is squadhelp a scam review headerSquadhelp is a platform where you can supposedly earn by coming up with name ideas and logo designs for companies.

But is Squadhelp a scam or is it really a legit and great platform?

Let me just clarify this question right away – it is a legit platform that does what it claims.

However, this does not mean it is necessarily a good option because it is honestly not a platform for everyone. So you need to know what to expect and who it is for before joining.

This Squadhelp review will give you all the details and give you an inside look so you can find out if it is a good option for you or not.

Squadhelp at a Glance
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  • Usability
  • Income potential


Squadhelp is a legit platform where you can potentially earn if you are creative and win contests by coming up with names, slogans, or logos for companies.  If you are a creative person and good at it, it can be a fun platform and you can win some great awards.

But you need to know that there is no guarantee you will ever win.

There is a lot of competition on the platform and you will compete against hundreds of other submissions for each contest.

So the main thing to consider before joining Squadhelp is how skilled you are and if you think you can win several contests – if not, you should find other ways to earn online instead, in my opinion.

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What is Squadhelp and what does it offer?

Squadhelp has existed since 2011 and it was created to disrupt the traditional agency model by giving creative people an easy way to come up with logo designs and names for companies.

And for companies to get easy access to ideas for logos and names.

So there are two ways you can use Squadhelp. Either as a freelancer wanting to earn or as a company wanting help for logos or names.

In this review, I will mainly be focusing on the perspective of freelancers so you can see if it is a good way to earn some extra money online.

However, if you are a company wondering if it is worth using Squadhelp, this review will also give you good answers for this by understanding exactly how it works.

So let’s start by going over the ways you can earn as a freelancer on Squadhelp.

Option 1 – Naming contests

There are different types of naming contests once you join Squadhelp. It can either be for a company name, website names, slogans, or similar.

So if you are creative and like coming up with things like this, it can be a fun platform. There are plenty of contests to participate in.

At the time of writing this review, there are, for example, 223 active naming contests.

squadhelp naming contest example

There are plenty of naming contests available.

And new contests are added every day, so there are plenty to choose from.

On the overview, you can easily see the task described, how much the potential reward will be, how many entries there already is in the contests, when the contest will end, and more.

Just be aware that right after you join, you will not have full access to all the contests. You will first be assigned a couple of contests to start with.

Once your ideas are liked in a few contests, you will automatically receive full access to participate in all active contests.

So make sure to make an effort from the beginning as it will affect your chances of getting access to more contests.

You can also eventually submit more than one entry per contest. The number depends on what Squadhelp calls Percentile Ranking Score.

This is a score based on how you have done in previous contests. The higher a score, the more entries you are allowed to submit, and the higher a chance you have of potentially winning.

Option 2 – Design logos

If you are good at designing, you can also participate in logo contests. They work very much the same as the naming contests.

Once you are inside, you can get an overview of the different contest.

squadhelp logo contest example

Examples of logo contests on Squadhelp.

However, just be aware that you cannot get access to these contests right away.

You need to first send examples of previous designs to Squadhelp to be approved.

test assignments on squadhelp

You need to be approved to get access to the logo contests.

So if you are a brand new graphic designer and do not have any previous work yet, you will not be able to get access to these contests.

Also, be aware that from what I can see, quite a lot of the contests are only for what is called Tier A members.

This means a contest is by invitation only and only open to you if you have previously won contests on Squadhelp or have demonstrated a consistent pattern of a high-quality score.

Who can join?

Something I really like about Squadhelp is that you can join no matter where you live. So it is not limited to only certain countries.

The platform itself and the tasks are in English, so you need to understand English well enough to read the instructions properly.

But other than that, anyone can join.

However, if you want to participate in the design contests, you need to have some experience and some previous work to be accepted.

And you, in general, need to be creative to have a chance of doing well on the platform.

How much can you earn on Squadhelp?

If you join Squadhelp as a freelancer to earn, you, of course, want to know what you can realistically earn there.

This is very difficult to give an exact answer for as all the tasks there are contests. This means you have to compete with others and only if you win, you will get paid.

squadhelp earning guarantee

There is no guarantee you will win/earn.

So there is no guarantee you will earn.

It will all depend on your submissions and if the owners of the contests choose you as the winner. So you can potentially end up participating in a lot of contests without ever earning.

And one thing to consider is that there is quite a lot of competition for each contest.

squadhelp entries example

there is a lot of competition for most contests.

It is not unusual to see several hundred participants for a contest. I have also seen contests with 1000+ entries.

So it is NOT easy money.

You need to be confident in your skills to spend time here. But if you are creative and win regular contests, you can earn quite good money.

The contests usually have a reward between $100-$300 but sometimes you can also find contests with a higher reward. So if you win regularly, it can give you some really nice money and it is a safe platform to use.

Just remember that there is no guarantee you will ever earn anything so only do it if you have great creative skills. If not, you can end up wasting quite a lot of time.

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How do you get paid?

You, of course, also need to know how you will then get paid if you earn on Squadhelp.

After you win a contest, the award will be credited to your Squadhelp account automatically. From here you can then withdraw them through either PayPal or Payoneer.

You just need to make sure your accounts are verified as that is necessary to transfer your earnings. Also, before requesting payment, you must send a W9 or W8-BEN form depending on where you live. You only need to send this form once.

Usually, payouts will take 7 days to process. But if you have won more than 5 contests and your account is in good standing, your payouts will be processed within 1-3 business days after you have requested it.

So if you win a lot, you will also be able to get your earnings faster which is a very nice benefit, in my opinion.

Is it free to join Squadhelp?

If you join Squadhelp as a company wanting to run contests, there will, of course, be a fee. But I am not going into the different options for that here as this review focuses more on the earning perspective as a freelancer.

As a freelancer wanting to make money on Squadhelp, it is free to sign up.

However, if you want to participate in the naming contests, there is a $5 one-time fee to get started.

squadhelp joining fee

There is a one-time $5 fee if you want to join the naming contests.

This can seem a bit strange at first, but I guess it is to make sure only serious people will join and participate which protects the companies from wasting time on all kinds of spam suggestions.

So in that sense, I do think it makes sense. And luckily it is a very low fee. But you still need to be aware that you have to pay this to get started.

There is no fee to get started with the logo contests but here you have to submit previous work before starting to be approved.

Also, I have heard some feedback after first publishing this review from someone saying that they did not have to pay this fee when they first joined. So it might also be different from country to country or be change from time to time.

So this fee might not be there when you try.

Final verdict

Squadhelp is a legit platform and it has both advantages and disadvantages, in my opinion.

So let’s finish this review by summing up the pros and cons so you can get a better overview before deciding if it is the right platform for you to earn on or not.


  • If you are skilled and creative, the awards are pretty high
  • You can join from all countries
  • Offers easy payout methods


  • There is no guarantee you will earn
  • You sometimes have to pay to participate in the naming contests
  • There is A LOT of competition

Personally, I think Squadhelp can be a fun platform if you are creative and really good at what you do. If that is the case, you can win some pretty nice money there.

But the big drawback is that there is no guarantee you will ever earn anything. There is a lot of competition on the platform and you will compete against hundreds of other submissions for each contest.

So you can potentially end up wasting a lot of time without getting paid.

So the main thing to consider before joining Squadhelp is how skilled you are and if you think you can win several contests – if not, you should find other ways to earn online instead, in my opinion.


I hope this review has helped you get a good overview of exactly what to expect from Squadhelp and if it is the right option for you or not.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Squadhelp yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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