valentus review main headerWhat if you are offered to drink a purportedly healthy brand of coffee, lose weight, and earn money at the same time? That would be fantastic, right?

It sure looks like the perfect answer to most everyone’s top craving and personal needs these days.

That’s the business opportunity promoted by Valentus.

But is Valentus a scam or is it the answer to your prayers for a much-needed source of income?

I don’t want to leave you hanging too long on this: Valentus is a legal company undertaking an equally legitimate business.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that it is the right income-generating venture for you.  In fact, there are issues about Valentus you need to be aware of and give due consideration before making a decision whether to join or not.

In this Valentus review, I will give you all the info you need to make that decision – both good and bad and everything in between.

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Valentus is a relatively new player in the multi-level marketing (MLM) niche that possesses a promising marketing pitch. It is, however, mired in controversies and issues even this early in its operations. In fact, authorities in some countries have issued warnings against using and promoting their weight-loss products.

In addition, the upfront cost, as well as the monthly maintaining business volume, proves too high an amount for the majority of ordinary people like us to keep up.

It appears to me that the company has credibility issues which do not bode well if you are looking for a long-term source of income.

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What is Valentus and what does it offer?

Valentus is one of the relatively new players in the crowded multi-level marketing (more popularly known as MLM) industry.

Taking its name from a Latin word which means “prevail” in English, Valentus was founded and chaired by an industry veteran by the name of Dave Jordan, who purportedly boasts many years of experience in the MLM business (more on him a little while later).

Its bread and butter comes in the form of coffee — the healthiest coffee on the planet, as the company claims – which makes you lose weight.

Overall, Valentus has 12 products in its portfolio, namely:

  1. 24/7 Carb Burner                          7. Trim
  2. SlimROAST Optimum                   8. Immune
  3. SlimROAST Optimum Cocoa        9. PrevailMAX K9
  4. SlimROAST Italian                        10. M.O.R.E + Detox
  5. SlimROAST Brazilian                    11. Breakthrough AM /PM
  6. Energy                                           12. Keto Creamer

I will not go into the details of the products as you can always get this info from their website.

What’s more important is to find out whether the business opportunity offered by the company is a viable source of income for ordinary people like you and me, and it’s not just out to trick us of our hard-earned money.

Like any MLM business, Valentus offers basically two ways of making money: from commissions from sales of the products and from the recruitment of members.

How to join Valentus?

Before we go into the different ways of earning commissions from Valentus, let me just skim through the manner of becoming a member because this has a bearing on the compensation plan.

So, how do you become a member of Valentus? All you have to do is purchase a product package which comes in five options:

  1. Basic Pack which costs $59.95, equivalent to 1 box of coffee; this gives you a rank of independent representative (IR).
  2. Starter Pack which costs $145.95, equivalent to 3 boxes of coffee; this gives you a rank of Gold IR.
  3. Advanced Pack which costs $239.95, equivalent to 6 boxes of coffee; this gives you a rank of Platinum IR.
  4. Business Builder Pack which costs $575.95, equivalent to 16 boxes of coffee; this automatically qualifies you for the rank on Ruby IR, but you can qualify for Emerald IR after meeting certain requirements.
  5. Career Success Pack which costs $1,199.95, equivalent to 36 boxes of coffee; this automatically qualifies you for the rank of Emerald IR.

There is also a one-time fee of $20 for website or back office activation.

Personally, I think it is good there is an option to get started fairly cheap if you choose one of the basic packs.

This makes it possible for you to try the product and find out if it is actually something you can recommend without having to invest too much from the beginning.

But as you can see, it can also become quite a big investment if you go for one of the bigger packages, which you would need to if you want to try to make it into a business – but more about this below.

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Valentus Compensation Plan

As Valentus is an MLM company, it is, of course, about more than just the product.

If you are considering joining, it will likely be because you are also interested in potentially making it into a lucrative business.

There are seven ways in which you can earn from being a member of Valentus. The company calls these seven ways the Seven Power Bonuses.  Here they are:

valentus payout scheme

The various ways to earn from Valentus

I will spare you from the trouble of going through a compensation plan that perhaps only their “pay plan experts” could possibly understand.

If, however, you are interested to know the details of it, it’s available on their website.

It is important to go through that carefully if you still consider joining after reading this review, but it is quite complicated, so you need to invest some time to go through it.

The important thing to focus on for now is not so much the exact compensations. It definitely is possible to make money with Valentus.

But the more important question to consider first is if it is a company you want to get involved with.

Below I will go over some important things to decide this.

3 things you need to consider before joining Valentus

Before joining any MLM company and business opportunity, it is important to know the history of the company and details about your chances of succeeding so you know what to expect.

During my research about Valentus, I came across 3 important things you, in my opinion, need to know about and consider to find out if it is the right opportunity for you or not.

Consideration 1 – High cost

The price of its products easily stands out as the number one factor that you need to consider before joining Valentus. A box of coffee at $59.95 is, to say the least, exorbitant, in my opinion.

Not only that, although the company does not mention autoship as a membership requirement, you need to purchase at least 1 box per month to be able to qualify for the bonuses. That’s still autoship in every practical sense.

$60 of a box of coffee a month is a lot of money for many of us.

As a business opportunity, it is not a big investment but a big part of it is selling the coffee and that will not be easy for those prices.

Consideration 2 – Operations shut down in UK

As early as two or three years in its existence, authorities in the UK shut down its operations in the country as they considered the sale of the slimming coffee illegal.

One of those greatly affected by this development was former FHM model and Miss England finalist Charlotte Thomson, who got an unflattering visit by the agents from the Trading Standards who told her to stop her business because the weight-loss products she was selling were not licensed for the country’s market.

In an article that appeared on the Daily Mail, she said, “I cannot be associated with this company any more, because it is trading illegally in the UK.”

Consideration 3 – Products show mixed results

Not a few users have come forward and testified that some products, especially the SlimROAST lines, prove effective to them.

On the other hand, a good number of customers lamented that Valentus products are a waste of money and the business opportunity a waste of time.

For me, this is one of the biggest things you need to consider as there are some serious warnings issued against the company – even from high authority sources.

The official Danish Food Administration, for example, advises people NOT to drink Valentus Slim Roast.

danish warning against valentus

The Danish food agency has warned against a Valentus product.

They warn against this as the coffee contains beta-phenylethylamine which can cause headaches and dizziness.

Furthermore, the substance is on the list of doping substances that are prohibited for use in competitions.

But this is not the only warning I found. Customs in New Zealand also warns against it.

new zealand warning against valentus

Warning from New Zealand authorities against buying diet coffee online

If you cannot see the text on the image above, it says that:

“Compliance Partners, which does drug tests for employment reasons, issued a statement last week after tests carried out on a woman applying for a job in New Zealand returned a “not negative” result for amphetamines.

They questioned her and concluded that the result was likely due to her consumption of Valentus SlimROAST coffee”

You can read the full article here if you want to know more about this.

Valentus may be a young company but it’s already embroiled in some controversies that, in my opinion, are enough to threaten its continued existence.

And the warnings showed above is something to take very seriously, in my opinion.

When it comes to creating a long-term business, credibility is a non-negotiable factor. Therefore, we cannot just sweep the issues listed above under the rug and pretend they are insignificant.

Final Verdict

At first glance, Valentus possesses the ideal formula for a potentially successful business venture:

It offers coffee that most everyone craves these days, regardless of gender, age, and nationality.

It is supposed to solve a health and wellness concern that has developed into an epidemic of global proportions called obesity.

And it shows the promise of a lucrative business.

The problem, however, is it is hounded by controversies and complaints even right after it started.

So, let’s wrap up this review by listing down the pros and cons so you can have a guide on whether to go for it or consider other alternatives.


  • It is possible to make money with it
  • It is headed by a veteran in its industry
  • Some products seem to deliver the desired results


  • Exorbitant cost of its products
  • Upfront cost too high as well
  • Hounded by controversies and disputes
  • Products don’t work for some users
  • Compensation plan too convoluted for many people, especially those who are not really into MLM
  • There are official warnings against some of Valentus’ products

Let’s face it: There are some of us who are really cut out for direct selling or multi-level marketing or however we would call such ventures.

For these people, Valentus might be a viable option to earn extra income or as a main source of living. If that is you, you just need to be aware of the issues mentioned earlier.

Especially, you need to consider the official warnings against some of their products as this can stop it from becoming a long-term way to build a business.

For those of us who have yet to establish themselves in the industry and who are concerned about the high cost and the controversies, there certainly are other better ways for you to earn.

So, I leave it to you to decide what’s the best fit for you.

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If you have any questions, comments, or have any experience with Valentus yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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