how to start a business with a blog headerYou have maybe heard about people having a really good business by having a blog.

This might sound appealing to you but you don’t know if it is really possible.

Let me just tell you right away make it clear that it is possible to create a business by having a blog – and it is even possible no matter your background if you do it right.

I know as I have started one from scratch myself.

In this article, I will show you how to start a business with a blog the most effective and sustainable way.

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Difference between a business with a blog or a business blog

I just want to start by making a few things clear.

There are several ways you can make a living from a blog. One way to use a blog for this is if you have an existing business and then use a blog to increase awareness and get more customers.

This is, however, not what this particular article will be focusing on. I have a whole article about how to promote your existing business with a blog if this is what you are looking for.

Here I will instead focus on how you can start a business from scratch by just having a blog and making that your main source of income.

So I just wanted to make that distinction clear here from the beginning.

How can you have a business with a blog?

If you do not have a lot of experience with internet marketing, it might sound strange you can have a business with a blog.

But it definitely is possible – I have created this myself so I know it works.

Before starting, it might, however, be a bit confusing how that is possible.

I know that before I started blogging myself, I thought that starting a business like this was only possible if you were already famous or extremely lucky.

But there actually are steps you can take to make this happen, as I will show you later.

What you need to understand is that once you have an authority blog, the possibilities are more or less endless.

The most important aspect of having a blog is to get started with creating content and get traffic. Once you have an audience, there are many ways to create an income and a business.

Which way to generate income that is the best depends on your personal preferences and approach, but some ways are for example, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, ads, developing and selling own products, and much more.

When I first started, I had no idea how many opportunities are out there. So one thing is sure – once you have a blog and an audience, you will easily be able to make it into a thriving business.

There are so many options and the most important thing is to get started with your blog and then new opportunities will keep showing up.

So let’s get to the actual steps you can take to get started with creating a business with your own blog.

Can everyone do it?

Before getting to the steps you can take to start, I just want to address a very common concern – one I also had myself when I started my first blog.

And that is – can everyone start a business with a blog?

group of people raising their hands

One of the most asked questions is if everyone can start a blog – the short answer is, YES.

Honestly, I thought it was only for famous people, amazing authors, or people that had a lot of technical skills.

The reality is, however, that none of this is necessary. Everyone can start a blog and make it into a successful business of it is done right.

You do not have to be an amazing writer or have special technical skills. All the technical stuff can be learned and often some of the most popular bloggers are not trained writers – they are just willing to share authentically.

The most important aspect is that you are willing to put in effort.

Because the biggest mistake people make when starting a blog is to think they will become an authority within a few days or weeks and make it into a full-time income that quickly.

The potential of having a blog is huge but it will not happen overnight – as with anything in life that gives great results, it will take some time and effort.

But the willingness to put in the effort is actually the most important aspect to create a successful blog business.

So if you have this approach you can succeed no matter your background and technical skills.

Let’s therefore now go over the actual steps you can take to make this happen if you have the right approach and are willing to do what it takes (meaning put in some work and time).

Steps to get started

Now you know that it definitely is possible to create a business with a blog and that you just need to get started.

But how do you then get started the most effective way?

Let’s go over the most important aspects to get started.

Step 1 – You need a website/blog

Before you can start a blog, you obviously need a website/blog – meaning a platform where you can post your content.

There are many options here. Personally, I would recommend using the system WordPress to create your blog as it is the biggest system for this in the world and it is very user-friendly.

There are ways to start a WordPress website for free if you want to just test how it is to make a blog and test how to set it up.

If you are planning to make your blog into a business, I would, however, highly recommend getting a proper hosting company and a domain name.

This will make your website look more professional and make your readers trust it more and make it easier to get traffic.

But you can also start with a free option, and then later move into getting a domain name, which is really cheap.

The most important thing is to just get started and set up a blog and then start creating content.

Step 2 – Start writing content

Content is the backbone of any blogging business.

Without content, you cannot really call it a blog:-) So you need to start writing quality content.

Find a topic you are passionate about and write about it as much as possible and write in-depth articles.

The content is what will generate traffic to your website, and the traffic is what will make it possible for you to make your blog into a business.

My preferred way of getting traffic to blogs is by ranking in the search engines. This means you eventually will end up getting a lot of targeted traffic from people actively looking for the kind of content you are writing about.

This does take time, but over time it can really create a river of traffic and keep growing.

Alternatively, you can also run ads to start getting traffic faster.

If you do this, you just need to be aware it can take some budget to learn to get a profit from it, and I would clearly recommend taking some online courses about paid traffic before starting this as it otherwise can become very expensive if you are a beginner.

But no matter what, you need quality content on your website, so when you first start your blog, it should be your priority to create this as often as possible.

Step 3 – Keep going

I will be honest with you – most people that start a blog never manage to make it into a successful business. Not because it is not possible but the biggest reason is that people give up.

keep going to succeed drawing

The biggest reason for blogging failure is giving up – just keep going.

They write a few blogs and after 10 blog posts they give up because they are not making money yet.

The reality is that you have to keep going – think about the blogs you might be visiting and reading yourself and see as authority blogs.

They have likely existed for a while and have a lot of content on them.

So the most important aspect of creating a sustainable long-term business from your blog is to keep going. Then you will already be far ahead of your competitors as most people give up very early.

Step 4 – Take the time to learn

The biggest mistake I made when I started my first blog was that I thought I could just do it all on my own. I read a few blogs here and there and that is a great way of learning.

The problem is just that it is a fragmented way of learning and often will not put things into a bigger picture and connect all the dots properly.

I learned this the hard way after having spent 6 months on my first blog thinking I could do it all myself. I gave up after 6 months because I did not see results and thought blogging did not really work.

However, I could not completely let go of the thought of creating a blogging business and the freedom that comes with this, so I kept looking for options regularly.

After having read a lot of advice and seen a lot of scam programs that promise overnight richness, I came across a platform called Wealthy Affiliate that seemed different

I decided to give it a go because it offers step-by-step training about how to create a successful blog.

Quickly I realized how many important steps I had missed by just trying to figure it out on my own. By following the training there, I have now managed to create a good full-time income business with my blogs.

So if you really want to succeed, I can clearly recommend taking the time to learn the details of creating and running a blogging business.

If I had done this from the beginning, it would have saved me months.

There are many places you can do this but when choosing a place to learn, just make sure to stay away from any platform that promises it is a quick way to become rich and that you can do it without effort – those programs are BS and not telling you the truth.

Final thoughts

One thing I want to make very clear with this article is that it definitely is possible to start a business with a blog and create a very good income that way.

The freedom that comes with working online and working on your own terms is priceless, in my opinion.

So do not let your background stop you – it is possible to do no matter your background.

The steps I have shown you above are the important steps to get started, and the most important step is to just get started.

As mentioned, I would, however, also suggest taking the time to learn the details to get it all right from the beginning as this will save you a lot of time in the long run.

The platform where I have learned to make my blog into a full-time income is actually offering 10 lessons for free. So this is, in my opinion and experience, the best place to start and the best way to create an amazing foundation for future success.

You can click the button below to get your 10 first lessons for free and get started right away.

No matter what, I hope this article has shown you that creating a blogging business definitely is possible and that you should not let your background or technical skills stop you – just get started and then the possibilities will show up.

If you have any comments or questions, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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