5k formula system review header5K Formula System by Matthew Neer claims to be a new system that can easily make you 5K on autopilot for free.

But is 5K Formula System a scam or is Matthew really the guy to make this kind of earnings possible for you?

I have years of experience with internet marketing myself and decided to take a closer look at the claims of the system.

Let me reveal right away that it could potentially work, BUT there are a lot of things you are not told.

It is, in my opinion, NOT a system for everyone and if you are not aware of what it really offers, you might end up wasting your money.

In this 5K Formula System review, I will share all the details so you can easily see if it will be for you or not.

5K Formula System at a Glance
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  • Tools
  • Value for money
  • Income potential


The 5K Formula System by Matthew Neer will give you access to some pre-made sales funnels. This can potentially work but there are a lot of things you are not told.

You will not be in control of your own business, you will not decide which products to promote, it will not just happen overnight on autopilot, and it can become a lot more expensive than you are initially told.

For these reasons, it is NOT a system I recommend.

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What is 5K Formula System and what does it offer?

5K Formula System is a system by Matthew Neer.

Matthew has developed several other products/systems that supposedly can make you fast money online. A few examples are his Speed Wealth system and his Income League System.

That a person has developed many other programs is not necessarily a bad or a good sign. It, of course, depends on the quality of the previous products.

I have myself looked into several of Matthew’s previous programs and have also received his newsletter for a while. Let me just honestly say that I am not a big fan of his methods.

The systems I have been offered through his email newsletter are more or less always about fast and easy money to make money online, and I have not received one single offer I would ever consider investing in, to be honest.

I just want to make it clear that this is just my opinion and this whole review is just my opinion about the 5K Formula System based on my experience with internet marketing.

But I think there are a lot of things that are not clear from the sales page of the 5K Formula System, and if you do not have much experience with internet marketing it might be confusing what you actually can expect.

I will try to give details about this so you can see if it is for you or not.

The 5K Formula System is according to the sales page a new instant commission system.

what 5K formula system is

You can supposedly easily make $5,000 with this system.

This alone does, of course, not say a lot about what you will actually get.

However, from looking through everything on the sales page and watching the free video training you get access to if you try to leave the sales page, it is clear to see the system is built on affiliate marketing.

This means you can promote products you do not own and then earn commissions.

With the 5K Formula System, you will do this with a sales funnel.

5K formula funnel

You will get access to pre-made sales funnels.

This means you will send traffic to a sales page. That sales page will be a convincing sales pitch that will convert the visitor into a lead. Hopefully, the visitor will then turn into a customer, and this will earn you a commission.

When you get 5K Formula System, you will get access to pre-built funnels, ads you can use to drive traffic, they will have chosen then offers for you, and they will do all the follow-up.

According to the sales page, you basically do not have to do much and the system will generate money to you more or less on autopilot.

Sound good, right?

But is it even possible to make money like this, and can it really be that easy? Let’s look deeper into that now.

Can you really make money like this?

Let me just make it clear that using a sales funnel like this and using it to make money with affiliate marketing is definitely a real way to make money online.

And Matthew is probably also making this kind of money he is claiming by using sales funnels.

And he is very right when he says that good sales funnels are what makes the big internet marketers thousands of dollars every day.

He is however also making it sound like he is sharing a secret.

secret 5K formula

The sales page makes it sound like sales funnels are a secret method – they really are not.

Using a sales funnel and affiliate marketing is not really a secret. Saying it is, is but more of a sales trick to make it sound you are getting something special.

However, using a funnel to earn commissions through affiliate marketing is definitely a real way to make money. And getting access to premade sales pages and ads can potentially also work.

There is however something that concerns me about this particular program and approach. Not because it cannot work as it definitely potentially can. But because there are so many things you are not told.

This means you might not know what you really are getting into and what is required to succeed. So let me now go over some important aspects you need to know and consider before joining.

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Reasons 5K Formula System might NOT be for you

I do think that if you have an approach similar to Matthew Neer, and if you know what you are getting into and what you are doing, then it is possible to make money with the 5K Formula System.

I do, however, not think it is for everyone, and I think there are a lot of important things you need to consider before deciding if it is for you or not.

So let’s go over the reasons the system might NOT be the right for you and what you need to consider.

Reason 1 – Not a secret new system

According to the sales page of 5K Formula System, it is a new system. Matthew is even writing that this is the first time ever he shows exactly how he makes thousands of dollars online.

5K formula system description

The sales page claims the 5K Formula is the first time Matthew Neer is sharing his secrets.

This statement was a bit funny to me because I have seen the sales page of several of Matthew’s systems and it sounded very familiar.

Here is for example what he says on the sales page of his Speed Wealth System that has existed for a while.

speed wealth description

The sales page for another system also claims to be the first time Matthew is sharing his secrets.

Sounds similar, right:-) In fact, the text in this section is the same and both systems claim to be the first time Matthew shares exactly how he makes money online.

This is not the only place the sales page of the two systems is very similar. Take a look at what the two systems are offering according to the sales pages:

proof 5k formula system is not new

The two systems seem to be offering the same thing.

What you get according to the sales pages is described the exact same way. The only difference is that the Speed Wealth System describes one extra thing you are getting called “the product”.

But with two systems that both claim to be the first time he shares his secrets, but at the same time seems to be offering the exact same thing, something is a bit off or at least not transparent, right?