hireowl review headerIf you are looking for a flexible income as a student, there are several ways to do this online.

HireOwl is one of the platforms that claim to help you with this.

But is HireOwl really a great income opportunity for you as a student or is it a waste of time?

With so many online platforms, this is an important question to ask before investing any time.

This HireOwl review will give you all the details about this so you know what to expect before joining.

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HireOwl is a legit platform where you can get access to jobs and internships as a student.

Whether HireOwl is the right option for you or not mainly depends on whether you are looking for just a temporary student job or if you are interested in creating your own long-term income.

If you are looking for a temporary student job, it gives access to quite a good number no matter where you live and the jobs give a fair salary. Just be aware that you need a university email to be able to sign up.

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What is HireOwl and what does it offer?

HireOwl used to be called HelpU and was founded by Colin LeStrange.

It is a platform that connects students and companies – so if you are a student, you can find jobs and internships there and if you are a company, you can find students to hire for your projects.

In this review, I will be focusing on the options you have to earn as a student so you will know if it is a good income opportunity for you or not.

So how it works is that you have to sign up (later we will go over who can join), and then you can upload your resume and a video profile.

This can, of course, take a bit of work, but it is important putting the time into doing it properly as this profile is what companies will be looking for to see if they might want to hire you.

In addition to this, you can also actively search through the job boards to find relevant jobs or internships for you.

hireowl job categories

Some of the job categories on HireOwl.

Above you can see some of the most popular job categories on HireOwl but you can find a job or internship in many different categories.

So no matter your skills, it is very likely you can find relevant positions for you. And there are new jobs posted all the time and it has quite a big database of jobs.

When you have found a job you think is interesting, you can click on it and read the full description of requirements and more.

So it is quite easy to find options on HireOwl. But this does, of course, not mean you will automatically get the jobs or internship you apply for as there will be other applicants.

To find out if it really is for you, let’s look more into who can actually join followed by some of the pros and cons of HireOwl so you know exactly what to expect if you decide to join.

Who can join HireOwl?

The first thing you need to know is that you have to be a student to join HireOwl.

In fact, you need to use your university email to be able to sign up. So if you do not have one of these, you cannot join.

If that is this case, you can instead check out another great way to get an online income that can be done by anyone.

Initially, HireOwl was created for the US market, but it is now open to many countries.

When you see a job post, you can immediately see if it is open to international students or only to specific countries.

countrie -allowed on hireowl posting

You can easily see where each job is available.

You can also right away see if you can do the work remotely or if it is only available in very specific areas.

The very location-specific jobs are mostly for the US, but you can also find a good number of options that are available as remote work and for international students.

The good things about HireOwl

Now you know a bit more about what HireOwl offers you as a student.

It has some really good aspects, in my opinion.

It, however, also has some aspects that are not so good. But let’s start by going over the good sides one-by-one before going over some not so good things you also need to be aware of.

Pro #1 – Trustworthy platform

There are so many online platforms and options, and unfortunately, many of them are not legit.

It is, therefore, very important to look at the legitimacy of any platform before joining. And when it comes to HireOwl, it definitely is legit.

It reveals who the owner is and it works with some big companies.

To see a bit more about the ideas behind explained by the owner himself, you can check out the short video below which is an interview with him from a news station in the US.

Just be aware that the clip is a bit old and at that time the platform was called HelpU, but it can still be nice to see the owner behind and hear him explain why he started it.

Pro #2 – You can find real jobs and internships

There are many platforms that claim to help you find real online jobs or internships but there are also many that are not very useful.

When it comes to HireOwl, you can find real jobs and internships there.

Even before joining, you can browse through their job board and get an idea about what kind of jobs you can find as a student.

A great thing is that new job posts are posted more or less every day. So it definitely is a real way to find a job or internship – but it, of course, still requires you to be selected among the other candidates.

Pro #3 – Fair salaries

Earlier in this review, I showed a screenshot of some of the job categories on HireOwl.

There you could also see the average salary for those categories.

These salaries might not make you rich but for a student job they are fair salaries and you can earn as much as in any other student job.

The salary will, of course, depend on the exact tasks, the skills required, and more like with any other job. But overall, you can expect a fair salary for the jobs you can find on HireOwl.

The NOT so good things about HireOwl

Like any other platform, HireOwl is not perfect even though it has a lot of good aspects but you need to know all the details before deciding if it is the right option for you or not.

So let’s go over a few things that, in my opinion, are not so great about it.

Con #1 – No FAQ section

One thing I find very important about any platform is how much information you can get about it before joining to find out if it really is for you.

Here HireOwl has a big lack, in my opinion. On the page for companies, you can find quite a lot of information. But on the page for students, you can basically not find any info.

hireowl student sign up page

You cannot find much info before joining.

All you can find there is a sign-up form.

There is no additional information and, worst of all, you cannot even find a FAQ section where you can get answers for the most common questions.

I do not quite understand why they do not have this and to get more info you have to sign up.

This does not mean you cannot find good options on HireOwl but they should have been better at presenting all the necessary info to you before you join, in my opinion.

Con #2 – Not a long-term income solution

Finding a student job can be great. But as already mentioned, you have to have a university email to sign up.

This also means it is not a long-term solution. You can only use it to find temporary jobs.

It might be exactly what you are after while being a student, but in my opinion, it can be great to also consider options where the effort you put in will keep paying off even after you graduate (more about this later).

I do not think this as such is anything HireOwl could do better because this is the nature of a hiring platform for students like this.

So it can be a great solution but I think it is important to consider all options and how to invest your time the best so you go into with open eyes and expectations.

Con #3 – No guarantee you will get a job

Like any other hiring platform, HireOwl can, of course, not guarantee you will get hired.

That is just the nature of looking for a job – there will more or less always be more applicants and there is no guarantee you will get the job you want or that you will get to keep it.

This has nothing to do in particular with HireOwl but is a general thing when you look for a regular job.

Personally, I was tired of this race to get the best job and therefore started an online business so I could work on my own terms.

But if you are looking for a regular job as a student, HireOwl can definitely help you find some relevant ones – you just need to be willing to spend the time applying and going through interview processes as you do on all other job platforms.

Nothing wrong with this, but you just need to know that is how it works.

Final verdict – worth it or not?

HireOwl is a legit platform where you can get access to jobs and internships as a student.

But to find out exactly if it is really for you or not, let’s finish this review by doing a quick sum-up of the pros and cons.


  • Offers real jobs
  • Is available for international students
  • You get fair salaries for the jobs there


  • Not easy to find info before joining
  • Not a way to build a long-term income
  • No guarantee you will get a job

Overall, HireOwl is a pretty great platform is you are a student looking for a temporary job or internship, in my opinion.

The cons are, however, something to consider before joining. Most of them are not specific to HireOwl but it is something to think about in general so you invest your time the best possible way for you.

If you are looking for a regular temporary job or internship, HireOwl is definitely a legit option.

But if you are looking to create a more long-term income on your own terms, there might be other options that are better for you which I will explain below.

Are there other great ways for students to earn online?

Whether HireOwl is the right option for you or not mainly depends on whether you are looking for just a temporary student job or if you are interested in creating your own long-term income.

If you want to create something more long-term, then creating an online income can be a really great option.

I have done this myself as I wanted to be able to work when and where I wanted to completely on my own terms and I have now achieved this.

It does take some hard work and effort – but so does a regular job but with your own online income, you can keep growing it and running it from wherever you want whether you are a student or not.

If this sounds like something for you, you can check out my FREE starter guide where I explain all steps to get started for yourself.

You can get started with these steps no matter what your background and experience is and no matter where you live.


If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with HireOwl yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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