insta minator review headerInsta-Minator is a new system and software that claims you can easily start making $333 per day from tomorrow.

But is Insta-Minator a scam, or is it actually one of the legit ways to make money online?

Let me reveal right away that the system has some positive aspects, but in my opinion there is also a lot of BS.

In this Insta-Minator review I will show you both, so you know what you need to consider before investing any money.

Insta-Minator at a Glance
  • Training
  • Tools
  • Value for money
  • Income potential


Insta-Minator is legit in the way it will give you access to some training. There are however a lot of things you are not told, the income and traffic claims are unrealistic, and it can end up being very expensive to join, as you are not told the full price from the beginning. It is therefore a program you in my opinion have to be careful about joining before knowing all the details, as it will not be as easy and cheap, as you are told.

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What is Insta-Minator and what does it offer?

Insta-Minator is a system developed by Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari. Both of these guys have made many online money making systems, and both of them are also making good money online by creating these systems.

But what does the Insta-Minator system then do for you?

Well, that can be difficult to find out, as you on the sales page are not told much.

Insta-Minator itself explains it as a system that will teach you how to make money online in 3 steps:

how insta minator works

Insta-Minator says you can make money by following 3 easy steps.

You will get access to videos that will supposedly teach you how to set everything up in just 35 minutes, you then copy their proven traffic methods to get visitors, and then you use their system to keep sending messages to your visitors to make more sales. You can create as many money pages as you like and this way scale it.

This sounds great so far right?

And let me make it clear that in theory these steps can make you money online. It is through affiliate marketing, where you can promote and earn commissions on almost any product.

This is definitely a legit and realistic way to make money online, and I am making money on affiliate marketing myself, so I know it works.

However, even though the steps in theory are very simple and make it sound very easy to make money online, it is not as simple as the Insta-Minator system makes it sound, and there are some reasons you should be careful about believing all of these claims.

But I will get into these warning signs you need to consider later in this review. Let me first explain what I actually like about Insta-Minator.

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What I like about the system!

After looking into what Insta-Minator offers, there are things and claims that concern me, as you will see later. But there are also some positive aspects, and I also want to recognize this. The things I like about Insta-Minator is:

You get training:
Unlike some money making systems that are just selling you an idea, Insta-Minator is actually offering you some training.

So you will get access to some small video trainings that will show you what the system is about.

I will be honest with you and say that I have not taken this training on Insta-Minator. I have a lot of experience with online marketing, and know what to look for when choosing training programs and systems.

So for the reasons I will show you in the next section of this review, I know this will not be a system for me, and I want to make you aware of the reasons for this, so you can take my previous experiences into consideration before deciding, if it is for you or not.

But nontheless, Insta-Minator is offering some training, and that is positive, even though I do not agree with the methods the program in general uses.

Good point about niche choice:
It is no secret from the title of this article that I think there is a lot of BS on the Insta-Minator sales page. I must however say that Jason who explains the system in the sales video makes one very good point that is worth taking with you whether you join Insta-Minator or decide to use another system.

Jason says that many programs want you to get into the make money online niche, and this might not be a good idea.

why you should not choose the make money online niche

Jason says you should not necessarily go into the Make Money Online niche – actually a good advice.

He explains that it does not make much sense to start trying to make money in the “Make Money Online” niche, if you have zero experience in making money online. Because how can you promote something you know nothing about.

I disagree with Jason and his methods in many ways, but this is a very good point. I often see how people are so focused on trying to make money by going into the “Make Money Online” niche, without having ever made any money online. This makes it very difficult, as you will not know much about it, you have no experience you can share with people to help them, and you do not know what is worth promoting and what is not.

Personally, that is also the reason I did not start sharing my advice and experience about how to make money online, until after I had actually made money online myself.

And Jason is also very right that there are thousands of other very lucrative niches. You can basically choose any topic you are interested in and find affiliate programs that has products within this and this way earn commissions.

So this is a valuable point you will benefit from remembering no matter what system or program you end up joining.

Real people behind the system:
Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari who have developed Insta-Minator are both real people, and this might strange, but for people that promote online money making opportunities, this is a very big plus.

You will often see products like for example the 30 Day Success Club, where there is no info about the owner, and you are just told a story without any proof.

Insta-Minator is made by two real guys that both are making money online.

This in itself is not a sign of quality, but at least you know that they stand behind their product and show who they are contrary to some other systems, where the identity of the owner is hidden.

But in my opinion you should still be very careful and consider certain important things before investing in Insta-Minator. There are a lot of things you are not told, and a lot of tricks are used. Below I will show you this, so you have a better idea about what you are getting into, if you decide to join.

The BS you have to be aware of!

So far I have focused on what Insta-Minator offers, and some things I like about the system. But there are many things I see as warning signs, when taking my many years of experience in online marketing into consideration.

These are things you need to know and consider before investing any money. So let’s go over them below:

Warning sign 1 – Work only 15 minutes per day:

You are told you can very quickly set up the system, and in general you only have to work 15 minutes per day to make really good money.

only 15 minutes work claim

You are told it only takes 15 min per day to make money online – not really a realistic claim.

I know many of us dream about being able to make a full-time income by just working 15 minutes per day. But that is just not realistic for most of us – even if you work online and have a successful business.

It takes time and effort to create a successful online business and income, as it does to create any kind of business. Creating an online income gives enormous freedom and can give you really good money.

But you should be very careful about believing any system that claims you can make this happen with just a few minutes work per day. That is just not how it works online.

It is in my opinion just a trick that is used to get people looking for easy ways to make money to join, but if you want to become successful online, you should expect to put in a lot more than 15 minutes per day.

Warning sign 2 – Claim it is their first system:

You are told in the sales video of Insta-Minator that Mosh and Jason have been doing this for years, but this is their first time to create and system and software that gives you an unfair advantage to make money online.

This is simply not true – it of course depends on how you define it, and you can say they have not developed a system exactly like this before, so in that sense it is true.

But both of them have developed MANY make money online programs, and they have developed many together.

See for example the image below, which is a screenshot of the programs Mosh Bari have developed and are selling through the platform Warrior Plus.

examples of mosh bari products

Examples of Mosh Bari’s previous systems.

So to say it is the first time they have developed a system like this seems to me more like a way to make it sound like you are getting something special. But in fact both of them keep coming out with new programs that supposedly help people make money online fast.

Just think about it – why do they have to keep developing new systems and new names for their systems? if they had a system that was really great, would they just not keep improving that and keep selling that? There would be no reason to for example then keep launching new products.

In comparison you can for example take my favorite learning platform for online marketing called Wealthy Affiliate. This has been around for more than 10 years with the same name and just keep improving its services and offers.

So ask yourself why these guys keep spitting out one make money online program after the other if the really had a system that could help people? Does it not seem a little strange to you? It definitely does to me.

Warning sign 3 – Make money fast claim:

The whole idea of Insta-Minator is that you can start making money in just a few hours. The name itself even implies this and in the video you are told it has this name because you can start earning instantly, and it is insta-easy.

make money tomorrow claim

Be careful about believing any program that promises you can make a lot of money by tomorrow.

Let me make it clear that you can definitely eventually make $333 per day with affiliate marketing as Insta-Minator claims you can. BUT it is just simply not realistic that this will happen in just one day.

To me claims like this in a very big warning sign, as it feeds the misunderstanding that it is super easy for people to make money online. This attitude is one of the main reasons so many people fail with affiliate marketing. We are told that you can become rich online without any work, and that is in most cases just not how it works.

When we then find out it takes time and effort we give up and try the next program that promises we can become rich without effort and do it overnight. Suddenly you have wasted a lot of time and money chasing the idea that you can become rich online without any effort and time.

If you instead had spent that time building a proper online business and been willing to put in hard work, you could have very likely succeeded in the time it had taken you to chase a quick fix.

So in my opinion and experience, any program that promises you can make money online on autopilot and start making very good money very fast, is a program to be very careful about joining.

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Warning sign 4 – The free traffic claims:

One of the most important things to become successful with an online business is traffic. If you do not get traffic, you cannot make sales.

Step 2 of the Insta-Minator system is to just turn on their free traffic system and then the sales will supposedly start.

Sorry to burst any bubbles. I have worked with online marketing and free traffic through SEO for years. It is not just as simple as turning on a switch.

Yes, there are ways you can get fast free traffic, but you do not only need traffic – you need quality traffic.

Building up enough free quality traffic to make $333 per day takes a lot of time and work. You could potentially get that amount of traffic in one day, but that would require a BIG advertising budget.

So the claim that you can get free quality traffic by just switching on a simple system, is simply not how internet marketing works.

Warning sign 5 – The price:

The last warning sign you in my opinion need to be aware of is the price. You are told the price for getting the system and the training is only $12.95.

This is very cheap, BUT there is a catch.

The way this system, and many similar systems work, is to get you in with a cheap joining fee. After you join, there will then be several upsells. These so-called sales funnels can be very effective at convincing you why you always just have to get the next upgrade to succeed. Once you get that, there will then be another upgrade etc. until you have suddenly spent a lot of money getting access to a system you where told was cheap.

I looked into the promotional material of Insta-Minator to see what the full price of joining could end up being.

insta minator pricing

There are a lof of upsells after you join Insta-Minator.

It might be a bit small, but I wanted to include all the upsells on the list – and there are quite a few.

In case, you cannot see what it says, I can tell you that after you pay your initial joining fee, there will be another 5 upgrades.

The prices for these are $37, $197, $47, $77 and $97. This means the upgrades can end up costing you a total of $539. That is a lot of money.

I personally really dislike the system that uses promotional methods like this and keep having upgrades and hidden costs like this. If a program is not transparent about the price of getting the system, what else will are you not told?

From what I have shown you above, there is quite a lot you are not told about Insta-Minator and how internet marketing in general works.

But you will probable see there are many positive reviews about this program online that does not tell you any of the things you need to consider, I have told you above. Let me just quickly explain something about these often one-sided Insta-Minator reviews, and why they do not include any of this information.

Can you trust the positive Insta-Minator reviews?

There are quite a few very positive reviews of Insta-Minator online. On the website itself, you can also see some recommendations from members.

So if all these people are saying it is a great system, it must be true right? Well, not necessarily. That is unfortunately not how internet marketing always works.

I am not claiming all these reviews are false, but I just want you to be aware of how products like Insta-Minator are often promoted to get an idea about why many of the reviews are overly positive just to try to convince you to buy.

Insta-Minator is itself promoted through affiliate marketing. This means people get paid a commission, if they promote it and people end up buying through their link. Unfortunately, in affiliate marketing some people are willing to say whatever it takes to make a commission, without giving the full information and without having actually tried the products themselves.

Therefore, you will see that many of the reviews of Insta-Minator are overly positive. They are mostly just rephrasing the sales page and video and telling you how easy it is to make money with it.

You will however also see that it will be very hard for you to find any actual evidence that any of the people giving these positive reviews have actually made money in the system, other than by promoting the system.

I am not saying that there are no people that have made money with Insta-Minator. I am just giving you some information about why you will be able to find a lot of overly positive reviews and videos promising you all kinds of bonuses, if you joining through their link.

Be careful about blindly believing these reviews and take a close look, and see if they give any real evidence, or if they are just repeating sales info and superficial info to convince you to buy.

Final verdict – scam or legit?

As I already mentioned in the beginning, I think Insta-Minator has both some positive and negative sides. So let’s finish this review by summing up the pros and cons.


  • Affiliate marketing is a real way to make money online
  • The owners are making money online themselves
  • You will find some training videos


  • Exaggerated income claims
  • Claims culture unhealthy get-rich-quick mentality
  • A LOT of expensive upsells after you join
  • Claims it is super easy to make money online
  • Free traffic claims are not realistic

Overall, Jason makes a few good points in the sales video of Insta-Minator, and you will get access to some training showing you how the system works.

There are however in my opinion an overwhelming amount of warning signs and things you are not told. Many of the claims about income and traffic is just not realistic, when it comes to internet marketing. It cultures an unhealthy and lazy attitude towards making money online that makes most people fail. In addition to this there are a lot of costs you are not told anything about before joining.

I would not call it a scam, as you do get some training, but it is definitely not a system I believe to be the best way to make money online, and I dislike many of the sales methods and claims they are using to get you to join. For these reasons Insta-Minator is not a system I recommend.

I do however from personal experience know that it is possible to make money online through affiliate marketing, if you get the right training. If you are interested in knowing more, you can check out the proven process I use to make a realistic income online.


If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Insta-Minator yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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