is fast cash club a scam review headerFast Cash Club is a system that can supposedly help you make thousands of dollars through ecommerce.

But is Fast Cash Club a scam or one of the legit online opportunities?

It definitely is possible to make thousands of dollars with ecommerce, but let me reveal right away that in my opinion this system will not be the best way to learn how to do this.

In this Fast Cash Club review I will show why, and show you the red flags you NEED to know before joining.

Fast Cash Club at a Glance
  • Training
  • Tools
  • Value for money
  • Income potential


Fast Cash Club claims you can learn to make A LOT of money really fast through Shopify, if you get their system. In my opinion, you should however NOT expect an automatic and super easy way to make money from this system – it just has too many red flags.

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What is Fast Cash Club and what does it offer?

Fast Cash Club is a system that claims you can make fast money through ecommerce by following their system.

If you do not have much experience with internet marketing, it might be difficult to see exactly how this would happen, as you are not told many details in the video.

You are mainly just told that it is the world’s first drag and drop ecom profit system.

first drag and drop system claim

Fast Cash Club is supposedly a drag & drop system.

The whole drag and drop claim always makes me worried, when it comes to making money online. So when I saw this, I immediately became alert, as it is not just that simple to make money online.

But I gave Fast Cash Club the benefit of the doubt and continued looking into it.

When you get further into the sales video, you will be able to see that the way you make money with the system is by learning how to make money with a Shopify store.

This is definitely a legit way to make money online, and there are many people making really good money with Shopify stores.

However, in my opinion, Fast Cash Club will very likely NOT be the best place to learn this for various reasons, I will go over below.

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What I like about the system

What I like about Fast Cash Club is that it talks about a real way to make money online, and you are actually told in the sales video what the way is.

Also, you will get access to some training about how to set up a Shopify store.

However, you should in my opinion not expect too much from the training. I have not bought the training myself, as I always do a lot of research before buying any product.

When it has too many red flags, I will not buy it, as I do not wish to support systems that use certain tricks, as I will show you below.

From my research, I was, however, able to find out that the training you will get will be some generic PDFs with some basic info about Shopify.

This is very typical for programs that have sales pitches like Fast Cash Club has. It promises a lot, you will get some training, but it will not give you as fast and as easy results, as you might think.

So even though you get access to some training, it is NOT training I would recommend – especially not if you expect the training to fully live up to the claims on the sales page.

But let me explain the red flags I spotted when it comes to Fast Cash Club, and the main reasons I am not recommending this system, and why it is a system I have decided to stay away from myself.

Fast Cash Club red flags revealed!

In my opinion, and based on my years of experience with internet marketing in general, there are a lot of red flags when it comes to Fast Cash Club, and there are a lot of things you are not told.

These are things you need to consider before investing any money.

Red flag #1 – The identity of the owner

It is always good to know, who is behind any money making program online, as it tells a lot about the credibility of it.

You are told that the owner of Fast Cash Club is John Harris, and you also see a picture of him.

However, John Harris is not the real name of the owner – this is not just something I say by using logic, but also something Fast Cash Club itself reveals in its disclaimer.

john harris pseudonym in disclaimer

The disclaimer reveals John Harris is just a pseunonym.

The disclaimer directly says that the name John Harris is a pseudonym.

In addition to this, I did an image search of the picture of “John” on Google:

owner of fast cash club on google

The image of “John” seems to be a stock photo.

The image shows up on A LOT of other websites, and it seems to be a stock photo.

So both the name and the image seems to be false.

There can of course be many reasons for this, but to me it is a big red flag, when you do not know who the owner of a program is, when a pseudonym is used, and when a stock photo is used to represent him/her.

You definitely have to ask yourself, if you are willing to hand your money over, when you do not know, who you are handing them over to?

Red flag #2 – False testimonials

Unfortunately, it is very easy to buy testimonials of products and services online today, and this is something make money online programs use a lot.

Fast Cash Club is also using this, and the testimonials in the video are bought.

I right away recognized several of the supposed members from sales videos of other products I have reviewed.

The guy below is for example selling testimonials on fiverr, and I have also seen him in quite a few other sales pages like for example for the 30 Day Success Club, where he claims to have used a system that makes him a lot of money.

fast cash club false testimonial 1

Example of a false Fast Cash Club testimonial.

As you can see on the image above, he is in quite a lot of sales videos.

But let me give you one more example.

fast cash club false testimonial 2

Another example of a testimonial given by an actor.

I have for example seen this guy giving a testimonial for Easy Insta Profits as well, and he is selling videos like this on fiverr.

You could, of course, argue that maybe these actors are both selling testimonials and have used the system.

But if they had really joined several systems, as it seems like from the number of sales videos they are participating in, why would they then sell spokesperson videos for $5?

Would you do that if you had a system to make you thousands of dollars on autopilot with just 15 minutes of work per day?

If the system really was as great as it claims, it should not be necessary to hire actors to give testimonials right?

So when I see this, it is in my opinion a BIG red flag.

Red flag #3 – Your info might be shared

We are all concerned about our privacy online right? It is not nice when our information is shared without us knowing it.

That is why you need to take a look at the purchase agreement of Fast Cash Club before buying.

purchase agreement of fast cash club

The purchase agreement reveals your info might be shared.

Here it says that they will collect your name, email, and phone number when you join, and this may be used with a small number of third parties they work closely with.

Also, the info might be shared with coaching partners that offer similar services.

I do not know exactly what this means or how many you might end up being contacted by, as I could not find any info about this.

Personally, this worried me a bit, as I prefer knowing exactly who I agree to give my contact info to before I sign up.

So this is just something you have to be aware of and consider as well in my opinion.

Red flag #4 – You do not need any ability or training

One of the big sales arguments of Fast Cash Club is that you do not need any abilities, training, or special skills to profit from the system.

no traning needed claim

According to the sales video, you do not need any abilities, training, or special skills to profit from the system.

You are even given examples of people that have made $2,000 per day after just 30 days.

This sounds great, right?

A claim like this is however a big red flag in my opinion.

I have worked with internet marketing for years, and I have not yet come across a system that can actually make you rich on autopilot without any training, skills, or time.

In fact, the disclaimer of Fast Cash Club itself also reveals it might not be as easy after all.

fast cash club disclaimer

The Fast Cash Club disclaimer reveals it might not be so easy after all.

The disclaimer says that your success will depend on the time you devote to the system, knowledge and various skills, and they therefore do not guarantee success or income level.

This is a bit contradictory, isn’t it?

I agree with the disclaimer that results in internet marketing depends on time, devotion, and knowledge, but this is just not quite what the sales page says.

So be aware that even Fast Cash Club itself reveals that it will might not just be to click a few buttons, so if this is what you expect, be aware that this is not likely to happen.

Red flag #5 – The limited spots claim

You will very often see limited spots claims in any kind of online marketing, because this makes us act fast.

It is even a marketing technique used by many big companies. Usually, they however only use this, when it is actually true. if not, they risk the customers will stop trusting them.

However, when you see in sales videos like this that there are only a few available spots and that the video will be taken down soon to keep it secret, then it is in most cases a sales trick.

only 20 members claim

Do not let the claim about limited spots stress you out.

There are cases when a system can only be accessed for a limited time, but Fast Cash Club claims it only allows 20 new members.

It has said this for a while:-)

So do not worry about a claim like this – it is meant to get you to act right away.

Red flag #6 – The true price

We all like to know exactly how much money it costs, before we buy anything right?

On fast Cash Club, you are told there only is a one-time fee of $37.

fast cash club fee

The sales video claims there just is a one-time fee – not exactly true if you want full access.

This is not exactly true depending on how you define a one-time fee.

For the initial training there will be no extra fees. But after you join, there will be a couple of extra expensive upsells and sales pages to get you to invest a lot of extra money.

In the promotional info of Fast Cash Club, they reveal how much they pay people in commissions, if they promote this system.

fast cash club price

From the commission structure, you can see the full price can end up being very expensive.

Here you can see that they pay up to almost $400 in commission per sale to people who promote the system.

This is just the commissions they pay, so you can figure out the actual price to get full access to the system can be quite expensive.

This is important to know, so you know what the true price will be, if you want full access.

It is also important to know, because this is one of the reasons some Fast Cash Club reviews will be very positive and more or less just repeating the sales page. They will earn a lot, if they convince you to buy.

I am not saying that positive reviews of this program cannot be true – I am just saying to look carefully at them and see, if they actually provide any real proof or just hype and repetition of the sales page.

Final verdict – scam or legit?

As you can see from this review, I am not a big fan of Fast Cash Club.

But let’s sum up the pros and cons to get a better overview of why this is.


  • Has some training about Shopify
  • Money-back guarantee


  • No info about the owner
  • Exaggerated income claims
  • Claims you need no skills or time
  • Uses false testimonials
  • Not transparent about the price

Overall, Fast Cash Club is not a scam, as you will get access to some training.

I do however not think it is transparent about what it really offers, and what you should expect. If you expect it to be a system that can make you a lot of money with just a few clicks, you will very likely be very disappointed.

Also, you have to consider, if you even want to support a system, where you do not know who the owner is, that uses false testimonials, and where it can end up being a lot more expensive than you are initially told.

Because of the red flags above and for the reasons mentioned in this review, Fast Cash Club is NOT a system I recommend.

Before you go!

It definitely is possible to learn to make money online. I know from personal experience, as I have been able to create a full-time income myself.

In my opinion, there is however a better alternative than Fast Cash Club. You can read my free guide below, with the exact steps I am using to make money online.

Let me just make it clear that it will however NOT be a method, where you will start earning without effort and by just clicking a few buttons.

It can however be a way to learn real skills no matter your previous experience, and it can be a way to create a REALISTIC income online. The guide will even show you how you can get started 100% for free.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Fast Cash Club yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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