is massive internet profits a scamWouldn’t it be great with a system that can help you make thousands of dollars online without much work? And where you could start making thousands right away?

There are many programs that claim to be able to do this for you – one of them is Massive Internet Profits.

But is Massive Internet Profits a scam, or is it one of the few programs that actually live up to its promises?

As you have probably already figured out from the title of this article, there are some things you need to know before joining this program.

This Massive Internet Profits review will give you all the details and will show you some warning signs to be aware of, so you will know what you are getting into and what the risks are if you decide to join.

Massive Internet Profits at a Glance
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Massive Internet Profits claims to teach you the secret to make money online easily. However, it only provides superficial information and there are several warning signs you need to be aware of before clicking the “join” button.

It, for example, does not offer any real offers itself but just forwards you to another program that claims you can become rich without much effort.

In general, a website I would recommend staying away from.

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What is Massive Internet Profits and what does it offer?

Let me first get it clear that there are two websites/programs with the same name. There is a website called and one called

The .com website is not working at the moment of writing this review. This was, however, a website that was mostly used to promote one of the big “Make Money Online” programs called MOBE – a program that was shut down by the FTC in June 2018, as they saw it as a scam.

That might be the reason the .com website is not working anymore. However, the .net program/website is still running and is actually a different program. It is this program I will tell you about in this review.

What does offer?

The Massive Internet Profits website is very similar to many other get-rich-quick types of programs I have reviewed before.

Massive Internet Profits claims to teach you how to harness the power of the Internet and teach you how to easily make money online. You supposedly do not need any previous experience or any special skills.

All you have to do is to sign up for the program, and then you will get access to all the tips and tricks about how to make money online – and it will be very easy, and you can start earning right away.

All this does not sound too unrealistic – except for the claim it will be extremely easy to make money online, and it is always a red flag when a program claims this.

But other than that, Massive Internet Profits has some good points about the freedom it can give you to work online, and it is true that you do not need any degree or special skills to learn to make money online.

However, the website does not tell anything about how you will actually make money online, and what you will learn. But if you give the program the benefit of the doubt and decide to join, something a little unexpected will happen.

What happens when you join Massive Internet Profits?

From reading on Massive Internet Profits’ website, I was suspicious, as I have learned to spot when to be careful about online programs/systems, but I still decided to click the sign-up button to see what would happen.

There are many sign-up buttons and sign-up forms on Massive Internet Profits, so it will not be difficult to figure out how to join.

join massive internet profits

The sign-up buttons are not really buttons.

However, when clicking any of these forms or buttons, you will not actually be able to sign up. These are not actual buttons and forms you can fill out – they are just images with a link that will just send you to another website.

When I first tested the website, it just send you to a program called 1K Daily Profit, which has all the signs of being a program to be really careful about joining, but I will go into a full review of that program another time.

invitation link from massive internet profits

Massive Internet Profits sometimes just sends you to 1K Daily Profit.

However, as of updating this review, you are now instead suddenly send to another money-making option. This time to a website that promises you how easy it is to become rich with Bitcoin – so basically another get-rich-quick type of website.

So it seems Massive Internet Profits is just changing the links once in a while and send you to different websites.

So why does Massive Internet Profits just send you to another website?

Once you know how internet marketing works, you will know that this is because Massive Internet Profits is not build to offer something, but build to promote other programs and make money by sending people to these other programs.

It is through what is called affiliate marketing, which means you will get a commission, when you refer people to a certain program/service.

Affiliate marketing is how it is possible for website owners to spend so much time on making great content for visitors, as we of course cannot do it all for free, and it is a great and legit way to make money online.

But unfortunately, like in this case, the focus is not always on quality and on really helping people, but more on just making a commission without providing any valuable information.

So Massive Internet Profits does not actually offer anything itself, other than a superficial description of some benefits of making money online, but is just sending you to another program (which has all the signs of being a program to be careful about, in my opinion).

Can you make money with Massive Internet Profits?

It is not possible to make money with Massive Internet Profits, as it is not actually a program.

It is just a website with very little information and then a lot of links to another program.

However, there is some information on the website that is real – it is definitely possible to make money online, and you can also make really good money online, once you learn the process.

Massive Internet Profits also mentions several benefits of working online as for example you do not have a boss, you can work your own hours, you can work wherever you want, and that you do not need a degree to make money online.

massive internet profits benefits

Massive Internet Profits has a list of benefits of working online.

The problem is just that Massive Internet Profits does not offer any of this, as it is not really a program.

And personally, I would be very careful about trusting the claims of the websites it will lead you to if you click one of the sign-up buttons on the website.

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Red flags to be aware of!

As you can see already, Massive Internet Profits does not really offer much. But before deciding whether you want to follow the links and recommendations on the website, let me go over some warning sites for you to consider.

These red flags do not only apply to Massive Internet Profits but can be used to look at any program/system.

Red flag #1 – Superficial information:

A big warning sign is that Massive Internet Profits only provides very superficial information, and the information you can find on the website is very generic.

Any program that does not tell you more about what it actually offers, before you join, is a program to be careful about. If it really offers something valuable, why not tell what you will learn, and how you will make money instead of just telling you how amazing it is to make money and how easy it will be.

The information on Massive Internet Profits is also so generic that it can be applied to more or less any program that claims to teach you to make money online.

This is of course in a way clever, as that also means that if the program it is currently sending people to at some point closes, it can just change the links, but does not have to change any other information.

As mentioned, this seems to be the case as I have been sent to several different websites when testing their site.

An example of the superficial and generic information you can find on the website is the video that is embedded on the website.

massive internet profits video

The embedded video is an example of the superficial info you can find on the site.

It does not even seem to be a video produced by Massive Internet Profits, but just some video about making money online that has been embedded from YouTube.

The video itself does not have any scam signs and gives some true information about making money online. But as the rest of the information on Massive Internet Profits, it is superficial and without providing any real value in my opinion.

Red flag #2 – No info about the owner:

A big red flag for any online program is when you cannot find any information about the owner or who is behind the program.

There is no information at all on Massive Internet Profits about when it started, why it was started, who started it, etc. If it was really a website with good and honest advice, would it then have some information about who is providing the information?

For the record, I will however mention that just because a program has information about the owner, it does not mean it is a legit program worth joining. Some programs use fake names and images, and some just do not care about using their real name even though they essentially scam people.

Red flag #3 – Exaggerated claims:

make money on autopilotIt is definitely possible to make money online, but one of the big myths about making money online is that it is super easy and that you will start making thousands of dollars from day 1.

Massive Internet Profits claims it will teach you all the tricks that make it so easy to make money online.

Any program that promises you it will be super easy or that their system will do all the work for you, so you can make money on autopilot, is a program to stay away from.

Anybody can learn to make money online legitimately, but like building any other kind of business or income, it takes time and effort. So do not believe any program that claims that after joining, you will become rich in no time and with no effort.

Final verdict

As you can see in this review, I do not think Massive Internet Profits offers anything of value, and I would personally not follow any recommendation on a site that has this superficial information and is making the claims it does.

I would not as such call Massive Internet Profits a scam, as it does not really sell anything. It just gives very poor information and advice in my opinion, and therefore is a site I would recommend staying away from.

If you want to make money online and learn to do this legitimately step-by-step, I know this is possible as I have managed to create a full-time online income myself after a lot of testing and hard work.

If you are interested in knowing how I do it, you can check out my FREE guide where I explain exactly how it works and how you can get started completely for free if it sounds like something for you.

It is something you can get started with no matter your background. Just be aware that it will require effort and hard work – but if you are willing to do this, it definitely is possible to create an online income.


If you have any comments, any questions, or have any experiences with Massive Internet Profits yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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