is money looper a scam headerIf you’re searching for a way to make money online and you happen to come across Money Looper, then there’s a strong possibility that you got curious about this system.

Since some of the points discussed in their sales video seems reasonable enough for generating a passive income online, it might encourage you to join their program.

However, since there are so many products with unrealistic income claims today, it’s best to practice due diligence and do a bit of research.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you because you have come to the right place. In this Money Looper review, I will show you some of the warning signs that I found in this system.

So, if you’re asking yourself, “is Money Looper a scam?” it’s all up to you to decide, but I urge you to read my review, so you’ll be in a better position to decide if this system is legit or another waste of time.

Let’s dive in.

Money Looper at a Glance
  • Training
  • Tools
  • Value for Money
  • Income Potential


Money Looper is a system that relies on a software to find money loopholes on the web, and it claims that it can provide you with an opportunity to make a lot of money online through these loopholes.

However, a system that relies heavily on automated software is something that you should stay away from because making money online requires effort, training, and patience.

Using software to run your affiliate site will only put it in a precarious situation like being penalized by Google and the other search engines.

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What is Money Looper and what does it offer?

Based on their sales video, I found out that “Mike Thomas,” the owner will teach you how to leverage money loopholes on the web through his software.

money looper software

The main selling point of his system is that everything will be done through a software.

What he meant by these money loopholes are low-hanging income opportunities in ClickBank. He will provide you with several niches from testing apps, health, and fitness to money-making opportunities that are now available in the CB marketplace.

He will also claim that he developed this system to get even with other make money online gurus who have deceived innocent people in the past including him. Mike was scammed before by these gurus, and that motivated him to find the perfect system or loophole to get even with them.

 In order for this system to work, he will need partners to leverage these money loopholes on the web that according to him are being exposed every week. He will also say that he doesn’t have enough people in his team to manage all the things in his business, so he needs you to be his partner.

At first, it sounded like an MLM or Multi-Level-Marketing scheme, because in this type of business model you are required to find someone who is already in the business.

We all know how MLM works especially when it comes to profits; everything is shared by all partners and the biggest income will go to the people on the top of the pyramid. Basically, MLM is a complex business model based on the notorious pyramid scheme.

However, Money Looper is not based on MLM according to Mike, but it will still fall under the affiliate marketing business model. Well, that, in fact, is a legit way of making money online and is used ethically by thousands of people today.

In affiliate marketing, you will earn through commissions, but it will vary from vendor to vendor depending on the products you promote.

Now, let’s go back to Money Looper and how this system works?

According to its creator, once you buy his product you will be given access to his software that will hook you to an affiliate network.

You will also get a set of training materials to help you get started, and a unique affiliate link to promote products from various niches.

So, these products are handpicked by Mike, and according to him, is the best products that you should promote.

However, he will NOT promise you any outrageous earnings, but he will show you his income, which will range from $900 to $1,500 per day coming from commissions.

In my opinion, it’s good not to promise anything but the fact that you’re showing off your high earnings is already a red flag and something to be suspicious about.

It seems it’s just a way for him to get people in his program, but I’m not buying his sales pitch.

Money Looper Warning signs

There are many affiliate marketing programs on the internet today and you can get into these affiliate networks for FREE, you don’t need to pay the company to promote their products.

I’m also into affiliate marketing and I know that it takes time, effort and some patience to succeed in this field.

You’ll also need a platform where you can meet other successful affiliate marketers and know the steps they took when they were starting out.

Although Money Looper is based on affiliate marketing, it is unfortunately not unlike other programs as there are many programs that make claims like this.

The owner claims his system is easy to use and it will rely on a software to find the loopholes. You, in turn, will leverage these loopholes to make money online, which I think is too good to be true.

In my opinion, using an automated software to help you make money online is already a big red flag. You shouldn’t rely on a software to do something very important, especially in affiliate marketing.

There are also other warning signs that I saw in this system and I will enumerate each one of them.

Warning sign #1 – Triggering your emotions to hook you up to their product

When I first saw their sales video, I was a bit amazed by the narrator and how he tells his story. You’ll feel like you’re listening to an audiobook rather than watching a sales video because his story is very moving especially when he tells you that he was a janitor before.

money looper mike dee janitor

According to Mike Dee, his job before was a janitor.

His life is rock bottom and his wife is having a breakdown because life is so hard, and they were being scammed by online gurus, who promised them that they will make a lot of money online but failed to deliver the results that they were looking for. 

To make the story short, Mike found a way to leverage the loopholes and he partnered with a group of developers to make a software that will automate the whole process.

This seems to be the climax of his story and the start of his sales pitch.  It sounds very encouraging and if you are not careful enough, you’ll be lured into the pity game.

Once you sympathize with the narrator, he will get your undivided attention and it’s much easier for him to get his message across.

This is the kind of tactic being used by online marketers to broaden the attention span of their prospects.

I’m not saying it’s bad or unethical but it’s way too exaggerated for a sales video.

As for me, you don’t need to trigger the emotions of your prospects when you have full confidence in your product.

If it really works then go directly to the features and benefits it can provide. Let your prospects decide if your system will work for them or not.

Warning sign #2 – The connection between Money Looper and Mike Dee Rich Janitor

Another thing I find strange in the sales video is when Mike actually admits his name is “Mike Dee.” When I searched the web, I found out a program created between 2009 to 2010 and is called “Mike Dee Rich Janitor.”

When Mike shows off his ClickBank earnings, it’s from a 2009 income report which means this system is just a rehashed program. There might be several reasons why they’ve changed its name to Money Looper, but it could be to hide their negative reviews from the past.

They don’t want potential customers to find out who they really are since the product is already 8 years old.

The sales video they are using has the same tactic and tone as “Mike Dee Rich Janitor”, which was a program created by the same person 8 years ago. And it’s pretty clear that they’re using the same dialogue in the Money Looper sales video.

Therefore, you can only assume that they MIGHT be providing the same old training like what they did with the Rich Janitor program. If they have not taken the time to even edit and update the sales video that is supposed to represent the product, it definitely worries me.

This is a major warning sign that you should consider before you decide to buy this program.

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Warning sign #3 – You don’t need a keyboard in this program?

The claim that you don’t need a keyboard in this program, is quite confusing and something that needs more clarification.

When I dug deeper into their sales video, I found out what the narrator meant when he said, “you don’t need a keyboard in this program.” One of the software that they will provide you is an article generator that will create the articles for your website.

you-dont-need keyboard money looper

One of Mike Dee’s claim that you don’t need a keyboard to run his system.

This I think is another red flag since content created by article generators are low quality and NOT unique. This strategy may have worked in 2009 since the search engines were still in the process of integrating an algorithm to detect duplicates.

However, search engines today like Google are smarter and they are relentless when it comes to duplicates and plagiarism.

When they see duplicate articles in your site, they will penalize it and your site will no longer appear in any search results.

This means the site will be invisible and you won’t be able to earn anything, because people won’t be able to click your affiliate links. That’s why it’s essential for you to create quality content for your site.

The more quality content you have on your affiliate site, the better your chances of ranking it on the search engines.

 Warning sign #4 – Who is Mike Thomas or is it Mike Dee?

I personally believe that Mike Dee is the same person who created the Rich Janitor program. Although we can’t really say if it’s the real name of the owner.

mike-dee rich janitor money looper

It seems Mike Dee already created a program before called “Mike Dee Rich Janitor.”

In fact, when you browse down their website, you’ll see a notice about Mike Thomas and that it’s just an abbreviated pen name. In their sales video, you won’t see any reference of Mike Thomas just Mike Dee.

When there are inconsistencies in a program, it’s best to avoid buying it since you really don’t know the real people behind it.

Warning sign #5 – There is no guarantee you will earn any money using the techniques in their program?

When you read their earnings disclaimer, you’ll soon find out that they won’t guarantee that you will earn any money using the ideas in their training materials.

 Now, everything falls apart because it’s absolutely the opposite of what they are saying in their sales video.

money looper earnings disclaimer

Money Looper’s earnings disclaimer is very different from what their sales video is saying.

They will even say that your earnings will “entirely be dependent on the efforts you put in,” which is what affiliate marketing is supposed to be.

In my opinion, it’s possible to earn a passive income online using affiliate marketing, but you need updated information from credible sources and some effort in building a high-quality affiliate site.

Always remember, when a program promises easy money in the sales video without any effort but says something else in the terms and conditions page, then I would be very careful about it.

Not being consistent in their promises is a big red flag and something that you should know about before you take out your wallet.

Final Verdict – Is Money Looper Legit or Scam?

I have laid out all the essential details about this system, it’s up to you to decide if it’s legit or another scam that you should go away from.

It all depends on your perspective and how well you took all the warning signs that I have discussed in this review.

Here is a short overview of the things I have discussed:


  • The system is based on affiliate marketingpros
  • There is some form of training


  • The secret loophole is not well explained by the creatorcons
  • You are led to believe that everything is easy 
  • You don’t know who the owner really is
  • You will be given an automated software to run your affiliate site
  • There’s a strong possibility that this is a rehashed program from 2009
  • No guarantee that you will succeed

Overall, I’m NOT recommending this system since it has many red flags. In my opinion, you will be putting yourself at great risk if you decide to sign-up for this program.

I’m not saying that Money Looper is a scam, but after all the details that I have shared with you in this review, I think it is clear there are some red flags you NEED to consider carefully before joining.

What’s a better alternative!

We all want to generate an income online in the most ethical and legal way possible. However, you need to keep in mind that it will take time, effort and patience.

Nothing is really easy in life – you need some form of proper training and the right mindset to achieve your goals.

That is the same with affiliate marketing because you’ll need a proven method to make money online.

If you’re really interested to learn more about how I earn my income online, then I suggest that you check out my in-depth guide – it’s the very same steps I have used to create a full-time income with affiliate marketing.

For any question, feedback, or comments about Money Looper, you can comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts about this particular system.

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