spring profits review headerI have encountered a new program today called Spring Profits that claims it can help you make $25,000 per week using a revolutionary system created by Daniel Green.

This program is unlike other programs I have reviewed in the past because it revolves around selling t-shirts on a platform called Teespring.

You may have visited their sales page and found the claims and features of this program to be promising, but since there are scam programs on the web, you want to make sure that this is the real deal.

Well, I would like to welcome you to my Spring Profits review, where I will share some of the hidden details I’ve uncovered from this program.

I hope this review will help you in your decision-making process and shed some light on what Spring Profits really is.

In fact, you really need to know several things about this program before joining!

Let’s start.

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Spring Profits is a program that claims it can help you make $25,000 per week using a revolutionary system created by Daniel Green.

Based on what its so-called creator Daniel Green says, ordinary people like you can earn up to $25,000 per week using a revolutionary system that would take 10 minutes to set up, and it can potentially generate huge amounts of money for you per day.

Honestly, I don’t recommend this program because it contains several red flags that, in my opinion, makes it a risky investment.

One of the biggest red flags for me is the way they promote Spring Profits like it’s a done-for-you system where you don’t need to invest a lot of time and effort on your end.

I, therefore, urge you to find another legit opportunity online that can truly give you the results you’re looking for and that is more transparent about what you can expect.

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What is Spring Profits and what does it offer?

The first time I visited the site of Spring Profits, I thought I’d been on it before because the layout they use on their website is very similar to other ClickBank products I have reviewed in the past.

teespring platform spring profits

Teespring is an ecommerce platform for t-shirts.

However, I don’t want to conclude anything without doing my own homework and conduct in-depth research about a program.

Based on its so-called creator Daniel Green, ordinary people like you can earn up to $25,000 per week using a revolutionary system that would take 10 minutes to set up, and it can potentially generate huge amounts of money for you per day.

This sounds great, right? But it also sounds too good to be true, in my opinion.

Another significant claim on their sales video is that you don’t need any prior experience or special skills to succeed in their program.

Spring Profits according to Daniel will allow everyone to become financially free for life.

In my opinion, Daniel is giving you an impression that their system will do all the task for you, but he still denies that his system is a get-rich-quick scheme.

But most of the claims I see on their sales page points to that type of system, which is very obvious when you watch their sales video.

Honestly, I see a lot of hype on their sales video, and this makes me skeptical on what their program can really provide to potential members like you because they want you to believe that it’s so easy to make a lot of money online without investing some effort on your end.

I’m not saying that it’s impossible to earn $25,000 per week, because there are prominent online marketers who can make that kind of money, but it’s NOT as fast or easy as he claims.

There are different types of opportunities online, but they all require you to put some time, effort a bit of patience to succeed.

This is just one of the important things you need to know before investing in Spring Profits. Below I will go into details about more important factors to consider before you join.

Spring Profits Red flags

Spring Profits uses hype to catch your attention and to keep you interested in what they offer on their landing page, which is quite common in these types of programs nowadays, in my experience.

But the promise that you can easily make $25,000 per week without doing much effort is right away a red flag for me.

That’s why I conducted my own investigation about this program, to see if this could really be true, and so I can share with you details about what you really can expect as a member of Spring Profits.

Here are some of the red flags and details you need to know about.

Red flags #1 – Selling t-shirts on Teespring is NOT super easy

According to Daniel, selling t-shirts on Teespring is a walk in the park using his revolutionary system.

spring profits easy money

According to Daniel, you can easily make money online through his system.

Honestly, this is a bold claim, and when you watch their sales video, it’s clear that they are NOT telling you everything you need to know about their system.

In fact, creating an account on Teespring is free, and they will provide you with the printing service and the t-shirts you will sell in your store.

However, your main responsibility is to design custom prints to those t-shirts and to gather potential buyers to your Teespring store.

It’s definitely possible to make money online through this platform especially if you’re a creative person who enjoys drawing and designing things for other people.

But you need to understand that this is NOT the only part of this business.

You’ll need to do some market research and find the trending designs that people want to buy, and you also need to target a particular type of individuals in your niche.

For example, you can focus your research on designs that teenagers will be interested in and how you will encourage them to buy the t-shirts from your store.

You will also need to research on your competitors, and how you can stand out from them, which requires technical skills and knowledge that a complete beginner doesn’t have.

So, when Daniel says it’s easy to make money online on Teespring and everyone can do it, I became skeptical.

And I find that claim unrealistic, because selling t-shirts on Teespring will be very hard for a complete beginner – especially if you don’t have the skills and experience needed to sell on this platform.

I hope you take this red flag seriously before you decide to join this program.

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Red flags #2 – They are using fake testimonials

On their sales video, you will also see several testimonials from so-called successful members of Spring Profits, but I’m a bit skeptical because I recognize some of them from the other programs I have reviewed in the past.

When I did some background check on who these individuals are on their testimonials, I found that they are indeed freelancers from Fiverr.

So, it’s safe to say that they are using fake testimonials on their sales video and they are paying these freelancers to impersonate customers with the hope that you’ll believe that these are their successful members.

Here are some proofs I got from Fiverr:

spring profits fiverr actor

They are using fake testimonials on their sales page.


spring profits fiverr actress

Another freelancer from Fiverr on their testimonial.

Honestly, this red flag is a deal breaker for me, because this is an underhanded tactic to make you believe that there are people earning a lot of money in their program, while in reality, these are just actors from Fiverr.

In my opinion, using fake testimonials to promote a program is unethical, and it’s NOT the best way of marketing a program, because potential clients will definitely find out in the long run that it’s not real.

In fact, they will find reviews like this that will reveal this red flag, so their tactic will definitely backfire in the end, in my opinion.

That they do not have any real clients they could get testimo