income sites online review headerI came across a program called Income Sites Online that promises to provide you an opportunity to make $1,000 per day by cloning the site of the creator.

They also claim you don’t need any prior experience with online marketing or technical skills to succeed in their program.

You may have seen their site and find their claims to be promising, but since there are lots of scam program now on the web, you want to make sure if this program can deliver on its promise.

Well, we’re going to tackle everything in this Income Sites Online review, and I will share with you all the details I have uncovered about this program.

Honestly, there are lots of things about this program that you need to know first before joining.

Income Sites Online at a Glance
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Income Sites Online is a program that promises to provide you an opportunity to make $1,000 per day by cloning the site of the creator.

They also claim you don’t need any prior experience with online marketing or technical skills to succeed in their program.

As for me, I cannot recommend this program due to the many red flags I uncovered when I did my own research.

I don’t personally say that Income Sites Online is a complete scam, but it is clear that there are many things you are not told and I think it’s better for you to find better opportunities on the web.

I would suggest you find other opportunities that can really provide you with an opportunity to create a sustainable income online and where they are transparent from the start.

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What is Income Sites Online and what does it offer?

When I first visited the sales page of Income Sites Online, I immediately became skeptical because it has an attention-grabbing header text that promises you to earn $1,000 a day, which is quite unrealistic for complete beginners.

income sites online free weird trick

They are claiming you can make $1,000 per day using their system.

The most incredible claim will come from its so-called creator named Jake when he tells you that you are already earning some money online while watching his video.

In my opinion, all these tactics are done to keep you peeled on their sales page and to lure you closer to their product.

In fact, he will even tell you that his so-called revolutionary system will do all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is to sit back and wait until the money flows into your account.

This means that he is selling a done-for-you system that will rely on automated software to do all the tasks for you.

As I delved deeper into their sales page, I found out that Jake wants you to copy-paste his websites that according to him have earned thousands of dollars online.

So, he has the magic formula through his websites, and he wants to share this success with you if you are willing to purchase his program.

However, even though this sounds very appealing, there are MANY things you are not told, and you need to know this before investing any money not to potentially get disappointed.

Income Sites Online Red flags

If you think about it, earning $1,000 per day is really a promising offer – especially if you’re still a beginner in this field and want to start making money online.

Also, this is possible to eventually earn online as many experienced marketers make this kind of money or more.

However, it’s NOT that easy in real life since you always need to invest time, effort, and a bit of perseverance to succeed online.

There are NO shortcuts or secret system that can easily generate money online without you putting in some work.

That’s why I wrote this review so I can share all the red flags I’ve uncovered from their site so you have a better idea about what you can really expect if you want to make money online.

Here are some of the red flags you should know about Income Sites Online and consider before getting it.

Red flag #1 – They are using fake testimonials

An important thing I would like to point out on the sales video of Income Sites Online is the testimonials of their so-called successful customers.

According to Jake, they have several clients who have earned a lot of money using their revolutionary system, but when I checked some of the images they used on their testimonials – it’s all stock images.

income sites online fake testimonial

They are using fake testimonials.

In fact, I found out that some of the images they used are from Mediabakery and Shutterstock, which, in my opinion, is unethical and a breach of trust between you and the owner of this program.

You will also see there’s an auto-generated feed on their sales page that keeps on flashing income claims from their supposedly successful members.

The thing about these automated feeds is that you can’t verify if these are real members at all since it’s easy to just make up these feeds to make you excited about their program.

This is a big red flag you should think about because using fake testimonials is not only unethical, but it shows you that they are NOT confident with their product.

If they really had a lot of successful members, it would not be a problem to get testimonials from at least some of them.

So whenever you see someone using testimonials that are just stock images or similar, you should be VERY skeptical, in my opinion.

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Red flag #2 – Cloning a site is NOT the best way of earning money online

In their sales video, Jake claims you only need to copy his money websites, which, according to him have been very successful in making money online.

income site online copy website

They want you to believe you can make money online just by copying the website of the creator.

Based on my own research, I found out that when you join his program, you will be provided with a one-page website that will contain all the content of his own site.

This means that you will literally be cloning his site, but it’s not as simple as he wants you to believe.

You need to understand that even if you copy his site, you can’t just replicate the level of success he achieved through his website.

Honestly, there are some things you need to consider when building a website. The most important factor is the content of the site since the search engines like Google will always penalize sites that have duplicated or poor content.

So, when you have a site that has the same content as Jake’s site, then it will likely at some point get penalized by the search engines, and once this happens your site will no longer be visible in the search results.

Always remember, when your site is invisible on the search results, it will no longer be able to gather organic traffic.

Although you can still use paid ads to get traffic into your site, but that will require technical skills that most beginners don’t have. And it will also require a budget for testing ads and learning the skills.

It is essential for any website to have high quality and unique content because that will provide value to your visitors – this is also the case for websites that get most of the traffic from paid ads.

So, a site that has NO unique quality content will never be an effective site to gather organic traffic or to convert paid traffic.

Take this red flag seriously before you decide to purchase this program.

Red flag #3 – Jake is NOT a real person

The supposed owner and creator of this program is Jake, but there’s no reference of him anywhere on their sales page.

jake creator income sites online

Jake is the so-called creator of this program.

It’s a bit frustrating when the real owner of a program chooses to hide his true identity since there is no way for you to contact him or at least verify who he is and what kind of results he has really achieved.

In my opinion, they should have been more transparent in revealing the real owner of Income Sites Online, because this could have built their reputation and would have shown you they are serious.

But they chose to stay anonymous, so you need to take this red flag seriously when making your final decision.

Just think about it, Jake wants to teach you how to make $1,000 per day but fails to provide you with his contact details or proof of who he really is.

So how can you trust him to honor all his promises if he doesn’t want to tell you who he really is?

I hope all these facts will help you in your decision-making process so that you can make the right decision.

Red flag #4 – They cannot guarantee your success

There’s a notice at the bottom of their page that says they cannot guarantee income, and the examples are shown on their sales video do not represent an indication of future success.

income sites online no guarantee

They cannot guarantee your success.

This means that there’s a discrepancy between what they are saying on their sales video and the notice at the bottom of their sales page.

In short, they cannot guarantee your success even if you follow the suggestions on their training materials even though you might get this impression from the sales video.

That is something you, in my opinion, should consider a big red flag when deciding to join this program or not.

As for me, I agree with their income notice since there is NO such thing as a secret system that can easily generate money for you online on autopilot.

And there are never any guarantees as it will depend on your effort.

You’ll need to invest time, effort, and a bit of patience to succeed in this field, and you cannot do it without putting in the effort.

It can definitely be worth putting in the effort to create an online income and the freedom that comes with this.

But always remember, an automated system will NOT be able to do all the work for you – it needs to be your own effort, and YOU need to do the work.

Red flag #5 – You are just redirected to a different site

As if the above red flags were not enough, what happens if you decide to try to sign up is even worse, in my opinion.

Once you have given your email and click to sign up, you will just be redirected to a different money-making option – likely one the owner of Income Sites Online gets paid to promote.

In my case, it was some kind of Bitcoin system that has nothing to do with what “Jake” explains in the video.

But I have also heard examples of people being sent to other types of online income sites – but I have never heard of anyone being sent to a site that will actually be worth it.

So it seems where you will be sent will change from time to time. But it shows that “Jake” does not even any longer offer his own system but now you will just be sent somewhere else. If the above red flags did not make you think twice, this definitely should.

Final verdict – legit or scam?

I have presented to you all the red flags I have uncovered about Income Sites Online so you can now decide if this program is something you would take advantage or not.

So, is Income Sites Online a scam or legit?

Honestly, your answer will depend on your perspective and budget, because if you see any value in what they offer in their sales page and believe they can actually deliver on their promises, then it’s not a scam.

But you also need to consider the red flags I have presented in this review, before making your final decision.

To better help you in your decision-making process, here are the pros and cons of this program:


  • 60-day money-back guarantee pros



  • They will provide you with a website that contains duplicated content cons
  • They are using fake testimonials
  • You cannot verify the income claims on their site
  • You don’t know the true identity of the owner
  • They cannot guarantee your success
  • You are just redirected to a different website when signing up

As for me, I cannot recommend this program due to the many red flags I uncovered when I did my own research.

It is clear that there are many things you are not told and I think it’s better for you to find other online opportunities instead. Income Sites Online does not even have its own system you can get access to anymore. Now you are just redirected to some kind of other so-called online opportunity.

There are many better options out there that are transparent from the start about what you get access to if you join.

However, it’s essential that you, in general, understand the real requirements in any online endeavor if this is how you want to make money.

You really need to invest time and effort before you can achieve true financial freedom and this will NOT come from any system that promises to do all the work for you, in my experience.

How I make a living online

I have been able to create a full-time online income myself that allows me to work anywhere in the world and completely on my own terms by blogging and creating content for myself.

It takes effort, but it is totally worth it.

If you want to follow my footsteps and create your own online income, then check out my FREE guide where I explain how this is possible step-by-step.

You can even get started with these steps as a complete beginner.


If you have any questions, feedback, or comments about Income Sites Online, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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