does the az code work headerAre you interested in making money as an Amazon affiliate? Then you have maybe heard about the AZ code.

But does the AZ Code work, or is it a scam to stay away from?

Let me reveal right away that there are a lot of things you are not told before joining, and you need to know these warnings signs before investing any money.

This the Amazon Code review will give you all the details about what the system offers, what you need to be careful about, and if the system even works, so you will know the truth before joining.

The AZ Code at a Glance
  • Training
  • Tools
  • Value for money
  • Income potential


The AZ Code has a lot of big warning signs you need to know before joining. It makes unrealistic claims and uses a lot of tricks to get you to sign up. It is a system you should not expect to help make you rich, even though it claims it can. Read the full review to see why.

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What is the AZ Code and what does it offer?

The AZ Code is short for the Amazon Code. It is a software supposedly developed by Andrew Petersson. There is however no information about who this Andrew is, and there is also no pictures of him on the website.

This is the first warning sign of the Amazon Code. However, I will go more into the warning signs later. Let us for now focus on what the system offers.

Learn to make money on Amazon:
The Amazon Code will teach you how to make money as an Amazon affiliate.

By signing up as an Amazon affiliate, you will be able to promote any product on Amazon and get commissions when people buy through your links.

According to “Andrew” his system will teach you how to do this, and it can help you make thousands of dollars daily, and you can even start making money already on your first day.

Before joining there is not a lot of information about how you will learn to do this. But the claim is also that you do not really have to learn anything, as the system will take care of everything for you.

Done-for-you system:
The AZ Code is supposedly a done-for-you system that will take care of everything for you.

done for you claim

The AZ Code claims to do everything for you.

This means you do not have to do any work, and according to Andrew you can get everything set up and start making money in less than 30 seconds.

He did several months of research and then he figured out a bulletproof system that can start making you thousands of dollars per day, and you will start making this kind of money right away. It is a quite silly claim that he could figure out a system like this in just a few months, and be able to figure out something like this himself without having any previous experience.

There are quite a lot of done-for-you systems similar to this out there claiming you can start making money online without any effort, as they have developed a secret system. I have not yet found a done-for-you system that really lives up to what it claims.

The whole idea of a done-for-you system, where you just in 30 minutes can set up a system and then start making money online without any further work is quite ridiculous and one of the big myths about making money online.

It would of course be nice, but it is just not the reality of internet marketing. It is definitely possible to make good money online, but if you are trying to find a system that will do all the work for you, you will very likely end up failing again and again. But we will go more into the details about the claims the Amazon Code makes later.

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Can you make money as an Amazon affiliate?

Before going more into if the AZ Code actually works, let’s first look into if it is even possible to make money as an Amazon affiliate.

The short answer for this is – Yes, it is possible.

Amazon is one of the most popular and most famous ways to make money on affiliate marketing. You can sign up as an Amazon affiliate and choose to promote any product sold on Amazon, and by promoting this, you will earn commissions, when people buy through your links.

It is however a ridiculous claim that Andrew found the information about the Amazon affiliate program in a secret forum.

secret forum claim

Andrew claims he heard about making money on Amazon in a secret forum.

As just mentioned, if you just do a little research about making money online or affiliate marketing, you will come across Amazon. This is not something you need to go to secret forums to find out. It is just a trick to make it sound like it is very sensitive information he is offering.

But it is 100% legit to make money as an Amazon affiliate (if you of course do not do anything illegal to promote your links), and it can make you a lot of money, if you do it the right way. So the AZ Code is right about it being a real opportunity.

Andrew is also right when he says most people fail when they try to make money as an Amazon affiliate. In general most people fail with affiliate marketing. This is not because affiliate marketing does not work. There are many reasons people fail with affiliate marketing. One of the reasons is that people simply give up too early, or give up because they keep running into online scams, where they end up losing money.

But in general Andrew is right that many people do it the wrong way, and this is one of the reasons they fail. I do however strongly doubt the Amazon Code will be the way to go, as I will explain now.

Does the AZ Code work? (Warning)

It is definitely possible to make good money on Amazon as an affiliate. But the sales page of the AZ Code is full of tricks and big warning signs.

These are the reasons I highly doubt the AZ Code will help you become as successful as it claims. It in general has many online scam signs, but let’s go over the warning signs, so you can judge for yourself.

Red flag 1 – The system takes care of everything

I have already mentioned that the claim that a system can take care of everything for you to make money online is ridiculous.

There are definitely software and systems that can do a lot of work for you. But it is a trap to look for a system that will take care of everything for you.

If you are not willing to make an effort, you will not succeed online and be able to create a long-term income. If you on the other hand are willing to make an effort, it is possible learn to make money online no matter your previous experience.

But stay away from the systems that claim you can just click a few buttons and then become rich online. You will very likely end up losing a lot of money testing programs that claim this.

Red flag 2 – Make money from day one claim

You are told that with the Amazon Code software, you will start making money from day one.

start making money right away claim

You can supposedly start making money right away with the AZ Code software.

You are not only told that you will start making money right away. The testimonials in the video and the examples Andrew himself show claim you will start making thousands on dollars right away.

In theory, it is possible to start making money as an Amazon affiliate on your first day. But if you do not have any experience or a big budget for ads, it is very unlikely you will make very much (of anything) for a while.

Like any other kind of business, it takes time to build a successful business based on Amazon. Systems that claim you can start making thousands of dollars right away are something to be careful about.

It is just not how the online world works. It is another trap to think this is possible. With effort and patience, it is possible to become successful online, but if you expect it to happen overnight, you will very likely end up being very disappointed.

Red flag 3 – Fake testimonials

There are some great video testimonials on the AZ Code’s website. They tell about how much money they have made using the software and how great it is.

The problem is just that these testimonials are fake and cannot be trusted. One thing is that you can hear the testimonials sound fake. But another thing is that you can actually find some of the people giving the testimonials on a platform like fiverr, where they sell testimonials.

I for example found one of the men in the video.

az code testimonial

One of the guys giving a testimonial about the AZ Code.

He can also be found on fiverr, where he offers to create a video testimonial for any product/service, as long as you pay.

fake video testimonial example

The same man is selling video testimonials on fiverr.

Unfortunately buying testimonials like this is often used by programs like the AZ Code. One thing is that it is a lousy way to make money selling testimonials for any product. Another thing is that it is a big warning sign when a program uses bought testimonial.

If the system was really as great as it claims, would it then not be able to get testimonials from real users?

Red flag 4 – Disclaimer reveals it is not as easy

You are told that it will be very easy to make money with the AZ Code software. You do not really have to do any work, as you can set everything up in 30 minutes, and you do not need any skills to start making thousands of dollars from day one.

The disclaimer on the AZ Code’s website however reveals this might not be the case.

az code disclaimer

The AZ Code disclaimer reveals it might not be so easy to make money with the system after all.

You can find the disclaimer through a small link at the bottom of the website. Here you can see that they do not guarantee, you can make money with the system.

It says that if you will make money or not depends on the time you devote and your skills. In my opinion this is in contradiction to what you are sold.

The whole point of the system is that it is supposed to take care of everything for you, and you do not need to dedicate any particular time to succeed or have any skills. So when you are then told in the disclaimer that these claims are not really true, it is a BIG warning sign.

Red flag 5 – Claims there are limited spots

You are told you have to hurry to sign up, as there are only limited spots available. This is just a sales trick to get you to sign up before thinking about it. There are not limited spots and it will not sell out – as long as people are willing to pay, there will be available spots, and there has been available spots for months.

The only way it might run out of spots, is if the program will close down, so you do not have to feel like you have to hurry to sign up. There will still be spots available tomorrow – and if not, you are probably better off anyway:-)

It is not in itself a big warning sign to say there are milited spots when there really is unlimited spots, as many companies unfortunately uses a pushy trick like this. But put together with the other warnings signs, it is something else to consider before investing any money in the program.

In addition to these warnings signs, there is also the warning sign that you do not know who the owner is, and then the whole pricing of the software is another big warning sign in itself.

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The Amazon Code pricing (another warning)

At first sight is looks like the price of the Amazon Code software is pretty straight forward – you are told that there is just a small one-time fee to get full access.

full access to az code claim

You are told there only is a one-time fee. This is not exactly true.

The small fee is $37. If you try to leave the website, you will even be offered a $10 discount, so it is not a high price.

However, it can end up being a lot more expensive to join than this.

The low joining fee is just a way to get you in. But it will NOT give you full access to the system even though you are promised this.

The reason I know this is because I have looked at the affiliate information about the AZ Code. This is the information about what they pay people who promote the system.

Here it says you can make up to $199 per sale.

the amazon code affiliate info

The affiliate info reveals it can end up costing you a lot more to join the AZ Code.

If a person promoting the system can make $199 for one sale, you can figure out that the final price will not just be $37. There will be upsells, meaning you can end up investing a lot more in the program.

The $199 is a commission, which means the price you would pay would be a lot higher than this.

I personally hate programs that use upsells and think it is dishonest, and if a program is also not transparent about the price, is it really a program you will trust?

Final thoughts

As you can see from this AZ Code review, I am not impressed by this program. But let’s sum up the pros and cons, so you can get a better overview why that is.


  • Offers a money-back guarantee



  • Uses fake testimonials
  • No info about the owner
  • Claims the system take care of everything
  • Hidden costs after you join

The only positive thing I have to say about the AZ Code is that it offers a money-back guarantee. As there are upsells after you join, it does however not help a lot, if you can get your initial investment back, as it can end up being a lot more expensive.

It is in general possible to learn to make money online no matter your previous experience, but in my opinion does the AZ Code have too many warnings signs and makes too many unrealistic claims, and it is therefore a program I do NOT recommend.

If you are interested in making money online, there are however steps you can take to get the right start, and you can get started for free. You can click the button below to read my FREE guide to start making money online.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with the AZ Code yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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