is the fearless momma a scam headerWhen I first visited the site of the Fearless Momma and saw their claim that it is a beginner-friendly program, it really got my attention.

If you happen to come across this program and saw their claim that their system is a proven blueprint to predictable cash flow, then it might have piqued your interest.

So, is the Fearless Momma a scam or a legit opportunity online?

In this review, I will share all the information I have gathered when I did my own research about this program.

Hopefully, it will help you make a better decision, so you can answer for yourself if this program is for you or not.

Let’s start.

The Fearless Momma at a Glance
  • Training
  • Tools
  • Value for Money
  • Income Potential


The Fearless Momma is a program that claims it can provide people the opportunity to earn $250 in 72 hours and it’s beginner-friendly because it is supposedly easy to set up. Anyone can easily earn money using this system even if you don’t have any prior experience in affiliate marketing.

In my opinion, their claim is unrealistic since there are no shortcuts or secret system that can generate easy money for you. In my own experience as an affiliate marketer for several years now, it is possible to have a decent income in affiliate marketing, but you need to invest time, effort and a positive mindset to succeed.

Honestly, I don’t recommend this program because it uses the ‘pay-to-play’ business model where your commissions are based on the package level you bought in the program. So, if you only bought the initial $250 package level then your commissions will only be up to that amount.

I would suggest that you find other legit online opportunities that can provide you with the results that you are looking for.

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What is the Fearless Momma and what does it offer?

On their sales pages, they are claiming that this program can help newbies earn an easy $250 commission in the next 72 hours.

the fearless momma commissions

They claim you can easily earn $250 commission in 72 hours.

It sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Especially when they are targeting people with no internet marketing skills yet or those who never made a dime online before.

Once you visit their sales page, the very first requirement you need to do is to give them your email because you cannot watch their sales video without inputting your details on their opt-in form.

The first sales video is from Tammy Montgomery and the last video on their sales page is from Timothy Berger, who supposedly have a simple blueprint to creating a decent income online.

The sales videos in this program are well-made and present an attractive offer to people who want to make money online in the fastest way possible.

However, the main product of this program is training videos on how to effectively sell this program to other people.

Basically, once you join this program, you’re already an affiliate and your main role is to refer people to this system, and hopefully, they will buy it, so you can get your easy $250 commission.

Anyway, this isn’t a new concept and this type of business model have been used before and it’s commonly known as ‘pay to play,’ or you’ll need to buy a package level that is being offered in the program before you can earn commissions. I have reviewed another program called Earn Easy Commissions before that uses the same business model.

Therefore, the higher the package you bought, the higher the commissions you can get. That is why they always encourage their prospects to go for the highest package level, so they can also qualify for higher commissions.

This type of business model has been around for years, but I’m not a fan of it, because there are some considerable drawbacks especially if you are still a newbie.

The Fearless Momma Red flags

A lot of people are aiming to create a decent income online and a lot of them want to make money in the shortest time possible.

However, this is not how things are in the real world especially in affiliate marketing, because you’ll need to invest your time, effort and a bit of your patience to succeed.

This is the reason why I did in-depth research about this program and I have found several red flags that I think you should know about.

So, you can decide for yourself is this program is really for you or not.

Red flag #1 – Is this program really for beginners?

If you plan to join this program, your first step is to pay $250 for the basic package and also to access their member’s area where you will find the training videos that contain the tutorial on how to effectively promote the same program.

the fearless momma sign-up

According to their sales page, this program is beginner-friendly and easy to set up.

They will also provide your affiliate link after you purchase the program, which you will use to refer people to their sales page.

If you’re not familiar yet with affiliate marketing, it is a business model where you promote other people’s product and you make money when the person you refer buys their product.

An affiliate link is an important element in this type of online business because each link is uniquely coded to you and the company who you are promoting can easily track your performance via your affiliate link.

The main issue I have with the Fearless Momma is the fact that they are encouraging their members including newbie members to use their affiliate link in social media sites, self-hosted landing pages, and paid ads.

If it’s truly a beginner-friendly program, then why would they encourage their members to engage in paid ads. These types of activities require technical know-how and experience.

In my opinion, their claim that this program is beginner-friendly and easy to set up is unrealistic especially when it comes to promoting the product on various platforms and social media channels without further experience or skills in social media marketing.

They will also show you some pre-made ad swipes for Facebook but using these duplicated ads on FB group pages will only clutter these pages, and you may also get banned for posting spammy ads.

I think you should consider this red flag seriously because there are no shortcuts or easy way to make money online. It requires hard work and proper training to succeed in this endeavor.

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Red flag #2 – Is spending $250 not enough?

After joining this program, you can expect to see various upsells in the form of high ticket upsells. In fact, there are 3 packages you can choose from after your initial payment of $250.

the fearless momma upsells

There are three upsells in this program.

The following upsells will include the $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 packages. These are called high ticket upsells and it’s a big part of their system.

The main reason why they are encouraging their newbie members to buy these high tickets upsells is to open up the opportunity for higher earnings potential.

The way their system work is each member can earn 100% commissions since everyone is paid directly. So, when you pay $250 for the program you are literally giving $250 to the person who referred you.

When you recruit another lead to the program, they will also give you $250 once they pay for the program. The more people you recruit on the program, the more $250 will be credited to you.

This cycle is commonly known as cash gifting because you are getting 100% commission for each referral.

So, you can only imagine how many members are promoting those high ticket upsells. It’s all due to the commissions they can earn each time a lead buy those upsells.

But there’s a catch since you can only qual