is automated millionaire system a scamCan you really become a millionaire on autopilot?

This is more or less what the Automated Millionaire System claims.

But is the Automated Millionaire System a scam or is it a great opportunity to get financial freedom?

Let me reveal right away that it is not very clear what the system is about, but in this Automated Millionaire System review, I will explain what you can expect from the system and what it offers, so you will easily be able to see, if it is a system you want to join or not.

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If I could, I would give Automated Millionaire System less than 1 star. It is not even a system but just gives you very superficial information before sending you off to another site. You can also not find any information about who is behind the site, and the name alone makes you think you can become a millionaire automatically, which creates false expectations in my opinion.

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What is the Automated Millionaire System?

The Automated Millionaire System actually has several names and several websites – one is called and another is called

These two are offering the exact same thing, have more or less the same description, they have the same logo, and also has more or less the same design. So no matter which of these sites you have found, this review will tell you what it really offers – this is something you definitely need to know before joining.

The name alone made me very suspicious from the start, as I have worked a lot online, and know that it is not really realistic to become a millionaire on autopilot. You can become one, but it will take a lot of work like in any other business. But let us look into what the system claims to do for you, and then look into what it actual does.

What the Automated Millionaire System promise:
The system promise to make you a lot of money, if you sign up. The websites are mostly explaining the freedom it can give to make an online income.

These arguments are very true, and I think most of us can relate to the freedom it can give to have an online income, have no boss, work when and where you want to etc. All these are great arguments and are a part of convincing you to sign up.

However, there is no real information on the site about how you actually are going to make money. All it explains is that you will not make a million right away, but if you sign up, you will start making money right away and eventually you will become a millionaire. You are also told that anyone can do this, and it takes no specific skills.

This is a very big red flag for me – you are just told to sign up, but you do not know what you are going to sign up for. You are just told it can make you a millionaire. If it really was a great system, there should be a better explanation about how it works.

But I still decided to click the sign up button to see what would happen.

What happens if you sign up?

On the Automated Millionaire System website you can find several sign up forms and buttons. They look like any other sign up form you see on websites, where you can sign up.

automated millionaire system sign up

The sign-up forms on Automated Millionaire System are not really sign-up forms.

However, the forms are not actual sign up forms. They are just images with links.

At the moment of writing this review all the links just take you to a completely different website called Money Finder USA. This is a site that claims to help you find unclaimed money and make a lot of money like this. This is a practice that the Better Business Bureau has warned against unless you use an official government website (which Money Finder USA is not).

Also, when you get to this page and find an actual sign up form, you have to make sure to read the small print and the conditions.

money finder usa terms

Make sure to read the terms before signing up.

When signing up, you give permission to receive daily emails from several services and give permission to receive phone calls and text messages from marketing partners. I have not signed up for this particular service myself as I do not want to give my perosnal information with these terms. But I have signed up under similar conditions for a different service before I staretd paying more attention to these things, and it always lead to A LOT of sales emails and phone calls.

So it seems the Automated Millionaire System is not so much a system on its own but more websites to try to recruit people for other websites/systems. The description on Automated Millionaire System is very vague and broad, so they could basically just change the links and promote any other online money making scheme. And it looks like they are sometimes doing this.

In my research I found out that in the past they were instead leading people to an online business site called MOBE. I have previously reviewed the site called Wifi Millionaire System that also promotes MOBE, which is a program that can end up costing you A LOT of money.

So it seems the Automated Millionaire System sometimes changes the links on the websites and tries to recruit people for different systems and earn commissions from doing this. This is a clear sign that it is not really a system, but just websites to sell you an idea and then sned you to partners, where they get a commission.

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Can the system really make you money?

As already mentioned, the Automated Millionaire System is not really a system. Personally, I am not going to trust any recommendation on a site that has this little valuable information and just includes links without giving any real information, as I find it misleading.

So you should not expect the Automated Millionaire System to make you any money, as it is not a system. It is not even a service.

Furthermore, there are many red flags you should be aware of before trusting the information on Automated Millionaire System. I have already mentioned some clear warning signs like the site linking to different services that are promoting completely different systems, and that it is not even a system, but there are more.

No info about owners:
You cannot find any information on the Automated Millionaire System’s website about who the owner is, what the system is about, how it was created, etc. You can only read one page about how great it is to make a lot of money online and then find links to other sites they promote.

When there is no real information, and when you cannot see who the owner of a site is, it is a clear warning sign to me.

The embedded videos:
On the Automated Millionaire System’s website there are a few YouTube videos embedded. There is nothing wrong with this, but these are videos that are not related to the Automated Millionaire System.

automated millionaire system youtube video

Automated Millionaire System use videos that is not actually about them but just YouTube videos from other people.

One of the videos is an interview with a successful entrepreneur. It almost seems like they are using this to make it look like it is somebody who is successful because of the Automated Millionaire System. However, the system is never mentioned in the video, and there is no indication whatsoever that it is related.

Claims to be featured on famous media:
On one of the websites the Automated Millionaire System claims to be featured in famous media like Forbes, CNN, USA Today, Fox News, and more.

automated millionaire system media featured

The Automated Millionaire System claims to be featured on many famous media.

However, there are no links to this, there are no pictures of the mentioning in these media, or any other proof that they have been featured in these media. There is just pictures of the logos for some of these media.

I cannot say for sure they have not been featured in these media, as it is impossible to go through all articles and shows that have ever been on these channels. I can just say that it is strange that they do not provide any further evidence, and since we now know it is not actually a system, it seems very strange, if such big media should have had stories about it.

So in my opinion there are many warning signs and red flags when it comes to the Automated Millionaire System, and it is not a system you should expect to make you rich on autopilot.

Are there better alternatives to make money online?

It is clear by now that I do not believe the Automated Millionaire System is a good way to make money, and I do not even see it as a system.

But if you are interested in building an online income with all the freedom that comes with it, it is definitely possible.

But let’s be honest – it will not happen automatically, and you have to put in time and work like you would have to with any other successful business.

If you are willing to do this, I am myself a member of a training platform called Wealthy Affiliate that teaches the whole process of building a legit online income step-by-step no matter your level of experience. This platform has no hidden costs, you get access to me as a personal mentor, there are new training all the time, a whole community of people to help you with any questions, and you can try it to for free.

I have tried a lot online, and in my opinion this platform is truly the best way to learn to build an online income. So click the link below, if you want to know more about what the platform has to offer and want to see how to join with me as a mentor.

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Final thoughts

I would not as such say the Automated Millionaire System is a scam. It does not really as such cost you any money, as it is not even a system you can sign up for. It is just a website that sends you to other services.

Sometimes these can end up costing you a lot of money, and the Automated Millionaire System provides no value at all in my opinion, and it is not a site I am going to waste any more time on.

The website is however right about the freedom it can give to build an online income, where you can work from anywhere and whenever. But it will not happen automatically. You should stay away from any system that claim you can become rich online automatically and overnight. You can end up making good money online, if you put in time and effort, but do not fall for the systems that promise they will do all the work for you. In most cases this will end up costing you a lot of money instead.

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If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Automated Millionaire System yourself, feel free to leave a comment below. Would love to hear about your experiences and will be happy to answer any questions.

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