art flairs blaze review headerArt Flair has created a new product called Blaze that can supposedly help you make $408 per day online.

But is Art Flair’s Blaze a scam, or is it a great way to make money online?

I have bought and tested this program myself, and in this Blaze review I will show you exactly what it offers.

Let me reveal right away that there are A LOT of things you are not told, and if you think it is a fast and easy way to earn online, you will probably be disappointed.

But let me show you what Blaze really offers, and then you can judge for yourself.

Blaze at a Glance
  • Training
  • Tools
  • Value for money
  • Income potential


You can learn a bit from the Blaze training – but not a lot unless you get the expensive upgrades. The training is superficial and does not at all teach you an easy copy paste way to make money online, as the sales page claims. It is definitely NOT a product I recommend.

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What is Art Flair’s Blaze and what does it offer?

The Blaze method is a program by Art Flair, who also has launched a lot of other online money making opportunities in the past.

The Blaze method is supposedly a way to learn his method to easily make more than $400 per day.

You are not told much about how this is going to happen. All you are told is that it is a very fast method, and you can get started in just 45 minutes and will make money very quickly.

blaze skills claim

You can supposedly set everything up in just 45 minutes – this is a lot of BS!

You are even told that it is mostly just copy and paste, and it does not matter, if you do not have any previous experience.

Reading claims like this always make me suspicious. I have years of experience in internet marketing, and I know that there is no magical way to make money by just copying and pasting for a few minutes.

I however still decided to give Blaze and Art Flair the benefit of the doubt and joined to test it.

Let me reveal right away that if you expect to be able to make $400 per day after just setting things up for 45 minutes by following the Blaze method, you will be VERY disappointed.

But let me show you what it really offers, so you can see and judge for yourself.

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What happens after you join?

I got Blaze for just around $10 – so it was very cheap.

Be aware that the counter that shows that the price will go up as soon as it hits zero is just a sales trick to get you to buy fast. So do not let it stress you out.

Anyways, after having paid, it was quite a long process to get to the actual members area.

Below I have created a video that gives you an inside look, so you can see for yourself exactly what you get. You can read further details below the video:

Before getting to the members area and the training you have bought, you have to go through 5 sales pages with upgrades you are encouraged to buy.

Each of these sales pages has a short video explaining exactly why you should buy this upgrade and a whole sales page that is very convincing – just like the sales page of Blaze itself.

This is very annoying to me, and when you are hit with a bunch of upgrades even before you have seen the actual program, it is to me a very bad sign.

But let me just give you a quick overview of the 5 upgrades/upsells you are offered:

  • Upgrade 1 – Case studies and over-the-shoulder videos: $25.92
  • Upgrade 2 – Done-for-you campaigns: $35.66
  • Upgrade 3 – Traffic package: $197
  • Upgrade 4 – Resellers license: $47 or $97
  • Upgrade 5 – Coaching: $97

As you can see, it can end up being a lot more expensive to get the Blaze methods than it initially seems like.

You of course do not have to buy these upgrade, but the sales pages are really pushy, and the whole system is build around getting you to buy them – this is how Art really makes money on the program.

Be aware that even though you are told you have to buy the upgrade right away not to miss out, you should not worry. You do not have to buy them right away and will can get them later, if you should decide to.

What was a little scary to me in the explanations and sales pages of these upgrades was that it already here became clear to me not to expect much of the actual training.

Art is for example more or less saying about the traffic upgrade that you need this to make the program work.

blaze traffic claim

Art is basically admitting that you should not expect traffic results from the basic training.

He says that they will show you traffic methods, but chances are you won’t be able to replicate what they do. Therefore, you should get this upgrade.

A statement like this completely contradicts what is being told on the initial sales page.

Here you are told it is something anybody can do by just copying and pasting a bit. And now you are suddenly told you probably will not be able to replicate what they do.

This seems like a lot of sales BS does it not?

So it is a long process before you even get to the members area, where you can find the training you initially bought. Let’s look at what you then find, when you finally get there.

Is the Blaze training worth it?

I was honestly a bit annoyed with Art Flair and the Blaze method even before getting to the members area, because I had to go through so many pushy sales pages before getting there.

But I decided to still give it a chance and check out the training. Once you are in the members area, you get access to 11 training videos.

blaze method video training

You get access to 11 small training videos in the Blaze members area.

They are between 1-20 minutes each. In total there is about 90 minutes of video training. This is all you get.

So according to the initial claims on the sales page, you should be able to just copy and paste what is shown in these videos, and then you will be able to make $400 per day – sounds amazing if it was this easy right?

Well, unfortunately it will not be that easy. But before getting to this, let me just go over the topics covered in the videos.

  • Video 1 – Introduction
  • Video 2 – Case study results
  • Video 3 – Finding the right affiliate offer
  • Video 4 – Your online hub (the importance of a blog)
  • Video 5 – Free online tools
  • Video 6 – Your money magnet
  • Video 7 – Traffic part 1
  • Video 8 – Traffic part 2
  • Video 9 – Additional traffic
  • Video 10 – Scaling it up
  • Video 11 – Sum up

These topics are all important to create a successful online income.

What I agree with is that Art explains how affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. I completely agree with this, and it is also my preferred way.

Also, he mentions an important aspect is to have a website and a blog – I also agree with him in this.

The problem is just that the training is EXTREMELY superficial.

It is easy to say it is important to have a website and a blog. But if you are new to making money online that does not help you much.

He just kind of mentions it and shows you a couple of examples, of where you can buy a domain name. But that is it – you are not told how to build a website or anything.

It is definitely NOT as easy and copy paste as promised.

This is just one example. Another example is the training about traffic. Traffic is very important to make money with affiliate marketing.

But again he only says a few superficial things, and show you a bit about how to optimize YouTube videos. He does for example not teach you anything about real SEO, and how to use it to rank your website.

In addition to this some of the advice he gives I think are very poor.

You are shown how to find the right affiliate offers to promote.

example of blaze promotions

You are encouraged to promote certain other poor programs (in my opinion).

Here Art shows you how he for example has chosen to promote a product called Velocitii. This is in my opinion another really poor product that will not really help you make money, and not worth promoting.

To me it shows that the Blaze method is not about promoting high quality and helping people finding the best option for them – it is about promoting whatever pays good commissions.

This is an approach that I strongly disagree with, as I think the focus should always be on providing high quality and helping people – not just on pushing sales.

What about the positive Blaze method reviews?

As you can see, I am definitely not impressed with the Blaze method and the training there.

But you have maybe seen quite a few positive Blaze reviews online, and on the Blaze website itself there are also several positive reviews and testimonials.

Let me explain why you should be careful about believing everything you read in these overly positive reviews.

Blaze is mostly promoted through affiliate marketing itself. This means website owners that promote it will earn a commission, if somebody buys through their link.

They will not only get a commission of the initial sale but also for every upgrade. This means that many people unfortunately are willing to make it sound, as it is as great as the sales page says, as they are just interested in earning commissions.

I am not saying that all the positive reviews are fake, as we all have different opinions. But in my opinion you should be careful, if anybody is overly positive and makes it sound like an easy copy paste system, where you can earn within days – because it is NOT.

Also, on the website you see several positive statements, you in my opinion should be very skeptical about.

blaze reviews examples

Be skeptical about the positive testimonials and reviews.

You will for example see statements from Brendan Maze and Mosh Bari. These are themselves online marketers that sell systems supposed to make you fast money online.

Brendan is for example behind Urgency Suites Pro that I have previously reviewed.

And I have also reviewed several of Mosh Bari’s products like for example Insta-Minator. None of these products are products I would ever recommend, and as Blaze, I think they promise way too much.

Online marketers that work like this often cooperate and promote each others’ products. They earn commissions by helping each other out.

I also some how ended up on the email list of Brendan after signing up for Blaze, and then started receiving sales emails from him as well.

So just be aware that the statements seems to be mostly from friends and business partners instead of from real users, and that you apparently might also end up on the email list of other people as well.

Final verdict – scam or legit?

Art Flair’s Blaze is not a scam, as you do get access to some training. I do however think the sales page is not transparent at all, and I do not think it is worth getting.

But let’s sum up the pros and cons, so you can get a better overview and see why this is. pros


  • Cheap initial joining fee
  • There is some training


  • You have to go through many sales pages to get to members area
  • Has many expensive upgrades
  • A lot of hype on the sales pages
  • Superficial training
  • Not a step-by-step way to start earning
  • Promises too much

Overall, you can get a bit out of the training you get in the members area of Blaze – but not a lot., if you do not buy some of the expensive upgrades.

The problem with the training is that for a beginner it is way too superficial and will not help you get started step-by-step. You will basically just have a bit of background info, but you can find a lot of info that is way better just by searching on Google.

If you are experienced, the training will also be too superficial, and you will know everything he talks about.

In addition to this, the sales page is creating a lot of hype and makes it look like you can easily start making hundreds of dollars per day just by copying and pasting – this is NOT the case.

I honestly do not see any reason at all to get the Blaze system, as the training is just simply too poor, and it promises too much in my opinion.

Before you go!

If you want to learn to make money online step-by-step, this is however definitely possible. I have myself taking a course that teaches exactly this, and that lives up to everything it promises.

It is the approach and method that has helped me create a full-time income, and out of all the training courses and online money making opportunities I have tested, this is the only one I truly recommend.

You can click below to read about the exact steps, I have used to create an online full-time income, and you can even see how to get started completely for FREE.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Art Flair’s Blaze method yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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