earnshot com review headerEarnshot.com claims to be the fastest way to make money online.

But is Earnshot a scam or is it really a great and fast opportunity?

I joined the site to check out exactly what it offers as it sounds a bit too good to be true based on my experience with making money online.

Let me just reveal right away that I found several red flags you NEED to know about before joining.

If you are not aware of these, you can end up wasting your time. In this Earnshot.com review, I will reveal everything I found and give you an inside look so you can see and judge for yourself.

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Earnshot.com is free to join but that is honestly the only positive thing I can say about it.

Based on my experience with making money online, Earnshot is a platform where you can end up wasting a lot of time. You will not learn any real skills, you will have to spam to get a chance to earn, and the payment conditions are very poor (and suspicious).

Therefore, it is NOT an opportunity I can recommend. It is better to take the time to learn real skills that can help you create a long-term sustainable income online.

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What is Earnshot.com?

When you first come to Earnshot.com, there is not much information about what it offers.

You can just see that they claim to be the fastest way to make money online and there is a quick overview of the 4 easy steps you supposedly just need to take to start making money.

earnshot overview

The supposed easy steps to earn with Earnshot.com.

It does not say much about how you will earn – you are just told you will have to do small easy tasks.

All you need to get started is an internet connection and 1 hour a day.

Seeing claims like this always makes me suspicious as I know there is no magic and secret way to make fast money online.

It definitely is possible to learn to make money online – I know this, as I have done this from scratch myself. But it will always require some work and time to become successful.

But as Earnshot.com it is free to join, I decided to give it a try.

What I found after joining was honestly NOT impressive. Let me explain exactly how you supposedly will earn.

What happens after you join Earnshot.com?

After you join Earnshot.com, you get to the members area. It only takes around 30 seconds to sign up so that part is easy.

Once you are inside you can then see the tasks you can earn by doing – or more correctly: the ONE task you can do.

earnshot com job

It turns out there only is one job you can do to earn.

So what you have to do is to post a link that advertises Earnshot.com.

It is a referral link, so it will be tracked when people click your link and comes to Earnshot.com.

You will then potentially earn between $5-$10 per person that visits the site through your link.

The way you are supposed to advertise the link is by posting your link on social media websites like Facebook, YouTube, forums, blogs, etc.

All this sounds very easy so far, right?

Well, I have worked online for years and I spotted some serious dangers and red flags about this approach. I will explain these red flags later.

Let me just first go over if this is even a real way to make money online.

Can you make money like this online?

In theory, you can earn money online by posting referral links.

There are millions of companies (even the biggest brands) that work with what is called affiliate marketing.

This means they have an affiliate program you can join. You will then get an affiliate link you can advertise and if people click your link and end up buying from the company, you will get a commission.

It is a completely legit and real way to make money online – I know since I am making a full-time income from affiliate marketing myself. It is this business model Earnshot.com is trying to be a part of.

However, to make affiliate marketing work, you need to be sure you are only recommending products/services that are actually worth recommending.

And it is not as easy as just spamming your link all over the internet. So there are some serious flaws in what Earnshot.com claims to offer you.

So to be clear – it is possible to make money online by using referral links and working with affiliate marketing and this is a great and real way to make money online.

BUT Earnshot.com is NOT a good way to get into making money online like this, in my opinion. Let me explain why below.

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Earnshot red flags revealed

As already mentioned, there are, in my opinion, some serious problems with the way Earnshot.com claims you can make money online.

At first, it seems like a very easy way and it is free to do, so what is there to lose, right?

Well, you can, in my opinion, end up wasting A LOT of time if you do not know what you are getting into.

Therefore, I will go over some red flags you need to know about below, so you can make an informed decision about Earnshot.

Red flag 1 – No info about the company behind

When you are interested in making money online and looking for a legit program to join to help you with this, it is very important to know who is behind any program you are considering.

This tells you a lot about what to expect and if it is a program you can trust.

However, when it comes to Earnshot.com, there is NO information about who is behind.

It does not say who the owner is, where the company is located, when they started, or anything else.

All you can see is that they supposedly have been around for years,

who is earnshot

The only info you can find about Earnshot is that they have been around for years.

Even this statement is a bit strange as it is not correct English – Not that my English is perfect, but overall Earnshot.com is full of small grammatical errors that make me question who is really behind.

At times, it almost sounds like one of those poorly translated emails we all receive once in a while claiming we have inherited millions if we just give our bank account details:-)

So the lack of information about Earnshot.com and the many errors on the website are big red flags you really need to consider before joining.

How can you join a program that supposedly will teach you to make money online by advertising them if you know nothing about them?

Definitely, something to think about before making your decision.

Red flag 2 – The earning method

Before you join Earnshot.com, you are told you can earn by doing small online tasks.

After you join, it turns out the only way you can earn is by advertising Earnshot.com by spreading links to the site all over the internet.

First of all, the whole business model does not make sense. Any platform where the only way to earn is by spreading links to the site itself is not sustainable long-term.

Why would you even advertise the platform? People cannot find anything of real value there, so you might end up being seen an untrustworthy if you advertise it.

Also, you do not learn anything real about how to advertise it in a proper and ethical way. You are just told to share the link wherever you can.

where to share earnshot links

You are encouraged to share your link wherever you can.

This will quickly get you banned from most Facebook groups, forums, etc. and you will end up annoying a lot of bloggers and YouTube channel owners by posting spam links like this.

Just think about – do you not hate when people spam links? Why then participate in this yourself?

Even if you do not have a problem with being a spammer, it will not take you far. You will continuously have to find new places as you will get banned quickly for doing this.

Most Facebook groups will, for example, not allow you to post links like this and will ban you right away. If the group allows it, it will very likely just be a group full of other spammers that post their links as nobody else wants to be a part of groups that allow this.

So it will not get you any clicks.

Also, any forum worth being a part of will ban you right away when you post links like this.

So even if Earnshot.com was a platform that was worth promoting, the way you are encouraged to do it will not be sustainable and it will take A LOT of sharing of your link to even get any clicks.

You are not learning any real skills that can help you build a long-term online income.

And if Earnshot.com one day closes, you have learned nothing other than spamming links and will have no income (even though you will likely have no income with Earnshot.com no matter what, in my opinion).

This is a serious red flag to consider before investing any time promoting Earnshot and spreading their link.

Red flag 3 – The payout conditions

Let’s for a moment assume you can live with the earning methods and believe it actually is a sustainable way of making money.

Then another aspect to consider is the payout conditions.

earnshot com payout conditions

The payment conditions on Earnshot.com are very poor.

You cannot get your money out until you have earned $300.

This is a very high payout threshold and you will have to share the link A LOT to get to this amount.

So before you will even be able to verify that you will actually get paid, you have to do a lot of work.

And the payout threshold is so unreasonably high compared to any other affiliate programs I know online so that in itself makes it suspicious.

Also, if you get to the $300, the only payout method is check. Since you do not know where Earnshot is located, you will not know where the check is coming from.

Even if it should arrive, you do not know how long it will take for it to arrive and how big a fee the bank will charge to cash it.

And, in general, you should be careful about cashing a check where you are not sure who it is actually from so you do not end up participating in check fraud.

One more thing about the payment conditions that is strange is that you are told you will make between $5-$10 for every visitor.

However, you cannot find any specific information about exactly what you will get and why you sometimes get $5 and other times $10.

A program needs to be completely transparent about its payment conditions. If it is not, it is, in my opinion, a big red flag.

Final verdict – legit or scam?

Honestly, I do not have many good things to say about Earnshot.com after having tested it and looked into what it really offers.

But whether it is legit or a scam for you, I will let you decide. To give you a better overview before deciding, let’s finish this review by summing up the pros and cons.


  • Free to join



  • No info about the owner
  • You learn no skills
  • You have to spam to earn
  • Not clear how much you earn
  • Very high payout threshold
  • Only pays out via check

I can really NOT recommend Earnshot.com. It just has too many red flags.

You have to use spamming methods that are not effective in the long run, you have to promote a lot before even getting to the payout threshold, and there is no information on the website that you can use to verify who the owners are.

Based on my experience from working online for years, it is just too risky to get involved in something like this.

It is, however, possible to learn to make an income online no matter your previous experience. Just not by spamming links and not learning real skills.

I would, therefore, instead encourage you to find another way to earn online where you can learn real skills and a sustainable way to earn online.

A better alternative?

If you are serious about wanting to learn to make money online, then I have put together a FREE beginner guide you should check out.

In it, I share the exact steps I have used to learn real skills that have made it possible for me to have a full-time income online.

It is not a get-rich-quick option, so only follow the guide if you are willing to make an effort and build a long-term income.


If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Earnshot.com yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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