postloop review headerIf you are a writer or a blog/forum owner, you have maybe heard about Postloop being a great marketplace.

But is Postloop legit and really worth it, or is it just a waste of time?

As both a content writer and a blog owner, I was naturally curious about finding out exactly what it offers so I joined to test it.

In this Postloop review, I will give you all the details about what you can expect.

Let me reveal right away that depending on your needs and approach it can have potentials, but it also has some clear drawbacks you need to be aware of being joining.

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Postloop at a Glance
  • Tools
  • Value for money
  • Income potential


Postloop is a marketplace for content writers and for blog/forum owners. As a writer, you can earn by posting there, and as a blog/forum owner, you can get content for your site.

Whether it is worth it or not depends a lot on your needs. As a writer, you will not earn big money but it is easy to get started. As a blog/forum owner, it can be an easy way to get engagement on your platform with good value for money. Just don’t only rely on content like this to succeed long term.

So Postloop definitely is legit and has potential but it also has some drawbacks. But if you are aware of these and know what you are getting into, it can be a platform worth joining depending on your needs and expectations.

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What is Postloop and what does it offer?

Postloop is a marketplace and exchange platform for forum owners, blog owners, and content writers.

It was started in 2010 but was closed for around 6 months from November 2016. Since April 2017 it has then been up and running again.

As a member of Postloop, you have two ways to use it:

  • You can earn as a content writer
  • If you have a blog or forum you can use it to get content and engagement for your site

So it has these two target groups.

I am writing a lot of content myself. Just here on I am writing a lot and this is not the only website/blog I have.

So for me, this sounded like an interesting platform at first. So I wanted to check out both the opportunities as a content writer and as a blog owner on Postloop.

Exactly what it offers depends on which of these groups you belong to.

Let me just reveal right away that I think it has potential, but it also has some drawbacks for both website owners and content writers.

If you are aware of these, then you know what you are getting into and do it with the right expectations. Then it can be a platform you can benefit from.

So let’s go over what it offers for both content writers and blog owners so you will know if it will be the right platform for you or not.

Opportunities as a Postloop writer

If you like writing content, you can earn money by doing this on Postloop.

Website and forum owners need engagement on their platforms, and they are therefore sometimes willing to pay for this engagement.

Postloop is a platform that makes this possible.

However, before you join and think it is a great way to earn by writing comments on blogs and forums, you need to know exactly how it works so you go into it with the right expectations.

First of all, to be able to start writing and getting paid for it, you need to submit 10 sample posts.

postloop writer test demand

You need to submit 10 sample posts to be accepted as a writer.

Within 24 hours you will then be told if you are accepted or not. To be accepted you need to make sure to write quality comments and have very good English.

In a way, I think it is great they have this initial test to make sure it is only quality writers that get accepted. If not, blog owners would stop using the platform to request content.

But as a writer, it is quite a lot to have to post 10 posts before you know if you get a chance to get paid or not.

And you will not get paid for these 10 initial posts even if you get accepted. It might still be worth it in the long-run to get access to Postloop but you just need to be aware of this before joining so you do not think you can start earning right away.

Once you have been accepted you can subscribe to different blogs and forums and leave comments there.

You will get paid in points for each comment you leave. But remember it has to be high quality. The owners can leave ratings and higher ratings will give bonuses and higher earnings.

But how much can you then make as a writer on Postloop? Well, according to Postloop itself, the average earning per post is $0.08.

average earnings on postloop

The average earnings per post are $0.08.

So to earn $0.80 you have to write 10 posts. How quickly you can do this, of course, depends a lot on your writing speed.

But overall you can see that you need to be a fast writer to have good opportunities on Postloop.

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Opportunities as a blog/forum owner

As a blog or forum owner engagement is something you definitely want on your platform.

Getting comments and engagement can, for example, help a website get better rankings in Google because it is a sign that the website is interesting.

Also, engagement feeds more engagement as visitors to your site is more likely to participate actively if others already are active. So paying to get comments can be a way to kickstart this.

So there can be good reasons for you as a blog or forum owner to consider Postloop as a way to get engagement on your website.

There are two ways you can get points you use to get posts for your site.

  • You can leave comments for other sites
  • You can purchase points

The whole point system is quite complicated on Postloop which makes it difficult to figure out exactly how much you, for example, have to pay per post.

They say it is to make the system fairer but still not very user-friendly, in my opinion.

But anyway, the price you have to pay if you purchase points depends on the amount of points you get. Here are some examples that also give you an indication of what it on average can cost per post.

postloop pricing

Examples of prices if you want to purchase points on Postloop.

These are just examples of point packages you can get. You can buy all the way up to 5000 points in a package for around $400.

Here you can see that on average you will usually get 31 posts for $6. This is an average of less than $0.20 per post.

That is very cheap. However, you have to be aware that it can be more expensive.

The exact price per post depends on numerous factors that is a part of the complicated point system. You will, for example, pay more for longer posts, which, of course, if only fair.

Also, the more points you have the more likely it is your website will be displayed and you will get posts there. So it is quite a complicated system.

But overall it definitely is a way to buy your way to more engagement on your blog or forum.

Is Postloop worth it?

Now you know what Postloop offers you both as a content writer and as a blog or forum owner.

This big question is then if it is worth it.

If you look at the many extremely positive Postloop reviews online, you might think it is an amazing opportunity for all.

But you have to be aware that many of these get paid a commission to promote Postloop – and unfortunately, in the online world, today money often comes before genuine advice.

So my answer to the question whether Postloop is worth it or not is instead “It really depends” – I know this is a vague answer but let me explain what it depends on so you can make the right decision for you based on both the pros and cons.

Worth it for content writers?

As a content writer, you have to be aware that it is not a way to make a huge amount of money and it takes a lot of work to make any real money.

But it is easy to get access to, and as soon as you have been approved, you can start earning. So if you are a fast writer, it might be worth it.

However, you can also consider starting a blog for money if you love writing and want to create a more long-term and sustainable full-time income.

It takes longer before you start earning like this but the potential is huge compared to the earnings on Postloop.

But if you want to start earning right away and like writing small posts, then Postloop is definitely a way and it is a legit platform where you can get paid through PayPal once you have earned $5.

Worth it for blog and forum owners?

As a blog or forum owner, I think Postloop definitely has potential.

It can be a good way to kickstart engagement on your site and this can boost your overall results. So it might be worth considering.

One thing you just have to remember is that you should not rely solely on bought comments.

This will not give you good online results in the long run. You have to make sure to still focus on creating quality content for your site.

Quality should always be the focus if you want to run a successful online business.

So Postloop can be a great platform to use and it gives great value for money, but you should not let it distract you from creating the real foundation of your online business – and that is quality content.

Final verdict

It is clear from this review that Postloop is a legit platform.

Whether it is then a good option or not depends on several things as explained above.

But to help you further decide if it is for you or not, let’s finish by summing up the pros and cons to get a better overview.


  • Free to join
  • You can earn on the site and get paid through PayPal
  • The payout threshold is only $5
  • It can be an easy way to get engagement on your blog or forum


  • Not very high earning potential
  • Confusing point system
  • You have to submit 10 sample posts for free to be accepted

Overall, Postloop has potential both for writers and for blog and forum owners. The potential is, however, in my opinion, the biggest for blog/forum owners as you get good value for money.

As a writer, starting your own blog can make you a lot more money in the long run. But Postloop is a lot faster and easier to get started with.

So if you are a fast writer and want to start earning within 24 hours, then Postloop can be a way to earn a bit extra. But just be aware that it will not make you rich.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Postloop yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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