is textbroker legit review headerTextbroker is a content platform where you can either outsource your content, or you can get paid to write content.

But is Textbroker legit and a safe platform to use?

I have used the platform several times myself to hire writers, and in this Textbroker review, I will give you insight into whether it is worth it or not and exactly what you can get out of it.

This review will focus on how good it is for you if you want to hire writers and outsource your content since that is what I have used it for myself.

Textbroker at a Glance
  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Value for money


Textbroker can be a fast way to outsource content. It is however not for everyone. You have to be aware that cheap content will very likely also lead to low quality. So be realistic about your budget and expectations and consider how it will fit into your overall content strategy before ordering.

What is Textbroker and what does it offer?

Textbroker is one of the many content platforms that exist today.

It is one of the big ones, and it was founded in 2007, so it has been around for a while.

So let me just right away make it clear that Textbroker is a legit and safe platform to use. This does however not mean it will necessarily be the right option for you, but hopefully, you will know after reading this review.

There are two main ways you can use Textbroker – you can use it to hire writers to write content for you, or you can get paid to write content for others.

Opportunities for authors:

As already mentioned, I will be focusing on how good Textbroker is as an outsourcing platform, as that is what I have used it for myself.

But a big part of what it offers is also opportunities for authors, and I therefore also want to quickly go over this here.

If you write content, you can join Textbroker for free.

It will give you access to thousands of writing jobs. As with all other portals like this, it will not be the highest pay you will get compared to if you get writing jobs directly with a client.

But it however gives you access to a lot of writing jobs very quickly.

To be accepted you have to submit test work. Based on this, you will receive a star rating that you start with. The rating will decide how high paying jobs you can get.

As you write more, you can move up and get a higher rating, if you get positive feedback from your clients, and this will make it possible for you to get paid more for writing.

As mentioned, I do not have personal experience with writing for Textbroker, so I will not go more into details with that here but instead focus on how it is to use when you want to hire a writer.

Opportunities when you need content:

Almost no matter what kind of business you have, you quite often need some kind of content produced.

This especially goes if you have an online business. Then you will know how difficult it can be to produce all your content yourself.

That is why it is amazing to have the option to outsource some of your writing.

On Textbroker you have several options to get content. You can use the self-service option, where you order the content yourself, or you can use the managed service for bigger projects, where you will have someone take care of everything for you.

Unless you have a really big budget for content, the self-service is the best option. Here you can choose between creating open orders or direct orders.

textbroker order types

Two ways to order is through open orders or direct orders.

The open order is where you will place your order in an open market, and any writer that lives up to the rating and requirements you have set will be able to start writing it.

The direct order is where you give the order to a specific writer.

When you create an order, you have several things you can decide.

All of these aspects are important to make sure you get awesome content. But there are in particular a couple of things you, in my opinion, have to make sure to consider carefully.

textbroker order example

Make sure to give as clear instructions as possible for your writer.

The first thing to consider is the quality level. You can choose writers that have between 2-5 stars. The more stars, the higher the quality.

This, of course, depends on your budget and needs, but I will get more into the pricing later.

Just consider that the content will be representing you. So do also not comprise with the quality. Personally, I would never use a writer rating less than 3-4 (preferably 4), as I want to make sure to only have high-quality content.

Later I will explain more about the quality you can expect when ordering like this.

One more thing that is important to notice is that you can make some SEO requirements.

If your content is for websites, it is very important to fill out this section. You can, for example, choose keywords, keyword density, and more.

Make sure to use the chance to fill out this info. The more details you give your writer, the higher a chance you have that it will live up to your requirements.

Overall, it is very easy to order content on Textbroker, and you will get your content fast. If it will then be worth it depends on several things, which I will explain later.

Can you get content in other languages?

So what if you need content in another language than English?

Textbroker does offer this option to a certain extent.

You cannot order an open order in a different language than English. You can however search for specific authors that know other languages and place an order with someone that speaks the language you want.

However, if you need content in other languages than English from Textbroker your best option is to go for the managed content service, where they offer content is 36 languages.

language options on textbroker

If you choose the managed service, you can get content in 36 languages.

Textbroker assures that the content will be written by native speakers.

They also offer a translation service, so you can have content translated between more or less any language combination.

Textbroker prices

When it comes to getting content, the price is of course also important. You can get content very cheap at Textbroker, but if you for example go for the bigger managed service, it can also become very expensive.

It is free to register at Textbroker. You will however then have to pay a small processing fee for each order.

The price depends on the quality of the content, and if you choose to use the self-service or the direct order option.

The prices for the open orders are:

  • 2-star writer: 1.3 cents/word
  • 3-star writer: 1.8 cents/word
  • 4-star writer: 2.4 cents/word
  • 5-star writer: 7.2 cents/word

The price for the direct order starts at 2.4 cents/word but you should expect in most cases to pay more if you use this option.

The managed service starts at $2,500, but you need to contact Textbroker for a specific quote.

Luckily Textbroker has a calculator on the website where you can quickly see how much it would cost to order a certain type of content.

textbroker calculator

There is a calculator on Textbroker that makes it fast to get an overview of the price.

As you can see above, you can for example order an article of 1000 words from a level 2 author for the price of $13.35.

This is very cheap content, but when it comes to content going for the cheapest option is not always a good idea.

So before jumping in, you need to consider if it will be worth it for you – not just in terms of the money, but also for your overall brand and website.

Is it worth it?

As you can see, Textbroker offers many different content options.

I have not tried the managed service myself, but it looks very professional.

I have used the self-service option several times to see if it could be a way to outsource some content and get more time to do other things myself.

The quality of the content should always be a priority, and that is also why I have ordered articles from 4 star authors.

My experience was that when using the open order, the quality varied a lot from article to article. You can of course request edits if you are not happy.

But in my experience, if you order this kind of content, you need to be willing to still spend quite a bit of time making it your own and making it fit into your other content.

If you order content from authors less than rating 4, you should probably expect to spend even more time doing this.

So is it then worth ordering content on Textbroker?

I would say it really depends on your needs and budget.

If you have a big budget and can go for the high-quality content or maybe even the managed service, it can be a way to get good content and save yourself time.

If you do not have a big budget and only want to go for the cheaper content, you seriously have to consider what your long-term goal is when it comes to content production.

A website should for example not just have content – it NEEDS to have high-quality content.

You can test if the quality fits into your requirements, as it is not expensive to test with a few articles.

I personally found that in articles from level 4 writers, it still took me too long to make adjustments before it would fit into what I wanted for the website I ordered it for. And I have not yet been willing to pay for level 5 writers or the managed service.

So I think it can be worth it for some, but you need to be willing to do some testing, and you need to look at the content you get with a critical view.

Final thoughts

Textbroker is without a doubt a legit and safe content platform.

But it is not for everyone. So let’s sum up the pros and cons to give you a better overview.


  • Free to register
  • Fast way to get content
  • You can get really cheap content


  • High-quality content will be expensive
  • It can take time to make sure the content fits into your brand

Textbroker can be a fast and easy way to get help with your content production.

However, before you jump into ordering, I would suggest that you have a lot of experience in writing quality content yourself.

Without this experience, it will be difficult for you to judge the quality of the content you order, and see if it will benefit your website and brand long-term or just give poor results.

Overall, it is for me personally not the right platform at the moment, as I ended up spending too much time editing the content after having paid for it. Maybe at a later time, I will try out the managed service.

But I think Textbroker can be worth it – you just have to be clear about your expectations, and if you want really high quality, you should not expect to get it from the lowest rated writers of course.


Hope this review has helped you get insight into what to expect by outsourcing your content through Textbroker, so you can easily decide if it is the right option for you or not.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with the platform yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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