not be possible for most people, and you do not have to do any work once it is set up.

Programs are of course becoming more and more sophisticated and can change articles and content, so it becomes more and more difficult to see that it is a machine that has done it.

But this does not mean it is a good long-term strategy if you want to build a long-term sustainable income online, as I will explain more about later.

Feature 3 – Add monetization and make money:

The last step WP Auto Content offers is for you to easily add monetization to your website. Once you have traffic to a website there are several ways you can monetize this traffic.

add monetization

You can supposedly easily add monetization on WP Auto Content.

Through WP Auto Content you can supposedly easily add Adsense, banners ads, affiliate links and more.

All this sounds good in theory, right? But before getting to why it might not be such a great idea, after all, let us first look at if it is even possible to make money on websites and blogs through ads and affiliate links.

Can you make money on blogs and website?

The short answer is – Yes, you can definitely make money on blogs and websites.

WP Auto Content is explaining a lot about how you, for example, can monetize your website traffic through Adsense and affiliate links. Personally, affiliate marketing is my favorite way to monetize websites, but Adsense and other ads can also be great options.

So it is definitely possible to make money, once you have a website with traffic – and you can also make really good money, if you know how to create a good website and get a lot of traffic for it. It is also something anybody can learn no matter your previous experience.

But even though WP Auto Content might sound like the easy solution to create an online income and get the freedom that comes with this, it will very likely not live up to its claims, as I will explain now.

12 reasons WP Auto Content is NOT the perfect solution

On WP Auto Content’s website, there is a list of 12 reasons it is the perfect auto-blogging solution. I, therefore, decided to create a list of 12 reasons it is NOT the perfect solution and with things you need to consider before investing in it.

I could easily have found more reasons, but I had to stop at some point:-) But let’s go over the list.

Reason 1 – Spun content is a bad idea

Let’s start with one of the main issues of WP Auto Content, in my opinion.

Spun content is still used by some people that work with SEO (search engine optimization), but it is more a technique from the past. Machines might be better and better at spinning content, but overall it can be considered plagiarism.

Just having a machine steal and slightly change other peoples’ work might sound easy and as a great solution – but even if it would work at first, it will not work in the long run. Google is also a machine and is also continuously becoming smarter and smarter, and will, of course, punish pages it realizes use such techniques.

So if you want to create a long-term sustainable income online (which I recommend doing), then having spun content as the foundation of your website is a very bad idea.

Furthermore, from the examples shown in the WP Auto Content demo video, it does not really spin the content – I will show you an example of this in reason 10.

Reason 2 – Quality matters more than quantity

This point is closely related to the point above. When it comes to getting good rankings in Google and getting a lot of organic traffic, quality is a lot more important than quantity.

more content claim

WP Auto Content is right about having a lof of content is great, but quality is more important.

Google (and other search engines) are constantly trying to show the best results for people using them. If they do not provide quality results, people will start using another search engine.

So if you want to get good rankings that last, you need to focus on quality over quantity, and it is way better to learn how to create quality content and spend a bit longer on creating it than just spinning content. In the long run, quality will win.

And in addition to this, you can actually feel good about what you are doing when you are providing quality instead of just reusing other people’s work.

Reason 3 – Adding monetization does not happen automatically

WP Auto Content claims that just by clicking a few times you can add monetization and start earning on your website.

It is not difficult to add ads or affiliate links on websites, but it does not happen that easily. Let us take Adsense as an example, which is one of the methods WP Auto Content uses. To use this you first need to apply and be approved by Google to use it on your website.

The same goes for adding Amazon affiliate links, which is another method WP Auto Content mentions. Here you also first have to apply to become a part of the affiliate program and have your website approved. So it does not happen as automatically as WP Auto Content claims.

And both Amazon and Google AdSense have some demands about the websites they approve and they have to, for example, have unique quality content. So there is a risk you will never get approved for these programs.

Reason 4 – You have to correct the content

The point of getting WP Auto Content would be to have everything done automatically. If you look in the FAQ section, you will, however, see this is not really the case.

spun content errors

The FAQ section reveals you still have to manually go through the content.

It says here that since the content is created by a machine, it might sometimes not be readable.

That goes a lot against some of the other claims about the system doing everything 100% on autopilot and you more or less never have to login to your site.

Reason 5 – SEO is not about tricking machines

The approach to SEO WP Auto Content is showing is hopelessly old-fashioned. It is from a time when SEO was mostly about tricking machines (Google) to show your content, even though it did not really deserve to be at the top of the search engines.

Many people working with SEO still has this approach today, but it is a dangerous approach, and people with this approach regularly lose their rankings overnight when the search engines find out they do not really offer quality but just tries to manipulate.

So, in the long run, it is better to have a more patient and “ethical” approach to SEO.

Reason 6 – Exaggerated income claims

On WP Auto Content’s website, there are some screenshots of income Ankur supposedly has made with this system.

adsense income claims

The income claims on WP Auto Content.

The image above shows that after only 3 months the website makes $3000 on AdSense alone. I am not saying this is impossible if you really know how to get traffic and get it fast. But getting this kind of income on Adsense requires A LOT of traffic.

I, for example, know another online marketer from an online community of elite affiliate marketers I am a member of. He has around 50,000 organic visits to one of his websites per month – this makes him around $1,500 per month from Adsense. And this is with highly relevant and good traffic.

To get to the level WP Auto Content shows through AdSense will simply not happen through organic traffic in 3 months no matter how great your content is. It takes time before Google trusts you, and to get that amount of traffic with spun content in 3 months is VERY unlikely.

Reason 7 – “Limited” time discount

There is a big countdown timer on WP Auto Content’s website that shows you only have limited time before your “special” discount will run out.

wp auto content early bird discount

The limited time discount is not so limited after all.

This is just a trick to get you to buy before thinking and feeling like you are getting a good deal. I have checked the website many times, and whenever I go there on a new day, the timer has been reset. So do not feel you have to buy right away.

I do not have a problem with time-restricted offers, but pushy sales techniques like this where it just resets every day, is to me a big red flag that shows they really want you to buy before you start thinking about it. I think it is dishonest, and I do not trust companies that are not transparent about their prices.

Reason 8 – You should not add affiliate links automatically

WP Auto Content can help you add affiliate links easily, and it will automatically add them to your selected words. This is however not a good idea. It will make it look unnatural and spammy.

unnatural use of affiliate links

Inserting affiliate links automatically makes it look spammy.

In the example above you can, for example, see 4 affiliate links in just one short paragraph. That is way too much.

To really be able to convert from affiliate links you need to use them more strategically, and when they are also helping the visitors – creating a good website and earning money from affiliate marketing is about helping visitors and giving them a good experience and not about spamming links whenever you can.

By understanding and helping your users, you will build a good long-term relationship with them, which will lead to a long-term sustainable business for you. Nobody likes to be spammed.

Reason 9 – You can not just set-and-forget the system

You are supposedly able to just set and forget the system, and then it will make you money on autopilot.

set and forget system

You can not really just set and forget WP Auto Content.

As I have already mentioned a few times, this is not exactly true. You, for example, have to check all the spun content, as it might not be readable.

Reason 10 – Breaking copyright rules

WP Auto Content directly says that it takes text, images, and videos from other sources.

breaking copyright rules

Taking images and text from other sources can be risky.

By doing this you can potentially break copyright rules. Especially when it comes to images – you can not just use other websites’ images, and you can get into a lot of (expensive) trouble from this.

Also, Amazon has very strict rules about how you can use the images as an affiliate, and if you break these, you will be kicked out of the affiliate program and not earn any more commissions.

You are also told that the content is spun, so at least the text will not just be copied – or will it?

From looking at the demo video, it is the exact same content on Amazon as on the website WP Auto Content pulls it into.

spun content or not

The spun content does not really look spun.

The image above shows the text from the WP Auto Content website vs the text from Amazon itself – Not much spin in that is there?

Reason 11 – What about the design of your website?

You are supposed to be able to have WP Auto Content take care of everything for you. But there is one thing they do not mention anything about – what about your website’s design and layout?

You can definitely learn to build a website in WordPress, and it does not have to take long. You can even build a WordPress website for free to start with, so you can practice.

So WordPress definitely is a great platform to build a website in, but you still have to set it up. The WP Auto Content plugin can not do this for you.

This is another thing the program do not tell you, you have to do. It just makes it sound like it will take care of everything, but as you can see, this is not really true.

Reason 12 – The idea of money on autopilot is a trap

One of the big issues I have with WP Auto Content is the mindset it is culturing. It is a mindset that will make you fail in any kind of business.

It is the mindset that you can just have a system to do all the work for you, and then you will become rich on autopilot without ever having to do any work.

money on autopilot claim

Wanting to make money online without any effort is a trap.

It would be nice, but it is just not the reality when creating any kind of business – also not when it comes to creating an online business.

It is definitely possible to make good money online, and it is also possible to learn no matter your previous experience.

But you have to be willing to put in time and effort. Without this, you will very likely end up wasting a lot of time and money joining programs that promise you to become rich overnight without any effort, but instead, they will just take your money without giving anything valuable in return.

Below you can see a small video I made to show you these things on WP Auto Content’s website, so you can see it for yourself, before making any decision:

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What about the positive reviews?

Maybe you have seen other reviews of WP Auto Content online and seen some of them are very positive.

However, you will never see any recommendations of systems like this from serious online marketers. The reviews that are recommending it are getting paid to recommend it or are getting commissions for selling it, and I have not seen any real proof it works – just sales pitches.

I have worked for many online marketing agencies and with many top online marketers – none of them would support or recommend the kind of techniques WP Auto Content is offering. They are simply not effective in the long run, and they will not help you build a long-term sustainable income.

So if you see any positive reviews of this program, look at what they are really saying – are they actually proving anything? Or are they just repeating what is already said on WP Auto Content’s website?

That they show the plugin can pull in content does not prove it is effective. And as I have explained in the examples above, it actually proves the opposite, if you look deeper.

WP Auto Content price – worth it?

If you still want to give WP Auto Content a try, let’s then look at what the price would be.

wp auto content price

The WP Auto Content prices are a bit confusing.

As you can see there is a price if you just want to use it for one site, and one if you want to use it for several sites. And as already explained – do not worry about the “special” discount running out:-)

Even when you look at the prices, there is something that is a bit off and does not make sense. In red below the unlimited license, it says “Hurry – Get this while the $10 Earlybird discount is active. Price goes to $29 after earlybird expires.“.

So the price is $37 and after the early bird discount runs out the price will go to $29, and this is when the $10 discount is applied? Something does not fit at all.

When their prices are this confusing, I am not convinced there will not be other confusions around the prices later.

No matter what, I do not think what WP Auto Content offers is a sustainable way to make an online business, and in my opinion, it is therefore not worth investing in, even if I could figure out the pricing.

Final verdict

I often finish my reviews with a list of the pros and cons, but in this case, I have already shown a long list of the cons. Honestly, the only pro I can find is that WP Auto Content is right about it being possible to make money through affiliate marketing and ads on your website.

I do however think the approach they are presenting is completely outdated and a waste of time. Your time is better spent learning a sustainable way to generate traffic for your website and monetize it.

If you want to learn more about how to do this, you can check out my FREE guide where I explain exactly how I have been able to create a full-time online income.

Here I will explain the exact steps I have taken – it will take time and effort but it is a realistic and real approach to making money online.


If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with WP Auto Content yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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