12 minute affiliate review headerI recently received an email about a program that claims it can help you make $460 per day using a done for you system.

At first sight, 12 Minute Affiliate’s website looks very appealing and like an easy way to make money online.

But is 12 Minute Affiliate a scam or really a legit way to earn?

Well, let me reveal right away that you can, in theory, make money with this system.

But after having done further research and actually bought and tested the training myself, there are also some things that seriously concern me based on my experiences as a full-time affiliate marketer.

This 12 Minute Affiliate review will give you all the details and gives you an inside look so you can see exactly what to consider before deciding to join or not.

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12 Minute Affiliate is a program that claims it can help you make $460 per day using a done-for-you system. Its creator is Devon Brown and he claims that his so-called revolutionary system can be set up in just 12 minutes, and it will run on autopilot.

He will even tell you that you don’t need any technical skills or experience in affiliate marketing to succeed with his program, because you’ll only need 12 minutes of work a day to make $460 per day.

After having actually bought and tested the system, I am really not impressed with what 12 Minute Affiliate offers, so I cannot recommend this program.

The training is just simply not good enough compared to other options out there and the approach is one I do not agree with and there are too many things you are not told before signing up and this lack of transparency is a deal-breaker, in my opinion.

That is why I can NOT recommend this program and encourage you to find other ways to earn online where you are told from the beginning what it really takes to succeed.

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What is 12 Minute Affiliate and what does it offer?

The first time I visited the 12 Minute Affiliate’s sales page and saw the claim that you could easily make money through a done-for-you system, I immediately became skeptical.

No doubt you can make money with affiliate marketing and it is a legit way to earn – I know as I do it for a living myself. But there are also many important details that have been left out on the sales page and in all the other reviews I have seen.

Let me start by making it clear that this review is based on my own personal opinion based on my experiences as a full-time online marketer. So do not see it as the final truth but just as an opinion that can help you find the right option for you.

I have actually bought the system myself to really see what it offers and this review is based on what I found on the inside and compares it to what you are told before you buy and what other methods that are out there.

Based on Devon Brown’s claims, the creator of this program, his so-called revolutionary system can be set up in just 12 minutes, and it will run on autopilot.

12 minute affiliate devon creator

Devon Brown is the creator and owner of this program.

He will even tell you that you don’t need any technical skills or experience in affiliate marketing to succeed in his program, because you’ll only need 12 minutes of work a day to make $460 per day.

He also claims that their done-for-you system will do everything for you, and you don’t need to invest a lot of time in it.

This all sounds great but from my experience, I also know that many marketers use a lot of hype. So let’s take a look at what you actually get on the inside with a basic membership.

Feature 1 – Checklist to get started

Checklists can, in general, be a great way to get an overview and make sure you move forward. As soon as you join 12 Minute Affiliate, you get access to a checklist.

12 minute affiliate checklist

The first thing you see is the checklist you have to complete.

The thing about this checklist is that it does not give you a lot of details.

You are, for example, just told to pick a niche right away from some pre-determined topics without any further info about how to choose the right niche.

In-depth affiliate training usually spends a lot of time teaching you how to choose a niche as this is an art in itself and one of the most important things if you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

In addition to this, you are told to right away sign up for an autoresponder/email program that will cost you further money and make them a commission.

It is necessary to have this to follow the 12 Minute Affiliate system but again I think details are lacking and if you are new you will not understand how it works and that is important before investing in this, in my opinion.

So overall the checklist gives you a good overview, but if you are new it is really not that helpful, in my opinion, as it is superficial and there are a lot of details you do not learn which you really need to know to succeed long-term.

But let’s also look at what else the system then offers.

Feature 2 – The money-making system

The system itself is a way to make money and a way many people make money with affiliate marketing.

The idea is 3 steps:

  1. Find an affiliate product you want to promote
  2. Create a landing page to get emails
  3. Send traffic to the landing page and get people to sign up for your email
  4. Send follow-up messages to get people to buy
  5. Earn commissions

This sounds very easy and, in theory, it is this simple.

And inside 12 Minute Affiliate’s member area, you can find both pre-made landing pages/funnels and follow-up messages.

12 minute affiliate premade funnels

You get access to premade funnels.

This does make it easier to get started. But again, they make it look a lot easier than it actually is an only scratch the surface, in my opinion.

The messages and the funnels definitely can work but you are not taught the details about how it works. And without the details, it will be difficult to actually succeed long-term.

This does not mean you cannot make money with it but there are just some things you really need to know as it will not be as easy as the name of the program suggest.

But I will go more into the things you really need to consider before joining later.

Feature 3 – Education center

You can find and education center inside 12 Minute Affiliate where Devon regularly add new training.

12 minute affiliate education center

You can find training in the education center.

It is always great when a program regularly ads new training. But what is even more important is the quality of the training.

There definitely are some good tips in the training but once again I think there are in-depth information and details lacking.

This is just my personal opinion after comparing to the many differnt affiliate training programs I have taken.

As a beginner, it can give you some insights and some good ideas. Personally, there is a lot about the approach to affiliate marketing they are teaching I strongly disagree with.

This does not mean it cannot work but it is just not an approach for everyone and I will go more into details about this later in this review.

What I like about 12 Minute Affiliate

I have already indicated that there are quite a few things I do not particularly like about this program and I will go more into this in the next section as I think there are a lot of things you are not told before you join and you need to know this before deciding if it is for you or not.

But I will also say that there are some things I like about it and want to mention that here.

First of all, Devon is a real person even though you do not see him on the sales page. But once you are inside, he will be the one teaching the classes in the education center.

And there is actually training available and you find new training added regularly.

Also, the method taught is a real way to make money with affiliate marketing. Many people make really good money like this even.

This does not mean it will be easy and that it will work for everyone, but the method in itself does work.

However, to find out if it really is the right for you, you need to go into it with the right expectations and to do this, there are some things you definitely need to know and consider.

Important things to consider about 12 Minute Affiliate

Based on their sales video, it seems everyone can easily make money online using their so-called done for you system.

In fact, the way Devon advertise his program will really catch your attention, since it seems he already figured it out for you and he already has all the tools you need to earn a decent income online.

I want to make it clear that the steps 12 Minute Affiliate uses can make you money as already mentioned – but the way it is explained is just NOT the whole truth and there are many things you need to know before investing.

This is the main reason why I wrote this review, so I can show all the important things I, based on my experiences as a full-time affiliate marketer thing you need to know before joining.

Consideration #1 – The program uses a done-for-you system

The main highlight of the 12 Minute Affiliate program is their so-called done-for-you system that can supposedly do everything for you.

done for you system 12 minute affiliate

The most significant feature of 12 Minute Affiliate is the done-for-you system they use in the program.

You don’t need to do a lot of work on your end, so once you set up their system, you’ll just wait for it to generate the affiliate commissions and watch the money flow into your account, which is not really how it works in reality.

As per Devon’s claims, the system you’ll be using is so simple anyone can set it up. So, all you need to do is to follow his instructions, and you’re all set to earn the commissions.

As I showed earlier, the first tools he will provide you are pre-made landing pages that you will connect to an autoresponder, and he will also give you a set of pre-written emails that you will use on the autoresponder.

The last tasks that you need to do in this program are to send those emails to your target market, so your landing pages will get the traffic it needs and eventually drive people into your affiliate offers.

Although affiliate marketing is a great way of making money online, you’ll need to invest time and effort before you can succeed in this field. There are no shortcuts, and you can’t be a millionaire overnight using a done-for-you system.

The steps and tools 12 Minute Affiliate include can help you and the system actually gives you access to premade landing pages.

If you already know what you are doing and have worked with affiliate marketing before, having someone make landing pages and funnels for you can be a way to save time.

So it can work and be a way to make money – but there are some important things to consider before going for a done-for-you system.

In general, I am honestly, not a big fan of done-for-you systems because there are some things that are problematic about them, in my opinion.

First of all, you are dependent on a system and if suddenly one day the owner decides to close it down you are left with nothing and have not learned any skills. Therefore, it is not sustainable in the long run and there are several risks involved in using these types of systems.

Secondly, they are rarely truly done-for-you as there is always some work included and unless you actually know what you are doing, a system like this will rarely give you the results you might expect from the sales page.

So you need to be aware that it is NOT just as easy as it sounds if you are a beginner in the online world.

To get the best results with affiliate marketing, you need to understand the process which takes some time to learn.

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Consideration #2 – Low quality of the training

According to Devon, it’s so easy to use and set up his system, and you only need 12 minutes a day, because his done-for-you system will do the rest for you.

He also claims that everyone is qualified since there’s no need for technical skills or prior experience in affiliate marketing. So, this is the most beginner-friendly program on the market, according to him.

newbie friendly 12 minute affiliate

Devon claims that his program is newbie-friendly.

You are even told that you can have a million-dollar business up and running before you go to bed tonight.

Honestly, all these claims are too good to be true because if you really want to succeed in affiliate marketing, you need to invest more than 12 minutes a day.

And sorry to burst any bubbles but if you are new to affiliate marketing there is NO way you can have a million-dollar business up and running in just a few minutes – it will take years of hard work to achieve this.

Based on my experience as an affiliate marketer, you’ll need to invest time since there are several tasks you need to do and details you need to learn before you can launch an effective affiliate marketing campaign.

The first thing that you need to do is to do some product research and find a suitable product to promote. You also need to create an affiliate account on a particular company that owns the product that you’ll be promoting on the web.

I know that the 12 Minute Affiliate has already pre-selected some products you can just promote. I would, however, not recommend this approach.

It is important to be sure you actually know the products you are promoting so you know they are really worth recommending if you want to do honest and ethical affiliate marketing.

The training inside 12 Minute Affiliate does not teach you all these details so you can become a true master and make sure to promote something that will actually help people.

And there is one thing I really dislike about the training. And that is the approach to selecting affiliate products to promote.

training 12 minute affiliate

The training does NOT teach you to find quality products.

The video above was a training where Devon teaches about this. He only focuses on how you can find products that have mass appeal and have claims that will make people buy.

He even says that you should look for products that make claims about how people can make money now as many people want to buy this.

The problem I have about this is that he shows you products that promise this inside Warrior Plus. And it is well-known among respected and honest affiliate marketers that the majority of the products sold here just make claims they cannot live up to and that is also my own experience.

Devon even mentions that you should not buy these products yourself because they will just distract you. He even says you should not buy crap you do not need. If you want to spend money you need to do it on traffic and one-on-one coaching (with him).

This is a major flaw with the training, in my opinion. Because if the product is not good enough for you to buy, why is it then good enough to promote to others?

Personally, I only recommend affiliate products I know would be good enough for myself to use as well. If not, then it is just about promoting whatever to make a commission without caring about the people you promote to.

This is an approach I strongly disagree with.

Consideration #3 – The traffic problem

Another important thing you need to know to succeed with affiliate marketing is traffic generation and how to drive people to your affiliate site. This requires proper training, and it will take you more than 12 minutes of work to properly set up your affiliate campaign.

Again, I know that the 12 Minute Affiliate program has some traffic methods. But you need to be aware that some of these cost money and all free methods take time to master when it comes to traffic.

To get quality traffic is the main challenge for any online marketer and I know from working online for years that there is NO quick fix when it comes to traffic.

12 Minute Affiliate makes it look like you can just push a button and order as much traffic as you want.

traffic terms on 12 minute affiliate

Getting traffic is NOT as easy as just pushing a button.

This is NOT how traffic generation works.

Whether you are using free or paid methods, you need some skills to really make it work long-term.

And if you look at the image above that shows where you can order traffic on the 12 Minute Affiliate platform, there is something very important to pay attention to.

It clearly says that you are buying clicks and not opt-ins. They cannot guarantee opt-ins or sales. And they just tell you are getting clicks but they do NOT say from what source which is quite suspicious, in my opinion.

That is usually how it is with traffic – but this is still something to be very aware of. To get high-quality traffic that converts take skills and it will NOT happen just by pushing a button and ordering traffic.

Any online marketer with just a bit of experience will know that is not how easy it is to get quality traffic – and without quality traffic, you will not make any sales.

In my opinion, the problem with 12 Minute Affiliate is that it’s not realistic in showing you the true requirements of affiliate marketing.

Having premade funnels and using 12 Minute Affiliate for this can be a way to earn – BUT you should be aware that it is not just something you can just set up in 12 minutes and then forget about it.

Devon is, in my opinion, using hype to lure you closer into his program, and that for me is a big red flag you need to consider before making your final decision.

Inside the member are you do get access to info about other traffic methods as well.

12 minute affiliate further traffic pdf

The info about the free traffic methods will not really help you.

There are  16 methods described in some fairly lengthy PDFs.

Some of the methods can be a way to get free traffic. But there are definitely also some of them that are not effective. For example, is blog commenting and forum marketing something you can easily waste a lot of time on and you will not know how to choose if you are new.

Also, the info about the methods that actually are good is superficial. Creating a blog is one of the methods and it can definitely be an effective way to get traffic but it takes a lot of skills and training to actually make it work and you do not learn it inside 12 Minute Affiliate.

The documents can be a good introduction to certain topics but not more than that. And it will not be enough to help you really get long-term traffic you can make a living from.

Consideration #4 – Expect expensive upsells

The pricing structure of this product is a bit odd because it will require you to pay $9.95, so you can try their 14-day trial then the regular monthly fee is $47 after the trial expires, which is a bit expensive for what you get for those who are just starting out in affiliate marketing, in my opinion.

But if you decide to join there will be several upsells that can end up costing you a lot more.

upsells upgrades 12 minute affiliate

You can expect to see several expensive upsells after joining.

Upsells are very normal in internet marketing and it is not always a bad thing, in my opinion, if they are truly valuable.

However, personally, I prefer it if you are just told the price straight away so you know what you can really expect.

Overall, you can end up investing hundreds of dollars on 12 Minute Affiliate – and based on what I have seen from the program and the hype it uses, this is not a good investment, in my opinion.

Not to mention the monthly fee of your autoresponder and the money you need to invest in paid traffic, which is an option you can take if you want to quickly drive traffic to your affiliate site.

It is completely up to you if you want to invest in one-on-one coaching and all the other upsells. But after having looked at the training and the tools inside, it will be very difficult for you to get any results without further investments if you are a beginner.

You need to be aware of this so you can consider the true price and your budget before joining. And you need to know that you will not just start making millions after having invested $10. In fact, there are no guarantees you will ever make anything as we will get to next.

Consideration #5 – They can’t guarantee your success

Another thing I would like to point out on the 12 Minute Affiliate’s landing page can be found at the bottom of their page because after reading it I found that they cannot guarantee the success of their customers.

12 minute affiliate earnings disclaimer

They cannot guarantee your success.

This clearly shows that there is a discrepancy between what Devon is saying on their sales video from what is written on the disclaimer notice at the bottom of their landing page.

In the sales video, you are told it is a 100% dummy-proof plug-and-play system. But the disclaimer reveals something else.

Honestly, you need to understand that there are NO shortcuts or automated systems that create a full-time income online for you.

When you are inside one of the steps also makes it clear that you will not get results immediately.

step 8 on 12 minute affiliate

One of the steps is very differnt from what you are told on the sales page.

Here you are clearly told that it takes time to succeed so Devon definitely seems to know what it really takes to succeed.

He clearly gives you the impression in the sales video that it’s so easy to make money online through his system, but in reality, he also knows the true requirements you need to fulfill to be successful in affiliate marketing, and it’s stated on his disclaimer notice and inside the members area.

I do not understand he is not just honest about this. I know it sells to tell people they can make money fast but this is one of the reasons most people that try to make money online fail.

They expect to make money overnight because there are so many that claim this is how it works – when they find out what it really takes, they give up.

You need seriously consider this before you make the final decision so you go into it with the right expectations if you decide to join.

Final verdict – legit or scam?

I have now shown you all the hidden details about this program, so you are now capable of making an informed decision about this product.

So, is the 12 Minute Affiliate a scam or an opportunity that can help you create a decent income online?

Honestly, I do not think it is a scam since you do get some tools and training and you can potentially make money if you use it the right way. But there are also many things left out that concern me.

So let’s finish this review by summing up the pros and cons so you can get a better overview before making your final decision:


  • 60-day money-back guarantee pros
  • Affiliate Marketing is a legit business model
  • You get access to some premade landing pages, funnels, training, and emails


  • The training is not in-depth enoughcons
  • There will be expensive upsells after joining the program
  • There is a lot of hype on their sales page
  • Exaggerated claims about how easy it is to get traffic
  • Focus is NOT on choosing quality affiliate products to promote

Overall, I am really not impressed with what 12 Minute Affiliate offers, so I cannot recommend this program as the training is just not good enough, in my opinion, and I really do not like the approach about not focusing on the importance of making sure the products you promote are high quality.

If you know about affiliate marketing and know how to generate traffic, 12 Minute Affiliate can be a way to earn by getting access to some premade funnels.

And affiliate marketing, in general, is definitely a legit and real way to make money online – I know this as I am making a full-time income from affiliate marketing myself.

But I think the sales page is using too much hype and you need to be aware of the real requirements – especially if you are a beginner.

In my opinion, using a done-for-you system is NOT the best method to use in affiliate marketing – especially not as a beginner. These types of systems are not sustainable, and they cannot help you learn the skills you need to move forward in your affiliate marketing career.

If you are a beginner, you need to take the time to learn proper skills to set yourself up for long-term success. There are, unfortunately, no quick fixes when it comes to making money online.

It is definitely possible to learn but it will NOT happen in 12 minutes, and you need to be aware of this, so you know what you are getting into before starting.

My recommended alternative

As mentioned, affiliate marketing is definitely a real way to make money online and it is, in my opinion, an ideal way to start earning as a beginner.

However, to succeed you need to go into it with the right expectations.

I have been able to build a full-time online income from scratch myself so I know it is possible – but I also know it takes time and effort. However, it is definitely worth the time and effort to get the freedom that comes with it.

If you want to learn about the approach I have followed to create a full-time income online check out my in-depth guide, where I will show you exactly how I have done it – it will not happen overnight but it is a REALISTIC way to start earning online.


If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with 12 Minute Affiliate, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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