how to make money online in canada headerMaking money online can give you a lot of freedom.

It might just seem like a dream, but it is definitely possible to start earning online no matter your previous experiences.

The best ways to do this however depends on the country you live in.

In this article I will therefore show you how to make money online in Canada, and show you what in my experience is the best legit and most realistic way to do this.

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Advantages of working online?

There are many advantages of having an online income.

One of the big advantages is of course that you can make money from home in Canada or from wherever you want to be, and work on your own schedule.

This gives a lot of freedom – it of course also comes with responsibilities, as you need to be able to stay motivated. Often people fail, because they cannot stay motivated and manage their time, when they work from home and set their own hours.

But the advantages and freedom you get from creating an online income is amazing in my opinion. And over time it is also possible to create a really good income online.

So I am starting this article with mentioning the big advantages of working from home and online, as this motivation is important to remember.

Too many people forget what they can get out of it, and then give up.

Do not let this be you – if you are serious about wanting to create an online income and being able to work from your home in Canada or wherever you want to be, then this is definitely possible, if you remember your motivation and work hard for it.

How are the opportunities to make money online in Canada?

As mentioned in the beginning, the amount of opportunities to work online and the best ways depends to a certain degree on the country you live in.

Not because you have to be in a certain location, as you do not. This is one of the advantages of working online.

However, the amount of opportunities still depends to a certain degree on the country you are a resident of, as some platforms and opportunities are only available in some countries.

If you live in Canada you are lucky – there are many advantages of living here.

Most of the good platforms and opportunities are available here.

Also, being a native English-speaker is a big advantage. You can create an online income no matter your language, but it takes some learning, and here you have by far the best opportunities, when you speak English.

So living in Canada gives you very good opportunities to start making money online.

However, that there are many opportunities does however also mean that there unfortunately will be many scams, and you need to know how to find the legit opportunities.

How to find the legit ways?

Whenever there is a way to make money, there are unfortunately also a lot of people trying to take advantage of this and scam others to earn quick money themselves.

This also means that when looking for opportunities to create an online income in Canada, you will very likely also run into many scams – in fact it is more likely you will run into scams than it is you will find the legit opportunities.

For a long time I actually doubted it was even possible to make money online legitimately, as it seemed that most people that made money online did it by scamming others – I did not want to participate in this.

I however eventually found out it is possible to earn online legitimately, but more about this later.

First, I just want to make you aware of a few signs a program or method is one to be very careful about and of the signs it is an online scam.

There are especially two signs you have to be very aware of.

You will become rich fast:
If any program promise you can become make money very fast online, it is a big warning sign.

fast earning scam claim

Be careful about any system that claims you will start earning good money right away.

It is definitely possible to eventually make really good money online, but the reality is that it takes time like it does to create any other kind of good income.

So if you see someone promise you can make really good money in a matter of hours, days, or even weeks, it is very likely there is an ulterior motive.

Usually this will be to lure you in with a cheap price only to push you to invest a lot more, once you are a member, and leaving you with a lot less money and nothing to show for it.

It takes no effort:
Another big warning sign is when you see someone claiming you can start earning online in Canada without any effort.

just a few clicks claim

Another big warning sign is the systems that claim you can make money with no work.

It is a big myth that making money online is super easy. Unfortunately there are MANY programs that claim you can just do a few clicks, and then they will take care of the rest.

Or that you can just work 10 minutes a day and make a really good full-time income from this.

This is just not the reality – it is possible to create a good online income no matter your background, but it will take both time and effort.

So be very careful about any program that make any of these claims – and there are a lot of programs that do this.

If you are aware of this, you will be able to save yourself a lot of time and money by staying away from them.

Best legit way to make money online in Canada

I myself spend A LOT of time and effort trying to find a legit way to make money online. I was almost giving up at some point, and was very tired of seeing all the exaggerated claims and promises.

I have however now myself been able to create a full-time income online, and I therefore want to share with you what I believe is the absolute best way to start making money online in Canada legitimately.

The absolute best platform and approach I have found and tested is the platform Wealthy Affiliate. This is the platform I have used to create a full-time income myself.

You will here learn how to create a website, how to get traffic to that website, and then how to monetize that traffic. You will learn this step-by-step, and I have seen many complete newbies that have never worked with computers or internet before become very successful.

What is great about this platform is that the training is the most comprehensive I have seen, and there is new training created every day, there is a community of more than 1 million members ready to help you every step of the way, you have direct access to the owners, there is 24/7 support, it has amazing tools, and it develops all the time.

In addition to this, the two owners are Canadians and are great guys that are both active on the platform every day.

I have tried and tested many methods, and this is by far the best option I have found. Everything is in English, so it will be easy for you to follow and learn there, when you are from Canada.

As already mentioned, I know from personal experience the training and methods there works, as I have been able to create a full-time income myself.

And there are MANY other members with the same experience. You can see a few examples of success stories members have posted on the platform below.

wealthy affiliate success stories examples

Contrary to many other methods, Wealthy Affiliate does not promise all kinds of crazy things. It is a realistic platform, and that was one of the reasons I decided to stay there, when I first joined.

You are not told you will become rich overnight and without effort – because that is simply not how internet marketing works.

You are straight upfront told you need to put in effort and time, and you are then given all the steps, tools, training, and support you need to succeed – but you need to do the work.

It is even possible for you to get started for free and see for yourself, just why I am so excited about this platform and what you learn there.

Get started for free!

Another BIG advantage of Wealthy Affiliate is contrary to other platforms, you can get to try and test everything completely for free, before even taking out your credit card.

There is a free starter membership, where you get access to the first 10 lessons, and you get two free websites as well.

This makes it completely risk free, and I have never seen any other platform giving you access to testing it out like this without even having to give your credit card number or PayPal address.

So if you are serious about wanting to make money online, click the button below, join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE, and start building your online income today!

Final thoughts

There are many platforms and services that offer you ways to make money online in Canada. Unfortunately, most of them are making exaggerated claims and trying to lure you in and can end up being very expensive and will not give you anything in return.

I have tested many methods, platforms, and approaches myself before finding a method that finally worked.

No matter what your goals are, you have to be very careful about all the platforms that promise you can become rich overnight and without any effort online. This is just not the reality.

In my experience Wealthy Affiliate is without a doubt the most comprehensive platform for making money online, it has the best training, approach, support, tools, community, and much more. And you can even get started for free.

So if you want to start building your own online income in Canada today, join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE, and get started right away.


If you have any comments or questions, just leave a comment below, and I will get back to you asap.

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