is millionaire biz pro a scam review headerMillionaire Biz Pro claims you can start earning $1,000 per day after just 24 hours by using this system.

But is Millionaire Biz Pro a Scam or the real deal?

Well, let me reveal right away that it is definitely great you are doing some research before paying for this program, as there are a lot of things you are not told and A LOT of exaggerated claims you need to know about.

In this Millionaire Biz Pro review I am going to show you these warning signs, so you know what you are getting into before paying anything.

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Millionaire Biz Pro claims you can start earning $1,000 per day with just a few minutes work. This is just one of the many exaggerated claims. The program has A LOT of warning signs, as you for example do not know who the owner is, it uses the same tricks it warns against, and it can end up being a lot more expensive than you are told. It is therefore NOT a program I recommend.

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What is Millionaire Biz Pro and what does it offer?

When you watch the sales video of Millionaire Biz Pro it might be a bit difficult to figure out exactly what it offers.

You are told that you will get everything you need to build your own Millionaire Biz Pro business and income online, and you can get this up and running with just a few clicks.

millionaire biz pro steps statement

You can supposedly get everything set up and start earning with just a few clicks.

This of course sounds good, but you are not told much about how it actually works.

In one of the sales videos (there are several of them depending on the way you get to the page), the owner shows a live demo to show you what it is about.

This demo is however not really showing anything. It just mentions you have to do four easy steps, and then you will start earning. It is actually a really poor demo, and I would not even call it a demo, as it shows or proves nothing at all.

Anyways, what you will actually get is access to 15 predesigned webpages. These webpages can then be used to capture emails from people visiting them, and you can use both the sales pages and the email lists to earn commissions through affiliate marketing.

Millionaire Biz Pro also includes some basic training videos that will show you how to do this.

This all sounds good so far right?

Well, there are however a lot of things you are not told. Before getting to these warning signs, let me first explain shortly how affiliate marketing works, so you know, if this is even a legit way to make money online.

Is it a real way to make money?

As mentioned, Millionaire Biz Pro teaches you how to make money through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is definitely a real way to make money online, and also my own preferred way to make money online.

It is a way, where you can promote products you do not own to other people, and if they buy through your link, you will earn a commission.

If you do affiliate marketing honestly, it is a great way to make good money online while at the same time helping people by providing helpful information to them.

However, not everybody is doing affiliate marketing by focusing on quality and on helping. In the sales video of Millionaire Biz Pro, Derek (the owner) also mentions this and says that his program is different from other programs.

He says that most programs that teaches you to make money online cheat, lies, and manipulates just to make money themselves.

His program is of course completely different. And does not have any gimmicks – according to himself.

dishonest affiliate marketing signs

Millionaire Biz Pro claims it does not use gimmicks – hmmmm.

However, in my opinion Millionaire Biz Pro uses exactly many of the same tricks and sales methods it criticizes in the sales video.

It seems like this criticism is just to create trust, as most people that have tried to make money online can relate to what he is saying, and many of us have lost money to scam programs.

However, in my opinion Millionaire Biz Pro itself has many warning signs you need to be aware of, so let’s go over these now.

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The Millionaire Biz Pro Warning signs

Millionaire Biz Pro teaches a real way to make money, and I know from personal experience that affiliate marketing is definitely a real way to make money online.

I however strongly doubt Millionaire Biz Pro will be a good place to learn this for the reasons below.

Warning sign #1 – False info about the owner

To know how trustworthy a program is, it is always a good idea to look at who is behind the program. What the history and past products of the person is tell a lot about what you can expect.

In the case of Millionaire BizPro you can however not find much information, and what you can find is quite alarming in my opinion.

You are told the owner’s name is Derek Maxwell.

derek maxwell image

Derek Maxwell is the supposed owner of Millionaire Biz Pro.

The sales video also shows a picture of him, as you can see above.

I however have a lot of experience in internet marketing, so I was suspicious, when I saw this video and decided to research this image further.

It turns out the image of Derek is a stock image from Shutterstock, and it is used on A LOT of other websites as well.

derek maxwells picture on google

It seems Derek’s image is a stock image.

When a program uses a stock image to represent the owner, it is in my opinion a big warning sign. It is hard to say if the name is then even real.

In addition to this, there is also a picture of “Derek’s” house and cars on one of the sales pages.

Again, this image turns up all over Google, and is used on all kinds of pages.

dereks house on google

The image of Derek’s house and cars also seems to be a random image.

In one of the sales pages Derek is actually saying that he will not use gimmicks like showing pictures of fancy mansions and cars to convince you. Well, it seems that was not quite true – just one of the many contradictions.

If the program really was as great as the sales page claims, why use random images of the owner and his mansion? Would the owner not proudly stand behind it, if it really was an amazing system?

Just one of the many warning signs to consider before investing in this program.

Warning sign #2 – Strange testimonials

In one of the sales video I saw for Millionaire Biz Pro there are several testimonials from supposed satisfied users.

Testimonials like this are however often bought, and they are very cheap to get. In my opinion the testimonials for Millionaire Biz Pro sounds like a script.

I want to make it clear that I was not able to find the people from the testimonials on platforms where people sell testimonials, so this is an assumption based on my previous experiences and from how the testimonials sound.

In addition to this it also seems like Millionaire Biz Pro has been lazy when it comes to editing the testimonials. There are two testimonials of women with the exact same name and from the same state.

millionaire biz pro members

Something strange is going on with the testimonials.

Something strange is definitely going on with these testimonials, and I personally would not trust them.

Warning sign #3 – Uses false scarcity tricks

We all know that companies sometimes use sales and discounts to get us to spend money.

However, Millionaire Biz Pro is not just giving offers to get you to join. It is using a lot of what in my opinion is exaggerated sales techniques and false scarcity techniques.

There are several places where you are told you have to act NOW. You are told the video will be taken down after today, that there is only 45 spots, and that the offer experiences after today.

millionaire biz pro scarcity example

Millionaire Biz Pro uses a lot of false scarcity tricks.

But be aware that this is just sales tricks. The video has been live for a long time, and the date saying when it expires automatically changes depending on the date of your visit.

Also, the limited spots claim you can see on the image above is just a way to push you to join before thinking about it.

There will be plenty of spots available.

If you at some point should get to the page and it is not there, it is because the program has been closed due to the owners decisions – not because it sells out. If that should happen, it is probably for the best for you anyways in my opinion:-)

So do not let the pushy sales techniques push you into making a fast decision.

Warning sign #4 – Claims you can earn $1,000 within 24 hours

One of the big claims is that as a Millionaire Biz Pro member, you can make fast money. You are told you can start making $1,000 within just 24 hours.

You are even told that it only takes a few minutes to set everything up and make money.

few minutes setup time claim

It is always a warning sign, when you are told, you can earn a full-time income with just few minutes work.

It is a big warning sign, whenever you see claims like this.

Yes, it is possible to make this kind of money with affiliate marketing – eventually. It will however not happen overnight, and it will not happen with just a few clicks.

It takes time and effort to make real money online, and any program that claims it will do automatically for you, and that you can start earning a full-time income with just a few clicks is not telling you the full truth.

It is a way to get you in and get you committed, and then get you to pay more, as I will explain more about in the pricing section later.

In fact, Millionaire Biz Pro itself reveals you should not necessarily expect this kind of results in this disclaimer, you can find through a small link at the bottom of the page.

millionaire biz pro disclaimer

The Millionaire Biz Pro disclaimer reveals it might not be so easy after all.

The disclaimer says that internet business is not for everyone, and you should understand that using the material presented by Millionaire Biz Pro can mean you can experience significant losses or make no money at all.

This is in direct contrast to the claims about that it does not require any skills to make money with the system and that it is done automatically.

Conflicting information like this is definitely something to take into consideration, and it directly says in the disclaimer that you could potentially experience significant losses by joining Millionaire Biz Pro, and you have to be aware of this.

Warning signs #5 – Conflicting emails

After I gave my email to Millionaire Biz Pro to get to the next step of the sign-up process, I received a couple of emails that really confused me.

Both of them were sent from Derek Maxwell.

One was just to remind me to actually buy the program and send me to another sales video. This was not so confusing, as I expected to get a sales email trying to get me to buy.

But I also right away got another email. This was sent from Derek’s email, but it was signed by a guy called Steve Peirce. It had a link, and said I should click it to get access to my requested information.

It took me to a sales page of a completely different program that also promised to make me fast money online. After trying to leave that page, I was redirected to a sales page of My Mobile Money Pages, which is a product I have previously reviewed and do NOT recommend.

So it seems very strange to get emails signed by different people and leading me through several sales funnels to get me to buy different get-rich-quick programs.

It is definitely in contrast to what Derek says in the sales video, where he claims this program is different and do not use any gimmicks.

Warning sign # 6 – Claims you can manipulate traffic

One of the most important things to be able to make money through a website with affiliate marketing is to get traffic to that site.

Millionaire Biz Pro also mentions how important this is. However, it claims you by using the system can manipulate online traffic to your page.

manipulate traffic claim

Traffic is not something you can just manipulate.

This is NOT how online traffic works. Yes, you can get fast traffic if you are willing to pay for ads and know how to make them properly.

And you can also get a ton of traffic through the search engines, if you do proper SEO.

However, seeing traffic as something that can and should be manipulated is a fundamentally wrong approach. In the past you could do this to a certain degree, but these techniques do not work anymore.

To get high quality traffic, you need to focus on quality for your users. Having an online business is NOT about manipulating search engines and people, so you can make money.

You need to deserve the traffic and the sales. If you focus on quality and on helping people, while at the same time making money for yourself, you will have a long-term sustainable strategy – one that you can also feel good about, as you are helping people and not manipulating them.

So be careful about any program that claims they have a secret traffic system. In the case of Millionaire Biz Pro you can pay to get access to more traffic, but it will not be as easy to get traffic, as it might sound like in the sales video.

This leads me to the next point, which is the pricing.

Warning sign # 7 – Not transparent price

At first it looks like it is quite cheap to get Millionaire Biz Pro. It only costs $47.

millionaire biz pro​ price

Millionaire Biz Pro can end up costing a lot more than the initial joining fee.

If you try to leave the page, you will even get a $10 discount.

However, be aware that this will only give you access to very basic training. There will be a lot more pushy sales videos/pages trying to get you to buy upgrades, after you join.

To get access to everything you can end up spending hundreds of dollars.

And no matter what, you should definitely not expect to start making thousands of dollars within hours by just clicking a few minutes – this is NOT how internet marketing works, and it is NOT realistic.

Final verdict

As you can see, I am not very happy with Millionaire Biz Pro and think there are good reasons to be careful about joining it.

But let’s finish this review by summing up the pros and cons, so you can get a better overview and judge for yourself.


  • Affiliate marketing is a real way to make money
  • You get 15 premade sales pages


  • Uses false images of the owner and his house
  • Strange testimonials
  • Uses same gimmicks he warns about
  • A lot of false scarcity/urgency sales tricks
  • Not transparent
  • Unrealitic claims about how easy it is

Yes, you will get access to some premade sales pages with Millionaire Biz Pro and some training. But you should not at all expect it to help you make money as fast and as easy as it claims.

It uses a lot of cheap sales tricks, you do not know who the owner is, it gives exaggerated claims, and it can end up being very expensive, and in my opinion it is not a good way to learn to make money online.

The most important questions to ask yourself before joining is, if you really trust a program that has this many warning signs and clearly contradicts itself?

In my opinion it is NOT a system that is worth it, and NOT a system I recommend.

If you want to learn how to make a realistic income online it is possible, and you can check out my FREE guide about how to make money online.

This is a realistic approach that takes time and work and does not have any of all the hype. I know from personal experience it works, and it is the exact steps and approach I have used to create a realistic full-time income myself.


If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Millionaire Biz Pro yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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