can you earn fast money online headerHaving an online income gives A LOT of freedom to work where and when you want, and it is a dream of many people. There are many claims and misunderstandings about how you make money online – often claims from people with ulterior motives. So can you really earn fast money online, or is it not realistic? I am making money online myself and have several years of experience with internet marketing. In this article I will give you the truth, so you know what to expect and what is realistic, if you are looking into making money online.

Can you make money online?

Let’s first look into if it is even possible to make money online, if you do not have any experience or any special technical skills. It actually is – as I already mentioned above, I am making money online myself. When I first started looking into making money online, I did not know if it was even realistic. I kept running into scams and all kinds of crazy claims that were obviously not true and just out to get my money instead of helping me make any. After working hard for it and learning the skills, I can however now say that I know it is realistic to make money online in a legit and honest way. I will show you the approach I am using later in this article. But first a reality check. ==>Click to go straight to my recommended approach to make money online<==

Can you make fast money online today?

You have probably seen programs or ads making claims about how you can start making thousands of dollars online today, and even without much effort.

make fast money online today claim

There are many programs that claim you can easily make fast money online.

These kinds of claims are everywhere online, and it might give you the impression that it is just a matter of finding the right system, and then you will be able to become rich online in no time and with no effort. Sorry to burst any bubbles – this is just NOT realistic. It is definitely possible to make money online, it is possible to learn no matter your background, and it is also possible to make really good money. But it takes time and effort to build an online income and business like it does to build any other kind of business. One of the big advantages of creating an online income is that the cost of starting an online business is VERY small compared to starting a regular business. And it can give you the freedom to work when and where you want and completely on your own terms. Is this not worth working hard for and worth being patient for? To be able to become successful online you need first of all to go into it with realistic expectations, which means that you have to know that you will NOT start earning online already today or maybe even not within the first couple of months. Treat it as a long-term solution and go into to create a sustainable income and not as a quick fix. If you treat it as a quick fix and keep looking for ways to make fast money online and programs that promise you can start earning online today, you can end up spending a lot of money testing these programs, and in most cases you will just end up with a lot less money and no skills and no online income. Let me also just say that what I am talking about here is, if you want to create a full-time income. You can start earning online today, if you for example take paid surveys. This will however not make you a full-time income, and I am in this article referring to a way to eventually be able to create this opportunity. So be aware that any program that promises you a quick way to get rich online shows one of the big signs it is a scam. Be very careful about these programs. If you want to succeed, you should be willing to make an effort and be a bit patient.

Why do so many systems make fast money claims?

Since it is not realistic to start earning a full-time income in a matter of days, why do so many systems then claim they can help you with this? Well, the answer is very simple – it is to make money themselves. Some of these developers are very clever and good at manipulation and know the psyche of humans. So they know exactly what to say to make it sound appealing and make it sound like you can achieve your dream of earning fast money. They will for example show you images of fast cars, beaches, big houses, tell you stories about the freedom they have, and more to show you what you can get fast, if you join their program.

easy online money dream symbols

Some programs are selling you a dream just to make money themselves.

The reality is however that they are the ones making fast money. They get you to join with selling you a dream and by giving you a low joining fee. In most cases you will then join and commit mentally, and you will then be pushed to buy several upgrades to get the real “benefits” of the system. Suddenly you have spent hundreds (or in some cases thousands) of dollars, and have still not earned the fast money you were promised. Also, just think about it – if someone really had a system that would make them rich on autopilot by for example only working a few minutes per day, why would they then spend time creating a very pushy sales page and program with a lot of upsells? Would they not just use the system themselves and be able to make money with little effort? So be aware that when you see someone claiming you can earn super fast money online and earn a full-time income in a matter of days, they in most cases have an ulterior motive which is to make money themselves.

A realistic approach to earning online

That you should not expect to start earning a full-time income online today, does however not mean you cannot learn to create a good income online. You can, if you do it with the right approach, which is first of all to be willing to make an effort. I am myself making money online through affiliate marketing on several websites, and when I first started this, I knew nothing about it. I had failed and look into several scams that made unrealistic claims. Eventually I however found the online community Wealthy Affiliate, and started following the training here step-by-step and using the tools they have. It took me some time to start making any money, but I learned a lot of skills I today can not only use to make money on my own websites, but use to get online income in numerous ways. Below you can for example see the results of one of my websites after having worked on it for a while.

website results proof

An example of my results.

At the point of taking the screen shot, I reached 1000 visits per day on this particular website. This kind of traffic will give you a lot of opportunities to earn. And it does not stop here, and it has a lot more potential than just the traffic on the image above. In many countries what you can earn on a website with this traffic would be considered a full-time income. So it definitely is possible to create a good and realistic income online. BUT you have to be willing to make an effort and be realistic about how long it takes. It will not happen overnight. If you are interested in learning the approach I am using and that among other results has given me the result showed above, you can click below to get access to my free step-by-step guide.

Final thoughts

It would be great to make fast easy money online right? For most of us this is however not realistic. It is definitely realistic to create an online income, but you should not expect it to happen overnight. If you chase this dream, you will likely instead end up wasting a lot of time and money joining programs that sell you a false dream just to make money themselves. My best advice is that if you are desperate to make fast money, so you can pay your rent in a few days or similar, then you should NOT try to make this money online. Desperation will likely get you to join programs that will end up taking your money instead. Internet marketing is a great opportunity, but you have to be willing to make an effort and have some time to put into it. If not, it is very unlikely you will succeed. I am making money online myself, and know what it has taken me to make this happen – it has taken effort, but it is definitely worth it. You can check out my free guide to see the exact approach and training I am using to achieve results. Just be aware that it will not happen overnight.   If you have any comments, questions, or have any experience with attempting to make fast money online yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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