is the china secret a scam headerIf you happen to come across The China Secret website, then you may have seen the incredible income claim amounting to $146,228.39.

This is the boldest claim from a make money online site that I have encountered recently, and I have reviewed a lot of these programs.

This is one of the reasons why I got curious about what their system really is and how they can achieve this feat.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for visiting my review and for taking your time to do your own research.

I know you’re one of those people who also got curious about this program, and you want to answer the question, “is The China Secret a scam?”

You’ll soon find out from this review.

The China Secret at a Glance
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  • Income Potential


The China Secret is a system that taps the new messenger marketing opportunity on Facebook. The so-called creator Robert Walter (pen name) claimed that he has made $146,228.39 in just 3 months since he discovered this loophole.

I don’t recommend this program due to the many red flags I have discovered on their sales page when I did my own investigation. Some of the warning signs I found are the following:

  • The system is not fully explained by its creator
  • Richard Walter is just a pen name, you don’t know who the real owner of the system is
  • There are no legal pages (income disclaimer, privacy policy, and terms of the agreement

Joining this program is, in my opinion, risky. That’s why I would suggest that you find other alternative opportunities on the web.

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What is The China Secret and what does it offer?

When you first visit their sales page, the most significant thing you’ll notice is the incredible income claim on the header text.

Although income claims are a common thing in these types of programs, what I really want to see are the features of the system they are offering and what value it can bring to me as an online marketer.

Income claims look good on the sales video, but what we’re after are the results these programs provides.

the china secret income claim

The China Secret sales page has several income claims.

Robert Walters, the owner and founder of this system claims that The China Secret is a brand-new loophole that takes advantage of a 1.4-billion dollar market on the internet.

According to Robert, he discovered this system just 3 months ago and it changed his life tremendously for the better.

In fact, he also claims that through this system, he is now earning $28,432.22 per day.

He doesn’t have any marketing or technical experience, so according to him everyone can also do it no matter what your background is, it’s possible to earn that amount of money.

How is this possible?

Robert says that his system will take advantage of the new messenger marketing opportunity which is a native feature of Facebook Messenger.

the china secret for beginners

According to Robert, this system is based on the new messenger marketing opportunity.

He also said that he patterned his system to the opportunity he discovered on WeChat, which is a Chinese messaging platform that generated $40 billion dollars in profits last year.

He had used the same loophole but now using Facebook Messenger, because it is, after all, the most advanced messaging application due to its advertising and commerce features.

Now, you will be one of the very first people who will yield the rewards of this opportunity once you decide to join his program.

This sounds sweet but you’re not the type of person who will rush into a program without knowing all the details about it.

This time let’s talk about the warning signs I found about this program.

The China Secret Warning Signs

I personally don’t like programs that claim everything will be fast and easy because any make money online program will NOT succeed if it relies on an automated system.

I have reviewed a lot of programs in the past and I can easily point out several of the red flags in a program when its main objective is to lure people closer to their system, so they can successfully sell it.

The same methods are being employed by programs who want to encourage people to act fast without doing proper research because through research people will find out what their system really is and what they can provide.

When I delved deeper into The China Secret, I found out several warning signs that I will discuss on this review, so let’s start.

Warning sign#1 – Triggering your emotion to lure you closer to their product

When you watch the sales video, Robert will first tell you a story about his struggles and how he lost his job, home, and most significantly his wife due to the current economic situation.

the china secret drama

Robert is claiming that he has been a victim of a financial crisis.

He is also a fortune teller because he will share with you the events that will unfold in 2019, which is a global financial crisis, and how this will affect a lot of people including you.

He will then complain about the many Gurus on the web, and how they have scammed him of his money.

Fortunately, he found a way which he called the secret system that will eventually solve all these problems including how he managed to buy his dream house in just 3 months!

In my opinion, this sounds all too familiar and I have heard the same thing from other programs who claim to provide an easy way to earn a lot of money online.

I’m not saying that this program is another get-rich-quick scheme, although based on his income claims earning that kind of money takes more than 3 months to achieve.

I think this is a significant warning sign that you need to be aware of because Robert is more focused on getting you excited, but he is nowhere near on explaining how his system has achieved what he claims on the sales video.

Warning sign#2 – There is no proper explanation on how the system really works

Honestly, I’m a bit skeptical about a system that promises something rewarding but doesn’t lay out the steps on how I will succeed in using that system.

This is one of the major red flags I found in the sales video since Robert is not really interested in sharing how his system works.

He will just explain to you that his system will only cost $9. It’s cheap compared to other products but you’re not allowed to know more than that.

You just need to take his word as is and that the system will work flawlessly in your favor.

However, this type of sales pitch is unacceptable, because as a consumer we have the right to know more about the product we are buying.

The cost of the product is not the main concern here, whether it’s cheap or not. It’s the obligation of the creator to tell us all the details of the program, so we will know if it’s really for us or not.

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Warning sign#3 – The same old scarcity tactics

According to Robert, there are only 100 positions available for The China Secret system and you need to act now before it’s too late.


Scarcity tactics on their sales page.

Honestly, this is an old trick used by online marketers, but don’t get me wrong – it’s NOT an unethical tactic.

It’s being used by legit businesses to hold promos like this where they only sell or give away a certain amount of stocks to their customers. This will build the hype around their product so more people will check out their product.

However, it’s not the case with this program because when I first checked their sales page, I already saw the notice that there are only 100 positions left before it closes down.

So, I checked it again after 24 hours, but I noticed it’s still the same number of positions left.

This only means that they are not monitoring the number of copies they are selling or the pop-up notice on their site is just there to get you excited.

Warning sign#4 – No Terms and Earnings Disclaimer

Another red flag I would like to share with you is the lack of legal information on their sales page.

If you check the bottom part of their page, you won’t find any menu that links to their legal page including their privacy policy and earnings disclaimer.

These legal pages are essential – especially the incomes disclaimer since you will know from this page the guarantee they give regarding the success rate of their program.

What are your odds of you getting the income that they have promised on their sales video? All these are written on their disclaimer.

The privacy policy will also layout the guidelines they have set regarding the personal details they get from you like your email, which they require on the form on their sales page.

You need to take into consideration how they are going to use your personal details because you’ll never know if they are going to sell your details to third parties.

In my opinion, you should take this warning sign seriously when you make your final decision.

Warning sign#5 – Who is Robert Walter?

Robert Walter is the owner and creator of The China Secret, but there’s no reference of him on the sales page.

He doesn’t even show his photo or any important information about him or how you’re going to get in touch with him.

How can you trust a program when the owner himself is hiding his real identity?

the china secret pen name

Robert Walter is just a pen name.

In fact, in small text below their sales page, you’ll find a notice that says the use of a “pen name” is necessary to protect the privacy of the creator.

I find this unacceptable because there’s no way you can verify who the real owner/creator is.

In my opinion, this red flag is a deal breaker because it raises the risks involved in joining this program.

Always remember this, you have the right to know who you are dealing with before you take out your wallet and purchase any type of product or program on the internet.

Warning sign#6 – Is it just $9 to access this program?

Will $9 be enough to access the program or can you expect more upsells inside?

If you watched their sales video, Robert will always remind you that it’s so cheap that you’re like buying a coffee from a coffee shop.

However, when I checked ClickBank, I found out that there are 3 upsells for their program.

the china secret upsells

There are various upsells for this program as stated on ClickBank.

Although Robert did not reveal the price of these upsells, you will probably be paying a lot more since there are 3 upsells and they are described as 3 killer upsells.

So, is it really cheap?

Honestly, no since you’ll probably need to pay a lot more than $9, and you might also need to buy the upgrades to raise your chances of making money online.

Final verdict – Legit or Scam?

It’s time to answer the one million dollar question – is The China Secret a scam?

Your answer will greatly depend on your own perspective since I already shared all the details and red flags I found in this program.

You are now more capable of answering this question because you will now weigh the pros and cons of joining this program.

Will you find value in the system that Robert Walter is offering, or will you find it risky instead?

To better help you in your decision, here’s the overview of my review:


  • 60-day money back guarantee pros



  • The system is not fully explained by its creatorcons
  • Richard Walter is just a pen name, you don’t know who the real owner of the system is
  • There are no legal pages (income disclaimer, privacy policy, and terms of the agreement)
  • You cannot verify the earnings claim
  • The creator uses scarcity tactics to lure into buying his system

In my opinion, The China Secret is at par with other done-for-you systems that I have reviewed in the past.

I’m NOT saying that it’s a complete scam because it’s still on ClickBank marketplace, which means you have the option to refund your money.

However, I don’t recommend this system, since it has several significant red flags, which for me, is still a deal breaker because it raises its risk-level tenfold when joining this program.

The best alternative that I can recommend

We all want to have a passive income online using the most ethical means possible, but this cannot be achieved through a loophole or automated system that generates money for you.

No matter how good the claims are in a sales page of a program you saw on the web, you should understand that making money online requires hard work and patience.

Like in any endeavor in real life or online, you really need to invest time, effort and a bit of your money to succeed.

If you’re really interested in knowing the best and ethical way to make money online, I have an in-depth guide that will teach you some of the essential steps you need to take to get started.

These are the same steps I took when I was still a newbie and I still implement and use them now because it’s the same old recipe that provides me a decent income online.

If you have any questions, feedback or comments about The China Secret that you want to share with me, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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