payingood reviewAt first sight, Payingood looks like an easy way to make some extra cash.

But can you really get a good pay, or is Payingood a scam to stay away from?

In this Payingood review, I will go into all the details about what this site has to offer and give you an inside look – both what it officially has to offer, and what it really offers.

It might be a surprise to you what the site really offers, and you need to know this before joining.

Payingood at a Glance
  • Usability
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  • Income potential


At first sight, Payingood looks like a good way to earn money from home. But do not be fooled. You need to know the details about what the platform really offers before you join. It can save you a lot of time in the long run.

Update: Payingood is no longer available and has been closed!

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What is Payingood and what does the site offer?

Update: and ConvertedStream are no longer available – this proves the point of my original review about why it was not worth joining. It simply was not sustainable.

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There is not a lot of information about who is behind Payingood, how long it has existed etc. I always look into these things when testing a new money making option online, as these things can give you an indication about what to expect.

As for Payingood, I could not really find any info, other than I found another platform that looks like it is from the same company. It is called ConvertedStream – as you can see on the image below, it is an exact copy of Payingood. Both sites have the exact same layout, logo, and text. The only thing that is different is the name.

That also means that if you are looking for a review of CovertedStream, this review will also be for you. You just change the name, and then it will be the exact same info you need to know.

convertedstream vs payingood

ConvertedStream and Payingodd have the exact same layout, logo, and text.

However, finding out that there are two identical platforms with different names, did still not give me any real info about Payingood, but it just made me aware that something seemed a little off, so I did not have high expectations. However, I decided to still give the platform a go and see what it offers.

Officially Payingood offers:

Simple social media jobs:
Simple social media jobs are what is advertised on the front page of Payingood. It claims that you can make up to $500 per day and no experience is needed.

You can in that way make money from home, and you can do it no matter where in the world you live. That, of course, sounds very promising, so you might expect to find a list of different social media jobs and tasks once you log in – that is however not the case.

When you log in to your account, you cannot find any social media jobs or tasks posted. The so-called social media jobs are in reality just about referring people.

Make money by referring people:
Once you log in, you will find out that the way you can make money on social media is by sharing a referral link to Payingood. You will then get a small commission if people join through your link.

This is what is called affiliate marketing, and there are many sites, where you can make money by recommending the products and services, and it is definitely a legit way to make money – and if you do it right, you can make really good money.

However, at Payingood you do not really promote anything else than just getting people to join. But in my opinion, you do not really have anything to recommend, which will be clear by the end of this review.

Furthermore, it is very unclear, how you will make money by referring people. It just says you can make up to $1 per unique visitor. But it does not say what the visitor has to do for you to get the commission, and it does not say exactly what you will make – just up to $1 per visitor.

Usually, good affiliate programs have a very clear commission structure, so you will have no doubt how it works, and how you earn commissions.

Video rewards:
On the dashboard of Payingood, you will find the option to earn on video rewards. This is actually just a one-time offer, where you can earn $5 by making a promotional video of Payingood and upload it to YouTube.

It has to have a certain title and description that Payingood provides you with. From a YouTube strategy point of view, this seems very silly. Ranking YouTube videos are in many ways similar to ranking websites. You, first of all, need unique content and descriptions.

So do not expect to get any real traffic on YouTube for your video, if you use the description and title provided by Payingood. There are already over 1000 videos on YouTube with the exact same title and description. You can see a few examples of this below.

payingood youtube videos

There are hundreds of YouTube videos about Payingood with the exact same description and title.

So do not make such a video to get YouTube traffic, but only to get the $5 reward from Payingood. However, you should not necessarily expect to be able to get that either, as I will explain later.

Other money opportunities:
Payingood has a section with other money making opportunities. This is a small section with links to other money making sites.

From the links I have tested, most links lead to get-rich-quick websites – meaning websites and “opportunities” I would recommend you to stay away from. There are however also a few links that seem to lead to sites, where you might be able to make a little extra money. I for example found a link to an app, where you can earn a little extra by doing micro tasks – it will not make you a lot, but at least it seems legit.

So do not expect much from these other money opportunities that Payingood is linking to. And if you decide to join any of them, then be careful. Do not fall for any of the claims that you can make thousands of dollars within 1 week without any effort.

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What Payingood really offers + warning signs

As you can see, I have already indicated several times that I am very skeptical of Payingood. First of all, the reason for this is that I think the site is dishonest about what it offers.

Payingood does not really offer social media jobs:
Payingood claims to offer you social media jobs, but in reality, all you can earn on is by sharing a link to their site. And it is not even clear how the commission structure works.

So in my opinion, it seems more like a pyramid scheme, where the only way you can make money is by inviting other people, but without actually having anything to invite them to – other than the opportunity to share the link themselves.

Links to scam sites:
A clear warning sign for me is the links that Payingood has to other money opportunities. Most of the sites are scams that will try to get money from you, without you ever being able to earn anything.

From the links it is clear to see that the links are affiliate links, meaning that Payingood is will get a commission themselves if you end up bugyin through them. It is clearly not a list of good opportunities, but very likely a list of the opportunities where Payingood itself will make a good commission.

Poor writing on the website:
One thing that makes me extra suspicious about Payingood is some of the statements on the website. Some of it is extremely poor English, and the way it is written makes me wonder who is behind this platform. Have a look at this example:

payingood writing example

There are a lot of poor explanations and poor language on Payingood.

I am not a native English speaker myself, so I know that it is easy to make mistakes, but the highlighted part is very poor English. It makes it more or less impossible to understand, how you are supposed to make money – but maybe it supposed to make you confused. Anyway, it is definitely a warning sign to me, when a site uses this poor language to explain, how you can make money.

Below, I have made a quick video walk-through of Payingood, so you can have a sneak peek inside the platform, and you can see for yourself what it really has to offer:

How much money can you make?

So is it not possible to make money on Payingood?

Well, you can definitely see money going into you Payingood account. You will even get a joining bonus of $3 (it says $4 on the website, but I only receied $3). So it seems that you can make money.

However, do not let yourself get carried away by the positive testimonials on the website.

payingood testimonial

The testominials on Payingood are very exaggerated.

A statement like the above is simply just silly – with the limited possibilities Payingood gives, nobody would really say this. It sounds good and appealing, but in my opinion these testimonials are so exaggerated that they just make me more suspicious.

So it does seem that you can earn some money, but do not expect the amounts the testimonials claim. Also, even though you get money into you Payingood account does not mean you can get them out.

How will you get paid (and will you ever)?

According to Payingood, you can get your money out in various ways. You can get paid through PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union, bank wire, and gift cards.

These are all great options, but there are a few things you should consider before trusting that you will actually be able to get your money out.

First of all, the payout threshold is very high. You have to earn $100, before you can request a payout. That is very high for a site like this, and you have to work very hard to promote the platform to ever get to that threshold. Especially, because it is not clear how you earn commissions. There is no tracking system on the website, where you can see how many people that click your links, and you do not even know how you will earn, if people click the links you share.

So I doubt that you will ever be able to get to the payout threshold. I cannot say for sure, but I can put all the warning signs together, and that makes me very suspicious. But if you have been able to reach the $100, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

Further, what if you then reach the $100 payout threshold? Will you then get the money? I cannot say for sure, as I am definitely not going to promote Payingood to find out. But I can see that it looks strange that the site for example offers gift cards, but in the payout section you can only choose the broad term “gift cards”, but you cannot see what kind of gift cards.

That makes me think that maybe all these great rewards have just been used as a way to make you think that there is a great payout method for you, no matter where you live and what your preferences are. Then you will be motivated to keep promoting Payingood, so they can make more commissions by sending people to spammy websites through the links on the website.

Final thoughts

By now, you have probably figured out the Payingood is not a platform I recommend. But let’s sum up the pros and cons to make it clear why that is:


  • Free to join



  • Does not really offer what it claims
  • The commission structure is very unclear
  • You can only earn by promoting the platform
  • No information about the owners of the site
  • Links to spammy websites
  • Very high payout threshold

Payingood has so many warning signs –  It is, therefore, a platform, I would advise you to stay away from. It seems mostly like the platform is a way to get people to recruit other people, just to be able to send as many people as possible to get-rich-quick schemes. It will not be a way for you to earn any real money.

If you want to learn to make money on affiliate marketing honestly, I can recommend you to instead check out my favorite platform Wealthy Affiliate that provides very good training and support.


If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Payingood yourself you would like to share, just leave a comment below.


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