startweeklyjob com review claims to be the fastest way to make money.

But is a scam or is it for real?

Good that you are looking into this before joining. Because let me just reveal right away that there are several things and red flags you NEED to know before joining.

In this review, I will reveal all the details and give you an inside look, so you can see exactly what to expect and see if it will be worth your time or not.

So let’s start. in a Glimpse
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  • Tools
  • Value for money
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If I could give less than 1 star, I would for

The lack of transparency is a big red flag and in addition to this, the whole way they claim you can earn does not make much sense when you look at what they really claim and when you look at what they offer you once you join.

In general, it is not a platform I would recommend to give your contact details to as there is no privacy policy so you have no idea what will happen to your details.

Overall, I would definitely instead recommend you to find another way to make money online.

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What is and what does it offer?

StartWeeklyJob is supposedly a site that makes it easy for you to make money online.

But right when I came to the site, I must admit it felt like a déjà vu.

It looked so familar as it looked more or less exactly the same as a program I recently reviewed called

In fact, it even looks exactly like another program I came across called

 startweeklyjob compared to partyimejob online is exactly the same as

So whether you are looking for info about or, this review will tell you what they are all about as they offer the exact same thing.

Let’s first go over what they say they offer and then go into what actually happens after you join.

So you are supposedly able to start earning in four easy steps.

You just have to join, get instantly approved, work a little, and then get paid.

startweeklyjob steps

The supposed easy steps to start earning on

Sounds good so far, right?

Well, I have worked online for a while now, and superficial descriptions like this are always a red flag.

Because you are told nothing about how you will earn.

I know from personal experience that it definitely is possible to make good money online, but I also know that it does take some effort and patience, so I always become suspicious when I see so little information before joining.

However, since it is free to join, I decided to give it a go to see what is on the inside.

So let’s look at how you will then supposedly be making fast money as a member of

What happens after you join?

I must say that the approval process for was very fast. I think it took me 15 seconds to register and to then be inside to get access to the “jobs”.

However, there is only one job available. That is the exact same job you can find on as well.

This job is to share a link to generate traffic.

startweeklyjob com job board

The only “job” you can find.

Actually sharing links online can be a way to make money if you do it through affiliate marketing and do it the right way.

But there is no info to help you do it the right way. You are just told to spread the link on social websites.

Then you will supposedly get paid when people just click that link.

Sounds easy, right?

Well, I will be honest with you that there are a lot of things you are not told that will reveal it might not be such a great opportunity after all.

These things are important to know before you join and start spreading your “job” link everywhere.

So let’s go over some red flags you need to consider before joining StartWeeklyJob.

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5 red flags revealed

It might sound like it is easy to make money as a member of

But there are honestly several things that really concerns me based on my experience as an online marketer.

Let me explain all this below step-by-step so you know what you are getting into if you decide to join.

Red flag 1 – No info about owners

Before joining any program online that claims to help you make money, you need to know a bit about the people behind.

If there is no info, it might be one of the money making scams.

At least, it is something to take into consideration because it is always suspicious if there is no info about who is behind a platform.

In the case of, there is no info at all. The only thing you can see is that they say they have been around for years.

But there is no info about exactly when they started, in which country they are located, or who the people behind it are.

This is definitely a red flag to take serious, in my opinion.

Red flag 2 – The “job” does not make sense

A real deal breaker for me is the “job” itself because it does not really make sense when you know about internet marketing.

It does not make sense for several reasons.

First of all, you are told that you will get paid $5-$10 per click on your link.

startweeklyjob job warning

You will supposedly get paid $5-$10 per click on your link.

There are ways to earn per click with online marketing. But if you know anything about PPC, you will know that getting $5-$10 just for people clicking the link is NOT realistic.

There are ways to earn that per visitor to a site (and a lot more) but they usually people have to end up taking some kind of action. If you get paid just per click, you will usually only earn a few cents in most cases.

So it does not make sense that they claim to be able to pay you that much just per click.

Secondly, If you look carefully you can see that they say you will get paid because people click your link and visit advertisers ads.

This is really not transparent because the link is not to advertisers sites or ads. It is just a link to itself.

So the only “job” you have is to share a link to the website itself. But they make it sound like people will click your link and visit ads and that way you will get paid.

But in fact, your only option is to promote the website itself and they are not transparent about this which is a big red flag, in my opinion.

Red flag 3 – How they make money

Another red flag for me is that it worries me how they supposedly will make money to ever be able to pay you.

As I just explained above, they do not have any advertisers. You will just be sending traffic to the site itself.

According to itself, they get paid from their advertisers for the traffic they send to them.

startweeklyjob com income explanation

They say they get money from advertisers – but there are no advertisers.

But this does not make sense. Because inside there are no links to advertisers.

So it is difficult to understand exactly how they will be making money.

One way to make money like this could be to gather your information and then sell it to third-parties.

I want to make it clear that this is just my speculations, but I really do not understand how they are making money with the site and how they would be able to ever earn enough to pay you.

And my suspicion becomes even bigger when you look at this in relation to the next red flag.

Red flag 4 – No privacy policy

When you sign up for, you give your email address and contact info. In fact, they even ask for your address.

startweeklyjob com sign up form

They even ask for your address when signing up.

You do, however, not have to give your address but you can sign up without and if you want to sign up, I would strongly encourage you not to give your address.

In fact, I do not even think you should give your email address because there is no privacy policy anywhere on the website.

This means you have no idea how your information will be used.

When you put this together with the rest of the info I have given here in this review, it becomes a big red flag.

Red flag 5 – The payout conditions

The payout condition is one more thing that does not make much sense on

startweeklyjob payout methods

The payout conditions are very poor.

You can apparently only get paid by check and you have to wait until you have earned $300 to withdraw.

This is, first of all, a high payout threshold so you have to generate a lot of traffic before you can find out if you will actually get paid.

Also, they say you can join from anywhere in the world. But they do not say where itself is located.

So even if you get to a point where they would send you a check, you have no idea where the check will be sent from.

It can be from a completely other part of the world and it would take weeks before a check would arrive.

In addition to this, you have no idea if the check will even be accepted in your country as you do not know where the check is being sent from.

So if it really was a platform that was concerned about making it easy for its members to get paid, they would definitely have made an electronic transfer like PayPal or similar available.

And they would have been transparent about their own location.

So this is another big red flag you need to consider before investing any time on or on

Final verdict – legit or scam?

As you can see from this review, I am not impressed with what has to offer.

I have presented everything I have found and with what I know based on my years working online.

Now it is then up to you to decide whether you think it is legit or a scam.

To help you decided whether you want to join or not, let’s sum up the pros and cons so you can get a better overview.


  • Free to join



  • Lack of transparency
  • The earning method does not make sense
  • Poor payout conditions
  • You do not know who is behind the platform
  • It has several sites that look the exact same

I can honestly not find any good reasons to join or

The only good thing I can say is that it at least does not cost anything to join. But still not worth it, in my opinion.

There is too much lack of transparency, you do not know who the owners are, and the whole earning method and the way the platform claims to be able to pay you do not make sense.

For these reasons, it is definitely NOT a platform I recommend.

But there are good ways to earn online if you really want to create an online income – in my opinion, is just not one of them.

How I make money online…

If you really want to make a decent income online realistically, I can tell you this is definitely possible to learn – even as a complete beginner.

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Here I will share with you the exact steps I have used to create my full-time income online and I will even show you how you can get started for free.


If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with StartWeeklyJob (or with, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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